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benefit of end-cap cells

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benefit of end-cap cells

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Thread: benefit of end-cap cells
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16-12-11, 10:31


Junior Member level 1

benefit of end-cap cells

can anyone please tell me that : What exactly is the benefit of adding the end-cap cells at the end of cell rows???

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Dec 2011 bangalore 15 0/0 245 2

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16-12-11, 11:11


Member level 1

Re: benefit of end-cap cells


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Oct 2011 33 6/6 435 4

Endcap is placed at right or left most boundary filler cell for isolation of routing . Route is not beyond endcap does not allowed to routing come out side beyond endcap. i think the name itself its defintion. Add endcap.tcl modified script enable to add a double coloum of tie fillercell (dummy poly gate for isolation) & endcap fller cell at the boundaries of each blockage areas define in the top including boundaries of the top itself.
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17-12-11, 14:44


Junior Member level 1

Re: benefit of end-cap cells



Join Date: Location: Posts: Helped: Points: Level: Dec 2011 bangalore 15 0/0 245 2

benefit of end-cap cells

really thanx for the help, it cleared some of my doubts. It will be really nice of you, if you can suggest a documentation on it. Thank again....

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