Extract from Ian’s Book on Leadership



´uotll yoo moke peoce wltb wbo yoo ote, yoo'll oevet be cooteot wltb wbot yoo bove."
uorls MorLman


"No omooot of self lmptovemeot coo moke op fot o lock of self occeptooce.´ 8oberL Polden, Þh u,
auLhor of 5blft noppeos! lowetfol woys to 1toosfotm ¥oot llfe.

Llke a confllcL beLween Lwo Lrlbes, noL llklng ourselves creaLes an lnLernal confllcL, however, lf we
are consclous of Lhls confllcL, Lhls darkness, we can choose Lo begln Lo see Lhe llghL.

We need Lo see our self-esLeem as an organlc sklll LhaL requlres consLanL nurLurlng, and llke any
sklll, requlres llfe-long care and commlLmenL. 8uL one Lhlng ls for cerLaln: when you are okay wlLh
yourself, and feel graLlLude, Lhe unlverse ls your playground. Self-esLeem ls Lhe corrldor beLween
Lhe rooms of unconsclousness and Lhe room of consclousness.

Iourteen ma[or t|ps to ra|se and ma|nta|n your se|f-esteem:

´1be mote yoo lose yootself lo sometbloq blqqet tboo yootself, tbe mote eoetqy yoo wlll
bove.´ norman vlncenL Þeale

lalllng ln love wlLh a balanced llfe ls all abouL a llfe-long commlLmenL Lo ralslng Lhe feellng aL your
core - your self-worLh. 1hls ls how you do lL:

Þloneer of self-esLeem ur. naLhanlel 8randen suggesLs LhaL bulldlng self-esLeem requlres ºongolng
commlLmenL Lo self-examlnaLlon". 8randen has clLed ºSlx Þlllars of Self-LsLeem: Llvlng consclously
(looklng closely aL needs and goals), Self-accepLance, Self-responslblllLy, Self-asserLlveness (know our
values and speak from deep convlcLlon), Llvlng purposefully (purposeful goals) and lnLegrlLy (acLlng ln
congruence wlLh our core values and bellefs).

8ased of Lhe ur. 8randen's 6-plllars, here are my fourLeen Lop Llps Lo bulld self-esLeem:

1. L|sten to your |nner |andscape and become consc|ous: 8elng consclous of and savourlng
Lhe momenL musL be an ongolng goal. Llve your llfe by belng excepLlonally alerL Lo your
lnner and ouLer-envlronmenLs (bl-vlronmenL). !usL for now, make an efforL Lo relax and
llsLen. 8eflecL. LlsLen Lo your breaLh. Soak ln and en[oy lmmedlaLe reallLy. When 1homas
MerLon sald, "SollLude ls a way Lo defend Lhe splrlL agalnsL Lhe 'murderous dln of our
maLerlallsm,'" he was suggesLlng we Lune ouL our greedy ld-ego by flne-Lunlng lnLo a
more splrlLual source. use your consclous prefronLal mlnd and noL your ld-ego Lo gulde
your LhoughLs, feellngs, and acLlons. CaLch and generaLe poslLlve LhoughLs and re[ecL
negaLlve LhoughLs. Pave a book or flle on your compuLer called ºMy book of Llfe" and
spend Len mlnuLes alone every day (or an hour once a week) Lunlng lnLo Lhe remalnlng 13
exerclses below.
Extract from Ian’s Book on Leadership


2. kea||se you are 100 percent respons|b|e: A Swedlsh Þroverb says, º1he besL place Lo flnd
a helplng hand ls aL Lhe end of your own arm," so make your mlnd up now Lo Lake full
responslblllLy for Lhe resL of your llfe. lrom now on, you are responslble for every
LhoughL, feellng, and acLlon. SLarL bellevlng ln yourself. use Lhls premlse Lo sLarL
searchlng for your worLhy ldeal.

3. Accept yourse|f and remove resentment: L.L. Cummlngs has sald, º1o be yourself, ln a
world LhaL Lrles, nlghL and day, Lo make you [usL llke everybody else - ls Lo flghL Lhe
greaLesL baLLle Lhere ever ls Lo flghL, and never sLop flghLlng." 1hls baLLle can easlly be
foughL by self-occeptooce and a sLrong bellef ln yourself. Carl !ung sald, ºWe cannoL
change anyLhlng unLll we accepL lL." 1hls ldenLlLy exerclse ls a cruclal Lo self-awarenes.

WhllsL belng consclous of your sysLemlc lnner and ouLer-worlds (bl-vlronmenL), make a
llsL of Lhlngs abouL your llfe LhaL you resenL bot coo´t cbooqe, even lf you Lrled Lo change
Lhem, Lhlngs llke your genes, helghL, shoe slze, speech lmpedlmenLs, pasL parenLlng,
chlldhood, educaLlon, pasL relaLlonshlps, halr colour, skln colour, fallure aL lmporLanL
evenLs, looks, Lone deafness... everyLhlng. 8esenLmenLs are baggage - blockages LhaL
cause physlcal and splrlLual dls-ease, skewlng our LhoughL process.

ºlf l were Lo choose one senLence Lo sum up my whole phllosophy, l should say: allow no
evll ln your LhoughLs." Confuclus, (331 8C- 479 8C)

ÞsychologlsL Carl 8ogers dlscovered LhaL we can only really change once we have
accepLed ourselves as we are. We need Lo surrender. Þaradoxlcally, when we look aL
Lhose weaknesses LhaL we cannoL change, buL accepL Lhem, Lhey cease Lo boLher us.
1he unconsclous anxleLy dlsappears, allowlng us Lo geL on wlLh whaL maLLers. Cr as
!ohn Wooden encouraged, "uon'L leL whaL you cannoL do lnLerfere wlLh whaL you can
do." uon'L be clrcumspecL abouL your warLs and weaknesses, ockoowleJqe tbem,
occept tbem, ot temove tbem. Cnly afLer we feel our auLhenLlc worLh (belng ourselves,
warLs and all) can we musLer Lhe energy Lo change. lL ls ln accepLlng our weaknesses
LhaL we can Lhen grow Lo our full poLenLlal. 1hls ls one of Lhe fasLesL ways Lo saLlsfy Lhe
ld-ego and feel lnsLanL rellef from lLs bondage. 1hls ls how Lhe ºshlfL" happens Lo do
whaL we wanL Lo do.

Ln[oy belng yourself: lollow lrledrlch nleLzsche's advlce: º1he lndlvldual has always
had Lo sLruggle Lo keep from belng overwhelmed by Lhe Lrlbe. lf you Lry lL, you wlll be
lonely ofLen, and someLlmes frlghLened. 8uL no prlce ls Loo hlgh Lo pay for Lhe prlvllege
of ownlng yourself." AfLer comlng Lo a polnL of self-accepLance, you wlll lmmedlaLely
be able Lo en[oy belng yourself more. ?ou'll feel your mlnd, body and soul rlse.

1he very essence of naLure ls unlqueness. We are all dlfferenL, so sLop maklng
comparlsons. Ln[oy your own ldenLlLy. Cur llfe clrcumsLances and deflnlLlon of success
should all be sllghLly, lf noL radlcally, dlfferenL. Comparlng yourself Lo your nelghbour ls
llke comparlng peaches wlLh pears - crazy, so do noL even Lry!

Extract from Ian’s Book on Leadership

8enchmark yourself agalnsL yourself. Llfe ls abouL self-masLery noL oLher-masLery, LhaL
ls fraud. uo you respecL yourself? ?ou are a one-off, so sLop waLchlng your back and
geL on wlLh your own llfe. locus on speclal lnLrlnslc glfLs LhaL you brlng Lo Lhe world as
a leader. ls lL your LalenL, sklll, love, creaLlvlLy, compasslon, undersLandlng, wlsdom,
enLhuslasm, sharlng of wealLh, sharlng of knowledge, or even a comblnaLlon of Lhe
above? SLarL and end your day by acknowledglng your sLrengLhs. 8y repeaLlng Lhe
followlng afflrmaLlons your subconsclous evenLually sLarLs Lo lmprove your self-worLh.
Say wlLh emoLlon: ºl'm so lucky Lo have all my sLrengLhs. l love llfe. l love Lhls
organlsaLlon." 1he Lrlck ls Lo say lL and ttoly meoo lt, or Lhere wlll be llLLle behavloural
dlfference. 1he neorplasLlclLy of your braln requlres charged emoLlons Lo map ouL Lhe
new neural paLhways, requlred Lo form new hablLs.

uon'L Lake whaL everyone says petsooolly. use your own poslLlve self-Lalk Lo negaLe
lnsulLs and false accusaLlons LhaL you may have recelved from Leachers, slgnlflcanL
oLhers, colleague, famlly, or frlends. l once read LhaL for every negaLlve commenL we
recelve, we wlll need Lo hear 14 poslLlve commenLs Lo negaLe lL. ?ou wlll never hear LhaL
many poslLlve commenLs (noL even from your moLher), so where wlll Lhey all come from
lf noL from yourself? 1ake full responslblllLy for negaLlng lnsulLs, buL do accepL necessary
and consLrucLlve feedback.

4. Love your career: We spend so much Llme aL work, and because work Lhen seeps lnLo
every flbre of our oLher llfe areas Loo, work can easlly conLrlbuLe Lo Lhe core of our self-
esLeem. So lf you have a bad aLLlLude Lowards work, elLher re-frame your aLLlLude or
change your career. lnLeresLlngly, Slr Mlchael MarmonL has dlscovered LhaL acLors who
won an Cscar llve four years longer Lhan Lhose who were [usL nomlnaLed. Pe suggesLs
LhaL [usL havlng a [ob ls ln lLself a self-esLeem boosLer.

3. A|m for f|nanc|a| freedom: 8elng preoccupled wlLh how you are golng Lo pay for
mounLlng debL eaLs up menLal, emoLlonal, and physlcal energy. SLay ouL of debL. 8uylng
an appreclaLlng asseL llke properLy uslng borrowed money makes sense, buL aLLempL Lo
pay cash for almosL everyLhlng else.

6. I|x your re|at|onsh|ps: 1he xhosa of SouLh Afrlca have a wonderful expresslon Lo descrlbe
how rellanL we are on each oLher - ºubunLu" whlch means ºl am, because of you." lf you
wanL a successful llfe you musL work as a Leam wlLh oLhers. ?ou musL feel an emoLlonal
connecLlon. uo noL lsolaLe yourself, buL lnLegraLe yourself lnLo your bl-vlronmenL. lf you
wanL a serene and passlonaLe llfe, you musL commlL yourself Lo healLhy relaLlonshlps wlLh
famlly, frlends, and work colleagues. ln Lhelr book CesoobelJ, physlclans ÞaLch Adams
and Maureen Lander sLress LhaL healLhy relaLlonshlps are self-esLeem bulldlng. 1hey
hlghllghL healLh as follows:

º1he mosL dlsLresslng healLh problem for mosL people ls Lhe comblnaLlon of boredom,
fear, and lonellness. Cur healLh ls damaged mosL by lonellness and lovelessness. lf
relaLlonshlps wlLh our famllles, frlends, and ourselves are noL golng well, no amounL of
physlcal healLh can compensaLe. Puge numbers of physlcally healLhy people lead
mlserable llves. Conversely, lf our relaLlonshlps Lo famlly, frlends, and self are sLrong
and susLalnlng, Lhen even a dylng person can en[oy Lhe bllss of communlLy."

Extract from Ian’s Book on Leadership


WlLh flrsL marrlage dlvorce sLaLlsLlcs around 40 percenL ln Lhe uSA, and second and Lhlrd
marrlages fallures over 70 percenL, one needs Lo conslder Lhe reasons. AlLhough Lhe
common rheLorlc blames ºpoor communlcaLlon" as Lhe rooL cause of Lhe dlvorce, mosL
people l have worked wlLh agree LhaL a lock of ttost ot tespect ls Lhe rooL cause. And aL Lhe
core of Lhls LrusL lssue ls when one or boLh parLles has no love of self, no self-LrusL and self-
respecL, Lhen Lhrough Lransference LhaL ls exacLly how Lhey wlll LreaL each oLher.

º8especL yourself and oLhers wlll respecL you." Confuclus

1he second cause ls noL agreelng wlLh each oLher's goals and roles ln Lhe relaLlonshlp. lor
example, how many klds are we golng Lo have? And who exacLly ls Lhe breadwlnner? CLher
ma[or sLresses and sLralns ln a marrlage are lncompaLlblllLy ln splrlLual bellefs, no splrlLual
convlcLlons, unreallsLlc llfesLyle expecLaLlons, flnanclal sLraln, and lnfldellLy (or even [usL
susplclon Lhereof).

lf you wanL a peaceful llfe, never have an enemy or a sLrlng of shaLLered relaLlonshlps. 1he
feellngs of resenLmenL Lowards people wlll lnvade your soul and provoke your ld-ego Lo run
your llfe. Make a llsL of all Lhe people you resenL, and dellberaLely choose Lo make peace
wlLh Lhem. lorglveness frees us.

1o sofLen Lhe slLuaLlon, 8lchard Carlson recommends plcLurlng people as lnfanLs and as one-
hundred-year-old adulLs.
1he 8lble recommends LhaL you pray for your enemles, and
belleve lL or noL, when you wlsh your enemles well, you may [usL feel so much compasslon
LhaL lf you bumped lnLo Lhem, you may accldenLally glve Lhem a hug! AnoLher way of
feellng beLLer abouL an adversary ls Lo brlng ouL Lhe besL ln Lhem. Make a llsL of Lhelr
poslLlve LralLs and Lhey wlll Lake on a new persona, albelL only ln your mlnd. WrlLe Lhem a
leLLer and Lhen Lear lL up, and lf LhaL does noL work, Lry ur Susan lorwards' advlce and
acLually send lL.

lf you are ln a relaLlonshlp, wrlLe down a llsL of reasons you appreclaLe yourself and your
parLner, and Lhen share Lhese wlLh each oLher.

8lrds of a feaLher flock LogeLher. WaLch who you mlx wlLh because you wlll be lnfluenced by
Lhelr acLlons, feellngs, and LhoughLs. Mlx wlLh poslLlve people and you wlll become more
poslLlve. lf you slesLa wlLh dogs, you wlll geL up wlLh fleas. Alm Lo have close frlends who
sLreLch your lnLegrlLy and goals. SLop soclallslng wlLh negaLlve people, as Lhelr low self-
esLeem and accompanylng hablLs wlll llLerally rub off onLo your mlrror neuron sysLem.

7. See fa||ure as norma|: uo noL knock yourself for fallures, buL raLher learn from Lhe
experlences - Lhen move on. lorglve yourself. lf you have had fallures LhaL are sLlll
gnawlng away aL you, re-frame Lhem ln a poslLlve llghL. Learn from your fallures buL focus
on your successes. Secondly, do noL overburden yourself and feel responslble for oLher
people's fallures, glve supporL and guldance, buL do noL Lake oLhers' fallures personally.

8. Make a grat|tude ||st: We cannoL be passlonaLe abouL llfe and ungraLeful aL Lhe same
Llme. CraLlLude releases us from Lhe grlp of a self-cenLred ld-ego obsesslon. AfLer Lhe
Extract from Ian’s Book on Leadership

above sLeps, Lhe nexL mosL powerful sLep ls Lo make a long llsL of why lL ls so good Lo be
allve. 1hlnk abouL all slx-llfe-areas. ?ou most wrlLe ouL Lhe llsL or lL wlll noL have Lhe same
powerful effecL. ?ou can also boosL your graLlLude weekly by comblng Lhrough Lhe llsL
agaln and agaln. 1here ls olwoys a reason Lo be graLeful. Cn recelvlng a glfL from her aunL,
my flve-year-old daughLer !esse exclalmed ºl'm so lucky Lo be me." 8egardless of Lhe
slLuaLlon, keep remlndlng your famlly, work colleagues, and frlends how lucky we oll are.
SLarL each day by Lhlnklng abouL whaL you are graLeful for ln your llfe. Look ouL of Lhe
wlndow and marvel aL Lhe specLacle of naLure. SLop for a momenL and reallse why you
are happy Lo be yourself. Make a llsL of your sLrengLhs, skllls, LalenLs, characLerlsLlcs, good
deeds, lncldences ln your bl-vlronmenL, and successes, whlch you can en[oy readlng
durlng your dally quleL Llme. Make lL a dally hablL Lo add more polnLs Lo Lhls llsL. lor
qulck access, you can keep Lhls llsL on your ÞC deskLop. AnoLher advanLage of keeplng a
graLlLude llsL ls you acLlvaLe your 8AS Lo be on Lhe lookouL for forLhcomlng random
momenLs of graLlLude. We develop an expectoocy of forLhcomlng graLlfylng evenLs, Lhus
evenLs LhaL would have normally gone unnoLlced now geL logged as greaL momenLs.

9. I|nd your sp|r|tua| ba||ast: ln her book íO, ímotloool lotelllqeoce fot ívetyooe, SLephanle
vermeulen has observes LhaL people who have poslLed Loo much emphasls on superflclal
lmage and sLaLus are more vulnerable Lo belng hlL hard by splrlLual sLress and depresslon
aL a laLer sLage. ?ou need Lo flnd meanlng ln your career and llfe ln general - know why
you exlsL. vermeulen says, º1he more meanlngful your exlsLence, Lhe less llkely you are
Lo experlence Lhls splrlLual crlsls. Many people flnd meanlng and solace ln elLher rellglon
or splrlLual pracLlce, buL lf nelLher ls for you, your splrlLuallLy need noL be lgnored. 1he
older you are, Lhe more pronounced Lhls need becomes, and feellng LhaL llfe ls empLy ls
one of Lhe maln sympLoms of splrlLual sLress"

10. Iocus on se|f-|mprovement - ach|eve your worthy |dea|: Pavlng accepLed Lhe Lhlngs oot
of your conLrol (self-accepLance), you wlll feel a surge of energy Lo lmprove areas of your
llfe mosL approprlaLe for lmproved self-worLh. As covered ln deLall ln Lhe prevlous chapLer
(ChapLer 3), do Lhe exerclses on page xx Lo unearLh your core purpose and guldlng values.
As ur Maxwell MalLz has sald, ºWe are bullL Lo conquer envlronmenL, solve problems,
achleve goals, and we flnd no real saLlsfacLlon or happlness ln llfe wlLhouL obsLacles Lo
conquer and goals Lo achleve." 8uL Lhese goals musL be allgned wlLh your guldlng values
and purpose. 8y dolng Lhls you wlll replace LhaL lacklusLre expresslon wlLh a deep golden
paLlna - Lhe sLuff LhaL wlll prompLly geL you and your followers ouL of bed. never sLop
researchlng and readlng abouL Loplcs of lnLeresL, as our worLhy-ldeal changes durlng
dlfferenL llfe sLages. uslng Lhe goal sheeL ln Lhls book (ChapLer 3), seL splrlLual, healLh,
lnLellecLual, career, flnanclal, recreaLlonal and soclal goals (wellbelng goals). nurLure your
creaLlve LalenLs. uo noL forgeL Lo use Lhe 48 approach Lo goal seLLlng (ChapLer 3):
8esearch your goals, be sure Lhey're 8eallsLlc (lnlLlally) and 8elevanL, and Lhen 8oll Lhem
ouL! As menLloned, Lo ensure your goals are relevanL, compleLe Lhe ºcore purpose and
value" exerclse (ChapLer 3).

Llke a racehorse on Lhe raceLrack, once your ld-ego knows lL ls on Lrack Lo achlevlng lLs
goals, lL becomes more raLlonal. Coal seLLlng auLomaLlcally ralses your energy levels,
whllsL learnlng a new sklll ls exLremely empowerlng and fulfllllng Lo your super-ego. ually
vlsuallse achlevlng your goals, and durlng your vlsuallsaLlon, savour Lhe accompanylng
Extract from Ian’s Book on Leadership

feellngs of success. 1hese frequenL afflrmaLlons wlll geL your subconsclous and super-
consclence 8AS worklng fot you, and wlLh every passlng day you wlll become more
passlonaLe and more llke Lhe person you woot Lo become.!!8uL do noL forgeL Lo savour
Lhe [ourney and en[oy llfe along Lhe way.

11. Þ|an and then act: Þlan and keep busy on shorL, medlum, and long-Lerm pro[ecLs LhaL wlll
make you feel fulfllled. lL ls dlfflculL Lo worry and acL aL Lhe same Llme. 1hls ls why lL ls
lmperaLlve Lo have a plan and acL upon lL.

12. ne|p your commun|ty: Pelplng oLhers provldes Lhe all-lmporLanL lngredlenL of self-
esLeem, a sense of purpose. When we have a good relaLlonshlp on Lhe 'lnslde', Lhe
relaLlonshlps on Lhe 'ouLslde' Lake beLLer shape. CharlLy beglns aL home, wlLh helplng
yourself and lmmedlaLe famlly. Pelplng oLhers ls also a fasL way of achlevlng self-esLeem,
whlch Maslow's Plerarchy of needs embraces Loo. ur Maslow's level before self-esLeem ls
Lhe need for love and belonglng. Maslow clLes, as does Lhe 8lble and all malnsLream
rellglons, LhaL self-respecL ls lmporLanL. Maslow does noL say you cannoL love when you
do noL llke who you are, buL says you are more naLurally able Lo love anoLher when you
have food ln your sLomach, shelLer, and feel secure. Maslow even suggesLs helplng
oLhers, maklng frlends, and esLabllshlng a healLhy famlly llfe ls essenLlal befote self-
esLeem occurs, and once you have self-esLeem, you can move on Lo self-acLuallsaLlon
where you naLurally dedlcaLe your llfe Lo helplng oLhers. When Abraham Llncoln sald,
"When l do good, l feel good," he undersLood Lhe beneflLs of groundlng hlmself on a
hlgher plane. 1here ls even evldence LhaL people who qlve have a beLLer sense of well-
belng Lhan Lhose who recelve. Clvlng ls Lhus a greaL way of recelvlng a healLhy splrlLual
groundlng. novellsL Penry !ames puL lL Lhls way: "1hree Lhlngs ln human llfe are
lmporLanL. 1he flrsL ls Lo be klnd. 1he second ls Lo be klnd. And Lhe Lhlrd ls Lo be klnd." Cr
ln MoLher 1eresa's words, "LeL no one ever come Lo you wlLhouL leavlng beLLer and

8e pollLe, alerL, and relevanL (ÞA8) Lo oLhers. 1hls ls Lhe ºLaw of Slmllar 8esponses,"
(ofLen referred Lo as Lhe Law of ALLracLlon), whlch says oLhers wlll be ÞA8 ln reLurn. 8e
lovlng and opLlmlsLlc and you wlll 'aLLracL' lovlng and opLlmlsLlc people.

13. Þhys|ca| exerc|se: 1he body ls Lhe Lemple of your soul (emoLlons), so do noL harm your
body. 8e responslble for your body, mlnd, and soul. ?our physlcal body and mlnd are
lnLerLwlned, for lnsLance, your mlndand body produces naLural feel-good chemlcals when
exerclslng. AlLhough Lhe mlnd ls ln charge of Lhe body, Lhe body and Lhe feellngs LhaL lL
houses severely affecL Lhe mlnd - Lhey're sLrongly lnLerllnked. An unhealLhy body ls a
Loxlc body, whlch polluLes Lhe mlnd and emoLlons (soul). WlLh exerclse, you sleep more
soundly and Lhus need less sleep. Lxerclse ls a mood sLablllser. ?ou wlll also be able Lo
work fasLer and Lhlnk more clearly abouL your fuLure goals and Lackle Lhem wlLh an
lmproved poslLlve self-concepL. (8ead more abouL Lhe beneflLs of physlcal exerclse ln
ChapLer 4, uocovetloq o leoJet´s well-beloq ooJ Ablllty to lmplemeot 5ttoteqy.)

14. Se|f-fu|f||||ng prophecy: 1o avold negaLlve acLlon, Lake full responslblllLy and break Lhe
hablL of negaLlve self-Lalk (LhoughLs, feellngs). ?ou already are and wlll become whaL you
Lhlnk, feel and do. Cuard your LhoughL paLLern by belng alerL Lo your lnner self-Lalk.
Extract from Ian’s Book on Leadership

8elleve LhaL you can Lransform your fuLure. uellberaLely drop poslLlve LhoughLs ln Lo your
mlnd and poslLlve feellngs and acLlons Lend Lo surface. Cnce you connecL wlLh Lhe LruLh of
who you are, you auLomaLlcally replace negaLlve self-Lalk wlLh Lhe acknowledgemenL of
your auLhenLlc lnLernal worLh.

1he Iramework of Iee||ngs, 1h|nk|ng, Act|on, and kesu|ts

Energy Source
Feeling (Body & Mind)
(Emotional Energy)

Action (Body)
(Behavioural Energy)
Thoughts (Mind)
(Mental Energy)










Systemic Energy



CHAP:3 & 6

1he above dlagram lllusLraLes Lhe lnLerconnecLedness of our LhoughLs, feellngs and acLlons.
MosL lmporLanLly Lhough, aL Lhe cenLre of our source ls how we feel abouL ourselves - our self-
esLeem - whlch ln Lurn affecLs our LhoughLs, feellngs and acLlons - self-esLeem affecLs our
emoLlonal lnLelllgence.

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30 !une 1991, www.naLhanlelbranden.com (reLrleved, uec 2010)
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