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Landscape Steering Committe Initiative Approved List of Perennials

Plants were chosen for their Woodland landscape design classification and to our growing zone. They were checked out with a nursery for any warning issues, or availability issues. It was felt that enough plants need to be considered in order to take into account specific growing conditions (sun/shade etc.) and to provide diversity and interest. Keep in mind the beds where these plants are intended to be planted are small AND have diverse growing requirements so a variety is required to address all needs. Only perennials were selected. No annuals are to be planted in the beds. They are to be restricted to containers on patios and to the seasonal planting areas done by our landscape contractor. Some are evergreen which will provide year round colour. All flower at varying times throughout the year which will provide color throughout the year. Choices were also made on the basis of requiring little to no maintenance, i.e.deadheading etc. Some exist on the property currently and would continue to be allowed. When plants need to be replaced those on this list will be considered. In other words we do not have to replace roses with roses. Hostas (any and all varieties) exist on property now. Astilbe (various varieties) exist on property now. Early to mid season bloomers. Azeleas exist on property now Skimmia Reeves EVERGREEN shrub with dark green leaves with fragrant lower clusters and crimson berries.. Blooms twice a year (spring and fall) and last for a few months. Astrantia Major (great masterwort): Blooms abundantly for a long period in late spring 6 to 12 weeks. (Alba) is a good choice for shadier nooks. (Sunningdale variegated) is most popular. Epimedium X rubrum (red barrenwort) EVERGREEN - Best groundcover ever. Lime green heavily overlaid with red in the Spring. Acanthus Hungaricus (Balkan bears breeches) EVERGREEN - Hardy, blooms later with spikes of white flowers topped off with deep purple bracts. Anemone X hydrida (Japanese anemone) Usually a fall bloomer and has a suckering habit forming an even carpet of foliage as it spreads. Helleborus X hybridus . Dark green deeply cut leaves with usually several cup shaped flowers per stem. Leaves are EVERGREEN. Blooms can be white through purple and any shade in between and usually bloom in very late winter or early spring.

Asarum canadense (Canadian wild ginger) This species gets top billing for its great adaptability. One of the few deciduous species of wild ginger. Fastest growing ground cover and makes a superb one. Cimicfuga ramose Brunette (Bugbane) Dark purple almost black foliage. Has arching bottlebrush flowers in summer and fall. Great accent plant. Brunnera macrophylla (Jack Frost) leaves are entirely iridescent silver with only green veins giving the leaf a beautiful plushy texture. Striking or (Silver Wings) has more green to the leaf but still plenty of silver with a thin white margin. Drop dead gorgeous. Heuchera Hybrids (numerous varieties) EVERGREEN (Tolmiea menziesii) its apple green leaves make a great groundcover. Tricytis Hybrids (toad lily) or Tricytis hirta or Tricytis latifolia. Blooms early to mid summer for a long period from late summer to mid fall. These might be hard to find but substitute Vancouveria hexandra (inside out flower). Chelone lyonli (rose turtleheads), Chelone oblique (rose), Chelone glabra (white): Dark green leaves are attractive but the white or rose blooms in the fall are even better. Similar choice but lesser known: Spigelia marilandica: Red tubular flowers opening to yellow stars at the tip or Spigelia gentianoides: Pink to purple flowers.