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Abibitumi Kasa Afrikan Language Institute: Pre-Class Questionnaire (22 Questions) Name Afrikan Name Date of Birth Race Phone Number Email Current Date

1. Which of the following best express your interest in learning an Afrikan Language? (Please select all that apply) Learning about the Afrikan Worldview Learning about Afrikan Spirituality Repatriation to Afrika Reclaiming Afrikan Heritage through language Marrying an Afrikan Nationbuilding/reAfrikanization Learning Afrikan music/songs

Building Relationships with other Afrikans Learning about Afrikan Culture Travel to Afrika Engaging in Business in Afrika/With other Afrikans Raising Afrikan Children Healing Learning Afrikan History

Other 2. Rank these interests in terms of top three (3) priorities


First Priority Second Priority Third Priority

3. Please List Afrikan Languages that you speak fluently and degree of fluency

4. Please list Afrikan Languages you have been exposed to and degree of exposure 5. What will learning Afrikan Languages Help you to Do? (Please select all that apply) Teach Others Communicate in my Travels to the Continent Learn about Afrikan Culture Further my ReAfrikanization Understand who I am and Increase Self-Knowledge Write in an Afrikan Language Participate more thoroughly in Afrikan Spirituality Save Souls See the world through the eyes of My Ancestors Conduct Research Raise Children Communicate with my mate Finish my education Get a good job Get scholarships/fellowships Learn a new Hobby Help Afrikan people Expand business/economic opportunities Help me Repatriate Make my relatives happy



6. What will learning Afrikan Languages help your children and future generations to do?

Please be Specific

7. With motivation, patience, commitment and Abibitumi Kasa Instruction you could (Choose the answer that best expresses your thoughts):

Master the language to the point of being conversational, fluent and eventually teach native speakers the language. Since I'm not really good at languages, I might just be able to pick up a few words, phrases and greetings

9. Which of the following words best describes your thoughts about the nature of Afrikan Languages

Complex Primative

Other Deep 8. Which Statement best describes you: Difficult In the past I have had mostly positive language learning experiences. I kind of have an ear for languages. Easy Rich Beautiful Other None of the Above

In the past I have had mostly negative experiences. I don't think I am really that good at learning languages.

10. What is the single most important factor in learning an Afrikan language? Being Motivated Being Consistent in Practice and Repetition Being born in Afrika Being introduced to the language at an early age Being Confident Having a BlackNificent Teacher Being a native speaker


11. Which of these goals best describes what you hope to get out of your course with Abibitumi Kasa Afrikan Language Institute? Reclaiming my heritage to restore Afrikan people to Our Traditional Greatness Communicating effectively in Afrika and with Afrikans

To address my specific research goals outlined to the right:

Aane (yes) anaa dabi (or no) questions 12. Only young people can attain a high degree of success in learning languages: Aane (Yes) Dabi (No)

13. I will seek out opportunities and resources on my own during this course to help with my learning: Aane (Yes) Dabi (No)

14. I am interested in continued learning opportunities and resources after the completion of this course: Aane (Yes) Dabi (No)

15. Upon the completion of this course I hope to:




16. I can ensure that I reach my learning goals by doing the following:

17. I feel scared, challenged or unsure of my ability to reach my learning goals because:

18. The instructor or other students can help to reassure me by doing the following:

19. Briefly explain how you think racism i.e. the global system of white world terror domination has impacted Afrikan languages over the past several hundred years. :

20. In your opinion, why did europeans i.e. white supremacists find it necessary to create laws, institutions and strategies aimed at preventing Afrikan people from speaking our indigenous languages? :

21. Based on your knowledge, how did we as Afrikan people resist the unceasing attempts made by europeans i.e. white supremacists to deAfrikanize us with regard to language? In what ways were we both successful and unsuccessful and how might we continue to mount a renewed resistance today? :

22. Briefly explain the role you think Afrikan languages will play, if any, in the fight for Total Afrikan Liberation:

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