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For a better, healthier living and working environment with a true focus on sustainability and ecology: AURO Natural paints and finishes An internationally trusted eco paint brand since 1983.
AURO, based in Germany, are pioneers in the manufacture of a range of natural paints and care products for domestic and commercial buildings as well as gardens. All Auro products are free from synthetic irritants and pollutants. No other manufacturer follows this principle as consistently as AURO. Wood and walls treated with AURO do not release any artificial solvents and ideally support the natural moisture balance in a building. Building elements can breathe to their optimum which in turn lends itself to a healthy and comfortable living atmosphere. As ecological pioneers in their field, AURO provide a range of ecological paints, stains, enamels, oils and waxes, as well as cleaning, care and maintenance products made from natural raw materials. AURO products are developed in Germany by specialists to the highest technical standards offering specifiers and homeowners solutions for almost every field of application including new build construction, renovation, as well as cleaning and care products. The full declaration of contents within every AURO product ensures the highest possible transparency. AURO breathable paints are derived from organic linseed oil resins, plant and mineral pigments for colour and chalks for fillers. AURO wood finishes are micro-porous and breathable. This ensures they do not flake, peel or blister and are easily maintained. AURO Natural oils and paints Conservation buildings and eco homes are particularly suitable areas of application for these breathable materials. They are also suitable for eco or low energy buildings such as Passivhaus buildings. AURO natural paints may also be applied on top of previously painted walls on both new buildings and in the conservation of older buildings. AURO also produce a range of high performance lime paints. The use of natural and plant based ingredients means that allergy and asthma sufferers and people who are chemically sensitive are better able to tolerate AURO products. AURO eco paints and wood oils may also be applied on children's toys and cots and have EU EN DIN 71 part 3 (toy safety) accreditation. AURO Natural Resin wall paints AURO decorating products present no health risk to the installer, homeowner or the environment. AURO products consistently comply with the principle of gentle chemistry. In this way AURO products are 100% free from synthetic toxic agents and harmful substances. AURO also ensure that their natural raw materials come from environmentally managed sources and are produced based on a sustainable ecological cycle. The majority of the linseed oil within AURO paints are grown close to the factory and are certified as organic. Any waste or excess paint is fully biocompatible and can be composted. AURO fully declare all their ingredients, which are available on request from Ecological Building Systems. For specifiers and homeowners, identifying paints which are breathable, present no health risk to the installer or building occupier and ecological can be difficult. There are many acrylic paints available on the market which present themselves as eco paints based on the fact that they are water based and have lower VOC levels. The majority of these products are not produced using sustainable materials. AURO emulsions generally register no VOC emissions. Any smell associated with AURO products emanate from the pleasant essential oils or a putty smell from the natural linseed base, which dissipate over a short period of time.

AURO features unsurpassed environmental characteristics Manufacturing procedures, ingredients used and the overall CO2 footprint of paints should be appreciated. Most paints which have the EU flower Logo contain some form of acrylic. While the EU flower Logo has positive benefits, it does not meet the stringent environmental standards as set out by Auro over 30 years ago, and it certainly does not denote 'natural'. Many 'natural paints' use synthetic pigments to achieve their shades, AURO, does not. AURO exclusively use natural pigments. In order to ensure a suitable, breathable, natural paint or surface finish is applied, it is important to always request a full declaration of ingredients before committing to specify or buy. Any reputable company should freely provide this information combined with a glossary describing what those ingredients are and from where they are sourced. In recognition of AUROs unsurpassed environmental properties, it was the only product to receive a 5 star excellence in a recent 'Proof' report on Chemical Free Paint ( conducted by people with extreme allergies. AURO AG became officially accredited as a CO2 neutral manufacturer in 2006. AURO also manufacture a range of high performance ecological cleaning agents.

For more information regarding the AURO range please do not hesitate to contact Ecological Building Systems at: or call 046 9432104 By Niall Crosson, Technical Engineer, Ecological Building Systems