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Bonita Open Solution 5.10


March 14, 2013


This document is intended for technical users of Bonita Open Solution.

Improved cluster support in Teamwork, Efficiency and Performance editions. There is an explanation of this feature and an example of how to configure it here:


The following section describes the structural changes added to the Bonita Open Solution database.

New columns in BN_JOB_LOCK LOCKED_BY_ PROC_UUID_ New column in BN_OEI_ INCOMING_ID_ New tables BN_MASTER BN_NODE New indexes IDX_JL_ and IDX_JL_PID_ on BN_JOB_LOCK IDX_JB_LK_ on BN_JOB IDX_LOCK_ on BN_OEI_ Indexes removed IDX_JB_LK_ on BN_JOB IDX_LOCK_ on BN_OEI_ Columns renamed ROOT_INST_UUID_ has been renamed PROC_UUID_ in BN_JOB Columns removed PRI_UUID_ in BN_JOB_LOCK LOCK_ in BN_JOB



Configuration changes related to correlation The configuration changes related to the event executor. In version 5.9.x there were two matchers to make event couples, one matcher to deal with legacy correlation mechanism and a second matcher to deal with new correlation key mechanism. In the version 5.10 these two matchers are merged into a single matcher. condition-matching: enable: determines whether the matcher should consider the old correlation mechanism to try to create jobs job-executor: locks-to-query: limits the size of the SQL query issued to the database when the JobExecutor locks element in Database. Changing the value may impact the charge repartition across nodes (if a single node lock all the jobs for itself then other nodes will do nothing). It's recommended to keep the default value. job-executor: lock-idle-time: defines the amount of time between 2 iterations of the JobExecutor. On each iteration it will try to lock locks-to-query elements and execute them. matcher: max-couples: limits the size of the SQL query issued to the database when the matcher considers events in order to do the correlation and then create couples master-checker is used in the clustering deployment to make sure that exactly 1 node in the cluster is Master at a time. The properties job-executor max-parallel-jobs and job-executor clean-locks-at-startup have been removed.

XML update <environment-definition> <environment-factory> <!-- Description: Implementation of the BlobStrategy interface which will be used to store Blobs. --> . <!-- Description: Service which executes events --> <event-executor idle-min='50' idle='5000' threads='3' lock='120000' retries='5' auto-start='true' commandservice='command-service'> <job-executor class='org.ow2.bonita.runtime.event.MemoryLockJobExecutor' locksto-query='200' lock-idle-time='5000' /> <matcher max-couples='500' class='org.ow2.bonita.runtime.event.EventMatcher'> <condition-matching enable='true' /> </matcher> <master-checker class='org.ow2.bonita.runtime.event.MasterChecker' enable='true' /> </event-executor> . </environment-factory> </environment-definition>


All information about migration from 5.9 to 5.10 can be found here.

ENGINE-863: Inconsistent datatype error with SequenceUUIDService and Oracle rdbms ENGINE-667: BOS-SP-5.9.1-deploy: org.ow2.bonita.util.IndexTool parameters in initDatabase and reindexDatabase scripts ENGINE-602: MS SQL Server 2008 R2: Transaction (Process ID 58) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Rerun the transaction. ENGINE-600: LDAP Actor Selector does not support Active Directory 2 new fields have been added in the wizard. ENGINE-555: Filter is broken after migration: Select a process name and version to filter instances does not work ENGINE-534: When a step is suspended and the process reaches an end event, the step is aborted and the process is terminated prematurely ENGINE-523: Typo in the Javadoc: replace "startFinish" by "startTask" ENGINE-518: For the Initiator role, calls to runtimeAPI.executeRoleResolver fail ENGINE-505: Rest httpClient not threadsafe [12028] ENGINE-504: Exported proccess deployment BUG ( lost label and description ) [12050] ENGINE-421: multi instantiated Activity with an interrupting boundary timer is not compliant to BPMN v2

studio-1231: Spelling error in Groovy editor studio-1228: Wrong text in installation window BOS 5.9.1. Studio-1143: "Connector" is no longer an option in the Form/widget/contingencies /update value menu Studio-987: NO scrollbar when overflow in SAVE GROOVY SCRIPT WINDOW [ 12061] Studio-943: Cannot use Groovy's closure in a Extension Script Studio-871: Jasper/Create report wizard: help message is well hidden Studio-857: Fix naming and translations "Add diagram" by "Add schema" Studio-807: When reusing a previously saved configuration, fields disappear in the following screen of the Connector Configuration Studio-792: No more handles error- application crash [12099]

Studio-789: 'terminate' button not working for saving inherited connector configuration (NPE) Studio-776: sometimes impossible to apply changes after editing profiles Studio-773: error when creating profile with no rights Studio-736: Connector: message not sent if attachment empty in email connector Studio-699: Error doesn't provide a summary on popup Studio-469: URL display name not working in message of email connector Studio-423: Business Analyst should not be able to configure condition on sequence flows

WEB-1215: Allow to apply CSS style on Cell for elements inside a Group WEB-867: Language setting for the "from", "to", and "priority" fields does not change when the language is toggled *to* English. WEB-768: Filter and paging: paging is faulty when a filter is used WEB-687: password with : truncated when sent to LDAP - auth fails [10499] WEB-420: Problem with Jetty: Error while writing the response output stream. WEB-405: H2 and MySQL - SQL Error: when 2 different submit buttons are pressed.

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