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1: - The mix of economic, completive, legal, and political and environment conditions help to decide on strategies in manufacturing sector.

This mix gives a brief idea about how will be the outcome after the strategy is implemented in the manufacturing sector. Each of the elements of the manufacturing mix plays a different role in decision making process.. 1.) Capture: - Capturing in manufacturing deals with proper designing of the process and how the design will affect the flow of production. Capture is the first C of the manufacturing sector and plays a vital role. The design of the process should be appropriate and should not have any flaws.. 2.) Combine: - Combine is the phase which includes combination of all the components which should be included in the process. This includes the raw material as well as all the elements which should be included in the production cycle. This also includes the accounting and the other aspects of production cycle including the financing of the product. 3.) Control: - Control on the processes should take place. There should be continuous monitoring to understand which processes should be control and which one should be developed. Development is done in processes so as to induce change and progress in the process. When a development is initiated the company is already prepared for the changes. They done exactly experience the losses but they are in their no profit, no loss condition. They wait for the company to adjust the development and wait for the profits to come in their way. 4.) Collaborate: - Team has certain ground rules and guidance to follow. These rules and guidance help the team members to be more effective in there work and will help the team to understand the project demands and expectations in a better way. It is also important that team has a proper time management techniques which they follow. These time management skills should be involved in every team so as to make sure

that the deliverables are achieved on time. Ensuring fair and even contribution will help the team to understand the problem in a better way and solution to the problem will be more effective. This will help in better outcome from the process ensuring efficiency and effectively in the system. The team is expected to give their best so that the process handling is much easier and the tasks are equally divided between the team members who will help to achieve the common objective of the team. A dedicated team should be hired which includes many expertise of different departments which will monitor the working of the manufacturing cycle. A team should also be involved in reviewing the feedback from the customers and improving the process in the similar way. The team should help the manufacturing cycle improve the supply chain process. The 4Cs of the global manufacturing strategy helps the supply chain process to be more effective and successful. This will improve the process and make it more customers driven instead of focusing only on cost. It is important to consider the 4Cs in this competitive world because it will help in continuous improvements and generate customer loyalty. These 4Cs are accepted by many companies globally and have been successful in implementing these strategies. Reference:

2. Supply chain management is a process which involves many interconnected businesses which take care of the product delivery and packaging of the product. The responsibility of the supply chain is to deliver the product safely o the end customer. Cost driven supply chain is meant when the supply chain management uses Just in time technology to use to make the

process more effective. Global supply chain can be customer driven by customizing the process according to the needs and expectations of the customer. This can be by making the packaging customized according to the customer. The ten elements of the global supply chain strategy are as below:1. insufficient total expenditure data 2. High overhead costs to manage the global sourcing and logistics function 3. High inventory 4. Lose of sales as companies resist to cope up supply 5. order in the long deliver series 6. High costs for advance cargo 7. High levels of inbound lead-time variability 8. Reactive rather than proactive logistics management 9. Disconnect between inbound international movements and 10. Domestic transportation operations

Supply chain management strategy also focuses on absolute cost saving. Absolute cost saving is directly related to cost driven procedure of the supply chain management activity. The rate of growth of supply chain also affects the cost in a tremendous manner.

Customer driven supply chain can be by giving the best quality to the customers while delivery of products. Talent development activity also plays a vital role. The employees should be proper trained to ensure that the quality of the service is maintained. Best service should be provided by reducing the cycle time of the process and not making any delay in the process. The move from cost driven to customer driven supply chain will help the process to be more efficient and will help the strategy to be successful.