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SPecialty stores Sector Overview

The specialty retailing sector includes outlets that offer a combination of products and services. Examples include hairdressing, beauty products and services; laundry and dry cleaning; photographic goods and services; pets, pet supplies, accessories and grooming; car accessories & tyres; and various repair and maintenance supplies. Other specialities include health products; hobby supplies; antique and used goods; toys and games; baby equipment and products; and party supplies. 2 >> One-quarter of all retail businesses and one-tenth of all retail employees are in this sector although two-thirds of businesses turnover less than $200,000. >> Almost 10,500 employees on average three per business are slightly more mature in age than the retail average and two-thirds are female. >> The sector has the highest level of technical and trade staff (about four times the industry average) and more support staff, but less management and sales roles. Sector breakdown >> Personal Care >> Photographic Goods >> Pet Supplies >> Hobby >> Car Assessories / Care >> Toys and Games >> Health Products

What Jobs are available?

>> Sales assistant >> Cashier >> Storeperson >> Photographic laboratory operator >> Beauty advisor >> Dry cleaning / laundry assistant >> Spare parts advisor >> Tyre fitter / salesperson >> Animal attendant >> Dog groomer >> Trainee buyer >> Visual merchander >> Team supervisor >> Assistant manager >> Manager 3 Where stores are part of a large chain, there are opportunities to move into specialist executive roles such as distribution, human resources, or marketing.

SPecialty stores - SA Retailing STATISTICAL SNAPSHOT

Total number of businesses % of businesses with turnover: < $200K, $200K + Number of employees Employees in management roles Employees in technical and trade roles Employees in sales roles Employees in support roles Average no. of employees per business* Ratio of male to female employees Age profile breakdown: < 19yrs, 2039yrs, 40+yrs

Specialty STORE Sector

4139 66%, 34% 10449 1306 people = 12% 4327 people = 41% 1618 people = 15% 3201 people = 32% 3 33% male / 67% female 9%, 48%, 43%

Retail Sector Average

961 48%, 52% 5885 1149 people = 20% 577 people =10% 2464 people = 42% 1695 people = 28% 6 43% male / 57% female 21%, 42%, 37%

* This average is representative of all businesses within this sector. A sector with a large number of micro businesses may distort the average.
The statistical data used in this publication has been derived from information provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics which includes: C- Data Online 2006 Census collated by State/Territory (STE) and Industry of Employment (ANZSIC06) (IND06P) & Catalogue no. 8165.0 Counts of Australian Businesses, including Entries and Exits, Jun 2003 to Jun 2007.

Industry snap shot

Name: Ashish Sidhpura Place of Work: Jaycar Electronics Group Qualifications: Bachelor of Science Benefits: I have been working in retail for four years and am currently studying a Certificate III in Retail. My role as an Assistant Manager involves ordering stock and balancing tills; as well as rostering, managing and training other staff. I assist the Manager in other ways too but interacting with regular customers is still the most enjoyable part of my work. Because I come from a non-English speaking background, I also had to master the English language. Working in retail certainly helped me do this and develop personally. I had support to grow my product knowledge and learn how to demonstrate products to customers. My best advice to anyone working in retail is to know all your products well. Estimated salary range for this job role: $41K$60K 5 Age: 34 Role: Assistant Manager

Where do I start?
>> Casual staff are needed for busy periods and weekends >> Ask about doing a school-based apprenticeship in retail >> A Certificate II in Retail (no prerequisites) shows your interest in customer service >> A Certificate II in specialty areas such as animal studies, auto parts interpreting, retail cosmetic services, or a short course in photography shows your interest in the stores business

Qualities to get a job

>> Strong customer service skills >> Neat, clean appearance >> Good communication skills >> Interest in specialty (beauty, cars, pets, toys etc) >> Ability to learn about products and applications >> Good hand-eye coordination >> Willing to continually update product knowledge >> No allergic reactions to chemicals (beauty, hairdressing, auto, dry cleaning, pets) >> Enjoy practical work and physically active



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Tasks & working conditions

Tasks will vary depending on the type of specialty store, but customer service skills, housekeeping, merchandising and stock replacement will be common to all. Salespeople in photographic stores may learn to operate a processing laboratory. Those working in toys and games stores will have considerable contact with children as well as adult customers. Car accessory salespeople need to develop technical skills to interpret customers needs and may develop basic installation skills, while tyre salespeople may need to fit tyres or mag wheels. Pet store salespeople may handle and feed animals or clean cages. 8

Want a Career in to Retail? Qualities

get a job?
Industry delivered/aligned >> Team player programs Gain a competitive edge >> Excellent personal presentation Have your skills recognised
>> Excellent communication skills

With First Impressions Resources, >> Good writing skills the Australian Retail College >> Ability to work under pressure
For more information >> Flexibility to deal with unexpected
First Impressions Resources (FIR) is a privately owned Registered Training Organisation that specialises in providing training to the retail industry, delivering a range of skill development programs to national retailers, franchise groups and independents. With Australia wide coverage, we offer innovative and flexible training solutions and delivery options to meet individual and client needs. All FIR trainers have significant retail experience and a passion for developing people which assists to ensure training is relevant and aligned to industry. Please contact First Impressions for more information. call: 1800 644 332 situations or visit:
>> Keen to learn new skills and about products >> Tact and confidentiality >> Ability to understand regulations and work within rules >> Caring and compassionate >> Attention to detail >> A second language could be an advantage 9

Industry snap shot

Name: Joshua Thorpe Place of Work: Pencraft Age: 32 Role: Owner/Manager

Qualifications: Certificate IV Workplace Trainer and Assessor, HR Diploma, MGSM Foundation for Success, Future Leaders, Business Acumen and Negotiation Benefits: The management of Pencraft is a diverse role requiring multi-tasking and the ability to adapt to front and back of house. I enjoy the constant growth of the business and the challenges that it presents. I have enjoyed developing my marketing skills which have made it possible to build Pencraft as a brand not just a retail store or a boutique. As a relatively young business owner you always have to challenge peoples perception. I have learnt to be more creative and innovative which have been key components for me to challenge conventional thinking or even retail behaviour. Good advice I received is to never give up and always provide the best service. There is a great deal to be learnt in the simple act of serving others. Retail provides you with many life skills and the ability to adjust and adapt to all walks of life. Retail can lead you in to ownership and management of large businesses. It is a great industry to work in. Estimated salary range for this job role: $61K-$80K 10

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Retail is Everywhere | Sectors

Usually requires the Graduate Certi cate or higher quali cation in addition to signi cant industry experience

CEO Regional /Area Manager Business Owner State Manager National Manager CEO Regional/Area Manager Business Owner

Usually requires a level of skill equal to a Diploma and at least 5 years experience

Senior Buyer Purchase Manager Merchandise Manager

Visual Merchandiser Marketing Manager Display Manager Head Merchandiser

Accountant / Financial Manager Web Sales / IT Manager Loss Prevention Manager Product Specialist Lawyer

Marketing Manager Promotions Manager Advertising Manager

Logistics Manager Supply Chain Manager Warehouse Manager Operations Manager

Store Manager HR Manager Operations Manager Training Manager


Usually a skill level equal to a Certi cate III or IV quali cation or at least 3 years experience

Buyer Assistant Buyer Trainee Buyer

Visual Merchandiser Display Designer Shop Fitter Merchandiser

Store Maintenance O cer Credit & Loan O cer Loss Prevention Supervisor IT Support Technician

Assistant Sales Manager Floor Manager Team Leader Department Manager

Distribution Manager Storeperson Despatch Coordinator

OHS Supervisor Sta Supervisor Roster Manager Training Manager


Usually a skill level equal to completion of at least Year 10, Certi cate I or II quali cation

Sales Assistant Store Person Re- ller

Night Fill Replenishment Housekeeping Apprentice Shop Fitter

Clerk Customer Service Cleaner Loss Prevention O cer

Sales Assistant Sales Representative

Warehouse Attendant Forklift Operator Delivery Driver

ng e w orki bs involv nd jo a il s n ta o ti re a e p S om multiple occu manager of ss e acro For example th the buyer, s . st ore can be istant, st ream sh oe ndiser, sales ass r. a smallm ercha st aff super viso visual12 cleaner and







SA Retail Careers Atlas 2010 > 49


Retail Qualifications Certificate II in Retail Certificate III in Retail Certificate IV in Retail Management Diploma of Retail Management Diploma of Visual Merchandising Relevant Qualifications From Other Industries Advanced Diploma of Business Management Certificate II in Retail Make-up and Skincare Certificate II & III in Dry Cleaning Operations Many stores have in-house training relevant to their product range. Training packages are also available in hairdressing, beauty therapy and nail technology. Qualifications can be achieved through an Australian Apprenticeship or through a nationally accredited training course.

Department Stores Discount and Variety Wholesale and Logistics


Jaycar Electronics Group Pencraft Bridgestone Tyres Diamonds Camera, Video & Digital Kodak Express Petstock Animal Supplies Price Attack Rare Spares Teds Cameras The Body Shop ToysRUs Toyworld Tip-top

Career Information

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