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Information Processing Models

What Is It? Concept attainment is an instructional strategy where students discover concepts by placing new knowledge into certain categories or groups. Students must identify attributes of new information and distinguish which group the information belongs to. This models engages students in forming concepts versus memorization of concepts. Students concepts are then challenged through positive and negative examples. Who Is It For? Visual Learners Kinesthetic Learners Example 1. Teachers choose the concept: math facts that equal 10. 2. Teacher models the concept by making a list of positive and negative examples on a chart. 3. Students then place examples on notecards on the appropriate chart 4. Working to higher level thinking, students begin to create their own positive and negative examples.

Concept Attainment

What Is It? Similar to the scientific process the inquiry training model encourages students to formulate a question and gather information. The goal is to improve students ability to relate data to the inference they formed. 5 Steps: 1. Teacher present problem (Question) 2. Student gather data 3. Student experiment with data and form hypothesis 4. Students organize data and create an explanation 5. Students reflect on the process they took to find their conclusion Who Is It For? Kinesthetic or Visual Learners Example: 1. Ask students What is the difference between a question and statement? 2. Students look through examples, write findings on a chart. 3. Students experiment with their findings and form a hypothesis (ie: ending punctuation) 4. As a class students create a conclusion on the difference between a sentence and question. 5. Students record in their journal their final conclusion and how they got there.

Inquiry Training Model

What Is It? This is a teaching model used to increase students sight and reading vocabulary. Teachers begin by showing a picture, in which students shake out words from a picture, poster, etc. Then teachers repeat the words puts them on word cards and the students categorize and practice saying the words phonetically. Who Is It For? Visual, Kinesthetic, Audio Learners Example Teacher displays a winter scene. Students brainstorm different words (nouns, adjectives, verbs) that they recognize from the picture. As a class they are categorized and used in future writing and reading activities.

Picture Word Inductive

What Is It? A strategy students can use to help remember information through visualization or acronyms.There are numerous ways to apply Mnemonics. For spelling, order of operations, order of dates, etc. The possibilities are endless. Who Is It For? Visual, Kinesthetic, Audio, Learners Example Cardinal Directions: Never Eat Soggy Waffles