Cheating in Science and Medicine

Dr.T.V.Rao MD
India has progressed in many fields with improvement of Human life and better human living conditions. Post-independence has brought many great Institutes in spite of conflicting political interests. We do not find people like Ramanujam or C.V Raman today. People are boosted by the papers, publications and decoration of titles honoured by the Nexus in many Institutes and Universities. If one is attached to a University we will be recognised if he enjoys the political attachment and a good manipulator he becomes a Scholar very soon and gets the titles and honours in a matter of time. Many professors and faculty publish hundreds of papers and tons of textbooks. With little work, it is just rewriting up and every topic is little research of interest is split into 5-6 papers, and we will be astonished to hear on when they read the Bio data that particular scientist has published so many papers. I just happened to be a Medical officer in a University, and had lot of interaction with many good and bad competent and totally incompetent teachers, there are extraordinary professors who are never known as learned person, as most of the Vice-chancellors are appointed on the Caste rotation basis and rarely anybody knows about Science. They are excellent in speeches which we may be deceived how learned person is? The Professors who enjoys the clout of the Vice-chancellor becomes greatly favoured person the truth is as is often the case, this head of the department and other favoured faculty were not doing hands-on research himself. He was busy writing articles and grant proposals and traveling around giving speeches. A fleet of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows conducted the research. He would put his name on reports of research that he had helped to design but that others had conducted. He didn't even understand fully the equipment that was used in those experiments. I have seen tragedies that research scholar under ill knowledged person get into depression and may have committed suicide if he / she would have continued. There are people in Universities when they ignorant, and do not possess any knowledge they will not allow any body to do anything because their ignorance is exposed. How common is scientific fraud? Nobody really knows. Defenders of science's purity often argue that such fraud is very rare, the product of a tiny number of "bad apples." But I doubt that. My suspicion is that the cases of fraud that are exposed are just the tip of the iceberg. The spirit of scientific research differs from country to country and India is very peculiar, we need caste, and religion, political support to achieve support at every stage, Many professors in Medical colleges they hamper the students if they do not belong their own community, it is so rampant even in Universities . The Internet made everything every easy just copy and paste and you are great author and everything belongs to you, the problem comes when are results of research to be reproduced. We have heard people argue that it would be against anyone's self-interest to cheat in science because cheating will be caught when someone tries to replicate the experiment and fails. But, in truth, replication is rare in most areas of science. Most scientists want to do something new, and funding agencies rarely provide grants to repeat already published experiments. It is miserable experience if you really want to do work the funding organization will be searching for people so they can give back in black white media so it accredited that the money spent in worth way. Some other scientists have been caught cheating because their fabricated data, quite literally, was too good to be true. There is always a certain degree of random variability in real data, and repeated data sets that have no or almost no variability are powerful evidence of fabrication. You have to be either very dynamic or very stupid to get caught at cheating in science. The purpose of science is to discover truths. Cheating completely

defeats the purpose. Many claiming to be great intellectuals in Medicine, Microbiology or any speciality do not know about the fundamentals and acclaim to be real directors of knowledge, so-called scientists are not, in their heads, really scientists. Instead, they are still students, going through one hoop after another to reach the next level. To them, cheating in science is just like cheating in school, and "Who doesn't do that? “The system of our education runs on individuals has three options: to always cheat and not help others; to reciprocate the help that others offer; or cheat and try to conceal this cheating by deceiving others. "Deception is an inherent component of our complex social lives, and it's likely impossible to separate the good from the bad; the darkest parts of our psychology evolved as a result of the most virtuous, The Majority of thesis of Ph.D.’s and our Postgraduate thesis studies neither the guide knows what the students are doing and many students take advantage of the guides ignorance and become good manipulators. The purpose of article is to understand an important issue in the field he loves - "not to criticize or undermine science," But to tell that if you really believe this research it is truly harmful to everyone, now I believe that much of the research papers are just Fiction written well and fits the methodology. Just do not forget the people around us know what we are and not the one who is reading the article? Wish to be famous make deceving the perfect ART. Email

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