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KEB Internet Banking Service

Instructions for First -Time Users

1. Please visit a KEB branch with your Alien Registration Card and KEB Passbook to apply for KEB's Internet Banking service. The branch staff there will help you register a login ID (6 to 10 characters-long including English letters and numbers) for Internet Banking and give you a security card or an OTP device. 2. Please visit KEB's English website ( to register your password. The password should be between 6 and 10 characters-long including English letters and numbers. 3. Please issue a Digital Certificate on KEB's website. The password of the digital certificate should be more than 8 characters including English letters and numbers (the password is case-sensitive). * Log on using your ID and password when checking balance * Log on using your digital certificate for making a transfer English Customer Service Center: 1544-3000

<Internet Banking Registration>

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As per Bank of Korea's regulations, an individual needs to be issued with only ONE digital certificate that will be valid for all banks & financial institutions in Korea. So in case you have already been issued a Digital Certificate by another bank or financial institution, please go to the ‘Register Digital Certificate of Other Registration Authority’ . Register Password Please click on [Internet Banking Personal] tab on the KEB Internet banking front page.I. Please click on [Password Registration] 03 . www.

] from your ALIEN REGISTRATION CARD.KEB's Internet Banking Service 1) Enter your personal information • Select your [Customer Classification] and [Citizenship]. 04 . • Enter the User ID that you provided when you applied for Internet Banking service at a KEB branch. and then enter your [Resident Registration No.

www. and then click on “Next” to continue.2) Read the Terms and Conditions carefully before giving your consent •Pay attention to the [General Terms and Conditions of Electronic Banking Transaction].keb. [Terms & Conditions of Use of Electronic Financial Service] and [Consent to Provision and Use of Personal Information]. Click on the “Confirm” button at each stage to complete the setup and move to next •The following sections will prompt you to enter your Password and Personal Information as 05 .

•To use Internet Banking. 4) Personal Information •Enter your personal information and the corresponding codes from your Internet Banking safety card. click “Confirm” to continue. return to the KEB main page and enter your User ID and the newly registered password. 5) Completion •You have now successfully registered your Password. click “Confirm” to continue.KEB's Internet Banking Service 3) Password •Enter a new password between 6 and 10 characters and the corresponding code from your Internet Banking safety card. 02 06 .

keb. an individual user needs to enter his/her Resident Registration No. www. •Please click on [Log in] 02 07 ./Alien Registration Reset Password 1) Information •Please click on the [Internet Banking Personal] tab on KEB Internet Banking front page ( •To reset password. and registered User ID.keb. Click [Next] to continue.

08 .KEB's Internet Banking Service •Please click on the [Reset Password] tab.

kr/main/en 09 . www. You may use Internet Banking with this new 3) Completion •You have now successfully reset your password. Click [Next] to continue.keb.2) Enter Password and Code from Safety Card •Enter your new password twice and the requested code from your Safety Card.

•Click on the “Digital Certificate” tab. 10 and click on the [Personal Banking] Issue a Digital Certificate 1) KEB Internet banking front page •Visit KEB website (www.III.

kr/main/en 11 .co.2) Log in using your User ID and Password •Input your user ID and password to log in. 3) Issue/Reissue Digital certificate •Go to [Issue / Re-issue Certificate]. www.keb.

12 . so you don't need to change it). Click on the “Agree” button to move to the next page. •Read the [Terms and Conditions] carefully.KEB's Internet Banking Service •Select Certificate Type (“Digital Certificate for Banking/Credit Card/Insurance” is selected automatically.

kr/main/en 13 . “?” or “. PIN. in case of a safety card you will see a different image.” in your name (an error will occur in case you use any special character). else input the numbers from the safety card. 5) Fill in and confirm your personal information •Check your personal www..4) Input your A/C no. then input your OTP password. please follow the instructions alongside the picture: if you are using the OTP device. Whichever the case.keb. You should not use “/” . and the security code from your OTP device or Safety card •Input your account number and PIN. •If you have an OTP device then you will see the same image as shown in the red box above.

KEB's Internet Banking Service 6) Save the digital certificate on your Hard disk or a Portable device •Select where you want save your digital certificate information and click “OK”. 14 .

Please note that the password needs to be at least 8 characters long. 8) Completion www. •Click “OK” to continue.7) Password •Register your Digital Certificate 15

Revoke certificate. delete. suspend. and . reactivate.Revoke other bank's/institution's certificate registered. .KEB's Internet Banking Service 9) Creating a Copy of Your Digital Certificate •In the “Digital Certificate Center” section. 16 .Issue/Re-issue certificate. you can: .Send certificate to smartphone for smartphone banking.Renew certificate.Register certificate of other bank/institution. . . . copy.Manage certificate (view.). etc. .

co. 17 . •Read this Guide carefully and then click on “Close”.IV.keb. Making an Overseas Wire-Transfer 1) KEB Internet banking front page •Go to the Foreign Exchange category after logging into your Personal Banking account and select “Overseas Wire-transfer” from the “FX Wire-transfer” drop-down menu.

KEB's Internet Banking Service 9) Creating a Copy of Your Digital Certificate •If you are a short-term resident. select “Foreign resident or non-resident's salary & income (residing not over 1 year)” from the “Wire-transfer Purpose”. selecting the “Wire-transfer No. If you are a long-term resident. 18 . After which. •First-time users of overseas remittance need to visit a branch and register their payee's remittance information. select “Foreign resident or non-resident's salary & income (residing over 1 year)” from the “Wire-transfer Purpose”.” from “Wire-transfer Type” will pop-up a “Recent Wire-transfer Information” window that will have a list of all of your registered payees.

Please enter the “Transfer-from Information” to proceed.•Selecting a registered payee (receiver) from the “Recent Wire-transfer Information” window will automatically fill out the “Receiver's Information” 19 .

2012. Customer Service Center ☎1544-3000 ☎1588-3500 Call center to report a financial dispute ☎ 02-729-8585 181. Euljiro 2-ga.2 www.keb. Seoul 100-793 Space for branch ▶ .