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Marketing strategies: 1. Marketing penetration: Our company can focus on the current market with same products, as I.

E MATRIX, GRAND STRATEGY MATRIX, and TOWS suggests that we should penetrate the market. As market is in growing trend in order attract more customers we have to focus on following tactics to pursue the market penetration; a. Price adjustments: Increase the prices of apartment but at that level which justify the quality of product, mean increase the price by giving extra some services which do not affect the cost. b. Increased promotion: During the peak season from March to September our company has to focus on good advertisement through newspapers, magazines, radio, internet, billboards, posters and special packages. 2. Product development: Product development is necessary for business sustainability in order to capture customers from competitors; all of following new services carries the additional fee. a. Add new services: Offer services of internet Bring reception staff Credit/debit card facility First aid kit in each room Provide services of SEHRI AND AFFTARI during Ramadan Offer breakfast and dinner by making collaboration with plaza management

3. Market development: We can also offer our product to new set of customers like offer apartment to business official for meetings. It will help in increase our customer base. As you know that top management of every business arranges meetings in borban and other areas of Murree just for getting healthy feedback from the top management by taking advantage of healthy environment. Tactics to business officials: Give ads in business radio channel, like chamber of commerce of Lahore radio Send emails to company Use references Paste internet ads on business blogs and e-newspapers