A MORE THAN CONQUEROR ATTITUDE Today as we look at God’s Word I want you to think about your own life

. What failure hangs over your head? Keep it in mind during this message. What situations or circumstances haven’t worked out as you would have liked? A man came across a boys’ little league baseball game and went over to the dugout and asked one of the boys sitting there what the score was. He replied, “We’re behind 18-0”. To which the man added, “that must be pretty discouraging.” But the boy replied, “It’s not discouraging – this is still the first inning and we haven’t had the chance to bat yet.” That’s the attitude of a conqueror. A conqueror is always associated with being a champion, a winner or a ruler. Anyone can be a conqueror. But what does it take to be "more than a conqueror". Being more than a conqueror is a reflection on how we live our lives as sons and daughters of God knowing that He loves us and lives in us.


2 . His love gives us the strength to declare: “I have an even greater God. His love gives us the strength to challenge any situation and any problem that might come. hardships and trials.Christ’s love does not assume an absence of sufferings or challenges. sufferings. a more powerful God. and supporting us in all that we will face. and He will love us in the days ahead. but only good will come out of our situations because God says that “in all these things we are more than conquerors”. In all things means in every and in any situation. equipping us. If God’s Word says that we are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us. preparing us. as He has encouraged and strengthened us in the midst of them. a God who heals. It means in all the people we meet. We may be experiencing some failures or setbacks in life right now. a God who transforms. My God is greater than my problem. He is showing his love right now by interceding for us. The fact that you are more than a conqueror is a reality. we already are. "All things" means in all our happiness. then we are.” He has shown His love for us during our greatest trials. We are not going to become. success.

but so is God’s goodness. always trust in the goodness and love of God. Here are three things that can help us develop a “more than conqueror” attitude. in ALL situations. Nothing happens in our life without his purpose behind it. sword. If we are convinced that. danger. but by triumphing over them through Jesus Christ. First. and what our eternal purpose is. hardship. if God is for us. we are more than conquerors. Our pain in our suffering is very real. nakedness. No problem has been so great that God in His power has not overcome it.We don’t have to be physically strong to be more than a conqueror or to get straight A’s or have a job with a six figure income. Indeed. then this truth will guide our thinking and transform our attitudes by reminding us of who we are. persecution. famine. Success in God’s eyes is found by fulfilling God’s purpose for your life. who can be against us? 3 . The Jewish nation was in slavery in Egypt – but God delivered them Jonah was in the belly of the fish – but God retrieved him Jesus was in the tomb – but God raised him. through Christ. Paul enumerates a number of challenges faced by Christians: trouble. We are “more than conquerors” not by avoiding these things.

and in the world. 4 . And I believe that God has shown his great love to us his children by providing you and me with so much blessings. neither death nor life.[d] neither the present nor the future. Even in the midst of despair and difficulties God’s blessings abound. Paul was rights that God has provided us with everything that we need overcome the challenges of the world. everything can have a redemptive purpose. God will never forsake his children. will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. These are blessings from the God. They reveal God’s goodness. We conquer the world not because we are strong. neither angels nor demons. in the dorm. Paul said “. God has given us so much overcome the difficulties and challenges that we face in the world.Trusting in the Goodness of God is what makes one more than conqueror. with God. Paul wrote to the Corinthian: “God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance” (2Cor 9:8). powerful. We have teachers who inspire us and motivate us when we feel the course is too much to handle. and friends who sustain us in our struggle in school. wise or wealthy. 39 neither height nor depth.. We are more than conqueror because we trust in God’s goodness. We have family members. nor any powers. Know that. God has conquered the world! 2. nor anything else in all creation.

We received all these blessings because God loves you. And for a while. And receiving God's love you begin to love others. Thirteen-year-old Cris “Kesz” Valdez was once told he was the source of bad luck in the family.This brings me to my second point. scavenging through piles of garbage and spending his nights in an open tomb. Beaten up by his father and neglected by his mother. your classmates. Everything you have and everything you value is a blessing from God. But now Valdez is the bringer of smiles to thousands of street kids like himself as the founder of “Championing Community Children.” an organization that gives flip-flops. he started to believe it too. your parents are blessings from God. the boy ran away from home and became a street urchin. to develop this “MORE THAN CONQUEROR ATTITUDE” we need to cultivate a loving attitude towards others. Big things and little things all come from God our Father. your talents. your friends. your teachers. Your life. toys and toothbrushes to deprived children in his hometown of Cavite City. 5 .

" i will trust in the goodness of the Lord. 3. the boy was awarded last year the prestigious International Children’s Peace Prize at a ceremony in The Hague. This is his love. But take courage. A question was thrown to us when we were about to take the bar exams two years ago. nothing will be able to separate us from the love of Christ. You might feel like you are lost. 6 ." As long as we have faith that Jesus loves us. Let us remember that we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. how will you respond? Will you maintain your integrity. You may not feel like a conqueror today. Maintain your integrity while waiting on God’s goodness. Nothing in all creation. for it is God who says that we are more than conquerors. will you forsake the Lord? Or will you hold on to the promise that He knows the best for each one of us? If you are asked the same question. Let us remember that God is working in our lives for our good because he called us. The question goes like this: if you fail.Out of three finalists. Kesz is an example of who conquered life’s hardship by genuinely loving others. despite the pain of disappointment and say. defeated or overwhelmed by life.

May God strengthen you to know his love so that you may continue to be more than a conqueror in life 7 .It is God who says our sins are forgiven. And it is God who has set His love upon us -. May God help you to understand how he is working in your life. in the present.in the past. and for all eternity. It is God who has declared us to be righteous.

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