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Pleasant Feelings

understanding confident reliable easy amazed free sympathetic interested satisfied receptive accepting kind

great gay joyous lucky fortunate delighted overjoyed gleeful thankful important festive ecstatic satisfied glad cheerful sunny merry elated jubilant

playful courageous energetic liberated optimistic provocative impulsive free frisky animated spirited thrilled wonderful

calm peaceful at ease comfortable pleased encouraged clever surprised content quiet certain relaxed serene free and easy bright blessed reassured

loving considerate affectionate sensitive tender devoted attracted passionate admiration warm

concerned affected fascinated intrigued absorbed inquisitive nosy snoopy engrossed curious

eager keen earnest intent anxious inspired determined excited enthusiastic bold

impulsive free sure certain rebellious unique dynamic tenacious hardy secure

touched sympathy close loved comforted drawn toward

brave daring challenged optimistic re-enforced confident hopeful

Difficult/Unpleasant Feelings
irritated enraged hostile insulting sore annoyed upset hateful unpleasant offensive bitter aggressive resentful inflamed provoked incensed infuriated cross worked up boiling fuming Indignant

lousy disappointed discouraged ashamed powerless diminished guilty dissatisfied miserable detestable repugnant despicable disgusting abominable terrible in despair sulky bad a sense of loss

upset doubtful uncertain indecisive perplexed embarrassed hesitant shy stupefied disillusioned unbelieving sceptical distrustful misgiving lost unsure uneasy pessimistic tense

incapable alone paralyzed fatigued useless inferior vulnerable empty forced hesitant despair frustrated distressed woeful pathetic tragic in a stew dominated

insensitive dull nonchalant neutral reserved weary bored preoccupied cold disinterested lifeless

fearful terrified suspicious anxious alarmed panic nervous scared worried frightened timid shaky restless doubtful threatened cowardly quaking menaced wary

crushed tormented deprived pained tortured dejected rejected injured offended afflicted aching victimized heartbroken agonized appalled humiliated wronged alienated

tearful sorrowful pained grief anguish desolate desperate pessimistic unhappy lonely grieved mournful dismayed

List of Adjectives for Tone, Feelings and Emotions

Many times the same adjectives are used to express tone, feelings and emotions are the same for a couple of the categories. A tone is an overall sense that you get from some sort of event, work, situation etc. Feelings and emotions are very similar; however, emotions tend to refer to that which is not tangible, while you could have feelings of cold, warm, tired which are very tangible.
Adjectives to Describe Tone

Sarcastic Dull Dreary Happy

Sad Narcissistic Devoted Bitter Angry Resentful Remorseful Guilty Light Heavy Dark humor Sardonic Quizzical Intelligent Foolish Sympathetic Irritated Annoyed Disbelieving Believing Outraged Alarmed Startled Horrified Disgruntled Supportive Not supportive Enlightened Cautious Clever Calculated Purposeful Intently Hurtful Loving Hating

Mysterious Obnoxious Fresh Secretive Bold Religious Political Secular Social Involved Democratic Republican Liberal Conservative
Adjectives to Describe Feelings

Happy Angry Sad Hungry Cold Hot Warm Chilly Thirsty Sick Tired Weak Strong Disgruntled Terrible Dreadful Well OK Very well Clean

Dirty Excited Attracted Ugly Beautiful Handsome Gorgeous Attractive Defeated Embarrassed Empowered Intelligent Smart Stupid Dumb Foolish Silly Better Hurt Nervous Scared Agreeable Brave Calm Delightful Eager Gentle Jolly Joyful Kind Nice Sweet Evil Proud Bashful Relieved

Hope Faith Optimistic Pessimistic Sadistic Loving Hating Open Understanding Reliable Amazed Great Lucky Fortunate Festive Cheerful Moody Playful Animated Wonderful Thrilled Supportive Serene Free Taken aback Engrossed Involved
Adjectives to Describe Emotions

Happy Sad Angry Mad Grumpy Joyful Tearful

Devastated Horrified Disgruntled Hurt Annoyed Aggravated Loving Hating Liking Lusting Despise Sweet Sour Depressed Sick Fear Guilt Pride Jealousy Self pity Anxiety Frustration Envy Longing Shame Appreciative Selfish Hope Faith Thrilled Overcome Overjoyed Respectful Supportive Serene Overwhelmed