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Organization profile About PriMove PriMove Infrastructure Development consultants Pvt. Ltd.

is a consulting company working in the field of development planning, rural and urban infrastructure development and capacity building. The promoters have been working in water sector since 1991. PriMoves motif is engineering growth for facilitating sustainable development. Our vision is to be First choice of clients, partners and professionals in the Infrastructure sector. End to end services for water projects is our specialization. Based at Pune in Maharashtra state of India, the organization has been promoted and managed by professionals to provide support services to the Government, Multilateral and bilateral agencies, NGOs, Corporate, Urban Local Bodies (Municipal Governments) and Rural Local Bodies. It has provided services in Maharashtra, other states of India and also internationally. PriMove has also worked in African countries. We have provide services for water sector projects to cities with current population ranging from 3.5 million to small rural habitations with population of few thousands. We have also provided services to the regional water supply schemes covering multiple rural and urban habitations. PriMove provides services in the field of water supply, sewage, storm water management, environmental sanitation, Natural resource management and rural development. PriMove provide technical services for preparation of Detailed Project Reports and Project Management services for both rural and urban infrastructure development projects. PriMove services also include appraisals, project design, development of capacity building and project implementation strategies, delivery of capacity building components through training of trainers, development of tools, process design; management and monitoring systems, project evaluations and development of knowledge products. Environmentally responsible and socio economically viable project design and implementation management is the core strength of PriMove team. We have robust and intensive experience of operationalizing demand led water & sanitation projects in rural areas based on firm foundation of participatory approach involving multiple stakeholders ranging from local women groups in the villages to the highest level decision makers at program and policy level. We have been closely working with water supply sanitation, rural development department of various governments at policy, program and project level. We also partner with agencies like UNICEF, the World Bank, GIZ for implementing various water sector projects. PriMove has been closely associated with Ground water Survey and Development Agency (GSDA) of the government and the Unicef for developing and testing village water safety and security guidelines. The tool is being used by GSDA for many projects. PriMove has a multidisciplinary team of professionals who on one hand has strong technical capabilities, robust cutting edge level experience and on the other have insights into program and policy development. The group members are from various disciplines like civil engineering, electro mechanical engineering, environmental engineering and hydrogeology, project management, development planning, sanitation, water quality, geology, agriculture economics, information technology, sociology, geographical information system, institution development and capacity building. The team members have worked at various levels in their sectors and have contributed from policy level to the project implementation level. We also have a well trained support staff for field investigations and piloting of tools. In last two years water infra projects worth around 400 million USD designed by PriMove have been approved and are under implementation.

Sectors Water Availability of dependable and affordable water is nonnegotiable condition for any infrastructure development. Wise water solutions are needed in the current context of competition for access to water. We specialize in developing water solution to various types of infrastructure. Urban water Supply In urban areas the service standards for water supply are high and is a crucial factor affecting the urban development. Consistency, quality and quantity are equally important in urban water supply. Environmentally responsible planning for appropriate water management is desired by all the stakeholders. We specialize in designing such urban water systems. We undertake the situation assessment, demand articulation, option evaluation, strategy development, technical designs, estimation, project management and risk analysis for the urban water supply schemes. The developing world continues to be in the intermittent drinking water supply systems which are vulnerable for contamination of water during distribution. We have competent team for modelling the distribution networks and developing continuous 24X7 water supply systems. The efficiencies in the water supply system are low in most of the developing world. 40 to 50 % of the system water input is Non Revenue Water (NRW). Most of it is also physical leakage. We specialise in the systematic program implementation for efficiency improvements in water supply systems, which lead them towards sustainability. Storm Water Management In the urban areas efficient storm water management is vital for ensuring proper functioning and designed life of roads and other infrastructure. It also contributes to environmentally sensitive planning and quality of life in the city areas. The storm water management for the cities cannot be effectively addressed with piece meal approach. Integrated planning of storm water management based on the principles of urban watershed management helps in ensuring quality and life of infrastructure and overall quality of life. It also enhances the capability of a city to reduce the flood disaster risks caused due to high intensity rains.

It requires experienced team of hydrologists, engineers and environmentalists. We specialize in preparing the storm water management master plans, detailed engineering reports and implementation management. Rural Water Supply Demand responsive rural water supply ensuring water source and system sustainability, appropriate water quality with access to all rural households is a mission for all the governing agencies. We design and support implementation of such rural water supply solutions owned by the user communities. We engineer sustainable rural water supply solutions through multidisciplinary teams comprising of engineers, sociologists, institution development and capacity building specialists as per the situation requirements. Water Resource Development Optimal utilization of available natural resources using eco-logic along with robust technical inputs on engineering, hydrology, geology and environment are key ingredients of sustainable water resource development and management. We specialize in developing such water resources for various purposes like irrigation, industry, townships and small marginalize communities. We design, manage implementation of specific projects and also develop programs and policies at regional and national level. Sewage & Sanitation Appropriate management of sewage and sanitation is of critical importance for sustained quality of life and environmental health. Effective sanitation and sewage management can have positive impact on the economic productivity of the communities. It also forms a part of diligent water resource management as the bad management of sanitation constrains the water availability Sewage In the urban areas the population density is high and in many cases land availability is constrained. In many urban centres the centralized sewerage systems exist in parts, which affect the quality of environment and peoples life. It also generates the waste water affecting the quality of life of many settlements downstream. We design master plans for sewage and waste water management of cities. Water reuse strategies and technologies are part of the overall master planning. We

prepare the detailed project reports of sewerage systems and also specific interventions like sewage treatment plants and water reuse plans. We also develop the projects to use sewage for the energy production. Rural Sanitation The sanitation in rural areas has many challenges. They range from identification of socio culturally acceptable solutions to promoting appropriate technology. Implication of poor sanitation on the health and the economic productivity of rural population are cause of concern for many developing countries. We facilitate development of socio culturally acceptable rural sanitation solutions in terms of technology and behaviour change. We also undertake capacity building and training for promoting rural sanitation and environmental health.

Roads Connectivity by all-weather good quality roads is precondition for any development. The road infrastructure decides the value of any development may it be a life style project in the countryside, the rural households or urban neighbour hoods. We design roads in any types of terrains, in urban and rural settings. We prepare master plans and detailed engineering reports for the road projects. Industrial & Residential Townships In country like India the policy environment is supporting the development of independent townships and residential areas. These townships and special economic zones are emerging as building blocks of economic development. We provide technically sound and sustainable infrastructure solutions for such development units. It can be a flood management solution, integrated waterwaste water solutions, roads, water resource development, geological stability analysis and roads. We also prepare infrastructure master plans for such units. Natural Resources Management Integrated management of natural resources like water, soil, agriculture, forests, bio mass has a potential to

contribute to the sustainable livelihoods of millions of rural families. The approaches like watershed based land use planning and management of natural resources can substantially contribute towards decentralized development in many parts of the world. The natural resource management is not just linked to technical expertise in various subjects but it also requires ability to design capacity building strategies and appropriate institutional arrangements to ensure sustainability. We specialize in designing of natural resource management projects and programs and support the implementation. We design the NRM solutions for different development units starting from a small village to a regional level and national level. Agriculture In countries like India still more than 70 % people depend on agriculture for their livelihoods and subsistence. Similar scenario exists in many developing countries. In current context of food insecurity this sector becomes more important. We provide services to plan the agriculture projects which include technology transfer, farming system development, farmers capacity building and linkage development. We undertake feasibility studies, business planning, detailed engineering reports, and resource mobilization and implementation management for agribusiness projects. Renewable Energy Decentralized energy solutions based on renewable sources through climate friendly technologies contribute to reduction of green House Gas and bridging demand supply gap. Considerable amount of bio waste is generated from agriculture, dairy, sewage systems etc. We design projects and prepare detailed project report to use bio gas to produce electrical power. Services: Capacity Building, Training & Institution Development PriMove provides capacity building services to strengthen the abilities of individuals and organizations to effectively perform their tasks. We provide services to develop capacity building strategy and action plans, tailor made for specific projects and organizations. We undertake training needs assessment, design and deliver trainings, develop systems and tools for project implementation and also provide hand holding support. Indicative list of projects Support agency for capacity building of local government staff, NGOs for village water safety and security supported by UNICEF in Maharashtra India. Capacity building support to Implement Reforms in Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Sector in Nanded and Raigad districts of Maharashtra under Water Sector Reforms Program of Government of India Capacity Building Support to all stakeholders under the The World Bank aided Water supply & sanitation project - Jalswarajya- in Nashik, Sangli and Buldhana districts of Maharashtra India

Participatory Rural Appraisal TOT for Ground water Surveys and Development Agency (GSDA) of Govt. of Maharashtra Participatory Rural Appraisal TOT for Maharashtra Water Supply and Sewerage Board renamed as MJP India Organize and facilitate exposure cum learning visit of select delegates from Malawi to understand local governance in India. Engaging Resource Agencies to assist in promoting Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS)The World Bank Sanitation Program in South Asia Development &Testing of Modules for Training of Trainers and Capacity Building Managers under public programme for watershed management in India for GTZ, New Delhi - India

Evaluation, Monitoring PriMove provides evaluation and monitoring services for various development projects. Based on the evaluations and monitoring, we develop knowledge products to inform policy and project development. Development of participatory monitoring and evaluation systems for development projects is one of the strong areas of PriMove Indicative list of projects Social Assessment for Sustainable Groundwater Management under Maharashtra Water Sector Improvement Project funded by The World Bank for GSDAAssessment of Drought Relief Program for Marathwada region in Maharashtra commissioned by Oxfam GB Assessment of Improved community health through drinking water supply & sanitation project under Himmothan Pariyojana Phase I Sir RatanTata Trust, Mumbai India Maharashtra water sector reforms process assessment for -The World Bank Sanitation Program in South Asia Conducting study on impact of high rainfall/ flooding on the ground water resources in the state of Maharashtra, Karnataka &Andhra Pradesh for National Rainfed Area Authority (NRAA) New Delhi India Conducting study on ground water management in the water scarcity areas in 13 district of western Rajansthan - for NRAA Conducting Sustainability Audit for 24 schemes in 3 districts (Pune, Ahmednagar & Aurangabad) of Aaple Pani Project Conducting Quality Audit for 24 schemes in 3 districts (Pune, Ahmednagar & Aurangabad) of AaplePani Project Conducting evaluation of 50 Tribal Project Gram Panchayats spread over all the six revenue divisions of the state Jalswarajya Project. TRIBAL IEC

Rehabilitation and Resettlement PriMove provides services to assess the impact of the development projects, identify the project affected persons and develop rehabilitation action plans to mitigate the adverse impacts and enhance the positive impacts of the project. We adopt participatory process to develop the action plans in the framework of the relevant R&R policies and guidelines. Indicative list of projects Developing rehabilitation action plan/ community development Plan for affected villages of Mouda Thermal Power Plant for National Thermal Power Corporation ( NTPC ) near Nagpur India Socio-Economic survey of project affected village under BirsiGondia District for Airport Authority of India

Social Assessment & Resettlement Action Plan for Andhra Pradesh/ Karnataka Avathi village (NH-7) Road Project for Sheladia Associates - India

Feasibility studies and Project Development PriMove provides services for situation assessment, challenge definition, strategy development and action planning for various infrastructure development projects. We undertake techno- economic and social feasibility studies and design the projects. Indicative list of projects Assessment and study of O&M in water supply schemes for pilot villages under The World Bank aided Jalswarajya Project in Maharashtra, India Scoping study and development of capacity building component for watershed management for GTZ in India, Development of watershed management program strategy in Lesotho Africa Project Support Agency for Liquid Waste management implemented in 94 villages, all over Maharashtra State India Project to be

To provide program design, conceptualization, & roll out strategy Support services to Eco- Village Maharashtra India supported by UNICEF

Master Planning PriMove provides services for developing master plans for basic infrastructure in urban and rural areas. The range of service varies from basin wide master plan for Water, to infrastructure master plans for private industrial and residential townships. Our ability and experience of working at both national policy level and grass root levels gives us a unique perspective to provide complete solution to our clients. Indicative list of projects Preparing for a Master Plan for Integrated Development and Management of Resources of Terna, Lendi and Manar sub-basins of river Godavari in Maharashtra India Providing flood management consultancy for proposed special Township and SEZ project for Lodha Developers at - Dombivali and Pune - India Providing storm water and flood management consultancy for proposed special Township project at Ghesar, Mumbai for Lodha Group India Consultancy services for Infrastructure Development of Engineering SEZ project in KhandalaTaluka, Disrict Satara, Maharashtra India Providing RCC design of well and pump house including evaluation of options for various construction methods to overcome current problems at site for Khed SEZ 2 MLD scheme for Kalyani Global ltd, Pune India Feasibility Study and report for water master plan for Capricon Developers at Mulshi, Pune -India

Preparation of Detailed Project Reports Supported by a large pool of experts, PriMove provides services for developing detailed project reports for water infrastructure projects. The services include population projections, topographical and geotechnical surveys, detailed designs and hydrolic modelling, quantity survey, estimations, developing project reports to seek finance,

pretender activities as well as detailed engineering and construction level detailing to help effective execution. Indicative list of projects Preparation of DPR Preparation of DPR for Water supply scheme of Chandrapur Municipal Council India Planning and designing of Watersheds and storm water management system for Pune City- India Preparation of DPR for 15 rural water supply projects, in Demo villages under Jalswarajya Project funded by the world bank In Maharashtra Preparation of DPR of Maharashtra 50 water supply projects for MJP, Government of Pune

Preparation of detailed Project Reports (DPR) for Storm Water Project in Municipal Corporation area for IL&FS India

Preparation of DPR for collection and 100 % treatment of sewerage of Pune Cityunder NRCD for MJP - India Preparation of DPR and storm water system in Kolhapur Municipal Corporation , Maharashtra India Preparation of DPR for in storm water system Mira Bhyander Municipal Corporation, Mumbai India Preparation of DPR for sewerage system in Chandrapur Municipal Council India Preparation of Detailed Project Report for Sewerage system in Shegaon City, Maharashtra, India

Project Management Services PriMove provides Project Management on infrastructure projects. Out team ensure that projects are executed as per milestones with proper quality checks in place. The service includes construction quality management, time and cost management, measurements and records along with reporting as per client and project needs. PriMove has managed implementation of water supply, storm water, sewerage and sanitation, highways, tunnels, and urban road projects Indicative list of projects Project management and capacity building services for implementation of more than 100 water supply schemes under the Jalswarajya The world bank aided water supply project in three districts of Maharashtra Third party audit for quality management of urban water supply project for Navi Mumbai municipal corporation, India Storm Water Management & landscaping work for Pimpri Chinchwad New Town Development Authority, Pune India Project Management Consultancy for Storm Water Drainage Project, Basin (M) Wadgaon Seri for Pune City under JNNURM Project Management Consultancy for Kolhapur Municipal Corporation- India Strom Water Management System in

Project Management Consultancy for Drainage System in Karad under Maharashtra Nagarotthan Mahaabhiyan Project - India

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Primove Infrastructure Development Consultants Pvt. Ltd. C-3, 304 B, Saudamini Complex, Bhusari Colony, Paud Road, Pune-411038 +91 020 25280200 +91 020 25280201 +91 020 25280201 / A registered Partnership Firm

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1999 Neelesh Kulkarni C-3, 304 B, Saudamini Complex, Bhusari Colony, Paud Road, Pune-411038


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Pune 26/5/1999 Bank Of India 1201/C/A, F.C. Road, Shivajinagar, Pune-411004 AACCP5415B


Our Clients UNICEF The World Bank KFW German Technical co-operation (GTZ), Germany, formerly Known as GIZ Agricultural Finance Corporation Ltd. Governments of India Government of Maharashtra Rural and Urban local government agencies in India Pune Municipal Corporation Mira Bhyander Municipal Corporation, Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (MMRDA) Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation Chandrapur Municipal Corporation

Nanded Municipal Corporation Kolhapur Municipal Corporation Sangli Municipal Corporation Thane Municipal Corporation Pimpri Chinchwad New Town Development Authority, Pune Maharashtra Agricultural Competitiveness Project (MACP), Pune Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation Karad Municipal Council Vadgaon Municipal Council Power Finance Corporation Ltd. Local and International NGOs Tamilnadu Water Investment Co. Ltd, India Corporate in India Infrastructure Leasing & Finance Services (IL & FS) India Government of Lesotho Department for International Development (DFID), UK OXFAM GB Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO), Pune National Thermal Power Corportion (NTPC) of India Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT)


Name of the staff

Area of Qualification Expertise

Total Years of Working Exp.

Ajit Phadnis

BE (Civil)

Capacity building and watershed expert in integrated water 20 years resource management at national and international level Water supply sanitation Engineer project management at Nation & 19 Years International level Electronics Engineers Expert in Water Management, 20 years Capacity Building and natural resource management Expert on water supply. Sewerage and continuous 24X7 water system development. Retired Member Secretary (MJP) Winner of coveted 'Prime 30 years Minister's Award for Excellence in Administration' for his development of 24X7 water supply system at Malkapur Expert in irrigation project design and construction management 30 years Retired Executive Director, Irrigation Department, Govt of Maharashtra Water supply, waste water, sewerage and sanitation engineer, Expert in design and 30 years management of water supply and sewage projects (Retired Superintending Engineer) Expert in planning, designing, execution and maintainance of 28 years water supply & sewerage schemes Hydraulic engineer Expert in RCC & sewerage system and water 30 years supply and sewage system design, Expert in water network modelling distribution 3 years

Ajeet Oak

BE (Civil)

Neelesh Kulkarni BE (Ele.)

R. G. Holani

M.Tech (Envi, IIT Bombay), D.B.M.

S.L. Bhingare

ME (EQ Engg)

Prakash Belapurkar

ME (Civil)

S.D. Kulkarni

BE (Civil)

P.V. Kulkarni

BE (Civil)

Rahul Kumbhar

M.Tech. (IIT Bombay)


Sunil Pote

ME (Enviro)

Water and sewerage modelling expert


20 years


Name of the staff

Area of Qualification Expertise M.Tech. (IIT Bombay) BE (Civil) MSc (Hydraulics)

Total Years of Working Exp.


Shailesh Patil

Water, sewerage and storm 4 years water system modelling expert Expert in Hydrology, Water Resources, Integrated River 30 years Basin Planning & Management.


Shrikant Anant Bhanagay

13 14 15

Gouri Thakar Eknath Saste Jitendra Naik

MSC Expert in Environment, action Environmental and research unit and natural 11 years resource management Science BSC Chemistry Expert in water quality 16 years MSC Agriculture MSW Expert in Sustainable Community Development Expert in development Expert in water Storm water and 13 years


Mahesh Kodgire


13 years


Shital Kole

Civil Eng.



19 Years


K D Karhale

Civil Eng.

Expert in surveying of watershed, roads, water supply 20 years and drainage systems. Expert on water supply watershed development and 16 years


Sunil Warade

Civil Eng. CA Civil Engineer Civil Engineer Environment Engineer GIS Expert GIS Expert Diploma in Auto CAD BE (Construction) BE (Civil)

20 21 22 23 24 25 25 26 27

Nitin Inamdar M N Deshpande Vishal Ujagare Shweta Karekar Mahesh Badure Monali Kadam Pratibha Jangade Prasad Oak Prakash Patil

Expert in Finance Management CA by professional Expert in project management Expert in project management Expert in Design Expert Auto software CAD and GIS

18 years 25 years 12 years 05 years 06 years

Expert in GIS for cadastral, 6 months water, sewage systems Expert Auto software CAD and GIS 08 years 17 years

Structural Engineer

Expert in Project Management 12 years consultancy Work


Name of the staff Gajanan Aspat Ramesh Petkar Sachin Hatalge Ashwini Kotasthane Pravin Kamble

Area of Qualification Expertise MSW Civil Engineer MSW M A Economics MSW Expert in development Expert in management Expert in Mobilisation water Community resource Community and

Total Years of Working Exp. 12 years 15 years 09 years 13 years 13 years

28 29 30 31 32 33

Project Coordination documentation Expert in development


34 35 36

Devendra Damle M.Sc. Development Planning and Administration Rohit Walvekar B.E. (Environ) Sarvesh Rahate B.E. (Environ) Rohit Patankar B.E. (Environ)

Expert in Environment, action and research unit and natural 2 Years resource management Expert in planning and designing 1 year of water, sewerage and ecodevelopment projects Expert in planning and designing 1 year of water, sewerage and ecodevelopment projects Sewerage new technology 1 year development and testing

Facilities for GIS Remote sensing analysis: Hardware: o o o o o o o 25 Pentium III/IV /Dual Core Work stations. 10 Laptops Colour Printer (2 Nos) 1 COMPAQ Proliant ML370 Server with 240 GB Snap Server / 5 Intel. Switches internally networked with all systems on Cat 6 cables. 1 A0-size Hp 500 Plus Plotter. 1 VIDAR 29 DESIGNER Color Scanner.

Software o o o o o o o Arc GIS 10 Bentley Sewer Gems Bentley Water Gems AutoCAD Civil-3D (for contouring) Auto plotter for L-Section & Cross Section AutoCAD Map 2013 Micro Soft Office

Output Formats o o o ESRI Bentley Autodesk

Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Services o o o o o o o Aerial Photography GPS Survey Control Contour Generation Cross-section and Linear-section Generation Digital Ortho Rectification Thematic Mapping from Satellite Data including analysis Vectors extraction from High Resolution Satellite imagery

Organizational Structure PriMove is governed by board of directors. It operates through three divisions namely technical services division, development planning division and capacity building division. Along with the in house teams there is also a roster of professionals who have been working on various projects with PriMove. These are senior level experts with specific specialization as required for the range of projects undertaken by PriMove. The divisions are supported by Admin- HR, finance and business development teams. BOD

Technical Division

Capacity Building Division

Developme nt planning Division

Roaster of Consultants

Project Manager Design

Project Manager PMC

Project Manager Training

Support Services

PM Development Planning

PM Support Services

Multidisciplinary Project Team Comprising Team Leader, Team Members and Assistants Integration of local / National teams

Details of Assignments

Infrastructure Development Consultants Pvt. Ltd C-3,304 B, Saudamini Complex, Bhusari Colony, Paud Road, Kothrud, Pune -4311038. Maharashtra, INDIA +91 20 25280200/01