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Everything is changing! Dust Studio moved from Fantasy Flight Games to Battlefront Miniatures, then Organised Play got a massive boost thanks to the Dust Devils International (or DDI) and before all of that Patrick Doty, our Editor-inChief stepped down. Dont panic, he just wanted to have more time for Family and playing games. His new found freedom was only short lived because I already roped him into writing some articles for the magazine. Ever since the first issue of Dust Chronicles I have tried to get a picture of Patrick Doty into the magazine and each time he put a stop to it. This time however I managed to do it. Go back to the cover of this issue and meet Patrick Doty (those of you who know Patrick will already have recognised him as soon as you opened the PDF for this issue). I have to give a big thanks to Paolo Parente for creating the artwork and also to Amanda Doty for tricking Patrick into having his picture taken. Last issue we started the second half of the world wide Zverograd campaign, and that can only mean that this issue has the end of the campaign and the current Dust League. What wed really like to know at Dust Chronicles and at the World Wide League is what do you guys want to see? Different/shorter/longer campaigns? More complexity, less complexity? We want to hear from you and see what you want out of DC.


As you may have noticed, we are trying to theme each issue to a subject and/or a season. If you have an idea that doesnt fit the upcoming theme, please be aware that we may well wish to use it in a future issue. We are always looking for reports From The Front for either Tactics or Warfare. We have no set format for these reports at this time, just be sure to include both text and photos. For painting and modeling How2 articles, use the format that has been established here and is universal to the subject (i.e. step-by-step with accompanying pictures). If you have ideas for submissions that dont fit the current layout of the magazine submit them anyway. If they are good, well find a way to make em fit. Due to the time it takes to edit and layout the content of the magazine, please submit your content 30 days prior to the date of publishing. The next issue will be August and so content needs to be submitted by July 1st. Submit articles, communications and complaints to Temp. Editor-in-chief Floris Hussaarts One more thing before you can enjoy this issue of the magazine; We have made some changes to the lay-out of DC, so things might not be where you expect them and we are introducing new elements as we go forward. As always, let us know what is good and bad so that your Dust Chronicles can be even better.


We have received many submissions, many of which are better than what we were coming up with ourselves. We must ask that if you submit something to us and we tell you we want to use it, that you not post it elsewhere prior to publishing in Dust Chronicles. Doing so will disqualify it from inclusion, of course once its published you are free to post it wherever you like, though we would appreciate it if you wait till the 10th of the month to do so.

Table of contents:

dust chronicles - issue 6

Editorial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 03 Table Of Contents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 04 News From The World Of Dust . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 05 Inside Dust Studio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 06 How2: Sculpt Greatcoats . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 08 Front Toward Enemy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Experimental Rules: Zombie Gorillas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Dust Warfare: Armored Platoon Update . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 My Other Rides A Kampflufer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Spotted! UK Games Expo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Rules Preview for Dust Tactics And Warfare . . . . . . . . . 24 Siege of Zverograd Worldwide Campaign . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Dust-League.Com Leaderboards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 The Secret Base - Multi-Player Game . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Desert Tactics & Warfare . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 How2: Paint NDAK Armor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Dust-War.Com . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 From The Front: Dust Warfare . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Playing In The Sandpit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Next Issue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57
Floris Hussaarts as Lt. Colonel Henry Blake Patrick Doty as Corporal Walter Eugene OReilly Paolo Parente as Captain Benjamin Franklin Pierce Olivier Zamfirescu as Captain John McIntyre Vincent Fontaine as Captain B.J. Hunnicut Jason McFarland, Lee Langston, Ignacio Brizzio, John Sisk, Roger Gerrish, Rick Ivansek, Michael Stacy, Clement Boen, CS Barnhart, Steve Kenniff, Will Wkm and Rob Hearn as the Medical Staff. Patrick D Cover by: Paolo Parente
Names and artwork are 2013 Dust Ltd. and/or Battlefront Miniatures. All Rights Reserved. Dust Tactics & Dust Warfare and their logos are trademarks of Dust Ltd. Images and trademarks used with permission. We do our best to ensure www. links are correct but do not take responsibillity for the content of web pages this magazine links to.

incoming! news from the world of dust

There is an important news item that came out a few weeks ago and we are sure that evrybody already knows about this but for those of you who missed this news or want to read it again. Here is the May2013 Press Release from Dust Studio. Weve been fortunate to distribute Dust Tactics since its debut at GEN CON 2010, and were very proud of our development work on Dust Warfare, said Christian T. Petersen, CEO of Fantasy Flight Games (FFG). The last year, however, as FFG experienced phenomenal growth across many of our publishing categories, it became clear that Paolo and the Dust games would be better served by a partner who specializes in the unique business of miniature games. Were confident that Paolos partner choice in Battlefront Miniatures is a strong one, and we wish nothing but the best to them, to Paolo, and to the fantastic Dust fan community. Starting June 1st, Battlefront Miniatures will begin soliciting and distributing all new products for Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare. FFG will ship all of its previously solicited new products prior to that date, and FFG will continue to exclusively sell all current Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare items while its inventories last. While FFG will support the Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare regionals events in May and June 2013, all future marketing and organized play for the games will be handled by Battlefront Miniatures, including the scheduled GEN CON 2013 tournaments. About Dust Studio: Dust Studio Limited is a Hong Kongbased company that creates and manufactures the Dust Tactics miniatures line, as well as model kits and scenery together with various books and comic books about the Dust universe. For more information, visit www. About Battlefront Miniatures: Battlefront Miniatures Limited is a New Zealand based company that created Flames of War, the WWII miniature game. Battlefront publishes the worlds premier tabletop gaming magazine Wargames Illustrated and owns Gale Force Nine, the leading manufacturer of game accessories. For more information, visit Battlefronts website at www.

Dust Studio announced that Battlefront Miniatures will become its publishing and distribution partner for the Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare miniatures game lines. Fantasy Flight Games, Dust Studios current publishing partner for those games, will transition sales and marketing activity to Battlefront Miniatures on June 1st, 2013. Dust has had a wonderful few years, during which we have seen the games community grow exponentially, said Dust creator Paolo Parente. Both Dust Studio and Fantasy Flight Games have evolved significantly during our relationship, and we now mutually feel that we are both better served by moving in new directions. Christian (CEO of Fantasy Flight Games) and I have known each other for many years, and I can say that this decision is a truly amicable one. Added John-Paul Brisigotti, CEO of Battlefront Group, we are very excited by the Dust universe, and although it is a first for us to be distributing a product other than our own, the fit with our business model made this partnership something we could not resist. During the last few years, we have been moving into new avenues to expand the breadth of products the group offers, and we see DUST as another one of these ranges.

how2: sculpt greatcoats By: Mariano Pagotti

In this How2 article, Mariano Pagotti of Triple Entente ( fame shows us how to add greatcoats to our axis troops. Hell be using green stuff, a two part putty easily obtained at most hobby shops and online. Hell also be using a rubber brush and a sculpting tool, both of wich can be found in art supply shops and of course, on line.

Step 3

Remove the backpack support tab.

Step 4

Superglue the legs to the torso.

Step 1

The first thing to do is separate the hands, head and backpack from the model.

Step 2

Cut off the shoulder pads.

Step 5

Mix up some green stuff. Be sure to use an equal ratio of the compound.

Step 8

Use a plastic rod to flatten out the green stuff further. About 1mm is ideal.

Step 9 Step 6
Place some Vaseline onto a flat, nonporous surface. Glass is ideal.

Cut the green stuff with a sharp xacto knife.

Step 10 Step 7

Check the dimensions of the coat. Trim off excess green stuff till you are happy with the size.

Flatten the green stuff with your finger.

How2: Sculpt Greatcoats Step 11

Lift the coat off your work surface carefully.

Step 12

Position it in the center of the models back. This is what you are going for.

Step 13

Use a modeling tool to bend the green stuff towards the front of the model.


Step 14

Cut the lapel with sharpened scissors.

Step 15

Shape and blend the lapel into a flowing shape.

Back view of the model.


How2: Sculpt Greatcoats Step 16

Cut the green stuff in the middle of the back so it can be merged with the next piece of the coat.

Step 18

Let the green stuff dry in this position. You want to simulate wind and this pose will help with that. While you wait for the Green Stuff to dry, have a coffee.

Step 19 Step 17
Use a rubber brush to mold in some wrinkles.

Repeat steps 5 through 18 on the other half of the coat/model.


Step 20

By making a straight cut below the arm you can wrap the green stuff around to the front so that you can create the lapel.

Step 21

Using a sculpting tool, fold the edge of the coat back.

Once again cut the lapel with scissors.

Step 22

Place a thin layer of green stuff over the arm.


How2: Sculpt Greatcoats Step 23

Shape some wrinkles into the sleeve and coat with a rubber brush.

Step 24

Put the collar in place. Push the green stuff into place with a rubber brush at the base of the collar on the modes back. Youll be covering the seam when you fold the collar over.

Step 24

The Kings not dead, uh-huh.

Work out a thin strip of green stuff for the collar.

Fold the collar back.


Step 25

Shape the collar and lapel with the rubber brush until you are satisfied with the look.

Step 27

Move the belt into position.

Step 28

Shape the belt to look as though it is loose.

Step 26

Cut a thin strip of green stuff, about 2mm wide. This will be the belt for the coat.

What the belt should look like once it is dry.


How2: Sculpt Greatcoats Step 29

Make a belt loop out of a tiny amount of green stuff.

Step 32

Make a tiny cylinder of green stuff and cut off a tiny section.

Step 33 Step 30
Cut a few pieces of green stuff into the shapes of pocket flaps.

Roll the snippet into a small ball. This will be the button for your pocket flap.

Step 34 Step 31
Place the pockets into position with the help of a knife.

Place the button.


Step 35

Back view.

Reattach the arms, head, and backpack. Make sure everything looks right.

Side view.

Now all you need to do is paint and seal the mini and youre ready for the battlefield. If you have any questions about this process, you can contact the Mariano on the Triple Entente group (http://www.facebook. com/3Euser?fref=ts).


front toward enemy began in 2009 as the Tannhauser Blog devoted to developing scenarios and custom content for FFGs Tannhauser (a squad based skirmish game). Since then we have expanded our coverage to included Paolo Parentes Dust Tactics, Guillotine Games Zombicide and most recently Devil Pig Games Heroes of Normandie (a 15mm miniatures combat game without the miniatures, which includes a Dust Universe add-on Mod). As we did with Tannhauser when we first started, our primary focus has been to create custom content and scenarios for all the games we cover. For Dust Tactics this includes custom units, paper terrain, and scenarios. We also have a YouTube channel where we post video reviews for as many Dust Tactics expansions as we can afford. Our other goal has always been to help out the community by providing a place for fans to have their own custom creations posted. We accept many types of fan submissions including: articles, custom units/characters, and scenarios. If you have something you think wed like to publish please send it to: subject Submission (and the game title). If youre not the creative type but want to help us out we also take donations see our site for more information.


experimental unit for dust warfare

By: CS Barnhardt
One of Professor Stephen Priapinskis last creations was his most sinister and depraved experiments. Excited and proud of not only the success of the Untertoten and the Kampfaffen the Axis had created, Professor Priapinski had to go one step further and experiment with the Wiederbelebungsserum on mortally wounded and deceased Kampfaffen from Captain Koshka Rudinovas attack on Reicher Castle. The result was a squad of powerful, violent and dangerous zombie gorillas that even the most brutal and desperate Blutkreuz commander is reluctant to use. Move: 6 Type: Soldier 3 Base Cost: 35 AP DC: 1 each

zombie gorillas

Basic Unit: 3 Untertoten Kampfaffen Special Abilities Berserk (page 53), Blutkreuz Ape (page 53), Blutkreuz Zombie (page 54), Damage Resilience (page 55), Fast (page 55), Monstrosity (see below).

Monstrosity: Zombie Gorillas can never be joined

by a hero. Zombie gorillas are so far out of the realm of normal medicine that they cannot benefit from the Medic skill. The can, however, benefit from the Medic ability provided to Totenmeister from her Wiederbelebungsserum skill. In addition the ferocity of the zombie gorillas is second to none. When an enemy squad is attacked by zombie gorillas for the first time in a game they suffer an extra point of suppression even if they take no hits. This means a unit attacked by zombie gorillas could receive two suppression tokens on the first round of combat.

PLATOON DISPATCH: Zombie Gorillas are treated as a support section for Blutkreuz Platoons and Totenmeisters special zombie platoon. There can never be more than one Zombie Gorilla unit per army.


My Other Rides a Kampflufer

by: Leutnant Manfred Hirtzel
You dont have to have to be a modern-day Achilles to be a Hero on the battlefield, it just doesnt hurt. Some choose tactics over physical strength. Choose to pilot the machines of war, rather than fight them on foot. This is to the walker aces, who have forever changed the face of battle. This behemoth is highly flexible, capable of chewing up infantry, armor, and aircraft alike. A lucky chance with Panzerprinzs Ace Pilot skill might allow you to tear up an enemy attempt to blitz your air defenses, and the possibility alone might deter it. When theres nothing to kill in sight, and you manage to get that extra action, its always worth the chance to advance further, and perhaps catch your enemy by surprise.

The Unusual Choice: Flammluther or Sturmprinz While it is natural to consider the attack benefits of the Ace Pilot, they can be tentative at best, especially when an enemy tries to stay out of your fire lanes. Thats why some strategies are best left to vehicles that rely on movement, such as the Flammluther. An extra move could easily mean the difference for a chance to move in for the kill. And if you re in range already, theres always extra fiery death available. Alternatively, Sturmprinz capitalizes on Ace Pilot on a movement strategy, carrying two full sized squads of heavily armed Axis infantry across the battlefields with surprising speed.


The Natural Choice: Konigsluther, Wotan, Lud-

wig, or Sturmkonig Panzerprinz is an ace of aces, a man who can pilot a walker with more finesse and deadly firepower than anyone else. With the chance to give the vehicle he wields an extra action, you may instantly gravitate him towards traditional tank killers. And frankly, youd be right. The ability to attack a second time with a walkers massive guns is an unparalleled strength. The deadly guns of the Ludwig or Kongisluther will surely reduce enemy walkers into flaming wreckage, and a Wotans lasers will find it easier to hit their mark or tear through a heavy with an extra round of attacks. Even while the Konigsluther is sure to draw your eye, do not forget the Sturmkonig.


Sergeant Victory

The Natural Choice: Fireball, Diving Dotty, or

Bellowing Bertie Sergeant Victory has officially removed Action Jackson in my heart as most ludicrously badass hero. Sorry Jackson, but you cant sucker punch a jet fighter. Unlike most Pilot Heroes, the fun doesnt stop when Victorys vehicle bites the dust. A full fledged Superhero, Sgt. Victory carries some impressive firepower and skills to boot. But what makes him truly unique in the pilots seat is that he can Cheat Death while operating walkers and aircraft, potentially shrugging off what would be lethal amounts of damage. This makes the Fireball, a king of charging into the thick of battle with flamethrowers, machine guns, and a squad of infantry, an enticing choice. But this also makes him an ideal lead pilot, charging the air defenses to take them down, clearing the way for other aircraft to decimate your enemys advance.


The Natural Choice: Karl Marx, Lavrentiy Be-

The Unusual Choice: Solo (or maybe more?)

Sergeant Victory is a powerful pilot, but hes also an expensive one, which is why its important to remember that hes still a good Superhero. While not as much of a combat beast as Winter Child, hes 25 points cheaper, and not as range challenged. Sergeant Victory can blast squads at the same range as a sniper, and the damage goes up 2-3 times when they get in rifle range of this Superhuman. And his Cheat Death skill is just as valid when hes alone, making him just as difficult to kill. But in the stories surrounding this man, there are also rumors and hints that he may be the first Superhero to have a sidekick, Victorys own brother. It would be worthwhile to watch and see just who this man is.

ria, Matrioska Ok, I cant talk about Nikolai without dispelling a certain misunderstanding about the strength of his Take Aim skill. Some people point out that the difference between re-rolling a dice, and hitting on a blank, is only about an 11% difference in chance to hit. Not that great sounding. Probability, though, is a little trickier than that, because 11% chance is the difference for one dice to hit. So when you have eight dice, each with an 11% higher chance to hit, your odds of doing high damage are significantly better. Therefore, it is best to use Nikolai with a unit that rolls a large number of dice when attacking, and one with decent range, so that youre more likely to use a Sustained Fire action. Units with large, anti-tank cannons, such as Matrioska or Lavrentiy Beria, are natural choices then. If enemy infantry get into close range, Berias flamethrower can also get a power boost. Karl Marx can also be a good choice if your enemy uses a lot of infantry or must pass through a choke point, because its powerful Tesla Gun strikes every unit between it and its target, as much as six spaces away. Just be wary that Nikolai might get zapped a little when his ride goes up in flames.

The Unusual Choice: Mao Zedong or Babushka

Its best not to be blinded by the anti-tank potential of Take Aim. Babushka is a great ranged anti-infantry, rolling a solid 8 dice against all types. Mao Zedong, like the Sturmkonig mentioned above, is also a good choice. With tactical flexibility and multiple dice against all types of targets, land and air, Nikolai driving this glorious peoples tank makes for a great opportunity to tear up all who stand in your way.


dust tactics tournament report

by: Floris Hussaarts
Dust). With only two days before the tickets were removed from sale another player signed up and everything was ready for a small three game tournament (everybody played everybody so whoever was going to win would deserve the first place trophy). Before anybody had to even play a single round of Dust Tactics they already received some participation prizes. An Axis Weapon Sprue, three Dust dice and the mission book for the day (and a free pen that refused to work all day). On Sunday the 26th of May 2,000 people made their way to Birmingham for the yearly UK Games Expo. The event takes up most of the ground floor of the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel and amongst all the trade stands, participation games, seminars and tournaments there was also Dust (no not that type of dust, the hotel was clean), Im talking Paolo Parentes World of Dust. Because Fantasy Flight Games had no interest in organising a Dust tournament next to their X-Wing and Blood Bowl Team Manager tournaments it was up to the UK Dust Devils (well Dust Devil at that point) to organise a tournament. With the time available to organise everything I decided to concentrate on just a single tournament and opted for Dust Tactics (the main reason for this is the fact that my scenery collection at the time only covered two tables and I was hoping for more people than that). In the weeks leading up to the big day I posted on various forums and arranged for some nice Dust prizes thanks to Dust Chronicles who kindly stepped in to sponsor the tournament. Every weekend I checked the number of tickets sold and with just over a week to go we had three players. UK Games Expo contacted the people who had bought a ticket and gave them the option of receiving a refund or having the tournament between them and with myself as an extra (non competitive) player. Everybody agreed to go ahead (any excuse to play The first round of the UK Games Expo 2013 Dust Tactics Tournament saw Thomas Rogers (who had only been playing for a month) take on Peter Hentze and on the other table David Smith faced Paul Hanscombe (they are regular opponents and I felt it best to get that game out of the way so the rest of the day was going to be new and different for them). The ninety minutes allocated for the game proved to be excessive but it gave everybody time to walk around the venue and check out the trade stands before we started game two (and enough time to order expensive burgers in the hotel restaurant).

spotted! uk games expo

Paul Hanscombe (left) and David Smith (right) planning their next activations.


With the Axis plane having just been released it was to be expected that they would make an appearance. However I wasnt expecting to see as many as this (Thomas had a single plane, Peter had taken two and David was fielding three of the Axis jets). The only person not impressed was Paul who, as the only Allied player, was facing Axis in all three of his games. Paul and Thomas fought it out in the second game and on the other table it was The Battle of the Hortens as David took on Peter.

After three games we had a definitive winner. David had won all of his games and took home the trophy and got first choice from the prize pool. Peter came second, Paul finished in third place and Thomas placed fourth. Everybody got to choose a Dust prize and went home with some new tactics to master.

I have already booked a slot at the next UK Games Expo and next year there will be tournaments for both Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare (Im building extra scenery in between other projects). Well ahead of schedule we started on the third and final game. David had won both his previous games and faced Thomas who had yet to win a game. Paul, who had lost his first game but was victorious in his second game came up against Peter. He had won his first and lost his second game. Thomas had his best game of the day and took out all three of Davids planes with his Sturmkonig (taken to shoot down SSU helicopters). It wasnt enough in the end and David managed another victory. On the other table Peter defeated Paul by a small margin of only seven victory points (if only Paul hadnt shown Peter the trick of measuring on the scenario map so your opponent doesnt know what you are planning).

Peter Hentze (left) and Thomas Rogers (right).


BY: Dust Studio


A Medical Vehicle has enough gear to treat wounded soldiers in the most efficient way. The doctors and nurse manning them are some of the best violent trauma specialists anyone could hope for. A Medical Vehicle has the Come On Guys; Were Going Back Out There skill, just like a Command Squad. But this special version allows also to bring back fallen heroes and superhumans. It otherwise works like the regular skill. Please note that if a hero and the squad he was embed with are lost at the same time, two separate rolls must be made. A hero who rejoins the battle in such way can return directly to the squad he was with when he fell. If this squad has been wiped out, the hero can enter the board through the Deployment Zone of its army or through the Medical Vehicle. A Medical Vehicle can also bring back a single soldier in the same way as the Get Up, It Aint That Bad skill from the Command Squad. This costs one SKILL action. It works exactly as the skill from the Command Squad. Since Medical Vehicles are all unarmed and wear big red crosses on a white background, even the most hardened soldiers feel uneasy to fire upon them. Even if ordered to do so. Therefore, Medical Vehicles can never be subject to a SUSTAINED ATTACK. Units attacking them still spend only one ATTACK action, but can never choose to spend two. If a special weapon needs 2 ACTIONS to fire, treat it as a regular ATTACK (its legal). Damned Geneva Convention...


Dust Chronicles got an email from Dust Studio that had the following picture as an attachment.

After looking at the picture for a bit we just had to know more about the ambulance helicopters. So we started asking questions. What are they called? - No Comment. Are they being released? And if so, when? - Yes. Soon. What do they do? - No Comment. Please? - OK then, we will tell you the new Skill that will be introduced with the release of this model. And that is exactly what we got in the next email. On the right you can check out the Medical Vehicle Skill. It works in both Dust Tactics and Dust warfare. We cant wait to get our hands on the full rules for these helicopters, to see what else they can do.


1 City 2 Game Systems 4 Months 19 Multi-Player Games 29 Locations 40 Scenarios 143 people 613 battles
The Worldwide Siege of Zverograd Campaign

BY: Patrick Doty and Floris Hussaarts

When the Dust-League.Com website was entering into the last days of its second league period (September December 2012). Patrick Doty and myself started talking about what could be done with the league and how the idea of the website being for everybody all over the world could be improved upon. Neither of us remembers who came up with the idea of running a worldwide campaign and knowing what we know now, neither of us is taking the blame.


Patrick created the bulk of the scenarios while I went to work on the website. With only a few days before going live we decided to replace some of the scenarios when we got halfway into the campaign. This had the benefit of keeping the games interesting and it gave us a way to move the story forward. Because our campaign was set in Zverograd we did have some limitations. (For Example) In the official background the Axis hold onto the Airfield for a long time and if they lost control over the location before the Operation: Icarus set came out that would create a very strange situation. With that in mind we created the Fortification Bonus for certain key locations. This enabled us to ensure these locations would not swap hands to early in the campaign (note that we didnt make it impossible, just unlikely).

It all started innocent enough, with the plan to link a handful of scenarios and creating a storyline to go with them. However, Zverograd was becoming an interesting setting within the Dust universe and the story of a city under siege while soldiers are searching the catacombs of a monastery for evidence of an alien civilisation proved to much of a temptation. What started out as a campaign planned to run for a few weeks became the focus point for the next Dust-League.Com league period and that handful of scenarios escalated into a Dust Tactics scenario for every location on the map. We did play around with the idea of creating Dust Warfare scenarios for each location but in the end felt that the battle builders and terrain set-up rules provided players with a better game experience than we could come up with (and the fact that not everybody has the same collection of terrain elements). Dust Warfare results would be accepted towards locations on the map so that the Worldwide Campaign truly was for everybody.


from existing Dust Tactics expansions and I wanted to bring something new to the campaign. While working out the scenarios for the two locations (28 and 29) I came up with a scenario that was great fun during play-testing but only worked with more than two players. At this point the three player results had become a bit of a nightmare for the results as they messed up the numbers for games played and won/lost by a bloc. That is why the scenario is included in this issue of Dust Chronicles as a four player game. Im not sure yet what to do for the next league period and if you have any suggestions or comments then please let me know by emailing me at: contact@ What follows are the final results for the campaign and the top 10 for the Tactics, Warfare and Warlord Leaderboards. There you have it, the worldwide siege of zverograd campaign is over but Dust Studio will give us one more journey into Zverograd when the next expansion is released. I for one cant wait to find out what will become of zverograd?

Each of the locations was given a points value and the bloc with the most points at the end of each day would be considered to be in control of Zverograd. Again we ensured that the start of the campaign matched the official storyline by allocating certain locations to specific blocs (the Axis controlling the Airfield for example) and control of the city had to be with the SSU at the start of the campaign (it was their city after all).

When the campaign had started (February 1st, coinciding with the release of Dust Chronicles) I came up with the idea of the secret base along the road to Lagan (location 28, followed by 29 two weeks later). Originally the scenarios for these locations were to be taken from Operation: ColdSnap (Dust Chronicles issue 1 and 2) but I didnt like the idea of recycling the scenarios (we already had a selection of scenarios


1. jeff stevenson 107 2. bill hegg 107 3. Nancy Stevenson 78

64 63 67% 66 41 62% 59 19 32%

1. Lucy Roach 55 31 24 77% 2. patrick doty 49 28 21 75% 3. m. ceferatti 46 33 13 39% These standings are correct as per May 31st 2013 - For the final Leaderboard visit:


For every win you recorded in the Worldwide Dust League you also earned points towards your Overlord Ranking. You got 1 point for every Dust Tactics game you won and 1.2 points for every Dust Warfare game you won. At the end of the current Dust League (May 31st 2013) the person with the most Overlord points will win a trophy and so will the 2nd placed player. Seeing that the current league is linked to the Worldwide Siege of Zverograd Campaign, we decided that for the first Overlord Competition the trophy should have a Zverograd theme (as you can see on the right). You might be wondering why a win in a Dust Warfare game is worth a bit more than a win in a Dust Tactics game. We tried to keep the scoring simple but felt that most Warfare games take a little longer than Tactics games and this needed to be represented in the points.

You can play more games of Tactics in an afternoon than games of Warfare and this way players who only play Tactics dont have a major advantage over Warfare players who will be able to record a smaller total number of games. The scoring method will be reviewed at the end of May to make sure that we work towards the best way to calculate winners.

These standings are correct as per May 31st 2013 - For the final Leaderboard visit:

1. jeff stevenson 2. bill hegg 3. Patrick Doty

44.2 42.2 36.2

43 41 11

1 1 21


multi player game based on dust tactics

During the Worldwide Siege of Zverograd Campaign a side story was created that involved a secret base somewhere along the road to Lagan. This resulted in two extra locations on the map of Zverograd and two new scenarios. The second of these scenarios took place at the site of the secret base and the objective was to capture the entrance to the base. We never actually went into the secret base during the campaign. Today that is going to change as we reveal what was hidden behind those doors. . . . The map on this page was created with the contents of a single set of Dust Tactics - Operation: Hades. The corridors and rooms represent the secret base hidden underground. You and three other players have made your way into the base and are now trying to discover its treasures. In the darkness it is hard to make out friend from foe and every shadow is a potential enemy soldier ready to kill you. To play this game you will need to know the rules for Dust Tactics, however there are some changes to the rules as explained on the next page. There is no turn limit for this game. There are only two ways to win. Claim the objective or be the last man standing.

the secret base



Each player may only choose soldier units and the force may not exceed 40 army points. Players can agree to allow for more points to be spend on the force but it is adviced to ban Super Humans from any force. When building your force it is important to know that during the game your models will activate as individals and not as units. Knowing this might influence your choice of models in your force.


Each player rolls 5 Dust dice and the the player with the most HIT results chooses a deployment square (marked A, B, C or D) then the player with the second highest HIT results and so on. If players tie for HIT results then when it would be their turn to deploy they roll again to see who goes first. Once all players have a deployment square the first player places an ammo crate anywhere on the board but not on a deployment square. Followed by the second player, etc. These ammo crates are objectives as explained later. The first player to have chosen a deployment square is the first player to activate a model and from then on play keeps going in a clockwise manner around the table. Players keep activating a model each time the turn comes back to them.


There are a number of rules that differ from the normal Dust Tactics rule set. It has already been mentioned that models activate as individuals instead of units and this works as follows: * When it is your turn to activate, you can choose any of the models belonging to your force and you can activate the same model multiple times in a row if you wish to do so. * The model will activate by itself and other than that follows all the rules as if it was a soldier unit. * Equipment (grenades, etc.) can be used by any of the models belonging to the card in question but limited ammo weapons will need to be ticked on the card as they are being used. * Any special weapons (flame-thrower, victory MG, PTRS-47, etc.) can only be used by the model that has the actual weapon. Models from the same force can occupy the same square on the board, up to a maximum of 6 models in a single square. When attacked the attacker must declare what model in the square is being targeted. Flame-throwers hit all models in a square. The rules for Dim Light (Hades page 10) are used but because models move as individuals the rules for Fighting in the sewers are not used.

As stated earlier, there are two ways to win. * If only one player has any models left then that player is declared the winner. * Each ammo crate you destroy (as per the normal rules) gives you a point. The first player to earn two points in this way wins the game. --NOTE-If a situation comes up that isnt covered by the rules in Dust Tactics or on this page then it is up to the group to decide on the best solution and that will then become the rule if that situation comes up again.


Have Fun!


desert tactics & warfare

in the world of dust

Fighting in the Desert is very different from fighting in other theatres of war; it is one of the most dangerous climates to fight in with cold weather being the other extreme that is dreaded by soldiers. Conducting warfare in the desert is a specialized matter which troops often have to be prepared for ahead of time. In the universe of Dust, soldiers fighting in the desert have other advantages that their real world counter-parts did not. The primary advantage they have is advanced technology, including walkers that are able to operate without fuel and in some cases; crews who can operate without supplies (Ubertoten walker crews anyone?).

Terrain such as sand dunes and shifting sands can cause issues with traditional wheeled and tracked vehicles and can hinder mobility on foot by up to 60% in some cases. In many battles, this may give the walkers of the three different blocs an advantage in combat over traditional vehicles when mobility is important. Camouflaging vehicles in local colors becomes more important as a result; vehicles shipped out to desert theatres are often given a different coat of primer or painted immediately upon reaching their assigned destination to better reflect local conditions. As a result of the high temperatures and stress on infantry, during World War II armoured vehicles and motorized units would become very important in conducting desert warfare; in earlier periods of warfare this role was fulfilled by cavalry.

Desert Terrain

While fighting in the desert there is far more open terrain and ground, which means a lack of cover for soldiers. Desert terrain can encompass many different types of land including cliffs, urban areas, desert oases and rocky outcroppings but is primarily fought on the open sand in many cases.


Another danger of the Desert is that booby traps such as landmines become harder to detect when buried within the sand and decades later, such landmines remain hidden, an unknown danger to anyone who steps over them.

Control of ports and inland water lanes from the ocean become crucial for moving supplies to the soldiers who needs them on the field, without these, an army can find itself surrounded in enemy territory with no supplies incoming.

Reconnaissance & Mobility

In World War II, limited maps of the desert regions within Africa and the Middle East that were available were considered to be mostly unreliable. As a result it became far more important to know the lay of the land through reconnaissance elements and intelligence gathering. Due to the inhospitable nature of the terrain and potential unreliability of local sources, reconnaissance becomes far more important for armies about to come into conflict. Positioning of units and the proper knowledge of the terrain can often become far more important than the total amount of ground held in a desert battle. Mobility is held as one of the keys to success in desert warfare and as a result it is more common for infantry to be transported by motorized units and armoured vehicles are far more common and necessary in this type of combat given the vast distances and open stretches of land. The ability to move your forces quickly and adapt to changing conditions is a key to success in any theatre of war, but that mobility becomes doubly important in the desert.


Water is both a friend and an enemy to all soldiers who are fighting in the desert, given the scarcity of water it becomes important to insure that there is a strong supply chain setup to insure a constant flow of water. Special units are often setup to handle water supply issues, in World War II, these units were under the command of Officers in the Engineering Corps.

These water supply convoys must be organized similar to how a normal supply convoy would be, but they are in fact the lifeblood of the army that fights in the desert. An infantryman requires water to avoid dehydration and to stay alive; similarly vehicle crews require water for their vehicles and themselves.

With few exceptions, such as Unertoten and Ubertoten zombie soldiers; water is a very important logistical element to planning any campaign in the desert. Holding a key water source is also a great boon to an army fighting in this unforgiving terrain.



Often troops who will be fighting in a Desert theatre will be given specialized training to help engage in warfare in this harsh and unforgiving environment. Soldiers are often taught how to engage at longer range given the terrain and there is a greater emphasis placed on endurance based exercises.

Training with armoured and mechanized units becomes more common and anti-tank training is emphasized as most infantry units in the desert are often equipped with at least a single piece of anti-tank weaponry in order to combat the greater threat armour poses.

Other Threats and Peculiarities

Within the desert, the #1 threat to all soldiers is undoubtedly heat, not only when fighting but all the time. Soldiers in some climates as a result will tend to wear lighter versions of standard gear in order to combat heat stroke and other afflictions that can come upon them as a direct result of the heat. Aircraft and Armoured vehicles are far more dangerous to the average soldier due to the more open terrain and larger engagement zones can create killing fields and situations similar to a naval engagement where the positions you hold and not the total area held is more important. In some cases, specialized night time training is given to soldiers who will be fighting in the desert as engagements under the cover of night have many advantages, one of which is the cooler weather in the desert which is less stressful on the soldiers.

Dust, ironically, was also a threat to mechanical components and equipment, as a result many vehicles in Africa were outfitted with special dust filters designed to stop the build-up of sand and other particles in vehicles and crucial equipment.


Technology in the world of DUST

The new technologies afforded to the three great blocs and their military forces in Dust Tactics & Warfare provide significant advantages in Paolo Parentes world of Dust. Chief among these are the Robots or Walkers of each faction, many of them being bi-pedal which allows them to traverse terrain otherwise inaccessible to normal vehicles. In many cases, a Walker will not suffer the same mobilitiy issues that armoured vehicles normally do, but they are however in many cases slower and just as vulnerable to the long range weapons of conventional vehicles. Given the inclusion of VK powered engines to many walkers, they also do not need to be resupplied as often as a conventional vehicles which can give them a longer operational distance when conducting missions. Another great advantage, in this case, possessed only by the Axis are the Unertoten and Ubertoten who unlike regular soldiers do not conceivably require constant re-supply and would not suffer from the same ill effects a normal soldier were. It can only be imagined, that some daring Blutzkreuz Commander has formed a special Desert battalion consisting of Ubertoten entirely, including the vehicle crews.


how2: paint ndak armor

Before we dive in let me say a quick word about color. As even a quick google search will reveal, the colors of the panzers serving in Northern Africa during WWII varied widely. From grey, light tan or yellow all the way through shades of brown and green. Trying to nail down an exact shade of DAK is like trying to get an exact shade of dunkelgelb. The nice thing about playing an alternate history WWII game is that we can play a bit fast and loose with our colors. Here well be taking a look at painting up a SturmLuther in a dark yellow, almost brown scheme. A pinkish tan DAK 223 at the MVI.

A dark tan/light brown DAK Nebelwerfer at MVI. For those not familiar with Nebelwerfers, they are devices that werf nebels.

A yellow DAK 88mm gun at the Military Vehicle Institute in California.

Hereswhat well be going for.


Step 1

To begin with, carefully remove the armored cowlings from around the legs, the side armor around the hull and the armor plate in front of the glacis plate. I used gentle wiggling and an xacto knife coupled with mild profanity to separate the armor. Be careful not to damage the components. The legs tabs for the armor broke off when I was removing them, not a big deal.

Leave the legs gray. Itll create a nice contrast later.

Step 3
Remove the leg armor too.

Use a medium brush and apply a bit of Vallejo Buff to the corners and along seams in just a few spots. This highlight helps to define details. Add decals.

Step 2

Using War Paint German Armor (Desert), I sprayed all the armor, the hull and the turret in several thin coats, allowing each layer to dry completely before the next coat. If you are going for a lighter or yellow look, spray your components the appropriate color at this stage. The rest of the article can still be used with these other colors. Take a look at Army Painter, Model Master and Tamiya sprays for alternate colors.

Sometimes also referred to as extreme highlights.


Step 4

On the legs paint the piston arms, cables and anything that will become metallic with a black undercoat.

Step 6

Alright, heres the weird bit. Youll need the Flory Wash. You can find it here; There is also a great video tutorial there that Ill break down for you here. Seal your model with either Dullcoate, semi gloss or gloss sealer. If you use Dullcoat there will be a signifigant color shift towards brown when you are done. Semi gloss will have a little color shift and gloss will have none. I used Semi gloss to darken the model a bit. Wash the entire model except the legs with Flory Dark Dirt, make sure you get it in all the nooks and crannies. Dont worry about pooling as you normally would with inks and washes.

Any brand will do, just cover it completely.

Wash in place, you can see it pooled on the armor skirt, dont sweat it.

Step 5

Returning to the legs, paint the metallic areas with an appropriate metal color like Citadels Boltgun Metal.

Be sure to get around rivets and into all the seams. Note the bare metal at the tip of the spike leg.

Step 7

Once the wash is completely dry, get a bit of paper towel. Moisten it just a bit, I dab it on my tongue, and carefully wipe away the dried wash from wherever


you dont want it. Obviously leave it in the recesses and seams. Use a good quality paper towel and get a fresh section as it starts to get warn. You dont want a bunch of fibers all over your model. Careful around protrusions like rivet and bolt heads.

The rubbing of the legs cables and thrown up rocks take a toll on the lower section of the skirts.

You can add a bit of light gray to the centers of the dark gray to add a little depth. On the left is the before and on the right is the after. There is a bit of color change and the seams are nice and dark.

The bolts pop out now.

Step 8

Time to do a bit of chipping. Use some of the packing foam you commonly find in blister packages or in your foam army transporter trays. Place a bit of Vallejo German Grey on your palette and dab your foam in it. Wipe off the excess and dab the sponge onto your model where you think paint chipping would naturally occur.


Step 9

Since I didnt want to change the color of the legs too much, I sealed them with gloss and then applied Flory Was Black. Once it was dry I wiped away the excess.

I dust up approximately 1/4 of the lower parts of the Sturmluther.


I figure the legs would get lots of dust on em.

Wiped clean.

Step 10

Next I did some light dusty weathering. I dry brushed some Citadel Graveyard and followed with Citadel Desert Yellow. Dont forget to do the legs and feet.

Step 11

At this point I re-glued all the armor to the legs and the hull.


Step 12

Paint the details. The dials and screens in the transport compartment need some paint. The screens I painted green while the buttons and switches received the white and black treatment. For the light I painted Citadel Mecharite Red with a Citadel Blood Red highlight on the bottom. I followed that with a black ink. Once dry, I put a white dot towards the top to add a highlight. Give the gun muzzles a light drybrush of black to simulate soot.

I used a dab of superglue and a dab of plastic glue on each component to ensure a solid join.

The comms gear.

The enemy cant hide in the dark.


Step 13

At this point youre pretty much done and should feel free to seal it up with some dullcote and get playing. If you want though, you can try something a bit more. I used some ash gray pigment powders and mixed it with some alcohol. The ratio was heavy on the later and thinner on the former. I then used a medium brush and streaked the wash down the sides of the model.

What it looks like on the sides. Once I was satisfied with the effect I sealed it up with some Testors Dullcote and I was done.

Streaks go from the top down.

And she is done.

A little extra streaking on the butt end.

42 has established itself as THE place for Dust Warfare. The website itself has weekly articles covering everything from army building to in-depth tactical advice. Recently the crew has also started doing unboxing videos and the first two of these have been very informative. There is more, the accompanying forum is a busy hive of activity with people talking about all aspects of the Dust hobby. Want to get ideas for army lists? This is the place; Want to get painting tips? This is the place; Want to show your painting skills? This is the place; Want to know what a rule means? This is the place; Want to.. Ok, you get the idea. If it has to do with Dust Warfare you will find it at And yet there is more. The crew at has organised two successful tournaments and the third one is already being planned.

What will they think of next?


from the front: dust warfare

In this report From the Front: Warfare, we take a look at an Axis vs. Axis confrontation in the desert of Northern Africa between Michael Cefaratti and Patrick Doty. We decided to play the Encirclement scenario from the ladder campaign found in this issue of Dust Chronicles. We also decided to use the terrain from the Desert Terrain article from this issue, ending up with several Rock Formations and a Rocky Hill. Michael decided to field his new NDAK army while Patrick used an army composed of a Mechanized Infantry Platoon and an Armored Platoon. For this game I wanted to indulge my love of Dustified vehicles and mechanized infantry. To this end I decided to field one Mechanized Infantry platoon and an Armored Platoon. As far as specific units, I pretty much took everything I had that fit those categories. I suspected Mike might be bringing a jet or two so I made sure to include a couple Quad Flak guns. Everything else was all about supporting the advance of the Panzergrenadiers. At least thats the plan. Panzergrenadier Platoon Command Section: KommandoTruppe 250/3 1st Section: Panzerkillers 251 2nd Section: Recongrenadiers 251 3rd Section: Recongrenadiers 251 4th Section: Recongrenadiers 251 Support: Whirbelwind Opel Blitz Flak Panzer Platoon Commandsection: Panzerprince Tiger II (Vk) 1st Section: E-10 2nd Section: 234/1 3rd Section: 234/6 4th Section: Panther Support: 234/1 Total: 402 17 8 17 8 17 8 30 15

24 65 36 19 16 42 19

25 8 20 8


Mike- My idea was to build a list for my Sturmgrenedier platoon without pulp style weapons. With the North Africa campaign far from the motherland, they may not have as much access to these types of weapons. The idea with the Blutkreuz platoon was with the new ubertoten squads available you could have some tougher troops where supplies would not be as available ( they can also feast on your enemys corpses instead of having to supply them with food and water) . It doesnt hurt the ubertoten look a little NDAK too. Anyway, those were my thoughts on why I choose the units I did and the theme behind it. Sturmgrenadiere Platoon: Upgrade: Extra Panzer Support Command Section: Panzerprinz 1st Section: Recon Grenadiers + Grenades 2nd Section: Panzerkillers 3rd Section: Heavy Recon Grenadiers + Grenades 4th Section: Recon Grenadiers + Grenades 17 1 20 30 1 17 1

Support: Horten IV MPW II-A Luther MPW II-B Ludwig Blutkreuz Platoon: Command Section: Sturmpioniere + Grenades 1st Section: Braineaters 3rd Section: Heilige Tod 4th Section: Axis Zombies Hero: Totenmeister Support: Horten III Total: 400

45 30 40

25 1 24 22 19 28 45

10 24


The Encirclement Scenario lasts 7 rounds or until the objectives are seized. To seize the objectives, the attacker (Patrick) will need to end a round with a Soldier unit holding all four encirclement points. The encirclement points are the midpoints of all four table edges. Next issue will have a Ladder Campaign with more details.

Across the board Patrick deployed an Opel Blitz Flak truck on his left flank followed by a 234/1, the Tiger II piloted by Panzerprinz, another 234/1, a 234/6, Whirbelwind, Panther, 251, and then the 251s with their squads riding inside. Anchoring the right flank is the E-10

Round 1

Patrick rolled the fewest command dice and began the game by firing the Panther at the Luther and promptly missing. Great start. On the left flank the Flak truck opens up on the HO III and causes 2 wounds. The 234/6 also tried to take down the HO III but missed. The Tiger II fired on the Ludwig but missed. Mike moved his HO III around the Rock Formation in an effort to put some distance between himself and some of the AA. All the zombies moved forward, the Braineaters on Mikes right while the Heilige Tod and Totenmeister moved up the middle screened by the Axis Zombies.

The Battlefield all set up and the armies deployed. Mike set up his Recon grenadiers on his left flank along with some Panzerkillers. Next came his Horton IV, Braineaters and Ludwig piloted by PanzerPrinz. On the other side of the Rock Formation he set up Heilige Tod lead by Totenmeister and screened by a squad of Axis Zombies. A Horton III patrolled next to them while a Recongrenadier squad and Heavy Recongrenadier squad secured his left flank supported by a Luthor.

The zombies on Mikes left begin to move over the open ground.


In the unit phase Patricks Flak Truck and 234/1 combine to bring down the HO III. This bodes ill for Mike. The Tiger II shoots at the Prinz piloted Ludwig and manages to score a hit causing 2 wounds and destroying its MG. The E-10 takes aim and shoots at the Luther causing 2 wounds. The Panzerkillers in one of the 251s jumps out and fires at the Luther causing a wound to the already battered walker and setting it on fire!

Mikes Braineaters tried to bring their weapons to bear on the 234/1 but it reacted and with the help of Agile, managed to get out of the way in time. The Ludwig sights the 234/1 and fires its 88s at it. Incredibly, it survives the shot but takes a wound and is set on fire. Embarrassed by his failure to kill the 234/1, Ludwig begins to move around the rock formation.

Ludwig opens fire on the 234/1 Recongrenadiers move up and fire on the Panzerkillers sheltering in the rock formation but fail to cause any wounds. Luther adds his fire to the Recongrenadiers against the Panzerkillers but they are saved by their hard cover. Deciding to show their compatriots how its done, the Heavy Recongrenadiers fire on the Panzerkillers and manage to kill 2 of them. The remaining HO moves up and unleashes its firepower at the Whirbelwind but causes no damage, the pilot obviously still blinking glass out of his eyes.

Panzerkillers move into cover and open fire on the Luther. Things are looking up for Pat! Next the Panther will fire at Luther, hes a goner for sure! And of course Patrick manages not to cause a single wound on the badly mauled Luther. At least it manages to kill 2 Axis Zombies with MG fire. Back towards the center of the table, the 234/6 takes aim at the HO IV and scores a hit blinding the pilot.

Round 2

Mike starts off round 2 by issuing orders for his Axis Zombies to punch the Whirbelwind to death. Instead they inflict only 1 point of damage but do manage to blind it. The Heilige Tod fire their deadly Panzerfaust 100s at the Panther and nearly kill it by inflicting 3 wounds and blinding it too. The HO IV fires on the Whirbelwind and scores 3 damage on it. The Ludwig Blitzkriegs further around the rock formation.

The 234/6 takes aim at the HO IV while the Axis Zombies get uncomfortably close


In Patricks command phase he opened fire on the HO and caused another wound while killing an Axis Zombie with its MG. The Panther fired on the Luther but couldnt finish him off. The 234/6 opened fire on the HO IV and shot it down! A tear was seen sliding down Mikes cheek at this turn of events. A 234/1 opened fire on the zombies but missed. On Patricks left flank, the Flak truck fired on and killed 3 of the Recongrenadiers that where getting a bit close for comfort.

The Braineaters moved up and fired their Panzerfausts at the Tiger II but missed. The Tiger II reacted to the enemys aggressive acts by firing on them and killing one of the foul creatures. Seeing an opportunity, the Sturmpioniere moved up towards the 234/1 wich reacted by moving to interpose itself between them and the Flak Truck. For its efforts, it gets burned to death by the flamethrower. On the other side of the board the Heavy Recongrenadiers shot at the Panzerkillers killing one of them. The accompanying Recongrenadiers sustained their fire at the stubborn Panzerkillers but didnt manage to hit any of them. The Ludwig lends its weight to the engagement and manages to kill another Panzerkiller. Luther lines up a shot and destroys the command squads 250/3.

Recongrenadiers and Panzerkillers play cat and mouse with the Flak Truck. On to the unit phase. Mikes Heilige Tod finished of the Panther with their Panzerfausts while the Axis Zombies tore the Whirbelwind to pieces in revenge for their fallen flying Komrade. The stubborn Panzerkillers refuse to die. The Panzerkillers manage to remove their suppression in Patricks Unit Phase but managed to miss the Luther with their Panzerschrecks. The Kommandotrupp, now on foot, fires on the remaining Axis Zombies and kills them off. The E-10 lines up a shot and finally destroys the bothersome Luther.

Its clobberin time.

Ludwig about to have a bad day.


The Flak Truck fires on and kills 2 of the menacing Braineaters but those Panzerkillers and Recongrenadiers are getting awfully close on its left flank The 234/6 and 234/1 fire on the Heilige Tod and wound Totenmeister 3 times. A 251 moves up and fires on the Heilige Tod squad killing one of the zombies. The Recongrenadiers riding inside jump out and account for another one of the Tod. A second 251 and Recongrenadier move up and repeat the exercise killing another Tod. A third 251 and Recongrenadier moves up and they do the same but manage not to inflict a single hit. All that fire power and they couldnt kill off the Tod!

for the Tiger II! The Braineaters have a bit more luck with their Panzerfausts and manage to inflict 1 point of damage. The Panzerkillers and Recongrenadiers move around the rock formation and destroy the Flak Truck. On Mikes left flank, he opens fire on the Recongrenadiers with Ludwig but causes no wounds. The Recongrenadiers shoot at the surviving Panzerkiller but fail to kill him. That guy is more resilient than a zombie The Heavy Recongrenadiers split their fire at the Panzerkiller and the Recongrenadiers, failing to kill the Panzerkiller(!) but taking down one of the Recongrenadiers.

The Tiger II might be in trouble. The Heilige Tod refuse to die! On Patricks turn, he fires on the Sturmpioniere with the 234/6 and kills one of the dastardly fellows. The Tiger II, rather than playing it safe and moving away from the threat to his rear, opens fire on the Ludwig scoring 16 damage! Poof! The Ludwig is gone in a molten heap of slag. The Recongrenadiers shake off the suppression they have suffered and hop into their 251and move out. The Kommandotrupps medic removes suppression from the other Recongrenadier squad and they too hop into their 251 and scoot forward. The third Recongrenadier squad mounts their 251 and it drives them forward. The remaining Panzerkiller falls back due to the amount of suppression he has taken but manages not to flee from the table. To finish off the round, the remaining 234/1 fires on the Sturmpioniere but only manages to suppress them.

Round 3

All right. Its getting bloody out there. Mike initiates the command phase by having his Recongrenadiers fire at the Recongrenadiers nearest them but their targets are saved by the hard cover of the rock formations. Totenmeisters unnatural powers regenerate 2 of her wounds. The Tiger II fires its lasers at the Ludwig and its MG at the Braineaters managing not to hit anything. Patrick seams very excited by this. Recongrenadiers fire on the Heilige Tod and Totenmeister takes another wound. The 234/1 and 234/6 fire all their weapons in a desperate attempt to hold off the zombies and manage to cut down the remaining Tod and Totenmeister. Something tells me we havent seen the last of her. In the Unit Phase, Mikes Sturmpioniere move to the vulnerable rear of the Tiger II and fire but manage to miss with all attacks! That was a close one


Why wont he DIE?! The 251s get mobile. The E-10 shoots at the Recongrenadiers and kills one. The 234/6 fires on the Braineaters but manages to miss them while the 234/1 has a bit more luck and kills one of the Sturmpioniere. The lone Panzerkiller mounts his 251 and it surges forward. The Recongrenadiers in 251 move towards the left most objective while another 251 moves to the center of the table.

Round 4

Once again Mike starts out going first in the command phase. He clears the suppression from his Sturmpioniere and fires the Panzerkillers Panzerschrecks against the Tiger II but they miss. Patrick in turn moves the Tiger II backwards to butt up against the edge of the table. The Kommandotrupp clears the suppression from the remaining Panzerkiller. The E-10 fires on the Heavy Recongrenadiers and gets lucky! Both are killer by the E10s L/48 and MG fire. The 234/6 shoots but fails to wound the Braineaters. The 234/1 fires at Mikes Recongrenadiers in the open and kills 3 of them. Things are starting to look up for Patrick. The Sturmpioniere reload their Panzerfuasts and fire on the Tiger II along with the flamethrower and manage to blow it up! And just when things were looking like they were a lock for Patrick! The Braineaters shoot at the now pedestrian Panzerprinz but he manages to take only one wound as he goes to ground. The Recongrenadiers try their luck and shoot at the Panzerprinz too but also miss. The Recongrenadiers that took such heavy losses in the command phase clear their suppression. They move towards the E-10 and fire their Panzerfausts at it causing 2 wounds and setting it on fire.

Round 5

This time Patrick goes first. He moves a 251 towards the objective on the left while the 234/1 kills another Sturmpioniere. Mike clears the suppression form his Sturmpioniere. He also moves the Panzerkillers through the rock formation to line up a shot at the 251 Patrick just moved.

Panzerkillers prepare their ambush.


For his last command, he orders his Recongrenadiers to reload their Panzerfausts. The lone Panzerkiller rides the 251 towards the objective on the enemys long board edge. Overeager, he hops out and continues on foot but doesnt quite make it. 234/6 finally kills off the Braineaters. E-10 shoots and kills another of the Recongrenadiers while Patricks Recongrenadiers on the right flank hop out and claim the objective. The Recongrenadiers on the lft flank hop out and claim their objective too. The 234/1 fails to kill anymore Sturmpioniere leaving the task to Panzerprince. He sustains fire and kills one but takes two wounds himself by the enemys reactive fire.

The Recongrenadiers take a bit more time lining up their shots and shoot down the poor Pedestrianprinz. The Panzerkillers shoot at the 251 in the center of the table. It reacts by moving but is destroyed anyway, they Recongrenadiers inside hop out, shaken but resolved in their belief in ultimate victory.

Recongrenadiers claim the objectives on the left and right flanks. Pedestrianprinz is finally dead.

Round 6

Mikes Panz- Pedestrianprinz shots and suppresses the lone Panzerkiller that is making a beeline for the far side objective. The Panzerkillers in the rocks fire at the 251 nearest them and destroy it. The 251 by the Panzerkiller moves forward and turn to block Mikes Panzerprinz from gunning down the determined Panzerkiller. In the Unit Phase, Mikes Recongrenadiers shoot at the 234/6 causing 2 wounds and setting it on fire. Patrick moves his command squad to the objective that was in his deployment zone. Meanwhile, the lone Panzerkiller moves forward and claims the last objective. With that ends the round and the game. Mikes Sturmpioniere try to salvage the situation by shooting at Panzerprinz but they manage to miss.


A victory for Patricks Axis! Closing Thoughts

Patrick- Man that was a near run thing! It felt

good to take down those fliers in the early part of the game but the zombies onslaught was almost too much. They just didnt want to die. I gotta say, having the last Panzerkiller win it was pretty great. All in all a very fun game. It was neat using the Mechanized Infantry, at first it looked as though they were just going to be bottled up on the flank there but once they broke out they went for broke.

Mike- Aircraft went down pretty fast. I should

have tried to focus more fire on the AA in round 1 or gotten off the board to reenter and come in at a more advantageous position. NEXT TIME!

The last Panzerkiller claims victory.



playing in the sandpit desert battle builder for dust warfare

Fighting in the desert has its own unique set of circumstances. From the heat to the scarcity of water and cover, fighting in the desert is as much about overcoming the environment as it is about the enemy. When fighting in the deserts of Africa or Arabia (or in the deserts of the American southwest) you and your opponent may replace the battle builder found in the main rulebook with the one found below.

0 1

Resupply Key Positions

FUBAR (Sparse) Unprepared

Dust Storm Blazing heat Blazing heat+ Dust Storm None

2 Break the Line FUBAR (heavy) 3 Eliminate the Enemy Advancing Lines+ Warzone

An army advances on its stomach. Deep in the deserts of the world where logistics are stretched to their limits, successful resupply can be more important than eliminating enemy units. Each player rolls 5 combat dice. Each player places a number of supply canisters (the crates produced by Dust work perfectly for this) on the table equal to the number of hits he rolled, starting with the player who rolled the most hits. If both players rolled the same number of hits, reroll until one player has more hits than the other. Canisters are placed after terrain has been set up but before players pick table edges and before armies are deployed. Each canister must be placed 12 or more from any table edge and more than 12 from other canisters.

Canisters can be claimed as soon as a unit leader or solo hero ends their movement in base contact with the canister. Once a canister is claimed, remove it from the table and place it next to the player who captured it. Each canister is worth 2 superiority points. Furthermore, each enemy unit destroyed is worth 1 superiority point. After 5 rounds of play, the player with the most superiority points wins.

Key Positions, Break the Line, and Eliminate the Enemy

Are played as described in the Dust Warfare rulebook.


FUBAR (sparse)
Long range patrols are common in the desert. When the enemy is found, the main force can be called in to deal the decisive blow. But just who has found who? The Desert often lacks many of the features troops are used to relying on for cover and protection. When playing with this deployment each player rolls 5 combat dice. For each hit scored the player may place a single piece of terrain not to exceed 6x6 starting with the player who rolled the most hits, rerolling ties. Once the terrain is set up, no other terrain may be placed and deployment is conducted as per the Dust Warfare Rulebook.

Fortifications may be placed anywhere on the table outside your opponents deployment zone.

Dust Storm
The howling winds push sand and grit into mighty clouds of dust, obscuring vision and caking every nook and cranny of man and machine. Played as Limited Visibility as per the DWRB.

Blazing Heat

Its a desert for a reason. Thirst is the great enemy when the sun is at its fiercest, and being clad in armor and weighed down by the accoutrements of war dont make the going any easier. Any infantry units, but not solo heroes, who take a MOVE-MOVE action receive a suppression marker at the end of their move. This does not apply to units inside transports while they are in the transport. Suppression is removed at the end of the turn as normal for S1 and S2 units. S3 and S4 do not remove the suppression they gain from taking MOVE MOVE actions at the end of the round, they do however remove suppression gained from shooting etc. They may also roll it off when activated or via a regroup order. Units that are fast do not suffer the suppression as long as they do not make a MOVE MOVE action. So if they FAST MOVE 12 for instance they would not receive the suppression. If they MOVE MOVE for 18 then they would. Note that heroes that have joined squads are subject to receiving suppression from the heat as long as they are in the squad.


Distracted by thirst and mirages, sometimes armies simply stumble into each other. As per the DWRB, terrain as per the DWRB.

FUBAR (heavy)

The dunes and defiles of the rockier parts of the desert afford many places for the enemy to hide and just as many places to conceal an ambusher. As per FUBAR (sparse) above, except that the dice rolls are inverted, thus placing a piece of terrain for each blank rolled.

Advancing Lines + Warzone

Many of the most important terrain features in the deserts were heavily fortified earlier in the war when the Desert Rats and Rommel chased each other around. Open areas were mined and Oasis fortified. This second war in the desert often takes place around the detritus left over from that earlier stage of the conflict. Deployment is made as per the Advancing lines. Terrain is sparse. Each player rolls 5 dice and places a piece of terrain for each hit scored, staring with the player who rolled the most hits, rerolling ties. After terrain is placed and sides are chosen but before units are deployed, each player may spend 100 points on Fortifications from the following list; Infantry Bunkers (see DC #5, note that you may not take weapons bunkers), barbed wire, tank traps, trenches, and minefields.

Blazing Heat + Dust Storm

When the dust and the heat conspire against you, it just sucks. Combine the effects of Blazing Heat and Dust Storm.


Just what it says; there are no special conditions in play.



august 1st 2013 dust chronicles issue 7

We will be having our first birthday party where we will be taking a look at the previous year and also look at some of the upcoming features for Dust Chronicles. Instead of cake we will have another Dust Competition.

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