Contact Details:  (91)8801133083  srk.se7@gmail.


S. Ravi Kumar Objective
Looking forward for a challenging work environment to accomplish the given assignments in time and to realize the expectation of the organization I work for, to the best of my capabilities; with the aim of leveraging my skill and experience towards professional growth.

Professional Summary
 2 + years of experience in analysis, design, web based and 3-tier application. Expert in developing windows application, web application and web services in Microsoft visual studio .net IDE using C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, SQL Server. Expertise in the development of Web applications using .Net technologies like ASP.Net, C#.Net, ADO.Net & SQL SERVER 2008 Good knowledge in Object Orient Programming concepts (OOPs). Worked extensively with Data Adapter, Dataset, Data reader as a part of ADO.NET to update database. access and

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Good experience in SQL server Database design, Database maintenance, developing T-SQL queries, stored procedure using SQL Server 2008. Good experience in dealing with private, shared satellite and resource assemblies, configuring them with strong names, deploying them in GAC Experience in debugging an application using the debugging tools provided by the visual IDE Have the motivation to take independent responsibility as well as ability to contribute and be a productive team member Excellent communication skills and programming skills and good work ethics with strong determination involved to work on more critical problems

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE   Working in Tera Bridge Software Solutions as a Software Engineer since Sept 12- Till date. Worked for Solitaire Softech Pvt Ltd as a Software Engineer since Jun’11 – Oct’12

SKILLS  Operating Systems  IDE  Languages  Databases  Web Technologies

: XP, UNIX & SQL Server : Visual Studio 2008 : C#, .NET,JAVA, SQL : Oracle9i/10g : ASP.NET (3.5, 2.0), Web Services, XML, Html, JavaScript.

SQL Server2008.NET and AJAX Extensions. they need to attempt LMCET in order to access their talent and get them in to right job. Ajax.Contact Details:  (91)8801133083  srk. ● Developed web applications using ASP. ● Involved in reviews meetings ● Understands technical/business and functional design requirement documents. : Solitaire Softech Pvt Ltd : Jun 11 – Oct 12 : C#. The CMS handles this problem by sending short messages to all the applicable candidates who satisfy the criteria put in by the job that’s posted or the request that’s received for the job. It periodically checks the database to see if there are candidates who meet the latest requirements uploaded based on that it fires off a series of SMS with all the necessary contact information to the aspirants. ● Used ADO. Description: Seeking a job in the present era is really hard for the students and graduates.Net. MS-SQL Server 2008. ● Database transactions were achieved through Datasets. When the aspirant applies there may not be a vacancy at that moment of time which may arise in the due course of time. ASP. Colleges try to access their students and make them confident for the recruitment drives and place them in best companies.  Involved in developing the Project. Description: Tera Bridge has a huge database of job aspirants who approach the consultancy with a request for job.  Involved in Database connection using SQL-Server Project# 2: LOGIC MAPS Project Type Organization Duration Environment : Internal Developing. Responsibilities:  Gathered Requirements.NET pages with web server controls for the presentation layer. ● Mentor the new joiners about processes and expedite their learning processes. .net. Responsibilities: ● Created ASP. C#. Data Reader and SQL Data Adapter. A score certificate is awarded to the candidate helps companies to filter and choose right candidates.se7@gmail. Analysis of PROJECTS INVOLVED Current Project# 4: Contact Management System Sept 12 to till date Organization : Tera Bridge Software Solutions Team Size : 10 members Environment : Asp. ● Participated in Team Meetings and updated my status reports daily and weekly to my manager.NET.NET. This is a website for the students where the students get registered for the results.Net for database programming. the score is manually entered by us and it automatically generates a score card with percentage & remarks.

Tech) 2009 JNTU – .se7@gmail. .Contact Details:  (91)8801133083  srk. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION  Bachelor of Computer Science & Engg (B.

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