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Select Grid / Snap, Quick Snap Exit Sketch 3D Sketch 3D Sketch on Plane Rapid Sketch Line Rectangle Slot Polygon Circle Arc Ellipse Spline Point Center Line Construction Geometry Text Fillet Chamfer Offset Convert Entities Intersection Curves Face Curves Trim Extend Split Mirror Entities Dynamic Mirror Move, Rotate, Scale, Copy, Stretch Linear, Circular Pattern Make Path Modify Sketch, No Solve Move, Sketch Picture Add Tangency Control Add Curvature Control Insert Split Point Simplify Spline Fit Sline Show Spline Handles Display Control Polygon Show Inflection Point Show Minimum Radius Show Curvature Comb

Layer Properties Line Color Line Thickness Line Style Hide / Show Edges Color Display Mode

Advanced Part Modeling:

Revolving and Cut Swept and Cut Loft and Cut Boundary and Cut Thicken and Cut Cut with Surface Move Face Dome Free Form De Form Indent Flere Wrap Instant 3D Pattern Mirror Split Joint Combine Delete Body Heal Edges Imported Geometry Insert Part Move / Copy Bodies Recognize Feature Feature Works

2D to 3D Conversion:
Front Top Right Back Create Sketch From Selection Align Sketch Extrude Extrude Cut Auxiliary

Smart Dimension Horizontal Vertical Base Line Dimension Ordinate Dimension Horizontal Ordinate Vertical Ordinate Changing Dimension Fully Defines Sketch Add Relations Automatic Relation Delete Relation Scan Equal

Reference Geometry:
Plane Axis Co Ordination Point Mate Reference

Basic Part Modeling:

Extrude Extrude Cut Rib Shell Hole Wizard Simple Hole Fillet Chamfer Edit Feature Suppress Edit Sketch Un Suppress Un Suppress with Dependent Scale Draft Line Section Plane Edit Plane

Split Line Project Curve Composite Curve Curves Through XYZ Points Curves Through Reference Points Helix and Spiral

Mounting Boss Snap Hook Snap Hook Groove Vent Lip / Groove

Special Type of Models:

Sheet Metal Surfaces Weldments Blocks Mold Design Routing Pipes Tubes

Insert Component New Part New Assembly Copy with Mates Component Patterning Large Assembly Mode Show / Hide Components Change Transparency Change Suppression State No External References Smart Fasteners Make Smart Components Mate Move Components Rotate Components Replace Components Replace Mate Entities Exploded View Exploded Line Sketch Interference Detection Clearance Verification Hole Alignment Assembly Xpert Assembly Transparency Belt / Chain New Motion Study

Sheet Metal:
Base Flange / Tab Convert to Sheet Metal Lofted Bend Edge Flange Miter Flange Item Jog Sketched Bend Cross Break Closed Corner Welded Corner Break Corner / Corner Trim Corner Trim Forming Tool Un Fold Fold Flatten No Bends Rips Insert Bends

Cater Pillar End Treatment Geometric Tolerance Datum Feature Datum Target Hole Callout Cosmetic Thread Revision Symbols Center Mark Center Line Multi Jog Leader Dowel Pin Symbol Area Hatch / Fill Model Items Hide / Show Annotations

Dim Xpert:
Auto Dimension Scheme Location Dimension Size Dimension Pattern Feature Datum Geometric Tolerance Show Tolerance Status Copy Scheme Delete All Tolerances Tol. Analyst Study

Model View Projected View Auxiliary View Section View Aligned Section View Detail View Relative View Standard 3 View Broken Out Section Break Crop View Alternate Position View Empty View Predefined View Update View

Design Study Measure Mass Properties Sensor Statisties Check Geometry Analysis Import Diagnostics Deviation Analysis Zebra Stripes Curvature Draft Analysis Under Cut Analysis Part Line Analysis Symmetry Check Thickness Analysis Compare Documents Check Active Documents

Surface Modeling:
Extruded Surface Revolved Surface Swept Surface Lofted Surface Boundary Surface Offset Surface Radiate Surface Knit Surface Planar Surface Extend Surface Trim Surface Filed Surface Mid Surface Delete Face Replace Face Un Trim Surface Parting Surface Ruled Surface

Note Balloon Auto Balloon Stacked Balloons Surface Finish Weld Symbol

General Table Hole Table Bill of Materials Excel Based Bill of Materials Revision Table Design Table Weldment Cut List Title Block Table

Align Tools:
Group Un Group Align Collinear / Radial Align Parallel / Concentric Align Left Align Right Align Top Align Bottom Align Horizontal Align Vertical Align B/W Lines Space Evenly Across Space Evenly Down Space Tightly Across Space Tightly Down

View Orientation Previous View Redraw Zoom to Fit Zoom to Area Zoom In / Out Zoom to Selection Undo Redo 3D Drawing View Pan Display Style Perspective View Section View Camera View

Make Block Edit Block Insert Block Add / Remove Rebuild Save Block Explode Block Belt / Chain

Photo Works:
Photo Works Studio Photo Works Preview Window Render Render Area Render Last Area Render Selection Render to File Appearance Scene, Decals Rendering Options

Weldments Structural Member Gusset End Cap Fillet Bead Trim / Extend