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Date: 3rd August, 2013 Subject Name: Visual Merchandising Assignment No: 1.2 Roll No.

: 48

Q. Identify the attributes in the article where VM has bought transformation in the look n feel of the store. Cite an example using a present day Indian Retail Brand that has used any of these attributes to bring in change. And how?

A. The attributes in the article where VM has brought about transformation in the look and feel of the store can be seen below: VM is an alternative to expensive store makeovers. The choice of in-store treatment is decided against an annual calendar of events an annual budget(for a client) to support the treatments VM is high design for low investment. VM is preferred over architectural changes as the stores can upgrade their offer without doing architecture. When it comes to VM these days, stores nowadays believe in the less is more mantra where the VM is designed to show the product to its best advantage Value retailing plays an important role to understand the kind of VM to be used. In future, there will be less use of cardboard and trend will shift more towards digital formats. This is due to the following reasons: it is cost-driven, causes wastage and customers dont find POP appealing Visual merchandisers will increasingly rely on clever thinking and lighting, along with colour blocking the product and getting the rhythm Clever thinking involves the realisation of the fact that an abundance of product doesn't have to be supported by an abundance of messages VM plays a less important role in discount and big box stores as price matters the most to these customers

VM is no longer restricted to the promotion of an individual product. It also requires interior space Technology can help customers to be more informed and guide them in selfselection. The more people play with a product, the more they're likely to stay around and actually buy one. It has become more reliable and more accessible to more of the market, with the introduction of more screen-based installations and messaging

Demonstrations, product interaction and events, multi-flat screen moving images and new window projection materials giving endless interactive opportunities, changeable messages provide more reasons for staff to engage shoppers

In future, shoppers will demand more interactive and more personalised displays. They will want to see product in different colours, styles and textures. They will want to feel that the retailer genuinely cares. Shops will have to become educational, informative and emotional - or any' hand-shopping' experience will quickly be replaced by the internet.

Retailers increasingly want less POS clutter and better VM. VM is much cheaper than architecture led revamp. However, an architectural change may last anywhere between 5 and 15 years whereas a VM change may be for a year or just a day. Hence, change can be brought about more frequently in case of VM. Its a high design for low investment.

VM today focuses on less is more. This is attributed to 3 factors premiumisation, corporate social responsibility and demand for value.

VM is now shifting to digital formats. However, the costs associated with VM is usually that not all of it is sustainable, some of it is done for historic reasons and its not all strategic.

Visual merchandisers should rely more on clever thinking, lighting, along with colour blocking to get the rhythm.

Unpackaged: 1) They basically sold loose goods initially. The customers could get their own containers and fill it with the commodities they need. 2) Unpackageds designer Multistorey ensured that the interiors matched the trends of the 21st century. They had to make sure that the customers took to the old fashioned scoop and weigh mechanism. 3) The prices were handwritten in chalk and the lids containing the commodities had their lids cut off. This was done to ensure that the jars matched the shops logo. 4) The focus is shifting to make the customers self select. 5) Whole Foods UK: In this store the screen runs informative static shots focusing on the provenance of ingredients, the preparation of the food and the workings of real people in the store. This emanates it to be a friendly company and potrays it to be a traditional company. It also engages the customers in a friendly style. 6) Vodafone also does this with the help of product interactions and events, demonstrations and engaging customers. 7) Good VM practices entail catering to environmental issues, minimizing waste and building robust concepts as well. 8) A major innovation is the VM arena was the advent of Fashion Dolls in the 1700s which later shifted to mannequins along with filament lamps and street lights. In 2008 the digital shop window came into play.

9) It is however advised that shops become more educational, informative and emotional since hand shopping experience will be quickly replaced by the internet. Visual Merchandising at Tanishq Tanishq is Indias largest, most desirable & fastest growing jewelry brand from the house of the Tatas which has its headquarters in Bangalore. It was started in 1995. Its collection can cater to diverse age groups and occasions. It promotes itself based on purity check drives and Karat meter activations.

The name was formed using a combination of the first 2 letters of Tata and Nishk meaning gold coin or necklace in Sanskrit. They are known for their wide collection and unique designs. It has more than 150 stores in India. It also has a significant product placement in movies Race 2. Tanishq introduced professional retailing in the unorganized jewelry bazaar of India. The pull factors of Tanishq are trust, reliability, designs and the shopping experience. The shopping experience includes the manner of display, the ambience, salesperson behavior and showcasing of new collections. All this is designed to encourage the new age customer to shop in a friendly environment. Store Exterior: The exterior store faade usually does not have very wide

entrances. The promotions are displayed on the entrance side. The logo is golden in color. The window display at the exterior of the store usually does not have any window displays. However, there are a few stores in Bangalore which have a window display at the exterior. There are no signages and the customer executives usually guide the customers. Attributes Related To The Case: The lighting comprises of a mix of yellow and white light. The color scheme is usually dark

brown and cream color on which the logo is embedded. The interiors of the store are usually designed in white. This shows the different lighting schemes used in the store and the case in question highlights different lighting mechanisms. They also have in-store displays which showcases the different collections that Tanishq currently has. It also shows the latest collection if any. This display also makes the customers aware of how Tanishq has progressed with time. In this way customers become more aware of the different products that the store has. The diagrams below shows the store layout which prevents clutter at the POS as mentioned in the case. Tanishq Store Layout:

The picture below is of the Borivali and Andheri stores in Mumbai.

Distinct Elements: they have an average store size of 12,000 sq ft. They have a free flow layout. A customer executive is always present to guide the customer. In case its a store in a mall the only difference is that they have open doors. When the TAJ collection got launched the displays drew heavily on the diversity of the arches that are liberally used across the TAJ. Though each of them is different they were displayed in perfect harmony. The same was done using off-white paper boards, die-punched and screen printed and laid out at different levels. The window units carried prominent branding which carried images of the product. The counter branding was a special tray with a story card that displayed some of the showstopper rings.

It caters to the middle and upper middle class segments. For the middle class they have gold investment plans. They also target the upper middle class by catering to the young adults (25 years and above) through their design and brand value. With the help of all these concepts Tanishq has reached a major landmark. It has created a strong appeal for women. Its Golden Harvest scheme is helpful for buyers t plan large purchases during weddings. They were also responsible to spread awareness about alleged impurity in Gold.