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Title or Activity

Summaries and General Information Corporate Overview Documents of Incorporation Board Minutes Management Bios and Contacts Board Members Executives Overview of any Subsidiaries Recent Advertising or other Sales Material Financial Information Financial projections Income statements, balance sheets, cash flows, and footnotes Financial budgets Management financial reports Breakdown of sales and gross profits by: Product type Channel Geography Customer backlog analysis Marketing, Sales, and Administrative Costs Other financial information Accounts Payable Top vendors Top vendor invoices and source documentation Sales & Accounts Receivable Top customers Customer churn analysis Customer contracts Customer contracts, by vendor Policies & Procedures General accounting policies (revenue recognition, etc.) Industry and company pricing policies Credit Policies Return Policies Warranty policies Financial Projections Quarterly financial projections Projections by product type, segment, customers, and channel

Major growth drivers and prospects Strategic planning Business and marketing plans Financial arrangements Capital structure Current shares outstanding, by shareholder Options outstanding Warrants and rights outstanding Summary of all debt instruments/bank lines with key terms and conditions Contingencies Contracts and Agreements Corporate Relationships Joint Ventures Distribution Agreements Governmental Contracts Purchase Agreements Sales Agreements Wholesalers Supplier and Subcontractor Agreements Commissions and Other Payment Agreements Products Product descriptions Research and Development Strategy and History Competitive analysis by product New product pipeline, product enhancements Other Information Marketing, Sales and Distribution Strategy and implementation Domestic and international distribution channels Positioning of the company and products Marketing opportunities/ marketing risks Pipeline analysis Sales structure Management and Personnel Organization chart Historical and projected headcount by function and location Summary biographies of senior management, including employment histroy, age, service with the company, years in current position Compensation arrangements Copies (or summaries) of key employment agreements Benefit plans Discussion of incentive stock plans Workers' compensation information Union contracts Properties and Real Estate Valuation Documents for all Properties

Sale Documents for all Properties Factory Floor Plans Property Tax Information Insurance Current Policies History of Major Claims Legal Intellectual Property Licensing Agreements Patents Other Intellectual Property Summary of pending litigation Description of environmental and employee safety issues and liabilities Material patents, copyrights, licenses, and trademarks (issued and pending) Summary of insurance coverage/ any material exposures Summary of material contacts Regulation New regulations and their consequences List of Necessary Authorizations Ongoing Regulatory Projects Outstanding Regulatory Issues Taxation Historical tax assessments, by year Governmental audits Tax financial statements Other Information