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Process Production

Sub- Process Maintenance of BoM Quality Assurance

Design Control Rationale of BoM Configuration in SAP Approval Process Testing & Sampling Process Lab equipment up gradation

Operation Control Interface with Fi /Co /MM Module Adherence to laid down Policy including authorisation of test reports Lab equipment / stores record keeping Timeliness of Sampling, Test Results & updation of test records Approval for variation Legal Compliance Authorization Legal Compliance Payroll Process Physical stock taking process Booking of shortage / excess process Overall material balancing of key material Long stocking materials Legal Compliance - Cost Record Rules, Boiler regulation,etc

Deployment of Contract Labour Overtime Management Material Accounting

System of In & Out Authorisation, Recording & Reporting process Measurement Process Losses / Shortage Accounting Process

Log Book Fixed Assets

Log book maintenance process Physical Stock Movement of Fixed Assets Integration with SAP records Preparation of Preventive Maintenance Process


Statutory Compliance Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Work shop Maintenance SAP Usage Creation of Job Order & Purchase requisition Vendor Master

Requisition Process Authorisation Schedule generation & updation Authorisation & Requisition process Authorisation & Compulsory Field

Material Procurement

Maintenance of Vendor master

Approved Vendor List Material Requirement Planning Creation & approval of Purchase Requisition

Request For Quotation (RFQ) Quotation Selection of Parties (SOP)

Purchase Order & amendments thereto

Authorisation & Configuration in SAP Determination of Minimum, Maximum & Re-order stock Approval for the exception level Process System & authorisation of Purchase requisition Delay in processing of Purchase requisition System to ensure that material already in stock not requisitioned. Requirement of minimum nos. of RFQ RFQ Outside SAP Rationality of repeat order Requirement of minimum nos. of Quotations When prices are falling or frequent fluctuating System of preparation of SOP Accuracy & Completeness of SOP Standard format of SOP & SAP usage for SOP Approval of SOP SOP Coverage Rationality of repeat order Authorisation When prices are falling or frequent fluctuating

Maintenance backlog monitoring process Material usage record keeping process Spare requisition process (new / old items) Timeliness of attending maintenance requisition Cost booking process Job Outside PM Module Timeliness of Job Order Completeness of required information in Vendor Master Duplication of Vendor code Periodical review of Vendor Master Identification of inactive vendors & blocking thereof. Transactions with unapproved vendors

Process Production

Purchase Order & amendments thereto Sub- Process Maintenance of BoM

Design Control Completeness & Appropriateness of General Terms & Condition

Purchases without PO

Approval of purchases without PO

Imprest Purchases

Approval Process System & periodicity of balance confirmation & reconciliation Approval of Single source items Basis of sole vendor

Balance Confirmations & Account Reconciliations Single Source/ Sole Vendor Items

Operation Control Approval of POs having value significantly higher then Purchase Requisition Delays of unexecuted POs Spares & equipment - Inventory build up Quantum with % to total purchase of such purchases Material wise, Area wise analysis of such purchases Quantum with % to total purchase of such purchases Rationale of such purchases Balance confirmation & Reconciliation of key creditors Quantum with % to total purchase of such purchases

Services Procurement

Statutory Compliance - Like Excise & VAT Creation & approval of Job Requisition Quotation Selection of Parties (SOP)

Authorisation Process Requirement of minimum nos. of Quotations System of preparation of SOP Standard format of SOP & SAP usage for SOP Authorisation Completeness & Appropriateness of General Terms & Condition

Job Order & amendments thereto

Bill Verification Process

SAP Authorisation for Service entry Measurement process of Work Done Bill approval authorisation

Delay in processing Job requisition Rationality of repeat order When prices are falling or frequent fluctuating Accuracy & Completeness of SOP Approval of SOP SOP Coverage Rationality of repeat order When prices are falling or frequent fluctuating Analysis of JOCs having value significantly higher then Job Requisition Delays of unexecuted JOCs Timely creation of service entry Timeliness of verification Adherence to authorisation

Stores Management

Statutory Compliance - Like Service Tax & Works Contract Tax Material Master maintenance

Material coding system System of compulsory field in Material Master Documentation Process Integration with SAP GRN Creation Process Quality assurance Process Bin card maintenance Process Periodicity of stock taking System of fixation of inventory levels - Min, Max, Average, Reorder levels Authorisation for issues

Gate entry for inward & outward material Weighment at Weigh Bridge Receipt of Materials & Creation of GRN Acceptance (Quality Assurance) of Materials Rejected Material Storage Physical Verification Fixation of Inventory Levels, Including Lead Times Indenting/ Issue from stores

Completeness of required information in Material Master Duplication of Material code Integration of Gate entry with that of Stores Accuracy of weighment System of periodical calibration Delay between Gate entry & creation of GRN Reporting system of delays to management Reporting system of delays to management Status & delays of rejected material Adequacy of storage conditions Accounting treatment of discrepancies Physical verification of random selected items Approvals for exceptions Charging of expense to correct Cost center

Process Production

Sub- Process Maintenance Shelf Lives of BoM

Design Control System of monitoring of shelf life

Operation Control Analysis of shelf life recorded vis a vis actual shelf life

Slow/ Non-moving Inventory

Insurance Spares Returnable & Non Returnable Gate Pass (RGP & NRGP) Sales & Marketing Sales Policy

Customer Master


Order Procurement & Sales Order Creation Credit Limit

System of review & intimation to user deptt. for expiry of the material Documentation defining Non / Slow moving items Quantum with % to total store value System of reporting non / slow moving items to Detailed analysis of higher value items management & user deptt. System of identification, maintenance & approval. Stock out position of insurance spares Quantum with % to total store value System of recording RGP & NRGP Nature of material sent against RGP System of control at security gate Status material sent against RGP Follow - up system Reporting process for delays in RGP Policy Documentation Policy adherence & variation management - Scope Financial Delegation System review of followed practices evolved over - Authorisation the period Completeness of required information in Maintenance & Compulsory Field Customer Master Duplication of Customer code Authorisation Adherence to Pricing authorisation Adherence to Financial Delegation Effective Price Master Vs. Invocie Price System review of process followed Order Booking, Processing & Recording Process Unserved Order Authorisation to create & change Sales Order in SAP Pending Sales Order Review Credit Appraisal Process SAP Control over changes Adherence to Credit Limit (Manual vs SAP Authorisation Control) Review process of outstanding above Credit Limit

Payment Collection Credit Notes

Debtor Review

Payment Collection Process CMS arrangements Documentation Authorisation Authorisation & SAP Control Reivew process

Timeliness of collection Adherence to Discount Policy Adherence to authorisation System review of followed practices. Aging of Debtors Litigated Parties & measures taken Bad debts / Write off Balance confirmation & Reconciliation of key customers Adherence to Security Deposit Policy System review of followed practices. Timeliness Sales Tax Law, Industry specific law relating to marketing - Gas Cylender Rule, Calcium Carbide Rule, Explosive Act, Shop & establishment act,etc

Balance Confirmation & Reconciliation Security Deposits Container Turnaround Monitoring Statutory Compliance

Balance Confirmation & Reconciliation Process & Periodicity Policy Documentation Monitoring Process

Depot & Godown Sales

Monitoring System at Marketing (HO)

Timeliness of MIS from Locations

Process Production

Sub- Process Depot & Godown Sales Maintenance of BoM

Design Control Prcoess review of Cash, Cheques, Stock & Fixed assets Invoicing process & interface with HO (Marketing) CMS arrangements Inter depot transfers - Process Review Attendance Process & Leave records

C&F Agent

C&F Agreement - Adequacy of terms & condition Basis of calculation of C&F Commission Process Review Monitoring & liasion system review


Railway wagon management

Trasporter Management

Process Review Adequacy of terms & conditions in Transport Agreement Process Review System of verifiying bank charges

Operation Control Physical verification of maintenance of Cash, Cheques, Stock & Fixed assets Cash Imprest & settelement thereof Budgeted vs Actual exp. Rationale of Inter depot transfer Employee outstanding review Statutory Complaince - Sales Tax, ESI, Income Tax (TDS), Shop & Establishment Act, Minimum wages Timliness of renewal Adherance to Agreement Terms Accuacy of C&F Commission Demurrage, detention charges Timliness of loading & unloading Comparison of records of Sales cordination Deptt. & Produciton Deptt. Record updation Demurrage, detention charges Adherence to Transporter Agreeement

Finance & Accounts

Inter depot transfer management -Cash & Bank Bank Accounts

Bank Reconciliations

Periodicity Process manual / computerised

Bank Guarantees & Letter of Credit Cash Balance & Payments

Authorisation Monitoring Process Limits Physical control

Invoice Verification

Invoice verification Process Integration with other modules Accounting of associated cost like insurance, freight & taxes & duties

Transaction processing Review of non operative accounts Cheque Book Custody Fund avalilability process review Fund transfers process Treatment of funds in transit Unutilised bank balances Balance confirmation from Banks / Financial Institution. Review of Old outstanding entries Timeliness & Completeness Stale Cheques cancellation process Control over cancelled cheques Timeliness Accuracy of Charges & Record keeping Cash Balance & Insurance Cover Quantum of cash purchases Cash transactions & authorisation fidelity insurance Physical verification Approval & Accounting of Demurrage, Detention charges & LD Penalty, etc Transporter bills - Contract terms & acknowledged copy of consignment note Civil work - Signed measurement book & crossed checking

Process Production

Sub- Process Maintenance of BoM Capital Expenditure CAPEX Budgets Test Run & Capitalisation Project Accounting Fixed Asset Regiser in SAP Capital Purchases Physical Verification of Fixed Assets Insurance Insured amount Insurance Policy Declaration to Insurance companies Insurance Claims Accounting & Reporting Account Reconciliations (Debtors,Vendors, Excise,VAT, Service tax) & Inter Unit Deposit of Statutory Dues (TDS, PF, ESI, etc.) Physical Verification of Stocks Debtors Review

Design Control Authorisation Record Keeping Process Authorisation & Accounting Treatment Project Monitoring Process Maintenance & Design Process Review Verification & resultant adjustment in books

Operation Control Compliance of TDS & Service Tax

Capitalisation Completeness Coding Adjustment of discrepancies

Insured Covers adequacy Timeliness of renewal Comparable quotation Coverage adequacy Timeliness of filing claims Pending claims analysis Old outstanding entries Analysis of gaps Adequancy of amount Timeliness of payment Accuracy & Authorisation of Data Adjustment of variation in physical stock Sales realised for later period but old outstanding not recovered Debtors having credit balance Old advances Credit notes not adjusted Penalty / Penal interest paid to creditors Status of advances given to creditors Advances to employees TDS Statutory Compliances Timeliness of returns & payments CENVAT Credit & VAT input tax credit Data Validation Subsidy Claims - like FICC, Sales Tax Updation of records Timeliness of payment & return Authorization Access to Master Files & Modification User's requirement / configuration Physical Security of (Key) IT Assets Adherence to Intellectual Property Rights (i.e. Software Licenses) Statutory Compliances



System Review Process Review Process Review Authorisation

Creditors Review


Payroll Advance Process Process Review Maintenance of Statutory Records Advance Tax New taxes introduced - VAT Non - Compliance & corrective action Process Review Access Controls & OS Security IT Business Continuity/ Disaster Recovery Plan

Statutory Compliance

Taxes & Duties

Other applicable laws ISD - Information Technology

HR & Payroll

Attendance Process

Process HR & Payroll Production

Sub- Process Maintenance of BoM

Design Control Leave recodring process Recruitment Process & Joining formalities

Safety, Health & Environment

Hazardous Inputs Process Incident Reporting & Follow Up Process

Sugar related

Cane Management

Purchee management - System Review Cane Management - Process Review Cane Procurement Management - Process Review Cane Development Activities - Process Review

Operation Control Review of Employee's advances Full & Final settelement Legal cases against employees Overtime & Contract Labour system Deposit of Statutory Dues Timeliness of Returns Existence & Rollout of Health & Safety programmes Incident Reporting & Follow Up Process Monitoring of Health & Safety programmes Availability of Safety Equipment / deployment thereof Identification & Disposal of Hazardous Scrap/ Effluents Compliance with Statutory requirements No Cane Situations Status of Cane Advances Status of Seed Loan Budgeted vs Actual exp.