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Module 1:

The Hospitality Industry

Meaning & definition, Historical evolution and development, Development of hotel industry in India, Hotel as an industry, Complimentary role with other industries, Contribution to Indian and global economy, Major players in the industry India and worldwide, Present trends in industry, Emerging markets, Problems and prospects of hotel industry, Classifications of hotels, Levels of service, Types of hotels, Characteristics of hotels, Activities of hotels, Operational and support Service departments of a hotel Module 2: Front Office Management Various sections and their functions of Front Office, Organizational chart, Job Specification & Job Description of front office personnel, The guest cycle, Front office Systems, Property Management System Module 3: Housekeeping Management Role & importance of Housekeeping, Various sections and their functions of Housekeeping department, Organizational framework of the department (Large/Medium/Small Hotel), Role of key personnel in housekeeping, Job Description and Job Specification of staff in the department Module 4:

The Food and Beverage Service Management

Introduction to the Food & Beverage industry, Types of catering establishments, Food and Beverage Service areas in a hotel- Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Room service, Bars, Banquets, Discotheque, Stillroom, Grill room, Snack bar, Night clubs, Food and Beverage Service personnelFood and beverage service organization, Job Description & Job Specifications of F & B service staff, Attitudes and attributes of a Food and Beverage service personnel Module 5:
Food Production Management

Organizational structure, Food Production personnel- duties and responsibilities, Job Description and Job Specification , Various sections of the Kitchen, Kitchen layout and functions, Food and Beverage Control, use of Internet and other latest technologies in food production Module 6: Hotel Human Recourses Management Managing Human resources in hotel Industry: Recruitment, Selecting, Hiring, Orientation, Staff Scheduling, Hotel Licenses - permission from statutory authorities, Present scenario and future projections of HR issues in industry Module 7: Hotel Marketing Management Marketing functions in hotel industry - Functions & levels of distribution channels, Major hospitality distribution channels travel agents, tour operators, consortia and reservation system, global distribution system (GDS), Internet Reference Books: 1. Hotels for Tourism Development, Dr. J.M.S. Negi, Metropolitan Book Co. (P) Ltd., New