Douglas A.


PO Box 6603 Lincoln, NE 68506 August 18, 2013

Mr. Rex W. Tillerson ExxonMobil Corporation 5959 Las Colinas Blvd. Irving, TX 75039 Re: As Autumn Approaches -- Replace refineries with renewables Dear Mr. Tillerson, This is the first of five weekly letters which I will write to you As Autumn Approaches. Why Autumn? Autumn foreshadows death and dormant darkness. The Autumnal Equinox is the fastest rate of decline in the length of sunshine -- daylight diminishes the quickest and life succumbs to cold and darkness. This is symbolic of humanity’s “end game” as we struggle with the natural, inevitable result from our unfettered release of carbon dioxide that nature sequestered over 350 million years. Storing the energy of the sun in organic matter by the means of photosynthesis, natural processes of erosion and volcanic activity created a sealed vault which cooked the sludge and peat, then contained it.

We humans discovered that the tremendous power stored in coal, oil and gas allow us to perform work at unprecedented speed and magnitude. And new inventions created during the industrial revolution produced incredible impacts on civilization as well as the biosphere -- many positive effects and, unfortunately, many negative effects.

I will continue to remind you about your speech at the Boy Scouts of America Annual Meeting in May (video Imagine yourself the captain of a ship of state leading a change of course toward a world of lifepreserving carbon-free energy.

But you know that. Energy professionals understand the good and the bad impacts. What you don’t seem to understand is that the cumulative negative effects now outway the incremental positive effects to such an extent that continuing on the path of unbridled combustion will be detrimental -- indeed fatal -- to the web of life. Not long ago, a phrase was invented which applies today: Paralysis by analysis. We are essentially paralyzed. If we don’t collectively get off the stick and resolve to take action, our fate will be sealed. Habitats, food and water supplies, health, life, economy, civilization -- all will soon begin to crumble for a lack of resolve to act. You can be the catalyst for action. Set the course -- announce your plan: Replace Refineries with Renewables I am traveling. Please email me at or call me at 510-432-1452

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