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>> To tweet or not to tweet?
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August 2013 // Issue 469 // 4
On the cover
With a Go Green approach in mind, Clockwork Removals and
Storage has ambitious plans to expand its eet of service vehicles
which will be in line with its goals and policies to minimise its
environmental impact wherever possible. See pages 30-31
>> Employment status of
your staff
>> Step-by-step guide to
Trusted Mover
Removals & Storage August 2013
August 2013 Removals & Storage 3
Getting to know
Trusted Mover
Follow our Step by Step guide to getting started
on, the consumer
feedback website set up by BAR which allows
Members to collect feedback about the service
they deliver and help consumers make a more
informed choice when choosing a removal

News from Watford
On the cover: Two of Clockwork Removals new
eet on a job at the Scottish National Gallery of
Modern Art.
Industry News
Just a snippet
Hujc| |nveslmenl |n 8||lu|ns |cuds
8|g cHunges lc| l|gHwuys Agency
Eu|clunne| bu||ed l|cm 0cve| le|||es
Renuu|l |uuncH new |unge cl l|ucks
BAR News
Take advantage of BAR Members exclusive
deal with TwentyCi, Chris Smallwood, DED,
responds to the tweeting phenomenon and
BAR to host Young Movers 2014.
0|0ckw0rk's new env|r0nmenId||y-Ir|end|y
eII|ng I0 kn0w r0sIed N0ver
ksI0n8|nks: n|che, sec|d||sI rem0vd|s
kre y00r sIdII w0rkers, em|0yed 0r se|I-
Features 24
BAR Services
The very popular MOVERKIT.
BAR wins TAF award
The Trade Association Forum recently awarded
BAR its Best Practice Award for Commercial
Initiative of the Year. By developing new and
innovative partnerships with leading consumer
brands such as Rightmove, The Money Advice
Service, Royal Mail, Zoopla, and,
BAR Members have benetted from new
commercial opportunities, increased exposure
and exclusive sales leads.
Clarks of Amersham
win business award
A long-term supporter and sponsor of schools,
charity groups, sports clubs and events in the
local community, Clarks of Amersham has won
Amersham Town Councils Business of the Year
award 2013.
New e-learning modules launched.
Overseas Group News

ISF enforcement nes begin in US.
European News
Diary Dates 56
QSS Update 42
Membership 58
People News 54
Commercial Moving
Group News

Detailed feedback on CMotY 2013, plus latest
information on the CMG Seminar and Golf
event in September.
BAR News
Removals & Storage August 2013
from Watford
BAR is delighted to have won the
prestigious Trade Association Forum Best
Practice Award for Commercial Initiative
of the Year. The judges felt BAR had
demonstrated outstanding initiative in
commercial venture through the
development of new and innovative
partnerships with leading consumer
brands such as Rightmove, The Money
Advice Service, Royal Mail, Zoopla, and
These partnerships have benetted
BAR Members with new commercial
opportunities and exclusive sales leads.
The initiative has led to additional
exposure for both BAR Members and BAR,
and this has helped improve consumer
awareness of BAR and our consumer
protection scheme.
BAR was also awarded nalist in 2 other
categories: Electronic Communication of
the Year (for the BAR weekly electronic
newsletter) and Conference of the Year (for
the BAR Annual Conference 2012 in
As Members of the Overseas Group (OG)
are aware, the OG has changed its
membership criteria. The practicalities of
the new criteria which came into effect
at the beginning of July are coming into
play and the OG Council has agreed that
all multi-branch OG Members who hold
FIDI FAIM or BS 8564 or ISO 9001 at Head
Ofce will be subject to mini-audits at all
Branch mini audits will consist of 4 or 5
key questions specic to the companys
respective standard. At Head Ofces the
auditors will examine the Members control
over its branches and how it upholds the
relevant standard across its network. For
single-location companies who hold BS
8564 or ISO 9001 through QSS their normal
annual audits will continue in the usual
way. For single-location companies who
hold FIDI FAIM, a copy of their current FAIM
certicate will be checked during the
annual BAR membership inspection.
Please see page 42 for more information
about the mini-audits.
In response to the increasing interest by
BAR Members in the consumer feedback
website,, a webinar
has been organised for Wednesday 15th
August to guide you through setting
yourselves up on the Trusted Mover site.
For more details, please see page 24 and
the Members Area of the BAR website,
Please remember to renew your
Membership subscriptions and organise
prompt payment. Members who pay for
their subscriptions before 31 August are
able to take advantage of an exclusive
offer from TwentyCi please see page 28
for more information about this very
attractive offering.
BAR is due to launch the new BAR TSI
online logo shortly. This verication tool
must be integrated into Members websites
using specic coding look out for more
details on how to install the powerful new
website logo in next months issue.
BAR will soon be undertaking a full review
of its Model Terms & Conditions, plus the
BAR Membership Criteria. In preparation, if
any Members would like to provide any
relevant comments, feedback or
suggestions for further consideration, then
please contact your National Council
representative, Directly Elected Director or
the BAR Company Secretary before the
end of August.
Follow BAR on:
Contact Details:
Contributions on all aspects of the removals and
storage industry are welcome, together with
photographs if appropriate.
Please contact the Managing Editor, Louise Gale on:
e|: 020 3235 1806
For all enquiries and bookings, please contact
Sandra Zealand on:
e|: 0117 957 5400
edd||nes: The booking deadline for all display
advertisements for the September 2013 issue of
R&S is 12 August.
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Industry News
August 2013 Removals & Storage
to merge
The Government has announced that the
Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and the Vehicle
and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) are to
merge into a single agency which will bring
together their testing and standards services.
Alastair Peoples, VOSA Chief Executive, will
become joint Chief Executive for the 2 agencies
and will oversee their strategic operations
towards a full merger over the next year.
Rosemary Thew, DSA Chief Executive, left the
Civil Service at the end of June 2013.
The reform is an outcome of the recent
motoring services strategy consultation. The
Government says it is designed to offer motorists
and businesses better and more convenient
services, while making sure that road safety and
customer service remain a top priority.
The announcement has been welcomed in
general by most transport and road trade bodies.
RHA Chief Executive Geoff Dunning said this
move makes obvious sense to an industry that is
surrounded by regulations from number of
regulatory bodies. However, we are concerned
that this is another case of the devil being in the
detail and we would welcome the opportunity to
contribute to the negotiations as to how the new
system will actually work.
Big change
for Highways
Following its announcement that the VOSA and
DSA will merge into a single agency, the
Government has also announced plans to
transform the Highways Agency into a publicly
owned corporation.
Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny
Alexander, said this will give the Agency the
long term funding certainty and exibility to
deliver the best possible road network for the
UKs motorists.
The change was recommended in last years
Cook Review and the Government hopes the
move will help end the stop-start cycle in
investments in roads. The plans have been
broadly welcomed by road and haulage
associations. The AA agged up the need to
make sure that UK drivers do not pay more
to use roads, and the Road Haulage
Association said it would be important for the
Highways Agency to ensure the provision and
use of appropriate, secure, truck parking
By 2020 to 2021, the Government plans to triple the
money spent on roads compared to 2013. Over the
course of 6 years, beginning in 2014, it will invest over
28bnin enhancements and maintenance of national
and local roads.
That commitment forms part of a pipeline of over
100bn worth of public investment in infrastructure
projects, to 2020, including over 70bn in transport.
The Government says that currently, as a result of past
underinvestment, the UK is ranked 24th in the world for
quality of roads. France is currently rst, Germany is
10th and Spain is 13th in the world. Germany spends
30% cent more per head, and France 75% more per
head on investment in major roads projects than the
Annual investment in major road schemes will be
trebled by 2020-21, compared to todays levels. It has
promised to add extra lanes to the busiest motorways
and to undertake every (nancially viable) Highways
Agency road construction project, in order to tackle the
most congested parts of the network. This includes the
1.5bn A14 scheme from Cambridge to Huntingdon
and the M4 from London to Reading. The start of
construction of the A14 scheme will be brought forward
by almost 2 years, to 2016.
The Government will also study longstanding hot
spots including problems on the A303 to the South West,
the A27 on the south coast, the A1 north of Newcastle,
the A1 Newcastle-Gateshead Western by-pass,
connectivity to Leeds airport and trans-Pennine routes
between Shefeld and Manchester.
Moreover, it will upgrade the national non-motorway
network managed by the Highways Agency with a large
proportion moved to dual lane. To repair the national
and local road network, a total commitment of 10bn
has been made, with nearly 6bn to help local
authorities repair the local road network and over 4bn
to enable the Highways Agency to resurface the vast
majority of the national network by 2020-21. However,
the RAC Foundation noted that capital expenditure on
our strategic roads is not yet back to the levels seen
before the cuts started in 2011.
Major investment in
Britains roads
Roads and transport infrastructure were the main winners from the
recent Government Spending Review, with Chancellor George Osborne
unveiling what he called the largest programme of investment in our
roads for half a century.
Spike in roadside nes
The Government has announced a signicant
increase in xed penalty levels for a wide range of
motoring offences.
Fixed penalty levels for most motoring offences
including using a mobile phone at the wheel
and not wearing a seatbelt will rise to 100. The
xed penalty for careless driving will be 100 with
3 points on the drivers licence. The most serious
examples will continue to go through court, where
offenders may face higher penalties.
For commercial goods drivers, the new levels are
at least 50% higher. The penalties have been set at
50 (up from 30), 100 (from 60), 200 (120)
and 300 (from 200).
The new 300 ne will apply to drivers driving
with no insurance, and for failing to comply with
the HGV road user levy. Drivers will still be able to
appeal any decision in court.
Industry News
6 Removals & Storage August 2013
VOSA targets
VOSA has conrmed that it is conducting a
targeted programme to address the low
compliance rates of Light Goods Vehicles (LGVs).
LGVs are involved in twice as many accidents as
Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) and have an MOT
failure rate of 50%. VOSA says that in its
inspections, LGVs are prohibited 6 out of 10 times
and, when weighed, these vehicles are overweight
three quarters of the time.
These results not only demonstrate a threat to
the safety of road users, but also an unfair
advantage over white van mans HGV
counterparts, VOSA says. That low compliance
rate is even worse considering that HGVs are
subjected to a signicantly higher level of
regulation than LGVs.
The rst part of this initiative will be a
programme of checks in 20 cities throughout the
year to raise VOSAs prole with LGV operators in
specic market sectors the rst of which will be
the building trade. VOSA said it will work with
trade bodies and associations to raise the
standards of the LGV eet.
hew g0|ddnce 0n mdrk|ngs
VOSA has also made some changes to its annual
test requirements for the conspicuous tape
positioned on the sides and/or rear of a vehicle/
trailer intended to indicate its dimensional
The revised standards now give a minimum
requirement which can be met by line markings
only on the sides and rear of any vehicle or trailer.
Any additional markings over and above these,
whilst not subject to inspection at annual test,
may need to be tted to comply with other legal
requirements, such as the Road Vehicles Lighting
A further change is the standard for conspicuity
markings on the side of rigid vehicles. Where side
markings on a rigid vehicle meet the 80%
requirement of the vehicle length on the body, the
cab must still be marked within 600mm of the
front of the vehicle. Where this requirement is
met, any gaps between the cab markings and
body markings must be disregarded.
DSA rethinks CPC
In one of its last acts as an independent agency, the Driving Standards
Agency held a consultation on proposals to widen the scope of Driver
CPC exemptions.
These would exempt technicians taking vehicles to test
from the scope of the Driver CPC. Industry bodies such
as the Freight Transport Association and Road Haulage
Association had voiced their concerns at advice issued
by the Department for Transport which implied that
garage technicians and mechanics driving heavy
vehicles to statutory annual tests would be considered
within the scope of the Driver CPC Directive.
According to industry estimates, there are more than
30,000 technicians in the UK, and the vast majority of
companies do not include these employees in their
DCPC training programmes. The FTA and RHA state
that for companies to achieve full compliance for this
category of staff in just over 1 year would be a massive
task and cost for the industry, delivering relatively little
benet. They argue that the Directive was never
intended to cover this type of activity and would impose
a burden on UK industry particularly as there are a
number of other EU Member States which consider
such activities as exempt from the requirements.
In 2014, the Driving Standards Agency will merge
with the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency into a
single agency which will bring together their testing
and standards services.
Do you have any news to
share with R&S readers?
Send to: rdnds-ed|I0r|d|@dnd|yI|cdmed|d.c0m
Industry News
August 2013 Removals & Storage
The CC said that by adding ferry services to its existing
Channel Tunnel business, Eurotunnel would increase
its market share to over half and prices would rise.
The CC found that Eurotunnel decided to acquire the
SeaFrance ferries in order to prevent ferry operator
DFDS/LD from buying them. Eurotunnel was
concerned that if DFDS/LD obtained the assets cheaply,
it could drive down prices for customers. The CC also
found that 1 of the 3 current ferry operators on the
DoverCalais route was likely to exit in the short term
if the CC took no action, in which case Eurotunnel
could gain an even larger share of the cross-Channel
Alasdair Smith, the Chairman of the Eurotunnel/
SeaFrance Inquiry Group and CC Deputy Chairman,
said: it cannot be good for competition when
Eurotunnel, which already holds a market share of
over 40%, moves into the ferry business particularly
when it did so to stop a competitor from buying the
ferries. Customers would lose out from Eurotunnel
increasing its share even further and being able to raise
prices on the tunnel services.
He commented that in view of the current excess
capacity on the Dover-Calais route, it also seemed likely
that 1 of the current ferry operators would exit in the
short term if the CC did not take action. Customers
will be better off if there are two independent ferry
companies competing with the tunnel than if one
of the two is owned by Eurotunnel.
Eurotunnel provides rail transport services to both
passengers and freight customers across the narrowest
section of the English Channel via the Channel Tunnel.
Until November 2011, SeaFrance provided ferry services
to both passengers and freight customers across the
same section of the English Channel between Dover
and Calais.
Three of the four vessels and other related assets
operated by SeaFrance at the time of its liquidation
were subsequently bought by Eurotunnel which then
launched ferry services between Calais and Dover on 20
August 2012 under the MyFerryLink brand.
Before the prohibition at Dover takes effect,
Eurotunnel will be given a limited period to sell its two
largest ferries to one or more purchasers approved by
the CC as a means of solving the competition problem
that the CC has found. This will ensure that all Dover
Calais ferry services are run by companies which are
independent from the competing rail link.
Eurotunnel barred from
Dover ferries
Eurotunnel will be stopped from operating ferry services at the port
of Dover, after the Competition Commission (CC) decided that its
acquisition of three ferries and other assets from the former ferry
operator, SeaFrance, could mean higher prices for cross-Channel
passengers and freight customers.
Container groups
enter alliance
Container shipping giants Maersk, MSC
Mediterranean Shipping Company and CMA CGM
have agreed to enter an alliance in a bid to prop
up freight rates.
The 3 companies are the worlds 3 largest
container shipping lines and say they will offer
shipping on each others vessels on major routes
from the second quarter of 2014. The so-called P3
Network will operate a capacity of 2.6 million TEU,
using 255 vessels on 3 trade lanes: Asia Europe,
Trans-Pacic and Trans-Atlantic.
While the P3 Network vessels will be operated
independently by a joint vessel operating centre,
the 3 lines will continue to have fully independent
sales, marketing and customer service functions.
Each of the lines will offer more weekly sailings
in their combined network than they do
individually. As an example, the P3 Network plans
to offer 8 weekly sailings between Asia and
Northern Europe. In addition the P3 Network will
offer more direct ports of call.
Maersk said that declining volume growth and
over-capacity in recent years have underlined the
need to improve operations and efciency in the
industry. Using the P3 Network the lines expect to
be able improve their efciency through better
utilisation of vessel capacity.
Analysts say the alliance could run up against
some opposition from competition authorities.
The 3 companies account for about 40% of the
worlds container capacity.
Book your place for MLo
MLo, the international trade fair for New
Furniture Logistics, Movers and Service opens its
doors in Kassel, Germany from 19 to 21 September
The trade fair covers all areas of furniture
logistics and movers from vehicle technology
and accessories for transportation and logistics as
well as IT and software, and services in the areas of
nance, security, marketing and company
management. Entrance costs 14 (1 day ticket /
person) on the day, however, if you book online
you will save 5 and avoid unnecessary waiting
For more information about travel,
accommodation and opening hours of the fair,

Industry News
8 Removals & Storage August 2013
Renault launches new range of trucks
After 7 years of development and an investment of 2bn, Renault Trucks has unveiled its new range of vehicles,
complete with Euro 6 engines.
The design component of the new Renault Trucks
range is focused on achieving fuel efciency, with the
vehicles aerodynamics modelled to obtain what
Renault says is the highest possible air penetration
In order to equip the new vehicles with Euro 6
engines, Renault Trucks modied the Euro V blocs to
develop the latest generation of engines, making the
adaptations necessary to bring them into line with the
Euro 6 standard, which becomes compulsory on 1
January 2014.
Renault said its new T range of long-distance
trucks helps cut fuel costs, as its performance-
improving design and new powertrain enables the T to
achieve some of the lowest fuel-consumption gures
on the market. These are down by up to 5% compared
to the previous generation despite constraints imposed
by the new Euro 6 standard.
Moreover, drivers have the benet of a number
of driver safety aids, including cornering lights and
a multi-function three-way adjustable driving
London to study lorry ban
The Mayor of London and Transport for London
(TfL) have published a new road safety plan which
includes a commitment to look at imposing
restrictions on lorries.
The action plan, which covers the period until
2020, aims to reduce the number of people killed
and seriously injured on Londons roads by 40% by
2020. According to the plan, TfL will study the
experience of cities such as Paris and Dublin where
lorries over a certain size are restricted from certain
parts of the city, or at certain times of the day.
The plan also contains proposals to increase the
number of 20mph zones. There are more than 400
20mph zones in London, covering 19% of roads.
According to the plan, TfL will support the
installation of further 20mph zones and limits on
borough roads and will continue to consider both
variable and 20mph speed limits where appropriate,
for example Camberwell and Waterloo, where cycle
improvements are planned.
Natalie Chapman of the Freight Transport
Association (FTA) warned that restricting the size of
lorries would ultimately lead to more vehicles on
Londons roads: It would take 13 vans to carry the
same amount of goods as a 26-tonne lorry. The
cost to businesses operating in London would be
considerable as the price of getting goods delivered
would go up. The safety and environmental
implications of putting more vehicles on Londons
roads also do not seem to have been considered.
FTA believes that 20mph zones should be targeted
in appropriate locations such as outside schools
during term-time and in residential areas and is
concerned about the inclusion of the Transport for
London Route Network which comprises some of
Londons busiest and most important roads. The FTA
recommends that efforts should be focused on
specic problems: Blanket measures that would
add to the cost of doing business in London should
be avoided.
Employment Tribunal fees come into force
Transport law specialists Backhouse Jones are
reminding all BAR Members that fees are now payable
in the Employment Tribunal on production of a claim
and prior to a hearing.
As from the end of July, on making a claim the fees
will be 160 or 250 depending on the level of claim.
For example, a discrimination claim will require a fee
of 250.
A hearing fee will be 230 or 950, again depending
on the nature of the claim.
Backhouse Jones say that as a result, if an ex-
employee seeks to make a claim of discrimination
under the Act then they could be required to pay as
much as 1,200 before the claim will be heard by the
Employment Tribunal.
This has been challenged by civil service union
UNISON which has applied to the High Court to
judicially review the decision. According to UNISON, the
charges are contrary to EU law and make it virtually
impossible for a worker to exercise their rights under
employment law. The new fee regime will impose fees
which will often be greater than the expected
compensation, even if the claims were successful,
UNISON says. For more information, contact
Backhouse Jones by email on enquiries@backhouses. or telephone: 0845 0575111
Industry News
August 2013 Removals & Storage
The news came just weeks after local architects and
residents gave their support to replaying the yover with
a yunder. Leader of Hammersmith & Fulham
Council, Cllr Nicholas Botterill, said we know that
vital repairs are necessary to the yover but this needs
to be the last time TfL spends a huge amount of
taxpayers money on maintaining this monstrosity. Any
other cash set aside for future work to the yover needs
instead to be pumped into making the yunder a
reality. The proposed new tunnel solution yunder
could eventually see a tunnel from the Hogarth
roundabout in Chiswick to the Earls Court end of the
current yover and would link the riverfront with
Hammersmith town centre. The yover on the A4,
which links west London to the M4 and the centre of the
capital, was shut for a month in December 2011 after
tensioning cables were found to be severely corroded
caused by water leaking into the structure. Since its
emergency closure, questions have been asked about
the yovers long-term viability given the escalating
costs of maintenance and increased risk of failure.
New work planned for Hammersmith
A contract worth 60m to strengthen Hammersmith Flyover has been agreed by Transport for London (TfL).
Industry News
10 Removals & Storage August 2013
Agency to
open M25
hard shoulder
The Highways Agency may open sections of the
M25s hard shoulder as permanent driving
lanes, as part of its Managed Motorways
scheme. According to the Transport Research
Laboratory, which helped research the project
using its driving simulator DigiCar, the project
is cheaper than widening the motorway.
The 300m Managed Motorways scheme will
be introduced on a number of motorways over
the coming years. The aim is to make journeys
more reliable by controlling trafc ows more
effectively through the use of new technologies
such as overhead gantries, lane specic signals,
and driver information signs, as well as
creating a better return on investment and
increasing safety at a national level.
While initially it was expected that the hard
shoulder of the M25 would only be used as an
additional live trafc lane during periods of
congestion, according to reports drivers may be
allowed to drive on some parts of the hard
shoulder at all times.
browse overseas
According to Rightmove, there has been a
seasonal increase in the number of people
searching the website for holiday properties,
with coastal properties in particular coming to
the fore. June also saw a signicant increase
in searches for property in the West of the USA.
Searches for properties in Ibiza rose by
43.4% approaching the peak season, while the
Cyclades Islands in Greece also saw a
signicant increase in search activity of 37.9%.
With the harsh winter in the UK now just a
memory, searches to Australia have tailed off
and interest in ski resorts in Europe has
plummeted. Rightmove Overseas said that
buyers are making the most of their pending
holidays by combining their trip with property
viewings, with an increase in search activities
around European costal properties.
Spain, France and the US continue to lead
Rightmoves country chart searches for
overseas property.
Audit Scotland reviewed the progress of 5 specic
projects, the Forth Replacement Crossing, Aberdeen
bypass project, Edinburgh-Glasgow rail improvement
project, M8 bundle of motorway improvements, and
Borders Railway.
The report says that the full public sector nancial
commitment for these projects has not been reported
until now.
The projects are expected to commit 7.5bn of
public money over 30 years. The Scottish Government
considers this affordable in the long-term but has not
fully demonstrated the reliability of its analysis, the
report says.
Transport Scotland and the Scottish Government
were told to improve their reporting on major projects
to the public and to the Scottish Parliament. The
estimated full public spending commitment for these
5 projects has not been reported until now; and the
forecast building costs for some have been
incompletely or inconsistently reported.
These projects will cost an estimated 3.8bn to build
and will tie up about 7.5 billion of public money over
30 years. Auditor General for Scotland, Caroline
Gardner, said: It is important for the Scottish
Government to demonstrate that this spending is
In his response, Transport Minister Keith Brown said
while Audit Scotland acknowledge in the report that
four out of ve of these projects are still in
procurement and therefore much of this information
is commercially sensitive and cannot be disclosed on a
project by project basis at this stage, we are committed
to improving the presentation of cost estimates moving
Scotland faces 7.5bn
transport bill
Transport Scotland and the Scottish Government must improve their
public reporting on major projects that are expected to receive 7.5bn
of public money over 30 years, Audit Scotland has said.
DC tops US moving destinations
Washington DC is currently the top destination for
moves in the US, followed by the states of Oregon,
Nevada and North and South Carolina.
Terry Head, President of the International
Association of Movers shared this information with
delegates at the 95th annual convention of the
California Moving and Storage Association
(CMSA). According to data from a United Van Lines
survey, he said, the states with most outbound
moves were New Jersey, Illinois, West Virginia, New
York and New Mexico. US new homes sales reached
a 3-year high in 2012, Mr Head noted, but at an
annual rate of 367,000 were still well short of their
healthy rate of 700,000.More positively, he noted
that a manufacturing migration is underway: over
200 companies (US and foreign) have moved their
factories to the US from offshore locations. The US
will reach manufacturing cost parity with China in
the next 5 years, he said.
Internationally, the UK is still the most popular
relocation destination for US employees (24% of
the total), followed by Germany (16%) and China
Industry News
August 2013 Removals & Storage
holds rm
on Severn
Crossing tolls
At a hearing of the House of Commons Welsh
Affairs Committee in June, Transport Minister
Stephen Hammond indicated that the Severn
Crossing tolls are likely to be maintained after
the bridges revert to public ownership in 2018.
The Government has argued that continued
tolls are needed to recover 88m in costs incurred
mainly because of corrosion.
Mr Hammond said that no decisions had yet
been taken on the future arrangements of the
crossings after the end of the current concession
What is clear is that any future regime will need
to recover the outstanding government costs
incurred relating to the crossings, he said. It
will need to make provision for the maintenance
of the crossings and reect the interests of road
users both in England and Wales.
Mr Hammond conrmed that the Government
has not taken any cost benet analysis on future
tolling arrangements and has not taken any
decisions on it. The Freight Transport Association
(FTA) says that the tolls are an active barrier to
organisations, particularly in logistics, who wish
to do business in Wales.
FTAs Head of Policy for Wales, Ian Gallagher,
said even if we take at face value this new
package of debt and the Governments plan for
reclaiming the money, talk of another few years
of tolls at their current levels will be met with fear
and anger in boardrooms across Wales and south
west England. FTA members individually pay
thousands of pounds each year in tolls, and
collectively they pay millions. It is extremely hard
for anyone to justify how this can continue once
the initial debt which the tolls were designed to
pay is serviced.
IRU Honour for JTAs
Tsunami work
Registering a magnitude of 9 on the Richter scale, the
earthquake shook the North-eastern Tohoku region for
a full 6 minutes on 11 March 2011, making it the
largest in the history of Japan. To make matters worse,
the earthquake triggered a giant tsunami more than
40 metres high, which battered the Japanese coastline,
resulting in the Fukushima nuclear power plant
Within hours of the earthquake, JTA reacted quickly
to establish an Emergency Transportation
Headquarters. From March to May 2011, JTA liaised
with the Japanese Government to co-ordinate relief
efforts, and together with 47 local trucking
associations successfully, mobilised over 10,000 trucks
to carry 19 million meals, 4.6 million bottles of water,
460,000 blankets, as well as medicine and other
emergency supplies, to some 2,032 locations in the
devastated areas. The scale of the emergency
transportation organisation was immense and the
dedication shown by JTA staff and staff from local
trucking associations demonstrated selessness and
valour in extremely difcult and challenging
conditions When asked if they ever felt the job was
too big for them or overwhelmed by the task, JTA
President, Yoshimi Hoshino, replied, It was a matter
of national pride for us to help our fellow countrymen
when confronted with such a dire situation.
k0ss|dn rec0gn|sed
The IRU has also awarded Russian trucker Andrey
Damirovich Dilmukhametov the IRU Grand Prix
dHonneur, for an outstanding act of courage performed
in the course of his duty, which saved 2 lives.
On 3 July 2012, Mr Dilmukhametov, a 42-year-old
professional driver for the KAB transport company based
in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, was driving his
semi-trailer on an uphill section of road, when he
braked due to an uneven road surface. Seconds later, he
felt something crash into his truck and immediately
jumped out to assess the situation. He saw that an LPG
fuelled van had crashed full-speed into his semitrailer
and burst into ames. Undeterred, Mr Dilmukhametov
seized 2 re extinguishers, put out the re and
heroically risked his own life to rescue the wounded
driver and passenger from the van. His valiant actions
saved not only two lives, but the valuable cargo as well.
His selessness was all the more admirable as the van
powered by a liqueed gas fuel system could have
exploded at any time.
IRU President Janusz Lacny has awarded IRUs Japanese Member
Association, JTA, the IRU Grand Prix dHonneur, as an international
recognition for the outstanding work in spearheading relief efforts for the
Tsunami that struck Japan in 2011.
L-R: Umberto de Pretto, IRU Secretary General and Mr Yoshimi Hoshino, JTA President
L-R: Umberto de Pretto, IRU Secretary General,
Mr Andrey Damirovich Dilmukhametov and Janusz
Lacny, IRU President by International Road Transport
Union (IRU)
Industry News
12 Removals & Storage August 2013
Bank charges
hurting SMEs
High bank charges are hurting small businesses
already struggling with cash ow issues, new
research carried out by the Forum of Private
Business suggests. The study, carried out among
the not-for-prot groups membership, also saw an
increase in rms reporting banks asking for
harmful levels of collateral in return for nance.
Concerns around cash ow and late payment
rose from 33% last year to 38%, and a greater
number of companies listed access to nance as a
problem, from 17% to 23% this year, and the
actual cost of nance, from 6% to 8%. Lack of
choice for nance at 19% was down marginally
from 20%.
The main nancial concern for SMEs however,
remains the rising cost of doing business, which
was cited by 42% of respondents taking part in the
Forums cash ow and nance study. This was,
however, signicantly lower compared to last years
results which saw the gure at 54%.
As a nancial concern the rising cost of doing
business has abated slightly, which perhaps ties in
with ination having fallen recently, but its
clearly still a real and present issue for small
rms, said the Forums Chief Executive, Phil
Orford. Overall though these results are more
alarming simply by the picture of deterioration
they paint with regards to SME nances. Theres
little doubt that this is being driven by the banks
on-going failure to deliver affordable nance to
small rms, and it seems the banks are also now
making even greater demands on SMEs to secure
The data recorded 38% of businesses still
reporting late payment as a problem despite the
Governments recent efforts to address this bad
Business on the Move is the brainchild of two former
schoolteachers, Andy Page and Pat Smedley. Players
are challenged to run a business that must respond to
customers orders, moving different products to their
domestic market by combinations of air, sea, rail and
road quickly, protably and environmentally
Players must make the same decisions businesses
make every day. How do I best deliver? Will I make a
prot? How should I grow? How can I cut my carbon
footprint? explains Andy Page.
Business on the Move will go into production this
autumn and some 1,500 copies will be distributed to
schools and training providers across the UK free of
The initial production run has been funded by the
sponsorship of several leading logistics companies
including CHEP, Norbert Dentressangle and TIR
Training as well as by key sector bodies such as the
Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, Skills
for Logistics and the UK Warehousing Association.
80ccess I0r sk|||s cd|c0|dI0r
Meanwhile, the Skills Calculator, launched by Skills
for Logistics in March 2013, is proving to be a
resounding success. After 2 months, the website, www., had been visited by over 1,500
The Skills Calculator is a free-to-use web tool that
provides insights into the nancial benets of
investing in workplace skills and career development
across the UK Logistics industries.
Employers can calculate their return on investment
of hiring and training an individual on a Logistics
Apprenticeship. Individuals can use the tool to
discover what annual salary they could earn, in any
one of the 150+ logistics job roles, featured across all
logistics industries and career levels when fully skilled.
Board game for logistics
A board game devised to teach school aged children about logistics
and the important role it plays in a modern society, has received
9,500 from the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).
Self storage industry remains strong
The self storage industry remains resilient despite
the addition of the 20% VAT charge on storage costs
introduced in October 2012, according to a recent
survey produced by Deloitte Real Estate.
A proportion of self storage rms opted to shield
their customers from the full increase in rental
costs by phasing in the increases over the year. As a
result there was only a 5% fall in the achieved
average net rents for UK self storage operators in
The survey shows national occupancy levels
remain steady with average occupancy having
dipped just 2% to 68% over 12 months and the
average length of stay increasing to 41 weeks.
Operators are reporting that they continue to
concentrate on building up occupancy within their
existing facilities in preference to developing or
extending new schemes.
There is a growing trend for business customers
taking space with 42% of occupied space now
coming from businesses (up from 36 % since
2010). Businesses tend to take larger amounts of
space and rent for longer periods than private
Ollie Saunders, partner and head of self storage
at Deloitte Real Estate, said the introduction of
VAT has meant that domestic customers have seen
some meaningful price increases, but it has not led
to a signicant impact on occupancy. Investors and
operators are telling us that optimism is returning
and the sector is not oversupplied. It has a diverse
customer base, and has demonstrated its robust
ability to generate strong cash ows despite a
signicant fall in the number of housing
transactions and a forced price increase. That is a
good place to be.
The survey, which was commissioned by the Self
Storage Association UK, reports there are
approximately 830 self storage facilities in the UK
providing in the region of 30.1 million sq ft of
storage space. Deloitte Real Estate estimates the
total turnover for the UK industry in 2012 was
380m from around 400 different operators,
employing over 2,000 fulltime equivalent staff. Of
all the facilities in the UK, 330 are held by larger
operators (40%), with small operators accounting
for the remainder.
The BAR Self Storage Special Interest Group
regroups companies who are able to offer safe
and secure self storage units within the UK.
This Group is designed to promote best
practice in the self storage industry. For more
information, see page 47 of this issue or
Industry News
August 2013 Removals & Storage
Industry News
14 Removals & Storage August 2013
Clarks of Amersham has won the Business of the Year award at the 2013 Citizen of the Year Awards
from Amersham Town Council in Buckinghamshire.
Clarks of Amersham wins top award
Amersham residents were invited to nominate a
business they felt deserved an accolade for their
contribution to the local community. BAR Member,
Clarks of Amersham, received the most votes as it has
been a long-term supporter and sponsor of schools,
charity groups, sports clubs and events in the local
An independent, family-run business set up by its
owner Michael Clark over 20 years ago, Clarks of
Amersham now have two warehouse facilities, over 30
employees, 12 vehicles, as well as a commercial
archiving and pulping service. Michael Clark said he
was very honoured to accept the award on behalf of the
company: We are very much aware of our social
responsibility in the area and feel as a home grown
business it is our duty to support the local community
in any way we can. We see our company as a family
and the wider community is just an extension of that.
We offer our customers a reliable, honest caring service
and we like to think we carry that ethos through into
everything we do. Mimi Harker, the outgoing Mayor
of Amersham, said this Business Award goes to a
family-run company who are pillars of the community.
They have helped out with every community function
that I have participated in and have also helped in
raising money for local events and facilities such as the
Olympic Legacy multi sports zone and HS2 campaign.
Their distinctive blue vans and lorries are often used as
platforms or stages at local carnivals and festivals,
as well as being used for helping move and deliver
equipment for Amersham Round Table and
Amersham British Legion to name but a few.
For more information, see
L-R: Michael Clark and Lorraine Clark from Clarks of Amersham (Business Award), Mimi Harker (Mayor of Amersham
2012 2013), Geraldine Marshall Andrew (Citizen of the Year Award), Jon Clark (Mayors Special Award) and
Oli ONeil (junior Citizen Award)

Harrow Green develops freezer removals expertise
Harrow Green has started providing a new value-
added service, of moving commercial freezers over
long distances, whilst keeping their contents inside
at controlled temperatures.
An innovative device converts the vehicles power
supply enabling the freezer to function normally
during its journey. It means customers dont need to
make separate arrangements for transporting
temperature sensitive goods which would involve
specialist, expensive vehicles.
This was put to the test recently when Harrow
Green was asked to transport several freezers and
their contents from a university in Edinburgh to
Manchester. It was essential that the freezer
temperatures were maintained throughout the
5-hour journey.
Terry Gibbs, Harrow Greens Regional Director,
said the University was condent that Harrow
Green would deliver the contents of the freezers to
Manchester exactly how they left Edinburgh. Our
client was extremely pleased with the service we
provided. The company has now received several
new enquiries for similar removal projects.
For more information, see
AMC moves South Korean ambassador
For many years now AMC Removals in Ireland have
been specialising in diplomatic moves.
The BAR International Associate Member recently
completed a move for his Excellency the Ambassador
of the Republic of Korea to the Republic of Ireland,
Kim Chang Yeob, who returned to Seoul after 3 years
in the position.
Specialised crates and packing were used and
adherence to strict protocol was required which was a
straightforward undertaking for the highly trained
staff at AMC. His Excellency, his wife and his son were
invited to AMCs premises in Naas where they could
see rst-hand the systems and logistics used in their
move. After having all of their questions answered
they enjoyed afternoon tea and left with far less
apprehension regarding the transfer of their goods.
They have gone on to recommend AMC to several
other diplomats since their move.
For more information, see
Do you have any news to share with R&S readers?
Send to: rdnds-ed|I0r|d|@dnd|yI|cdmed|d.c0m
Industry News
August 2013 Removals & Storage
The new vehicles will be dedicated to supporting the
companys European and International removal
and packing service for businesses and homes across
the UK.
Owner Gordon Mason said we had heard good
things about the Renault Master and so decided to
trial the vehicle. The low loader body appealed as it
enables faster loading, with no need for a tail. The
Renault Masters payload is also impressive with
enough space for larger, bulkier items. Another
advantage is its tight turning circle which is a huge
benet when undertaking removals from residential
areas and businesses in built up locations.
Gordon explains that for Masons, image is very
important to the company: The Master is a great
looking vehicle which reects the high standards of
quality for which Masons Moving Group is
Masons Moving Group Ltd. is an independent,
family company that has been providing removals
and storage across the country and the world for
over 100 years. Based in South Wales, the company
has Sales Ofces in Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend and
Swansea. For more information, see:
Masons Moving adds Renaults to eet
South Wales based International removals company, Masons Moving Group Ltd, has taken delivery of 2 new
Renault Master 150.35 low loader Luton vans. Supplied through Renault Trucks South West, they are the rst
Renaults to join the companys 12-strong eet of DAF and Scania.
GB Liners set to relocate their Brighton branch
GB Liners are to relocate their Brighton operation
in Spring 2014 into purpose-built premises at
Woodingdean, Brighton.
The new warehouse and ofces will have space
for over 500 storage containers together with
mezzanine oors and racked areas. A substantial
yard area will allow a 50% expansion in the eet
which GB Liners has been unable to accommodate
to date at its current premises in central Brighton
from where it has traded for over 80 years.
The existing depot is being entirely converted into
Self Store for which it is ideal, given its location.
Managing Director, Robert Bartup, commented:
Of course, we will be sad to leave the area where
my grandfather started the business in 1923 but we
have spent a long time looking for somewhere
more suitable and we are happy that the search has
come to an end.
The new depot will be developed by St Modwen
Developments for GB Liners. Because of the sloping
site, the ofces are at the level of the top container
and the yard entrance is at ground oor level.
Tom Hare, Branch Manager at GB Liners, said:
While I will miss the buzz that comes from the
city centre location, I wont miss the trafc and
parking problems that come with it. I am looking
forward to getting into the new depot and being
able to develop the business further.
For more information, see
Industry News
16 Removals & Storage August 2013
Spot the pink trucks!
Britannia Bradshaw International Removals & Storage
and BCL Ofce Moving are now supporting Genesis
Breast Cancer Research charity and have painted a
truck from each company in shocking bright pink!
The Manchester-based charity has a special place in
the heart of BCL Ofce Moving. In 2007, BCL moved
Genesis and the Nightingale Centre to their current
location at Wythenshawe Hospital, with Managing
Director Rod Seeland and his stepson hands-on with
the move. In 2010, Rods sister-in-law was diagnosed
with breast cancer which tragically has recently spread,
and members of staff recently began to raise money in
2013 to support Genesis.
At the same time, John Bradshaw & Son, parent
company to Britannia Bradshaw and BCL Ofce
Moving, were searching for a charity to support. The
rms Chairman, Malcolm Halley says both Britannia
Bradshaw and BCL over the years have supported many
local charities, but this year we have gone that extra
mile and painted 2 of our new vehicles in shocking
pink in support of Genesis. As a company over the next
12 months, through various events, we are hoping to
raise in excess of 25,000 in support of Genesis.
Both companies are looking at their pink trucks as a
way to support Genesis in the long-term. In their daily
business, the trucks will be travelling around the North
West, the rest of the UK and to Europe for at least the
next 10 years. They will also be appearing at local
events and festivals on behalf of Genesis to raise the
charitys prole and help to attract donations.
A Twitter competition was launched in June, where
anyone spotting one of the pink trucks out on the road
and tweets a photo to @BCLmoving,

@britmovers or @GenesisBCP will have a chance to
win prizes. A grand prize draw of all entrants will be
held this month to win a pair of tickets to the Genesis
Skyball which will be held in September.
Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention said it was thrilled
both companies have decided to support Genesis,
and in such a big way! For more information,
see: and
Bishops Move help out with
Cycle Ride
More than 140 cyclists took part in the
Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland Canal
Cycle Ride in June, raising more than
14,000 to support people across
Scotland who are living with chest,
heart and stroke illness. The event
would not have been possible without
the support of Bishops Move, who
generously provided lorry transport for
bikes between the start and nish lines.
Riders of all ages enjoyed bright, sunny
skies and a cool breeze as they pedalled
their way along the 50-mile course
which followed the scenic towpaths of
the Forth & Clyde and Union Canals
via the Falkirk Wheel.
Participants came from all over
Scotland and crossed the generations
with several families riding together.
Many were saddle sore but still cheery
after their unique day out.
For more information, see
EMI share options coming
BAR Partners, Wellers Accountants, have contacted R&S to let us know that
Employee Shareholder Status will take effect, probably as from September
2013, and that Entrepreneurs Relief has been extended to Enterprise
Management Incentive (EMI) share options.
In the next issue of R&S, Kath Parker of Wellers Accountants will discuss
which scheme employers would be better off implementing for key staff.
For more information, see
L to R: Rod Seeland (JB&S), John Sturt (Bespoke Bodies), Mick Cook (JB&S), Simon Beck (JB&S),
Malcolm Halley (JB&S)
L to R: Rod Seeland (JB&S), Tracy Thornley,
Lester Barr (Genesis BCP)
Industry News
August 2013 Removals & Storage
The dinner was held at the famous Caf de Paris, where
delegates enjoyed wonderful views of Casino Square. With a
setting like that, the James Bond themed evening was
entirely appropriate with all attendees dressing up in black
tie and ball gown for the culmination of the events
festivities. On arriving at the restaurant, Britannia staff were
greeted by not only Britannias Executive team but also
James Bond himself, or at least the Sean Connery version!
The James Bond theme was present throughout the evening,
and delegates enjoyed the post-dinner casino experience.
80s|ness sIdrs
The focus of the business session at Britannias conference
was on how developing technology and stronger analysis can
help improve business. Britannias new marketing initiatives
have kept in step by including an upgrade of the mobile-
friendly website for smartphones, iPads and other tables as
well as a new online quote function.
Britannia regularly recognises the excellent efforts and
achievements in the group at an awards ceremony during
the gala evening. This year the roll of honour covered
quality, sales and endeavours in overseas shipping. Winners
included BAR Members Reeves (Quality), Sandersteads
(Sales) and Ryans (Shipping).
James Bond calls on Britannia
Britannia held their annual conference this year in glamorous Monaco. And at the gala dinner, delegates were
graced by the presence of that most famous Monaco visitor, 007 himself.
Bishops Move help out with
Cycle Ride
L to R: Rod Seeland (JB&S), Tracy Thornley,
Lester Barr (Genesis BCP)
James Bond with Gavin McCarthy (Sales and Marketing Director at Britannia Head Ofce)
Industry News
18 Removals & Storage August 2013
House prices hit new records
Halfway into the year, and the national average asking price of a property coming to market reached over a
quarter of a million pounds for the rst time, according to k|ghIm0ve, while transaction numbers also
showed signs of improvement.
Rightmove said that increases in asking prices across the
UK, along with reports from agents and developers of a
pick-up up in transactions, suggest a wider and more
sustainable recovery as the price buoyancy of the London
market shows signs of spreading across the country.
Miles Shipside, Director and Housing Marketing
Analyst at Rightmove said the rst half of 2013 saw little
sign of the traditional north-south divide with the rst-
half asking price surge in the north almost equal to that
of the south. The good news is that this indicates a wider
upturn, albeit at historically low but increasing volume.
The true signs of a wider housing market recovery are an
increase in transaction numbers and more new homes
being built, not just increasing prices. Agents report that
with Help to Buy for the wider market due in January,
some buyers are pre-empting any potential scheme-
induced price rises by doing a deal now.
The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) said
that there was an increase of 8% in the average number
of house hunters registering with agents in April (310
house hunters per branch) compared to March gures
(286 house hunters per branch). The number of sales
during the month of April also increased, with 9 sales
recorded per branch, up from 8 in March, and is the
highest number of average sales recorded since June
2011. The percentage of overall sales to rst-time buyers
also increased from 19% in March to 23% in April.
Mark Hayward, NAEA Managing Director said these
gures showed positive movement in the housing market,
with consecutive monthly increases in house hunters,
sales and supply.
Data from the Land Registry for May showed an annual
price increase of 0.5%, taking the average property value
in England and Wales to 161,969. The monthly change
from April to May showed an increase of 0.1%. However,
during March, the most recent gures available, the
number of completed house sales in England and Wales
decreased by 15% to 52,090 compared with 61,334 in
March 2012. The number of properties sold in England
and Wales for over 1m in March 2013 increased by 21%
625 from 517 in March 2012.
According to the Ofce for National Statistics, in the 12
months to April 2013, UK house prices increased by 2.6%,
down from a 2.7% increase in the 12 months to March
2013. House price growth remained stable across most of
the UK, although prices in London continued to increase
faster than the UK average. The year-on-year increase
reected growth of 2.8% in England and 6.2% in Wales,
which were offset by declines of 1.2% in Scotland and
0.8% in Northern Ireland.
Annual house price increases in England were driven
by a 6.0% rise in London and a 3.6% increase in the East
Midlands. Excluding London and the South East, UK
house prices increased by 1.4% in the 12 months to April
LSL Acadametrics said that in May house prices rose to a
new record of 233,061, beating the previous peak
reached in February 2008 and 6,125 higher than in May
2012. It said the price rises are due mainly to
improvement in mortgage availability and by the
continued outperformance of the London market.
According to the Halifax, house prices increased by 0.4%
in May. This was the fourth consecutive monthly rise.
Home sales in the 3 months from February to April were
2% higher than in the preceding 3 months (November
2012-January 2013). Nationwide said that UK house
prices increased by 0.3% in June and were 1.9% higher
than in June 2012, the fastest pace since September 2010.
Chief Economist Robert Gardner said demand for
homes has been supported by further modest gains in
employment, as well as an improvement in the
availability and a reduction in the cost of credit, partly as
a result of policy measures, such as the Funding for
Lending Scheme. Signs of a modest improvement in
wider economic conditions may also be playing a role in
boosting buyer sentiment. At the same time, there are few
signs that the supply of housing is improving
Industry News
August 2013 Removals & Storage
BAR News
Removals & Storage August 2013
BAR Training Services
Training from the Removals Experts
To book Call: 01923 699484 or email:
Commercial Estimating
A specially designed course for the commercial estimator,
expanding the knowledge of Estimating in general. The course
focuses on calculating volume, methods for Estimating in the
Commercial environment, what to look out for and questions to
ask the customer. This course will make estimating large ofce
moves less daunting for the less experienced estimator and
includes a practical exercise, where delegates will experience
estimating in a real time situation.
Why is volume imporlanl How do we calculale volume
Things lo be aware ol when eslimaling lurnilure Lslimaling
the amount of packing crates, questions to be asked, method
ol a sile viewing Whal should be included in a commercial
quotation, practical exercise.
Just 199 + VAT per person
for 2013!
Course Dates 2013
Coming Soon
Course to be held at
8AP Headquarlers,
Wallord belween
10:00am and 16:00pm
BAR wins Commercial Initiative of the TAF Awards
BARs efforts to create business benets for its Members were recognised recently when the Trade Association
Forum (TAF) awarded its Best Practice Award to BAR for Commercial Initiative of the Year.
The judges felt BAR had clearly
demonstrated an outstanding commercial
venture through the development of new
and innovative partnerships with leading
consumer brands such as Rightmove, The
Money Advice Service, Royal Mail, Zoopla,
and These partnerships have
provided BAR Members with 3 specic
benets: new commercial opportunities,
additional exposure and exclusive sales
By creating and investing in these
partnerships, BAR has also improved
consumer awareness and recognition of its
role, which continues to grow (see Public
awareness rises on page 21).
The TAF awards promote excellence and
best practice amongst professional trade
associations in the UK. Winning the award
marks a signicant achievement for BAR
and benchmarks the Association against
other UK major trade associations. Stephen
Vickers, BAR Director General, said: We
realise how good the result was especially
for an association of our size. He said the
award was a testament to all of the hard
work that our staff have put in across all
parts of the Association and the progress we
have made together in the past few years.
BAR was also recognised as providing an
outstanding Electronic Newsletter and
excellent 2013 Annual Conference and was
therefore awarded nalist in the categories
Electronic Communication of the Year and
Conference of the Year. Stephen said: We
have had a steady supply of awards in the
past few years which shows continuous
improvement in all areas.
We will enjoy the success, make the most
of it, learn from it and continue developing
the Association as successfully as we have
been doing.
(L-R): Ian Moore (Evening Host), Katy Moore (TwentyCi), Stephen Vickers (BAR
Director General), Caroline Suard (BAR Director of Marketing) and Award Sponsor
August 2013 Removals & Storage 21
BAR News
Business Support
Line keeps busy
Its been a busy six months for the BAR Business
Support Line, a free benet which is available to all
Transport law experts Backhouse Jones, who run
a free Legal Advice helpline for BAR Members, say
that of the 48 calls in total that they received in the
rst half of 2013, 16 were related to invoice queries
and other monetary issues, while 14 of the calls
concerned employees.
By far the most common monetary and invoice
issue raised was the non-payment of storage
charges. Outstanding debt and unpaid invoices
were other problems that Backhouse Jones on
which provided free legal advice to BAR Members.
Calls about employees mostly included issues
with poor driving and tachographs, as well as
redundancy procedures, although advice was also
given about how to manage a driver who refused
night work.
Members also made a number of calls to the
service with queries about Terms and Conditions,
customer insurance, and problems with the sale
and purchase of vehicles. Only 1 member called
the Support Line for guidance on how to respond to
a customer complaint.
Backhouse Jones is one of the expert companies
that form the BAR Approved Professional Advisers
Panel which offers Members extended support
across every aspect of their business. For more
information, see page 55 of this issue.
Young Movers Conference
London 2014
Solid feedback after Newcastle
BAR is delighted and proud to be hosting YM
London 2014, which promises to be an outstanding
blend of business and social programmes. The
international event will be a great opportunity to
meet, learn and be inspired by industry experts and
meet and network with colleagues from around the
globe. BAR has set up an organising committee of
British Young Movers who are working to make this
conference the best in years by ensuring the event
has an enhanced business content, great
networking opportunities and possibilities to
benet from a range of products and services
offered by the sponsors. R&S hopes to catch up with
members of the organising committee over the
next few months to nd out the latest plans for this
exciting event. In the meantime, see for more
information. And, if you have a Facebook account,
search for Young Movers London or see https://
BAR has received generally positive feedback from
attendees to the 2013 Annual Conference in Newcastle,
despite the predictable but still disappointing weather.
The event welcomed 221 delegates, representing 105
companies ranging from BAR Members, International
Guests and companies that provide products and
services to the professional Removals & Storage
industry in the UK.
A substantial majority of respondents (84%) felt that
the marketing, booking and organisation of the event
were good or very good, and 83% gave the same rating
to the hotel services and facilities.
The most appreciated speaker was Rob Wilson of
Rightmove, while keynote speaker Catherine
McKinnell MP divided opinions.
There was strong endorsement by delegates of the
quality of the workshops at the Conference, with 81%
of delegates rating the workshops as either good or
very good, and a full 94% gave this years Q&A session
with the Board the same rating.
67% said the Annual Exhibition was also good or
very good. The evening drinks were appreciated by
85% of delegates and the Gala Dinner by 95%.
Meanwhile, 92% of delegates said the Casino Night
was good or very good, and 94% said the same of the
Beamish Museum and the Vehicle Exhibition and
Procession always a highlight, despite this years
drizzle and damp conditions.
The overall assessment of the Conference was
encouraging: 53% found it very good, 42% good, and
only 5% awarded
Conference only an
average rating.
The BAR Conference
2013 feedback survey was
conducted by BAR from 23
May to 7 June. For videos
and interviews from the
2013 Conference, see www.
For information about next years BAR Annual
Conference in Glasgow, check the Members Area of
the BAR website.
Public awareness rises
According to the latest survey carried out by
Rightmove, the percentage of the public who are
aware of BAR has risen to 71% as of May 2013. This
is up from 65% in October 2012, and 47% back in
December 2011.
The sharpest rises have come in people who say they
know a little about BAR; up from just 15% in
December 2011 to 27% last October and now 31% in
The percentage of people who have never heard of
BAR has fallen from 53% in 2011 to 35% in October
and 29% in May.
This steady increase in is in stark contrast to the
situation for the National Guild of Removers. Only
11% of respondents say they know a little about the
NGRS, and only 43% have ever heard of them,
practically the same as the 38% in 2011. 57% of the
public have never
heard of the NGRS, a
deterioration of 7%
since October 2012.
kd|s|ng Nembers'
An excellent way to
increase your own companys exposure is to join BARs
specialist subgroups, the Commercial Moving Group
(CMG), the Overseas Group (OG) and the Self Storage
Special Interest Group (SSSIG).
To nd out more about BARs functional groups, see:
BARs investment in marketing is continuing to pay dividends as latest
evidence shows public awareness of the BAR brand is increasing.
BAR News
Removals & Storage August 2013
RBA helps out
Grant Binnie, Branch Manager at White & Co in
Jersey has written to R&S to let us know how the
Removers Benevolent Association, the removals
industry charity, has stepped in to support the
family of 1 of its employees. Paul Channing, Depot
Supervisor at White & Co in St Peters tragically
passed away following a fatal road accident whilst
travelling home on his bicycle, aged 45. Grant
made contact with the RBA who were prompt to
offer assistance to the family and raised a cheque
for 1,500 which has been passed on to Mrs
Channing. Grant told R&S: These funds, along
with assistance from White and Company were very
gratefully received and will cover some of the
unforeseen costs such a tragedy brings. Grant is
keen to raise awareness amongst the removals
industry of the RBA which relies on contributions
to help people who have worked in the industry
and who need support. He says he will be trying to
raise some funds over the next few months and
hopes that other rms can do the same.
auction for the

The Removers Benevolent Association (RBA) has
recently received a generous donation of 400 from
Simpson Packaging, Maidmans Removals and
Unique Van Bodies. Andrew Simpson, Partner at
Simpson Packaging, said he attended the North
West Area Spring Ball and was lucky enough to win
the rafe prize which was a mini removal van
donated by Unique Van Bodies which they said they
would paint in the prize winners livery.
Unfortunately our entire eet of 15 vehicles is
plain blue! Andrew said. So Andrew decided that
evening to start an auction for the truck. The
highest bidder, after some determined negotiations,
was Brian Maidman, he says. UVB painted the
truck in Maidmans Removals colours and I
presented the truck to Brian at the recent Southern
Area meeting. I have decided to donate the money
to the RBA on behalf of Simpson Packaging,
Maidmans Removals and Unique Van Bodies.
By now I am sure you are all aware of my position
as 1 of the 3 directly elected members of the BAR
Board of Directors. Thank you to all those who
voted for me, I am looking to make myself as
accessible to every Member via every medium
possible. Your comments, feedback and opinion on
all things Removals will be most welcome. This is
the rst of my monthly comment columns, to
promote debate and discussion amongst the
industry, so please join in.
Of course in the old days, we would pick up the
phone to each other and put the world to rights
discussing this problem or that issue etc. But
modern technology is moving at a pace and I am
doing my best to try to keep up with it! Nowadays
there are so many modes of communication to be
used, from Twitter to Facebook, electronic mail to
the good old-fashioned dog and bone, but even the
phone is multi-functional these days.....
The most recent news is that social media (what
does that mean anyway?) is the way forward,
boosting your search engine optimisation or media
prole etc. I can hear the groans already...oh good
grief, here we go again! The fact for all of us is that
the modern technological advances are crucial to
our need to generate prole and publicity for our
business and therefore attract more customers who
are now becoming more and more dependent on
the internet. As a fellow removals professional, I
would like to tempt you gently down the path of
joining me on social media and you are all invited
to join me in the Twitter revolution. In the
immortal words of Freddie Mercury, dont stop me
now, it isnt as hard or complicated as you may
think, so I invite you to follow my crash course on
how to use Twitter! Firstly, you need a Twitter
account, go onto your computer open up your
Internet browser and type in,
follow the instructions to open an account,
remember to use a name that is relevant to your
company, my twitter feed is anchorremovals. Then
you are up and running, so come looking for me
by typing in my twitter address in the search bar,
you can see my tweets and reply to them, forward
them to other interested people (known as
retweeting). Or, simply include me in a tweet of
your own by putting @anchorremovals. As Twitter
can be a very busy place, if you put
#anchorremovals (which is known as a #hashtag),
this is just a way to aggregate tweets. Picture it like
a magnet that attracts all messages categorised by
that topical word or phrase.
You can set a conversation running or join one.
Twitter is a community. Dont only follow people in
the same industry or area of interest. Yes, by all
means include them but not at the exclusion of
everyone else. Share and get involved because you
want to, not because youll receive something in
return. You have to approach it as you would any
community you want to be a part of: respect the
rules, nd others you have something in common
with, and be polite.
Dont get me wrong, we all feel we have better
things to do, but if you get lots of followers on your
Twitter account then you may be able to attract
interest in your business. Remember that tweets
need to be kept short, say 10 to 15 words, and a
picture always helps. So visit your DED at
anchorremovals and tell me how you got on. So
the question is to tweet or not to tweet, what are
your thoughts?
I will be back next month with another topic to
debate until then, happy tweeting!!!
To tweet or not to tweet?
A regular column from 0hr|s 8md||w00d,
directly elected member of the BAR Board
of Directors.
Do you have any news to
share with R&S readers?
Send to: rdnds-ed|I0r|d|@dnd|yI|cdmed|d.c0m
August 2013 Removals & Storage 23
BAR News BAR Training News BAR Area News
A roaring success!
Among the many exhibits on offer, Members were able
to wander through the Malcolm Campbell shed, check
out the Grand Prix exhibition in the Robin Jackson
shed and view the many motorcycles and racing cars
depicting the industry through the ages including the
uniform of the day, before moving on to the
substantial aircraft exhibition, track, grounds and
original club house.
Concorde was open especially for the evening so
there was a chance to see how it had been upgraded
over the years, and a great opportunity to wonder at
the unfathomable mass of disks, dials and buttons in
the cockpit. With a large compliment of Brooklands
staff and volunteers on hand and eager to impart their
knowledge and experience about everything and
anything, it really was a very special evening.
The F1 simulator was a huge draw, with Nick
Dunlop of Marshall and Macintosh achieving the
fastest time of the evening. For many, the main
attraction was the classic cars driven by their loving
owners offering a racy experience up Test Hill and
along part of the original Brooklands track. Many of
the delegates (including Bob Tree and John Luxford)
got out of one car saying that was the best!, only to
get straight into another one and do it all again,
exclaiming that one was even better!
There was a great atmosphere at the event, and the
buzz of friends and colleagues meeting up in the
Bluebird Room for the buffet, when thanks were given
to DKV and Pluscrates for their generous sponsorship
of the evening, really brought home what a great
evening it had been. John Mitchell, MD of Pluscrates
and a conrmed petrolhead admitted the following
day that he had already been on the museums website
to plan his next visit.
Such was the success of the evening that the Met
Area team and indeed, many of those there that
night would like to do it all over again in the future!
Thats how Members rated the evening when Brooklands
Museum opened their doors for the Met Area recently.
By Julie Thompson, Met Area Secretary
Southern and Sussex Areas
By all accounts so far, it was a good idea to host an
evening of cricket for local BAR Members belonging to
the Southern and Sussex Areas.
Members from the 2 BAR Areas met and then
played T20 cricket. Southern Area Secretary, Peter
Doman, said: Further to some really positive
feedback, I think this may become a yearly event.
The Southern Area will meet again in November.
For more information, see page 56 and the BAR
Calendar in the Members Area of the website.
Removals & Storage August 2013
Getting to know Trusted Mover
As a benet of Membership, all BAR Members are automatically listed on Trusted Mover, a consumer
feedback website which allows Members to collect feedback about the service they deliver and help
consumers make a more informed choice when choosing a removal company.
Although using is not compulsory, the
system is free for all BAR Members and is a simple way for
removals companies to improve their online exposure and
generate sales leads.
Trusted Mover allows consumers to easily search for a local
BAR Member using a postcode or a specic town, as well as to
view details about BAR Members they will potentially use, view
their BAR certications and view real time reviews from
consumers. Consumers can compare the overall consumer
ratings and comments for Members, and easily contact their
chosen BAR Member.
To make the most of this new useful service make sure your
contact details on the website are correct
so consumers are able to reach you. If you notice an anomaly
in your details please contact
Caroline Suard, BARs Director of Marketing, recommends
that to enhance your online presence, you start using Trusted
Mover as soon as possible so that reviews are populated under
your company prole.
Whether you are a multi-branch or single branch company
the system is tailored to suit your needs as it gives you the option
to send your feedback questionnaires using the Trusted Mover
website or using your own consumer review system.
Getting started is really straightforward! Simply
follow our Step by Step guide.
5 simple steps to getting started:
Tip: If you ask the system to remember your password and
login, you wont have to enter it each time you want access.
Step 1: Login
Click on the login button at the top of the home page at
www.Ir0sIedm0ver.0rg and enter your username and
You will then reach your individual home page, where you
can edit your companys prole.
Your username and password were sent on 15 March
2013 to your main BAR contact by email.
If you would like your login details to be resent, please
August 2013 Removals & Storage 25
Step 4: Customise your questionnaire
Step 3: Set up your users
Step 2: Review your prole
Ensure your company details are accurate and up to date.
Since the company prole will be automatically displayed on
the public-facing website, make sure you convey your
membership details and key services so you do not miss out
on enquiries!
Check that your company logo is uploaded as this will be
displayed on the website and on the Trusted Mover
questionnaires that you will send to your customers for
To give you the exibility to allocate different access levels to
different users there are currently 4 four levels of access to
the system: User Account, Admin Account, Group Admin
(for multi-branch companies only) and Sender Account.
User accounts are for general day-to-day use of the system,
whereas Admin accounts provide more functionality, such as
editing your prole, and customising the customer
questionnaires. Sender accounts are for people responsible
for sending out the questionnaires, but not for accessing the
For multi-branch companies, a Group Admin account will
enable Members to see and edit all the information for all
individual branches.
Trusted Mover uses customer questionnaires to collect
feedback after a move, thereby helping you to improve your
BAR has embedded a number of standard, pre-determined
mandatory questions, however Members can also add
bespoke questions to the feedback questionnaire, in which
case you are advised to preview your questionnaire before
sending it to your customers.
Removals & Storage August 2013
Step 5: Set your triggers
To allow you to keep track of the questionnaires that
customers are completing, you can set up your own
automatic reporting system and e-mail alerts frequency.
Simply set your triggers to 5 if you would like to be made
aware of all questionnaires completed or set your trigger to
3 if you want to receive only the questionnaires that include a
bad rating.
Please note that triggers cannot be set for your additional
customised questions. It is also important to note that all
questionnaire results that do not meet the Code of Practice
questions will automatically show on your e-mail report as
Members should be maintaining these BAR standards at all
Tip: Do not select an e-mail frequency of more than 7
days as questionnaires will automatically be published
live to the Trusted Mover site 7 days after a customer
submits their feedback if you do not dispute them!
0nce y00 hdve I0||0wed Ihese bds|c sIes y00 dre n0w reddy I0 send, mdndge dnd re0rI 0n y00r q0esI|0nnd|res.
Sending questionnaires
Trusted Mover gives you the option of sending e-mails
with your questionnaires either via the Trusted Mover
website or via your own e-mail system
8end|ng q0esI|0nnd|res v|d Ihe r0sIed
N0ver webs|Ie
Using the Trusted Mover system, you will have the
opportunity to send single or multiple e-mails links
manually using the Trusted Mover website with the
Generate e-mail(s) feature.
Each e-mail sent by the system will contain a short
message (that you can tailor) and a link which
consumers can click on to complete your
If you send the questionnaire via the Trusted Mover
website using the Generate e-mail(s) feature the
system will automatically send a reminder e-mail to
all consumers who have not yet completed their
questionnaires 14 days after your mail out
8end|ng q0esI|0nnd|res v|d y00r 0wn
If you would like to use your own system to send your
questionnaires you have two options available:
Option 1: You can tailor the consumer feedback
e-mail sent by your own system to integrate a link
(encryption key) which can be found in your prole
page. Using this option will allow your consumer
feedback to be displayed on the Trusted Mover website,
however you will not be able to report or view your
questionnaire status (viewed or sent) within your
Trusted Mover area.
Option 2: You can create individual e-mail links via
the Trusted Mover website using the Generate links
option and then upload and merge the le created to
your own e-mail system. By using this option you will
be able to report or view questionnaire status..
Ndndg|ng q0esI|0nnd|res
A notication email will be sent to your trigger email
recipients if the questionnaire does not meet your
trigger levels. You can also review and manage the
current status of your questionnaires at any time by
August 2013 Removals & Storage 27
clicking on Questionnaire Status on the top menu
navigation or on the home page.
For each questionnaire, you will be able to see the
date it was created, the customers email address, and
the questionnaire status. If you click on View you can
look at the customers feedback and you will be able to
see your score for each of the set of questions.
Questionnaires that have recently been completed by
customers will displayed under Completed prior to
them automatically becoming live on the website
within 7 days.
Questionnaires live on the Trusted Mover website
will display under Published.
The home page of the website shows the last 10
reviews received and authorised. However all latest
reviews will also be displayed under your company
|s0I|ng q0esI|0nnd|res
If you feel the consumer review of the move is fair then
the questionnaire will be posted live automatically
within 7 days.
However if you feel that the comments or scores given
are not accurate you will be offered the opportunity to
dispute the questionnaire.
Questionnaires submitted for dispute will display
under the Disputed section. You will need to View (and
possibly dispute) questionnaires that have recently been
completed by customers prior to them automatically
becoming live on the website within 7 days.
If you are not happy with the customers
questionnaire responses, complete the Reason for
dispute eld in this section. This will trigger an e-mail
to the BAR Regulatory Department, who will then
contact you to discuss and investigate.
BAR will then either Reject, Edit and Authorise or
Authorise the questionnaire. If the questionnaire is
rejected the questionnaire status will be changed to
X and will never show on the live site.
In all cases, both BAR and the Member should
agree on the way forward. Questionnaires will not be
published until an agreement has been reached.
High level reporting allows you to view your overall
scores and drill down to view individual questionnaires.
If you wish you can lter the data based on the date of
the questionnaires.
This should enable BAR Members to identify any
recurring weaknesses or problems in their operations,
hone their performance, recognise excellence and help
ensure that Members keep up their high standards.
Webinar 15 August
BAR is organising a webinar session on Thursday 15 August at 2pm. You will be able to ask questions via a live
text chat session. The webinar will last 30 minutes plus Q&A. To access the session you need to email and register your interest by 10th August 2013. For more information see advert below.
For more information, see
BAR News
Removals & Storage August 2013
Time is ticking on BAR Members
exclusive deal with TwentyCi
Make sure you take advantage of the special deal that BAR has negotiated on behalf of its Members with TwentyCi
before it expires at the end of August.
As Members will
have seen when
renewal packs
were sent out in
July, the BAR has
negotiated a
fantastic offer from TwentyCi on their Under Offer &
Sold Alert leads. Every Member who renews their
membership, before the end of August 2013, and who
deals with domestic moves can receive 600 leads worth
300 for a one-off cost of just 50!
Members who are already using these leads see
unprecedented response rates, with some now using
them as their main form of marketing!
Applications to receive these leads must be made by
the end of August so if you havent already done so,
make sure you get in touch with TwentyCi now to take
advantage of this great offer.
h0I g0I I|me I0 d0 |I y00rse|I?
As an optional extra, if you take up the leads offer,
TwentyCi can print and send bespoke marketing
postcards on your behalf at a discounted rate of
0.80p.per lead.
TwentyCi have launched an innovative new
fullment service to take the hassle out of your
marketing campaigns. BAR has also negotiated an
exclusive discount on this service for any Members
taking up the leads offer.
For a reduced rate of just 0.80p per record,
Members can choose from 1 of the 6 postcard designs
and TwentyCi will help to add your own content and
logo, then print and post everything for you.
The service is fully linked to the weekly supply of
Under Offer & Sold Alert leads so you can run regular,
timely campaigns to movers in your area without
having to lift a nger!

To take advantage of the heavily discounted leads, or if you are also interested in the discounted
postcard marketing service, all you need to do is contact Katy Moore of TwentyCi on tel:01908 829300
or email: kdIy.N00re@IwenIyc|.c0.0k. For more information see www.IwenIyc|.c0.0k
600 |edds I0r |0cd| r0erI|es
||sIed ds '0nder 0IIer' 0r '80|d'
I0r 0n|y 50+k (w0rIh 300}
hese |edds dre:
Supplied weekly as soon as a
local property is listed as Under
Offer or Sold.
Targeted to specic postcode
areas or districts to enable you to
contact known movers in your
key areas.
Able to pinpoint your preferred
customers through the option to
apply additional property price
August 2013 Removals & Storage 29
BAR News

There is an on-going discounted offer with TwentyCi that is exclusive for BAR Members. Full details are in
the Members area of the BAR website.
Removals & Storage August 2013
Clockworks new environmentally-
friendly eet
As the Clockwork team and service areas continue to
grow, the company took the decision that it needed to
ensure the longevity and viability, as well as the
environmental sustainability, of their vehicle eet.
Clockwork vehicles are selected on a life cycle cost
basis that takes into account fuel efciency, emissions,
maintenance and repair costs. Currently, Clockwork
operates a eet of 50 owned trucks, and as part of its
eet renewal programme, has teamed up with
specialist supplier Ryder to provide the newest editions
to Clockworks expanding eet.
As part of a 7-year contract hire deal with Ryder,
Clockwork has invested in three DAF 18-tonne, and
four DAF 7.5-tonne trucks, working alongside Ryder
with both DAF and specialist truck bodybuilder Tekbo
to design the vehicles and bespoke bodies purpose-
built to Clockworks specic needs.
The new DAF trucks will have EEV (Enhanced
Environmentally-friendly Vehicle) engines, which
remove emissions beyond current Euro 5
requirements. EEV vehicles are also eligible for the
maximum reductions on toll and charges for entering
a low emission zone.
Clockworks Managing Director, Jamie Mann, says:
Some of the older vehicles in the eet have proven to
be expensive to maintain and repair, so in order to
improve our vehicle availability, reliability and
environmental responsibility, we determined that the
new eet deal with Ryder provided the best long term
Clockwork Removals and Storage is a company on the move with big plans to expand its eet of service
vehicles. With a Go Green approach in mind, Clockwork continues to maintain its goals and policies to
minimise its environmental impact wherever possible.
August 2013 Removals & Storage 31
The Ryder team studied our daily operations and
suggested that as the trucks will spend as much time
standing idle, whilst loading and unloading, as they
will travelling, they will obviously clock up lower
annual mileages than other types of trucks, Jamie
told R&S. As a result, Ryder suggested terms that
provide us with substantial operational cost
reductions over the life of the contract. Ryder provides
us with a consistent approach to maintenance and
compliance which is a key benet as the new trucks
will be based throughout the country and across
different trafc areas.
The 7 new trucks will be based across Clockworks
London, Hampshire, Glasgow and Edinburgh
branches and will be maintained by Ryders national
network of 30 locations.
0|0ckw0rk kem0vd|s '0 reen' F0||cy
Did you know?
A|| C|cckwc|k d||ve|s u|e l|u|ned |n |espcns|b|e d||v|ng und lue| ellc|ency.
C|cckwc|ks leel |enewu| p|cg|um |s |n ||ne w|lH Lcndcns Lcw Em|ss|cn Zcne
A|| C|cckwc|k Lcndcn p|cjecls und p|ccedu|es ccmp|y w|lH und u|e ce|l|led by lHe
requirements of ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems.
00nIdcI InI0rmdI|0n:
Email: |nI0@c|0ckw0rkrem0vd|s.c0.0k
Tel: 0800 195 8671
Some of the older vehicles
in the eet have proven to
be expensive to maintain
and repair, so in order to
improve our vehicle
availability, reliability and
responsibility, we
determined that the new
eet deal with Ryder
provided the best long
term solution.
Clockworks Managing Director,
Jamie Mann

BAR News
Removals & Storage August 2013
BAR Services
MOVERKIT one of BAR Services most
innovative designs
One of the most popular products in the BAR Services range of packaging materials is still the MOVERKIT.
The MOVERKIT was designed over ten years ago on the
basis of information supplied by professional movers
and packers. The initial purpose of the kit was always
for BAR Services to take over the stress of delivering the
essential packaging materials required directly in to
your customers home and it remains the same. In
essence it is a starter kit that relieves some stress for
your customer, as they can start packing early, and
relieves stress for you as you dont have the hassle of
organising a delivery prior to the move.
Delivered directly to your customers door, a handy
outer carton helps protect the contents inside.
Comprehensively test marketed, MOVERKIT consists of
Pack 2s, Pack 6s, white paper, tape, air bubble lm,
marker pen, tape dispenser and in addition the outer
pack can be re-used for pictures. It is also available in
small, medium or large to suit the size of your
customers house. The MOVERKIT can be bought
individually for direct deliveries or in packs of ve for
delivery to yourself. It is ideal for those customers who
are a long way away and want to get started on packing
and can be delivered anywhere in the UK mainland
with the option of a next day delivery.
This was the initial intention of the MOVERKIT but
over time it has become obvious that there is a second
distinct market to which the MOVERKIT is attractive
the general public. With the rapid advance of self
storage and an increase in people self-moving, there is
a growing market for removal companies to sell
moving materials to the general public and Members
have already proved that it is possible to sell
MOVERKIT to the casual buyer at anything up to a
100% mark up. The added advantage is that once they
have purchased the initial easy-to-buy kit they will
then come back for more of the individual items.
With an increase in other large organisations selling
moving materials to the public, BAR Services has for
some time been encouraging Members to use their own
expertise and knowledge to jump on this potential
source of revenue. There is a massive market with a
huge prot centre that the Members should be taking
advantage of.
This was always an exciting addition to the range of
products when it was added having been designed
specically for the moving industry by BAR Services
many years ago.
For prices and availability, please
contact BAR Services on 01342 870087
or email
BAR Services
From just 1.21 per blanket
Size: 60 x 80
We are proud of the quality of our removal blankets and have been
buying from the same supplier for over 30 years
Manufactured in a heavier weight 290 gram woven material, our
blankets prevent knocks and scratches that can be caused by large
items of furniture during transit.
ldeal for proLecung dlnlng Lables, sldeboards, canvas plcLures and
mlrrors and Lhus prevenung cosLly damage clalms. Made sLronger by lLs
lnnovauve sLralghL suLchlng.
* Cer sub[ecL Lo sLock. 1he prlce ls ex vA1 and lncluslve of dellvery Lo Lhe uk malnland
(exLra charges may apply Lo dellverles ln ScoLland & norLhern lreland - lease ask for a quoLe)
8A8 Servlces
Sandhawes Lane
East Grinstead
WesL Sussex
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August 2013 Removals & Storage 33
BAR News
Removals & Storage August 2013
August 2013 Removals & Storage 35
BAR News
Removals & Storage August 2013 36
CMG News
The Commercial Moving Group (CMG) is a dedicated group of companies
within the British Association of Removers that specialise in all aspects
of commercial relocations.
CMG Seminar & Golf Event
The core speakers are now conrmed for the 2013 CMG Seminar & Golf event which will take place
30 September 1 October at Wychwood Park, Cheshire.
This years CMG event aims to combine practical and
stimulating guidance for commercial movers with
opportunities to socialise and network, explains
Kevin Mack, the new CMG Chairman.
The event will kick off on Monday 30 September with
a meet and network evening.
On Tuesday 1 October, delegates will be able to
continue to network over a round of golf in the
morning. The format will be an individual and
Stableford Competition, using full handicaps (max 24
for men, 30 for ladies). Prizes will include a longest
drive prize and a nearest the pin prize. For those who
would like to know a little more about the game of golf,
there will be a group lesson to help you break the
myths that surround the game! Anyone unable to take
part in the golf is invited to take a spa treatment.
The CMG Seminar will take place in the afternoon.
Richard Hill, Managing Director of Delivery Services,
will present the CMGs marketing strategy for the next
year. This strategy will set out the approach and
concrete plans which will be rolled out over the next
12 months by the CMG to further market its Members
John Mitchell, Managing Director of PlusCrates and
Gordon Philip, the new Managing Director of PHS
Teacrate, will jointly present the perspectives of crate
rental specialist suppliers in relation to the commercial
moving market, with suggestions as to how CMG
Members may want to improve efciencies and
Miranda Martin of BAR Training Services (BARTS)
will present CMG Members with BARTS range of
training services that relate specically to commercial
movers. The Commercial Mover of the Year 2013
competition will be reviewed by participants at the
Seminar following a presentation by David Bunting,
one of the 3 judges in the competition.
After each presentation there will be an opportunity
to ask questions and for Members to discuss the issues
and ideas presented with the speakers.
Dinner will be in the hotel and guests will be treated
to entertainment by Mike Farrell who rates among the
top after-dinner comedians on the circuit. He has
worked successfully alongside all the famous names,
especially in the sporting arena.
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Pictures from the successful CMG 2012 Golf Day at St Pierre, Chepstow
Book now!
1 night Golf or Spa or
Golf Lesson + Seminar
& Dinner, B&B
2 nights Golf or Spa or
Golf Lesson + Seminar
& Dinner, B&B
1 night Seminar &
Dinner, B&B
Golf or Spa or Golf
Lesson, Seminar &
Dinner only
Seminar & Dinner only
Golf Buggies
Please note an additional 2.50
booking fee and 3.5% credit/debit
card fee will apply. Spa and golf
buggie numbers are limited.
To register your place, go to

Partners prices available on
application by contacting
All prices include VAT.
For more information, see www.bdrc0mmerc|d|m0v|nggr00.c0.0k
August 2013 Removals & Storage 37
BAR News CMG News
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CMotY 2013 feedback
The CMG Council have reviewed the CMotY 2013 process and taken on board feedback from the CMotY judges. There were 15 entries to this years Competition, and each entrant
needed to cite 3 clients. The 3 judges each asked between 5-10 questions. Entrants to next years competition may be interested to study the types of questions ask as well as the
average and maximum scores applied in the 2013 competition as set out in the chart below.
1. Did they provide you with any information or resources (e.g. checklists, guides etc.) prior to the
project to assist you in your preparation? If yes, please provide details.
2. Please outline what health and safety documentation and information they provided
you with prior to the project starting?
3. Please provide details of the measures they took to protect your building, furniture, equipment
and xtures & ttings and whether these measures were effective?
4. Please give details of any post project support they gave you?
5. Please provide details of any associated services or value-add services they offered you or
provided as part of the project? Were these offered by any of the other commercial moving
companies you spoke to?
6. What was the one feature or aspect of the Removal Organisation`s activities that stood out
during the whole removal process?
7. What do you consider was the added value or value driven initiative to your organisation
at the end of the removal contract ?
8. Did the Removal Organisation offer anything extra in terms of the green agenda or
environmental impact during the removal process ?
9. Were there any unplanned or emergency situations during the removal process, and if so, how
did the Removal Organisation handle the situation?
10. Did you see any Innovation from the Removal Organisation during your removal process?
11. Why, in four words, would you use this Removal Organisation again?
12. Please describe the process which led to you your relocation Contractor
13. Once the Contract was awarded, please tell me about the communication and meetings
process which took place from that time on until the move(s) actually started
14. How would you rate the Project Manager, Foreman (men), and Operations Staff, for their
understanding of your requirements, and their ability to meet agreed criteria?
15. Please tell me about the presentation and appearance of every individual involved in your
relocation, and their professionalism, competence, courtesy, and exibility
16. Please describe the type of care taken with your goods and buildings. Were there any
damages, however slight, to either?
17. Did you have any issues whatsoever with crates? Were they all clean, and was delivery and
collection on time? Were labels offered? Were there any disagreements with your Contractor
concerning extended crate hire and charges?
18. Please tell me about the scheduling of the work. Were agreed timetables met in every respect?
If not, how were variations dealt with?
19. As you look back on your overall experiences, from rst contact to nal completion, to what
extent did the Contractor meet or exceed expectations, and how would you measure the
performance against the Tender/agreed specication?
20. Accuracy of the information provided by the Remover (Job, Client, and Contact details) and the
preparedness of the Clients to be involved in the process, and their understanding of the
Competition. (max 25 per judge)
0esI|0n We|ghI|ng/8c0re er c||enI c0nIdcIed
CMotY Winner
Maximum Score

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BAR News
Removals & Storage August 2013 38
CMG News
The Commercial Moving Group (CMG) is a dedicated group of companies
within the British Association of Removers that specialise in all aspects
of commercial relocations.
Experiences of a judge in the CMotY
2013 selection process By David Bunting

This feedback is not only based on comments made to
me by the entrants clients in response to my questions
during the conversations I had with them, but also
very importantly, what I learned and, marked
accordingly, regarding the accuracy of the information
given by the Remover, and the preparedness of each
entrants clients to be involved in the process, and their
understanding of the Competition.
I have no doubt that the majority of comments were
extremely favourable, with phrases such as they went
out of their way, nothing was too much trouble,
very impressive grasp of requirements, fantastic
service they just couldnt do enough for us, and
absolutely faultless - far better than we ever expected,
being made on a regular basis in response to specic
questions. I also received a strong message that clients
were very impressed with those surveyors/representatives
who were on time, well dressed, polite and courteous,
extremely knowledgeable, and able to put together
impressive tender documents which not only fully
recognised each clients requirements, but also
suggested alternative courses of action which could save
the client time and/or money.
However there were some shortcomings, some similar
to those noted last year, and others new (at least, for
Being aware that improvement can only come about
through noting and acting on what might be termed as
adverse comments, however mild, I decided to make
a note of every negative remark made. As you will
understand, these were not always verbatim, but
enough to ensure that I was accurately recording what
was said. I have set out a summary below, which also
includes comments noted from the 2012 Competition so
we can detect any trends over the past 2 years. It goes
without saying that I cannot publish information
divulged to me in condence by clients about individual
removers. For this reason, I have restricted my reporting
to subject matter and the number of clients who made
those remarks.
What I can say is that out of the 22 entrants, 10 were
completely criticism free (compared to 2 out of 15
entries last year), with no negatives whatsoever, which is
a massive improvement. Of the remaining 12, two had
1 adverse comment in total from the 3 clients spoken
with; two had 2 such comments; ve had 3 comments;
one had 4 comments; one had 5 comments; and one
had 7 comments.
As the Removals Judge in the Commercial Mover of the Year (CMotY) 2013 competition as well as an
invited attendee at CMG Council meetings and a member of the CMOTY sub-committee, I have been asked
to give some feedback about CMotY 2013.
00mmenI 2012 2013
Desk/furniture/goods/damage 6 7
Missing goods 0 1
Buildings damage (slight) 2 6
Boisterous men 2 0
Overfamiliar employee 0 1
Some porters not wearing protective footwear 2 1
Some crew not up to speed so were
replaced by others from another depot 1 0
Average teams not very impressive 0 5
Non-English speaking personnel causing delays
and confusion re instructions 0 2
Crates were old stock and looked poor 1 0
Crates not delivered or collected as agreed 0 3
Old labels on crates 0 2
Problem with crate numbers and labels 0 1
Poor timekeeping 1 0
Inconsiderate parking 1 0
Staff changes from day to day meant lack of
continuity and affected productivity 1 1
No CRB checks undertaken as required 1 0
Not all men in uniforms 1 4
Men slept in vans and used Clients showers in the
morning before starting work 1 0
Remover used Agency/Subcontractors who were not
as knowledgeable or productive as full-time staff 1 1
Some staff had personal hygiene issues 1 0
Poor labelling convention 1 0
Confusion over labelling of I/T equipment 1 0
On-going dispute over extended hire crates as
Client insists all crates were returned. 1 0
This feedback for 2013 came from my asking 8 questions of 66 clients.
Comparison of CMotY 2012 and 2013 feedback
August 2013 Removals & Storage 39
BAR News CMG News
Ndx|m0m mdrks
Five of my questions carried a mark out of 10, and of the
remaining three, two had a mark out of 15, and the
other, a mark out of 20. For the rst time ever, I awarded
maximum marks to three entries, which happened to be
from three separate entrants, as, from the answers I
received, I couldnt nd any shortcomings or faults
whatsoever. Each of my questions received the sort of
response I was looking for and more.
he need I0r dcc0rdcy
Accuracy of the information provided by the remover,
and the preparedness of the client to be involved etc.,
were real eye-openers. In general, the relative
newcomers to the Competition scored quite well here,
whereas the regular entrants did not fare so well.
Perhaps a case of over-familiarity with the Competition?
The 25 marks available to the judges for use in this
section were to be used as each judge saw t. My own
modus operandii was to allocate 25 marks to each
entrant, and then deduct marks for each shortcoming
against the criteria above, employing a matrix which I
deemed suitable, and applied consistently with all
entries. Undoubtedly, some entries, strong on
performance, were affected by poor attention in this
important area. Both disappointing and surprising to
me, as the innovation had been designed to focus
attention after the problems encountered by the judges
last year. Some removers shot themselves in the foot by
sheer carelessness, when the marks I gave regarding the
question and answer session with clients were so high.
Of the 22 entrants, one decided to use their own
template for submission of entries, which was not in
accordance with the requirements, and two entrants
exceeded the 100 words maximum for description of
their moves.
Regarding the accuracy of the information provided by
the remover, all the CMotY rules asked for was Job,
Client, and Contact details. Heres some examples of
where things went wrong:
One remover gave their own mobile phone number
alongside the clients email address, instead of the
clients number; and submitted a client who had
specically said they did not want to be used as a case
study in the Competition.
One remover had 2 different names between Contact
name and Email address.
One remover gave a fax number instead of a telephone
number on one entry; gave a wrong phone number by
mixing up the numbers (12354 instead of 12345, for
example) on another entry; and a number which was
unobtainable on a third entry.
One remover quoted December 2013 as the job date!
One remover provided, according to the client, the
wrong information regarding the dates on which the job
was performed. One removers client contact was on
holiday abroad, and as they were not due back in the UK
until early March had to be ignored for evaluation
purposes. A pity really, as when he returned, he rang me
and gave a glowing report but by then it was too late!
The same remover also gave a wrong contact, according
to the gentleman I eventually spoke with, when he told
me he was the right person to approach, and not the one
listed on the form.
One remover gave two wrong telephone numbers
(landline and mobile) for the same client. One remover
gave a completely wrong telephone number. One
remover gave a contact name who had moved out of the
UK, and was not contactable for answering my
questions. I spoke with another person, who, although
being aware of the relocation, was not fully up to speed
with what had happened during the move.
kee Ihe j0dges hdy|
Regarding clients preparedness to be involved in
process, and their awareness of the Competition, not one
remover, according to the clients I spoke with, gave the
names of the three judges to their customers, although
all three were clearly identied in the entry document.
All were aware of the Competition bar one and were
expecting a call, which was good to note, and certainly
an improvement from 2012, but only 55% were aware
that there were three judges, and 16% had not told
their clients that there was more than one judge. I
found myself having to explain on many occasions
that they might be contacted by two others, or just one,
or not at all.
Comparison of CMotY 2012 and 2013 feedback
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David Bunting, speaking at the BAR Conference 2013 held in Newcastle
BAR News
Removals & Storage August 2013 40
CMG News
The Commercial Moving Group (CMG) is a dedicated group of companies
within the British Association of Removers that specialise in all aspects
of commercial relocations.
BAR Training News
Overseas Group News Overseas Group News
he 0verseds r00 (0} |s d ded|cdIed gr00 0I c0mdn|es w|Ih|n Ihe
8r|I|sh kss0c|dI|0n 0I kem0vers IhdI sec|d||se |n d|| dsecIs 0I 0verseds
As of 9 July, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has begun to enforce liquidated damages as part of the
Importer Security Filing (ISF) enforcement process.
ISF enforcement nes begin in US
Since January 2010, it has been mandatory for
importers to make this ling (also known as 10+2) to
CBP 24 hours before a cargo is laden aboard a vessel
for the US. However, penalties were not implemented
for non-compliance until now.
Following this phase-in stage, US customs may now
issue liquidated damages of $5,000 per violation for
the submission of inaccurate, incomplete or untimely
Liquidated damages refer to a penalty secured by a
bond. If goods for which an ISF has not been led
arrive in the US, CBP may withhold the release or
transfer of the cargo. For carrier violations of the vessel
stow plan requirement, CBP may also refuse to grant a
permit to unlade for the merchandise. Non-compliant
cargo could be subject to further inspection on arrival.
The rules apply to surface / ocean freight shipments
only, and many shipping lines are now requesting ISF
details prior to accepting freight at origin.
The liquidated damages phase of ISF enforcement
adds to the use of manifest holds and non-intrusive
inspections to enforce ISF compliance. In order to
achieve maximum compliance with the least amount
of disruption to the trade and to domestic port
operations, CBP says it has been applying a measured
approach to enforcement.
The ISF and Additional Carrier Requirements were
borne out of the Security and Accountability For Every
(SAFE) Port Act of 2006 which required the ling of
additional advance data elements to help CBP to make
earlier and more informed targeting decisions and
improve CBPs ability to target high risk US-bound
containerised vessel cargo prior to its arrival in the US.
Members of the BAR Overseas Group are fully aware
of these requirements. OG Chair, Ian Palmer
(pictured), told R&S: What we are doing is being ever
more vigilant and noting the enforcement of a piece of
legislation that has been in existence for some time.
We are taking the advice of our counterpart American
IAM agents on every shipment and ensuring that
documents and information are submitted in a timely
Overseas Group Annual Meeting
The Overseas Group held its Annual Meeting, in an
electronic format, on 21 June this year.
This was the rst meeting for the restructured OG
Council, which includes a number of new faces. It
was also the fourth and nal annual meeting with
Ian Palmer as Chairman. As readers will know, Ian
will be succeeded by Vice Chairman, Tony Tickner
(pictured below) of the Euro Group at the
conference to be held in Glasgow in May 2014.
In his Chairmans report, Ian told OG Councillors
that the year has been one of major achievements
for the OG, which has overseen the introduction of
the new overseas moving standard, BS 8564 now
a compulsory requirement for OG membership as
from 1 July 2013. The OG thanked QSS Chief
Executive Chris Waymouth for his endeavours in
ensuring the successful introduction of this
Another milestone was the launch of the
specialised OG portal, which is a satellite of the
main BAR website, with much credit due to BARs
Director of Marketing, Caroline Suard, for
overseeing this initiative, as well as Jo Swinton
(BAR) and OG Councillors Andy Wade and Stephen
Denning. I am sure the website will serve to
successfully differentiate the specialist activities and
skills of the Overseas Group from the National and
European Membership, Ian said in his report.
Ian reported that trading continues to be difcult
for many OG Members, with a further 1.45%
decrease in the numbers of TEUs being shipped this
Thanks to the good budget management by the
OG Treasurer, Tony Tickner, the OG was able to
invest wisely in providing high quality training for
its management and sales staff. Ian said there had
been a return to members of our organisation
providing the trainers and this has resulted in a
much greater understanding of industry
requirements. Many thanks to the companies who
have given of their time to provide such high
quality training.
Ian ended his report by calling on more member
companies of the OG, especially OG Councillors, to
attend the BAR Annual Conference 2013, which will
attract Overseas Agents to the event.
Membership of the Overseas Group
currently consists of 55 Overseas Group
Members and 153 International
August 2013 Removals & Storage 41
BAR News CMG News BAR Training News Overseas Group News
BAR News
Removals & Storage August 2013
From 1 July, it has been mandatory for all OG
Members to either possess the BS 8564 Standard, FIDI-
FAIM, or a higher approved externally audited
standard. In addition, Members must have a nancial
bonding scheme in place to protect all pre-payments
made by the consumer.
All new OG Members are expected to adhere to these
criteria and a period of grace will be considered on a
case-by-case basis for companies who are able to
provide evidence that they are working towards
compliance by the end of this year.
h0w |I w||| w0rk
The QSS auditors will combine a Quality Standard
audit and annual BAR inspection in 1 visit so that
BAR Members do not experience too much disruption
to their daily operations.
To ensure compliance with these criteria, which
have been endorsed by the membership of the OG, the
auditors at QSS have begun preparing their audit
schedules. An early start for the audit process will
give all OG Members the maximum opportunity to
conform to the new criteria, OG Chairman Ian
Palmer says.
N0|I|-brdnch m|n| d0d|Is
Mini-audits will be carried out on multi-branch OG
Members who have achieved FAIM, the BS 8564 or ISO
9001 standards at their headquarters only, to ensure
that the requirements of the relevant standard are
being met across their entire group.
Again, the auditors will aim to tie in these new
mini-audits with the annual BAR membership
inspection process (or, where applicable, another
quality standard audit) so as to minimise any
disruption to business and ensure a smooth transition
to compliance with the new criteria for OG Members.
For multi-branch companies, a Quality Standard
mini audit will cost 100 (plus VAT) per location
(each branch, plus headquarters). The mini-audits at
branches will cover 4 or 5 key areas that are specic to
the companys respective standard and international
moving to ensure compliance at branch level. At
headquarters, the audit will examine the members
control over its branches and how it upholds the
relevant standard across its network.
All OG Members can expect to be contacted soon by
Chris Waymouth (pictured right) and his team at QSS
to organise the best time for an appointment.

88 |s d 0kk8 dccred|Ied cerI|hcdI|0n b0dy IhdI 0IIers r0Iess|0nd|
cerI|hcdI|0n dnd d0d|I|ng serv|ces I0 d br0dd rdnge 0I 0d||Iy 8Idnddrds
re|evdnI I0 c0mdn|es 0erdI|ng |n Ihe rem0vd|s dnd sI0rdge |nd0sIry.
QSS Update
OG Audits are on their way
Now that the new membership criteria for the Overseas Group are in force, QSS auditors are preparing audits for
all Overseas Group (OG) Members.
For further information please contact
Chris Waymouth or Melissa Fowler
at QSS on 01923 699480, or email
ISO 9001 new version imminent!
One of the most recognised top-level quality
standards, ISO 9001 is under review and there is an
opportunity for any interested party to suggest
There is a ve-year review cycle for most quality
standards and this is no exception. The current
version dates from 2008 and in the last few months
the International Standards Organisation (ISO)
and the National Standards Bodies (BSI, in the
UK) have been considering opportunities for
change and have just released a draft of the next
If you would like to submit suggestions, you
may do so either directly to BSI or through QSS.
The deadline for receipt by ISO is 10 September
2013, but to ensure that any comments arrive there
in time, you should submit them well ahead of
that date so that they will nd their way through
the review committees at BSI before being passed
on to ISO.
For further information please contact Chris
Waymouth at QSS on 01923 699480 or at chris.
Do you have any news to share with
R&S readers?
Send to: rdnds-ed|I0r|d|@dnd|yI|cdmed|d.c0m
August 2013 Removals & Storage 43
BAR News
BAR News
Removals & Storage August 2013
Training News
8kk rd|n|ng 8erv|ces cdrry 00I d rdnge 0I Ird|n|ng c00rses I0r
rem0vd|s c0mdn|es. F0r m0re |nI0rmdI|0n 0n d|| c00rses, |edse g0 I0
Picture 3
BARTS expands e-learning programme
BAR Training Services is now able to provide an extensive range of e-learning options to all
BAR Members.
As part of its strategic partnership with Maguire
Training, BAR Training Services (BARTS) e-learning
Platform now holds nearly 100 modules of learning
that can fast-track the development of employees at
every single Member organisation.
BAR Members have access to the modules at a
preferential rate.
The platform already covers a wide range of modules,
l-l:a|aia, |e| Maaa,:|s
l-l:a|aia, |e| l:a1:|s
l-l:a|aia, |e| :al:s l:el:
l-l:a|aia, |e| ::l|-uis:e:|,
Within these modules, company management and
key personnel can further their learning on topics such
as leadership, nance, sales and selling, customer
service, marketing, coaching, management and
supervisory skills development.
The modules are designed in short 30-minute
sessions so that learning is manageable and can easily
become part of everyones schedule. The sessions are
presented by experienced trainers from Maguire
Training a well-known professional training
company with an experienced team of trainers and
should be just like being in a classroom, only without
the travel costs!
Nowadays many companies are looking to e-learning
as an inexpensive way of delivering a variety of
training initiatives. BARTS online platform means
that the costs per delegate can be reduced and the
variable costs, such as travel expenses for each
participant, are avoided. Importantly, as well as
reducing costs, Maguire says that e-learning also leads
to clear Return on Investment, which is the other main
factor when deciding on what training strategy to
The BARTS e-learning platform includes a
mechanism that enables Members to know what
e-learning is taking place and then measure its
effectiveness, using real-time monitoring and testing
In terms of acquiring training, the e-learning
platform uses a system based on credits, allowing
Members to purchase modules and programmes. This
allows users to have greater control over when and how
training is selected and takes place.
The basis for credits is that 1 credit allows 1 user to
access 1 module as much as required for 30 days. This
includes access to all of the course videos, materials,
online test and certicate of completion.
If there is a programme of 8 modules then it would
require 8 credits to purchase this programme. The
length of programmes is longer than 30 days because
of the amount of time it would take to view several
Credits can be purchased whenever required and last
for 365 days.
Members with a Training Managers account can
purchase credits and allocate these to users within the
account. If the credits are not used (i.e. the user leaves
the organisation) then the Training Manager can
re-allocate these credits to other users.
For more information, see
New Health & Safety modules
The BARTS site now also offers a new suite of
Health and Safety training modules, covering
all topics related to identifying and reducing
risks in the workplace.

There are modules available in the following areas:

Health & Safety - the Basics

Introduction to Fire Safety

Introduction to Risk Assessments

Slips, Trips & Falls

Introduction to Manual Handling

Introduction to Control of Substances
Hazardous to Health
For more information, including exclusive
discounts available to BAR Members
for this package, please email
August 2013 Removals & Storage 45
BAR News Training News
To book Call: 01923 699484 or email:
Removals Essentials
Brand new course, this course will be delivered
on site as practical skills training. Delegates will
take part in all practical exercises and will have no
classroom element.
Manual handling
Heallh and salely
Vehicle loading
Packing (lragile and non lragile)
Tail lills
Pisk assessmenl
BTEC in Removals
The course can now be completed in 5 days meaning
less time away from your place of work!
Upon completion of the later exam, successful
students will be presented with a nationally
recognised BTEC qualication.
Course Dates 2013
Coming Soon
1,675 + VAT p/p (BAR Member)
985 + VAT (BAR Member)
Library Packing & Removals
985 + VAT (BAR Member)
Course Dates 2013
Coming Soon
Brand new course designed, based on member
feedback aimed at training operative foremen,
packers and estimators in the methodologies
for packing and removing libraries and
extensive ling systems
BAR Training Services
Training from the Removals Experts
BARTS 2013 Training Dates All courses laking place al 8AP Wallord
Did you know that BARTS can
deliver all training onsite at
your premises?
Please visil
and see all of the different training sessions,
workshops and courses we provide, as well
as the Removals Apprenticeship Scheme and
Online E-learning.
We can also lailor lraining programmes lo ll
your individual business needs.
Call BARTS on 01923 699484.
BTEC Award in Practical
This 2 day course is practically based and is designed
to teach students the art of estimating as well as face
to face sales techniques, covering topics such as:
Quanlily assessmenl made easy lnslruclor wilh 27
years experience in eslimaling 8esl praclice - survey
lo reporl lo quole Conldence in sales & eslimaling
Underslanding lhe imporlance ol communicalion
545 + VAT p/p (BAR Member)
Course Dates 2013
Coming Soon
Course lo be held al 8AP, Wallord
Industry News
46 Removals & Storage August 2013
European News
EU to tighten road test rules
The European Commission has adopted new rules to toughen up the vehicle testing regime and widen
its scope.
According to the EC, the main problem is that there
are simply too many vehicles with technical defects
on the road. Recent studies from the UK and
Germany indicate that up to 10% of cars at any
point in time have a defect that would cause them to
fail the tests. Moreover, many technical defects with
serious implications for safety (such as ABS and
Electronic Stability Control) are not even checked
under current rules.
Existing EU rules setting minimum standards for
vehicle checks date back to 1977, with only minor
updates. Cars, driver behaviour and technology have
developed considerably since then.
The new 3 legislative proposals aim to save more
than 1,200 lives a year and to avoid more than
36,000 accidents linked to technical failure. Key
elements of the draft regulations include
compulsory EU wide testing for scooters and
motorbikes, and increasing the frequency of tests for
cars and vans with exceptionally high mileage. This
will bring their tests in line with other high mileage
vehicles such as taxis, ambulances etc.
The EC will also improve the quality of vehicle
tests by setting common minimum standards for
deciencies, equipment and inspectors, make
electronic safety components subject to mandatory
testing, and clamp down on mileage fraud, with
registered mileage readings.
The European Parliament and Council will now
consider the 3 proposals.
Apply now for best driver award
The IRUs Diploma of Honour 2013 will be
awarded to the best drivers in national and
international road transport. The deadline for
applications is 31 August 2013.
BAR Members are encouraged to nominate their
drivers who meet the requirements. The transport
operator must be a member of an IRU national
member association. Since BAR Members are
members of a FEDEMAC Association, they meet
this condition. Please remember to note this when
completing the nomination form: FEDEMAC is the
relevant association afliated to the IRU and you
need to select FEDEMAC in the drop-down list of
association names in the nomination form.
The driver (who may be an owner-operator) must
meet the following conditions:
|as |::a |:,ula|l, aa1 :ea|iaueusl, a:|i: ia
his/her profession for at least 20 years to the
complete satisfaction of his/her employer;
|as |::a ia ||: s:|i:: e| ||: saa: :eaaa,
during the last ve years at least;
|as 1|i:a a aiaiaua e| ! ailliea |ilea:||:s
as a professional driver in national or
international road transport;
|as ae| :aus:1, |, |is/|:| ea |aul|, a s:|ieus
road trafc accident (with bodily harm) during
the past 20 years;
|as ae| :eaai||:1 a s:|ieus iela|iea e| ||a|h:,
customs or administrative regulations during
the last 5 years.
The IRU Diploma of Honour is awarded once
only to the drivers nominated, and is decided by
the IRU Presidential Executive. No appeals may be
made against its decision.
Companies putting forward nominations should
make sure that completed questionnaires have
been sent out electronically before 31 August 2013.
For more information, login to the membership
section of The Newsash section
contains information about the IRU Diploma of
Honour and the links to the form.
August 2013 Removals & Storage 47
BAR News
Industry News
48 Removals & Storage August 2013
European News
in Germany
The German Ministry of Transport has issued
new multi-lingual guidance on the trafc
restrictions in force that apply until the end of
this month.
In addition to the year-round trafc ban on
Sundays and public holidays for lorries over 7.5
tons, there are restrictions on all Saturdays until
31 August, between 7am and 8pm on all
autobahns and federal highways.
The trafc ban applying to the entire road
network on Sundays and public holidays
between midnight and 10pm remains
unaffected by this arrangement.
The eCall system automatically dials 112 Europes
single emergency number in the event of a serious
accident. It communicates the vehicles location to
emergency services, even if the driver is unconscious
or unable to make a phone call.
This draft legislation would ensure that from
October 2015, all new models of passenger cars and
light duty vehicles will be tted with 112 eCall, and
that the necessary infrastructure would be created for
the proper receipt and handling of eCalls in
emergency call response centres. The Commission
hopes the initiative will apply across the EU, as well
as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. Estimates
suggest that eCall could speed up emergency
response times by 40% in urban areas and 50% in the
countryside, and save up to 2,500 lives a year. In
addition to the road safety benets, eCall could have
a signicant impact on reducing the congestion
caused by trafc accidents and on reducing
secondary accidents caused by unsecured accident
sites. It is expected that the in-vehicle equipment
introduced by eCall could be used for additional
added value services (such as the tracking of stolen
The 2 legislative proposals now need the approval
of the Council and European Parliament.
eCall to be mandatory
from 2015
To help mitigate the consequences of serious road accidents across
the EU, the European Commission has now adopted 2 proposals to
ensure that, by October 2015, cars will automatically call emergency
services in case of a serious crash.
Swiss Government faces
Gotthard ght
Opposition is rising in Switzerland to the
Governments decision last year to build a second
road tunnel through the Gotthard pass.
The constitutional ban on increasing road
capacity means the Government is proposing
changes to the countrys Road Transit Trafc Act
to allow for another trans-Alpine road tunnel, a
move that has alarmed environmental
campaigners. The current tunnel needs to be
repaired, the Government says.
According to FEDEMAC European Affairs
representative, Tony Richman, the indications are
that the Swiss people will vote against the 2.7bn
Swiss franc (1.87 billion) second road tunnel in
a referendum expected for 2015.
Although not a member of the EU, Switzerlands
position in the centre of Europe and in the
middle of the Alpine mountain range that runs
from France to Slovenia means it is crucial to
transit trafc within the EU.
Basques plan
new road tolls
M50 charges
worry Irish
The Spanish province of Guipzcoa, in the
Basque Country on the French border, is
planning to impose road tolls on the N-1 and
A-15 roads from October 2014.
The N-1 road runs to the border with France.
The A-15 connects Guipzcoa with Navarre.
Cars registered in the province itself will not be
liable for the tolls, and the provincial
government is also studying exemptions for
local transport rms, in consultation with EU
The state-owned road operator, Bidegi,
already charges road users tolls on the AP-8
and AP-1 roads that it manages. The Spanish
road transport association, ASTIC, has attacked
the proposals to require tolls for Guipzcoa
access as being discriminatory.
The Irish Road Haulage Association (IRHA)
has voiced concern at an increase in tolling
points on the M50 and the impacts this increase
could create for licensed road haulage
Members of the IRHA are anxious that if the
Irish Government introduces additional tolling
points it will render many haulage enterprises
inoperable, while foreign competitors
contribute nothing to the upkeep of the
nations roads, despite making extensive use of
IRHA President, Eoin Gavin, said: We will be
calling for the introduction of a nationwide
pay-as-you-go road user charge for
commercial vehicles, such as a Eurovignette. If
our exports are to remain competitive, a
radically revised mechanism must be
implemented by Government.
Industry News
August 2013 Removals & Storage
European News
We would like to
hear from you
Our companies sole purpose
since its inception in 1977 is to
serve the membership to
supply good quality, innovative
packaging products at low
prices. This is achieved by buying
jointly on your behalf and
passing on the discount achieved
from this bulk purchasing power!
As a Member, we should be your
preferred supplier but are we?
For many of you the answer will
be yes but for those of you that
say no then we would like to
know why and what we can do
to change that? Your feedback
is important so please ring us on
01342 870087 or you can
simply email
We look forward to
hearing from you.
As the No.1
provider of
packaging to
the moving
we would like to
be your preferred
supplier -
If we are not,
please tell us
Removals & Storage August 2013
An Employee, A Worker or Self-
The answer to the question may be perfectly clear to
many and indeed it may never have crossed your mind
to even query the employment status of your
workforce. However, some who perform casual work,
do exible hours, complete apprenticeships or are
connected to an Agency will know that the answer is
not always that straight forward.
There are 3 broad types of employment status:
\a lale,::
\ \e||:|, e|
An Employee is dened in section 230(1) of the
Employment Rights Act (ERA 1996) as an individual
who has entered into or works under a contract of
employment. A contract of employment is a contract
of service or apprenticeship, whether express or
implied, and whether oral or in writing.
A Worker is dened in section 230 (3) of ERA 1996
as an individual who entered into or works under a
contract of employment, or any other contract,
whether express or implied and whereby the individual
undertakes to do or perform personally any work or
services for another party to the contract whose status
is not by virtue of the contract that of a client or
customer of any profession or business undertaking
carried on by the individual.
The classic form of Self Employment does not have
statutory denition but is normally in the form of
consultancy where there is an agreement between an
individual consultant (self-employed driver) and the
client (customer/company) for whom the driver
carries out services. Self-employment is a person who
is in business on his own and is not employed by the
client (customer/company) he performs the work for.
WhdI |s Ihe |m0rIdnce 0I sIdI0s?
The employment status of an individual is important
for a number of reasons. It determines what rights an
employee has and how an employer should treat them
depending on their status. An employee is offered the
highest level of legal protection; however individuals
who do not meet the higher benchmark of being an
employee may still have worker status which still
provides a certain amount of protection. It is the status
of self-employed which gives rise to the largest
In determining an employment status the Courts,
Tribunals and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) will
look at all aspects of the arrangements between the
parties and no single test will be used for all cases.
The ability for an individual to bring a claim in the
Employment Tribunal is dependent upon their status
and the following is to be considered:
\|: ||:, |:ui|:1 |e |ei1: ||: s:|i:: :|seaall,?
ls ||:|: aa e|li,a|iea ea ,eu as ||: :ale,:| |e
provide work and an obligation on the individual
do that work if provided? Is there mutuality of
obligation between the parties.
ue ,eu :x:|:is: su|h:i:a| :ea||el e:| ||: a, ia
which they carry out the work for the relationship
to be properly regarded as an employment
Keeping these in mind, there are points which the
tribunal will look at when determining an individuals
employment status. The points also give an indication
to the differences between employees and self-
employed and to the potential pitfalls which are
associated with each group.
N0I0d| 0b||gdI|0ns
As an employee: an employer is under an obligation to
provide the individual with regular work and the
individual is under an obligation to make him/herself
available to do the work.
As self-employed: an employer is not obliged to offer
work on a regular or frequent basis and the individual
has no obligation to accept any work that is offered.
Fers0nd| serv|ce
As an employee: an individual is required to provide
the services personally.
As self-employed: there is no requirement to carry
out the services personally and the individual has an
unqualied right to appoint a substitute.
As an employee: the individual is under the control of
the employer in that the employer can tell them how
to do the job and when to do it.
As self-employed: the individual has the ability to
determine when and how they work and are not under
the direct supervision of the employer.
Steven Meyerhoff and Laura Smith of BAR Partners, Backhouse Jones Solicitors, set out why it is
important to know about the employment status of your workforce.
August 2013 Removals & Storage 51
As an employee: the individual is not normally free to
work for other organisations without the express
permission of the company.
As self-employed: the individual is free to provide their
services to whoever they choose without operating
exclusively for one organisation.
hdI0re dnd |engIh 0I Ihe engdgemenI
As an employee: The length of the engagement is not
determined and does not relate to the performance of a
specic task.
As self-employed: the individual is engaged for a nite
period to carry out a specic task or project.
Fdy dnd benehIs
As an employee: the individual is paid a xed amount
on a regular payment date irrespective of performance
targets or completion of a specic task. They may
receive a pension, bonus, private medical insurance,
company car or other benet and be entitled to
company sick pay.
As self-employed: the individual is paid on completion
of a specic task or project or on a commission-only
basis. They are not entitled to participate in any benet
schemes and will not normally be paid overtime
As an employee: the individual is integrated into the
company, i.e. their name appears on the internal
telephone directory, they have a company e-mail
address, they wear a uniform and have a company
business card.
As self-employed: the individual is not sufciently
integrated within the company to have a dened role
and they do not perform services similar to or
substantially the same as those performed by an
Fdc|||I|es dnd eq0|menI
As an employee: the company provides the individual
with the facilities and equipment required in order to
carry out the job.
As self-employed: the individual provides and
supplies their own equipment and materials in order
to perform the services.
F|ndnc|d| r|sk
As an employee: the individual is paid even if there is
not sufcient work to keep them fully occupied. There
is no nancial risk for the individual to work for the
As self-employed: the individual risks their own capital
in the business and will be personally responsible for
any losses arising from their work.
As an employee: the employer is responsible for payment
of income tax and national insurance contributions
(NICs) on the individuals earnings.
As self-employed: the individual is responsible for
payment of their own income tax and NICs on their
earnings and they are responsible for becoming VAT
registered if they fall within the relevant registration
limit. Having considered the points above, employment
status may be conrmed or perhaps you may have
found that the status of some individuals has changed
to a new status.
Depending upon the status which you believe is
correct, the legal protection offered varies. If an
individual is classed as an employee they:
aa, ae| |: ua|ai|l, 1isaiss:1
a|: :a|i|l:1 |e a s|a|u|e|, |:1ua1aa:, a,a:a|,
a|: :a|i|l:1 |e aa|:|ai|, aa1 e||:| |aail, l:a:
and pay rights.
If you believe the individual does not quite reach the
limit of an employee, and are instead classed as a
worker, they enjoy a lesser level of protection but still
have valuable statutory entitlements, for example to be
paid the national minimum wage or to a minimum
period of paid annual leave and other rights under the
Working Time Regulations.
As a self-employed individual they are afforded much
fewer employment rights again and are really only
protected against discrimination.
For all related enquiries, please contact Steven
Meyerhoff at Backhouse Jones on 08450 575 111 or

The employment status of

an individual is important
for a number of reasons. It
determines what rights an
employee has and how an
employer should treat them
depending on their status.

00nIdcI InI0rmdI|0n:
Web: www.bdckh00sej0nes.c0.0k
E: sIeven.meyerh0II@bdckh00ses.c0.0k
Tel: 0845 0575 111
Steven Meyerhoff, Backhouse Jones
Removals & Storage August 2013
AstonSpinks: providing a
niche, specialist removals
AstonSpinks runs its 3 niche divisions more like
separate companies, each solely accountable for their
own work load and actions, explains Julian Rout
Managing Director of AstonSpinks group.
Sometimes the divisions pool their resources and
feed off each other.
From the outset, Piano Logistics changed the way
pianos were transported, using new techniques and
different styles of piano moving equipment, climate-
controlled vehicles and highly trained staff,
according to Ashley Green, head of Piano Logistics at
AstonSpinks. Piano Logistics has grown over many
years to become the music industry standard. When
a piano needs to be on stage or TV, Piano Logistics
gets the call.
Over the years, Piano Logistics have become
recognised experts and innovators in their specialist
eld. Based in London and Edinburgh, the company
operates throughout the UK, Western Europe and
organises shipping worldwide. It carries out piano
moves for all the well-known piano manufacturers,
such as Steinway & Sons, Kawai, Yamaha,
Bosendorfer and many more. On a weekly basis, it
distributes new pianos to retail outlets covering the
UK and Germany, as well as carrying out on-time
concert deliveries and many private piano moves.
We export pack grand pianos to a high standard,
in breathable materials for export, and unpack and
set-up and tune imported pianos for removal
companies, Ashley told R&S. Our specialist stair
crews are in high demand, as they can move pianos
upstairs/downstairs with millimetres to spare.
If the stairs are not an option as a form of access
we call in our lifting division, Specialist Installations,
to crane or hoist the piano in situ. We very rarely fail
to install where the customer requires their beloved
piano to be placed!
AstonSpinks-Piano Logistics also employs piano
tuners throughout the UK and has a repair shop for
any piano renovation work required.
We have had to adapt our piano service
considerably, Ashley said. Over the years we have
witnessed an overall fall in the number of new
acoustic piano units being sold. The piano transport
market place has also changed, and has become
somewhat diluted because of the Internet, with so
many companies advertising as piano movers.
Despite the major changes to the piano moving
market in recent years, 50% of business at
AstonSpinks is still accounted for by the companys
Piano Logistics division.
For Julian, joining BAR will help AstonSpinks
defend and expand its market share in this
increasingly competitive sector. We think being a
Member of BAR provides customer reassurance. BAR
adds something to our credentials that the majority
of our piano moving competitors do not have, he
8ec|d||sI InsId||dI|0ns
In addition to its Piano Logistics business, the
company has a growing Specialist Installations
business that uses its expertise in transporting,
craning and installing unusual objects such as heavy
stone work, sculptures, awkward, over-sized furniture,
safes and other high value delicate items. These
lifting operations are carried out for furniture outlets,
retail stores, auction houses and many household
removal companies. The company deploys specialist
HIAB cranes capable of reaching over 100ft, or up to
an 8th oor, as well as a selection of mini cranes,
mobile gantries, stair climbers and hoists. It is now
experiencing a steady rising demand for these expert
services services that only a handful of operators in
the marketplace can successfully deliver.
When you need a ve ton sculpture moved and
installed, or an object lifted and placed through a 5th
oor window, heavy equipment and experience is
essential. You need an expert and that is when
customers seek our specialist service, Julian told
R&S. We hope that by joining BAR, other Members
will become aware of the specialist crane and
installation services we provide, not just in London
but throughout the UK.
Known as the Specialist Handling Group, AstonSpinks run 3 distinctive
niche services Piano Logistics, Specialist Installations and Fine Art
Handling under one roof. The well-known company has now joined
August 2013 Removals & Storage 53
F|ne krI hdnd||ng
Specialist Installations accounts for about 30%
of the companys business.
The remaining 20% is devoted to: Fine Art
Aston Spinks has trained art handling staff and
uses specialist vehicles for moving art, and
regularly transports artworks throughout the UK
and the rest of Europe, our main routes being
London to Scotland and UK-Germany-UK.
The division carries out installations for
museums, galleries, interior designers and
private collectors, with crews daily in London,
and weekly consolidated services
Fine Art Handlings presence is small but
steadily growing within the art market The
majority of all of our work still comes from
personal recommendation, and I am pleased to
say that we also have a very high repeat business
rate, says David James of AstonSpinks Fine Art
Handling division.
Aston Spinks management takes a hands-on
approach to running the business.
The company has a rigorous training policy,
with all staff starting off with a 6-month
training course in its warehouse facility where
they hone their packing and handling methods.
All staff are also security vetted, as AstonSpinks
carries out a lot of work in royal residences,
museums and government buildings.

When you need a ve-ton

sculpture moved and
installed, or an object lifted
and placed through a 5th
oor window, heavy
equipment and experience
is essential.

InI0rmdI|0n db00I ksI0n8|nks'
sec|d||sI d|v|s|0ns dre ds I0||0ws:
Piano Logistics:
Specialist Installations:
Fine Art Handling:
Do you have any news to share with R&S readers?
Send to: rdnds-ed|I0r|d|@dnd|yI|cdmed|d.c0m
Industry News
54 Removals & Storage August 2013
European News
People News
Promotion for Lee Austin at JT & Sons
Director Jenny Thorncroft told R&S: Lee has grown
from strength to strength and has been an integral
member of the team almost from the very beginning.
We rmly believe in encouraging and rewarding hard
work, commitment and loyalty which Lee has always
Lee joined JT & Sons as Ofce Manager in 2009,
shortly after the company was established by Jenny and
Timon Thorncroft. As the company has grown I have
focused increasingly on the ofce work, so its a
natural progression for me to take charge of more of
the administration of the operations, Lee says.
Although Lee spends most of his time in the ofce,
he still goes out on the road with crews at weekends,
and he is also part of the JT & Sons team that carries
out spot checks on its own crews.
Over the course of the past 4 years, Lee has overseen
the setup of an administration infrastructure, with
more people manning the telephones, and he has
developed the companys new website. His role as
Operations Director is recognition of much of what Lee
now does, and he anticipates doing more estimates
under the guidance of Timon in the future.
Now 24 years old, Lee has spent all of his career in
removals. Before joining JT & Sons he worked as a
porter and then moved to foremans position at
Bishops where he also took on responsibilities for
warehouse management and operations.
Ive learnt a lot on the job here at JT & Sons, Lee
says. Training is internal and in-house, and Ive
really beneted from the experience of the people here,
particularly training under Jenny and Timon I think
its one of the main reasons for our success. He told
R&S: Id like to take this opportunity to thank both
Jenny and Timon for everything they have done for
me. Meanwhile, Jenny says the Commercial Mover of
the Year (CMotY)
winners banner
can now be found
all across the
website, business
cards and
uniforms, and
there has been a denite pick-up in business since the
announcement. Its been a really busy period, Lee
says. We cant say for sure how much is to do with the
new website and how much with winning CMotY, but
were denitely getting a big increase in the volume of
enquiries, so its all good!
Thankfully, despite his new responsibilities and the
amount of business that JT & Sons is receiving, Lee
still manages to attend boxing nights and is slowly
getting into golf.
Commercial Mover of the Year 2013, JT & Sons Relocations, have a new Operations Director Lee Austin,
who has recently been promoted after four years at the company.
Grospiron appoints Mirault to
international position
Santa Fe launches Mobility
Consulting Services
ONeil Software, Inc. has announced that David
Holt, formerly Executive Vice President responsible
for software development and support services, has
been promoted to Chief Executive Ofcer. He will
assume responsibility for overall management,
direction and growth of the company that has, for
over the last 30 years, provided technology solutions
primarily for commercial and corporate records
storage and management.
Tim ONeil, the companys founder and Board
Chairman, has worked closely with David on
software development objectives and goals since
1988. He stated: Im condent he will use his
organizational and team building skills to grow the
company, not only as he has done in software
development, but now also in sales and marketing.
He added: Since
coming on board as
our rst Director of
Software Development
in 1991, David has
provided strong and
innovative leadership
in creating software
solutions for the records storage industry. For over
20 years under his stewardship, our technology has
followed and adopted the best of the emerging trends
in automation and data management. This has
provided us with the foundation to meet all of the
challenges that come the way of a software company
in the competitive and constantly changing world of
information technology. From the early days of
IBM-compatible PCs, to the advent of the internet
and web and now the opportunities that the Cloud
paradigm provides, we have kept our solutions at the
forefront of our industry.
New CEO at
ONeil Software
Frances oldest mobility
company, Paris-based
Grospiron International, has
hired a new Managing Director
to oversee its continued
Philippe Mirault will head up
the BAR International Associate
Members international
relocation and moving
activities, building on the
recent acquisition of leading
relocation specialist CSU/
Cosmopolitan Services
One of the most experienced
operators in his eld, over a
25-year career Philippe has
held senior appointments at
some of the most inuential
names in the industry,
including Arthur Pierre,
Transeuro and Team
Our network of branches
and services are expanding
rapidly and Philippe is the
right man to help us manage
this rapid growth, which has
accelerated since our
acquisition of Cosmopolitan,
says Jean-Luc Haddad, who has
owned Grospiron International
since 1990.
The Santa Fe Group has launched a new Mobility Consulting Services
team to support clients across the globe, with John Rason heading the
new business line. Lars Lykke Iversen, Chief Executive Ofcer of the
Santa Fe Group, said we are very pleased to be offering our Consulting
Services on a more formal basis for both potential and existing clients.
We see John as a recognised thought leader in his eld and I know our
clients will benet from his global mobility experience particularly in
programme design.
John joined the Santa Fe Group 2 years ago. His career in the eld of
HR and Global Mobility spans more than 25 years, during which time
he has held senior roles and he is also a Fellow of the Chartered
Institute of Personnel and Development and holds a Masters in
Managing Human Resources from Kingston University.
Industry News
August 2013 Removals & Storage
New CEO at
ONeil Software
BAR News
Removals & Storage August 2013
People News
Diary Dates
East Anglia Area
Contact: Andrew Pearson
01362 853777
East Met Area
Contact: Paul Freeman
0800 413335
East Midlands Area
Contact: Andy Wade
01476 579210
September 25 2013
Kent Area
Contact: Tom Bourne
01797 228000
Met Area
Contact: Julie Thompson
01932 410100
Northern Area
Contact: Alan Hoggin
0191 5491194
September 18 2013
North West Area
Contact: Annette Harris
0161 6534455
August 13 2013
Northern Ireland Area
Contact: Dominic Murray
02890 748588
September 10 2013
Scotland Area
Contact: Georgina Berry
01505 502220
Do you have any Diary Dates?
Email them to: rdnds-ed|I0r|d|@dnd|yI|cdmed|d.c0m
Diary Dates
0 v|ew d|dry ddIes/evenIs, please log into MyBAR and click on the 0d|enddr/EvenIs
dnd 8kk 0d|enddr tabs where you can view full details including time, date, location and
agendas (when available).
0 v|ew dred m|n0Ies, please log into MyBAR and click on the 8kk kreds tab and then
one of the 15 areas listed. Minutes from past area meetings can be viewed and downloaded
(where available).

Southern Area
Contact: Peter Doman
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South Western Area
Contact: Sue Christophers
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September 17 2013
Sussex Area
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Western Area
Contact: Ria Russell
01278 447099
September 10 2013 Brent Knoll
East Brent
West Midlands Area
Contact: Judith Bennett
01684 892236
Yorkshire Area
Contact: Graham Puddephatt
0845 6021775
September 19 2013
August 2013 Removals & Storage 57
BAR News
BAR News
Removals & Storage August 2013
The following Members have
National & European Group
AMC Removals UK
Memb No: A121
Unit 2, Gleneld Industrial Estate
Perth Road
Tel: 01383 514239
McKeown Business Moves Ltd
Memb No: M103
Greville Court, 2A Greville Road
Tel: 01173 789927
Self-Storage Special Interest Group
Hunts International (Removers) Ltd
Memb No: H054
Unit 1 & 2
Upper Crossgate Road
Park Farm Industrial Estate
B98 7SR
Tel: 01527 520246
BAR has received the following
application for:
National & European Group
J.H. Apsee & Sons
Unit 1B, Penybont Industrial Estate
Coity Road
Mid Glamorgan
CF31 1NW
BAR is sorry to lose the membership of
the following companies whilst thanking
them for their support:
National & European Group
Homemaster Removals Ltd
Memb No: H080
Rapid Transport
Memb No: R062
Overseas Group
P & F Safepac Co Ltd
Memb No: S005
Additional Trading Names
AGS Four Winds UK an ATN of AGS Limited
Memb No: A015
Britannia Quickmove Removals an ATN of
Britannia Quickmove
Memb No: Q001
ECB Group
Memb No: E027
International Associate
Nuss Removals Pty Ltd
Memb No: N409
BAR Memberships August 2013
Any Member wishing to make any
comment regarding an application
should do so in writing to BAR Head
Ofce within 21 days of receipt of
this notication. Details of
membership applications in process
may also be found on the BAR
August 2013 Removals & Storage 59
Trade Services
Ireland Channel Islands
Scotland/Europe Isle of Man
Scotland and Islands
Removals & Storage
Units 5&6, Lower Blackhill Ind. Estate, Lerwick, ZE1 ODG
Regular nationwide service
!el. 0155 28 Fox. 0155 3515
This space is available
from just 33 a month
When booked as a mono unit
for a series of 12 issues.
Trade Services
Removals & Storage August 2013
Cyprus and Malta
This space is available
from just 33 a month
When booked as a mono unit
for a series of 12 issues.
August 2013 Removals & Storage 61
Trade Services
by Road
7 day transit time
Twice-monthIy departures
British Crews & ProfessionaI Service
HighIy recommended in Greece
00 44 1733 311 561 |
Europe Spain
UK Office: 01843 585055,
Mallorca Office: 0034 971 693566,
Trade website:
Weekly Scheduled Service, Containerised Storage Depots
Holder of Spanish Transport Licence
for our Tranship vehicles
Unrivaled Infrastructure in Mallorca, Menorca & Ibiza
Excellent Rates, Payment in Euros or GBP accepted
Purely The Balearics, No Bull!
Memb No: W001
TL: 01202 576514
FAX: 01202 574011
France - 8pain - FertugaI - ItaIy
weekl] 8ervice for the Trade. Call now for oest rates
Depots in Preston, Chester, Alicante, Nalaga
F880 01772 651570
Email. weo.
Trade Services
Removals & Storage August 2013
Dubai & Qatar
United Arab Emirates Israel
For Sale
This space is available
from just 33 a month
When booked as a mono unit
for a series of 12 issues.
August 2013 Removals & Storage 63
Trade Services
Africa Worldwide
Piano Specialists
Vehicle Tracking Specialist Services
Tel: 020 8561 4321
Tel: 020 8561 4321
Piano Logistics part of the AstonSpinks group
When it comes to piano transport,
use the pianists choice
Grand piano export packs
Crane 8 specialist stair crews
UK - Germany Weekly
London - Scotland Weekly
Piano tuning 8 casework repairs
Lifting solutions, from the unusual to the
down right awkward, we have the
equipment and expertise to deliver.
Heavy duty long reach HIAB crane's
London furniture hoist 8 gantry hire
Mini spider cranes 8 Stair climbers
We regularly transport and install:
Heavy stone work, Sculptures, Safes,
Complex artwork, large furniture etc
Specialist Services
Specialist Services For Sale
This space is available
from just 33 a month
When booked as a mono unit
for a series of 12 issues.
For Sale
This space is available
from just 33 a month
When booked as a mono unit
for a series of 12 issues.
BAR News
Removals & Storage August 2013
This notice is addressed to customers of any or all of:
Paul James Albert Todd (Paul Todd)
Trade Storage Ltd (TSL)
Archivists Ltd, and
Any other Paul Todd related company
(collectively the Todd Companies)
using the storage facilities at
Hangars L6 & L7, Wroughton Airbeld, Swindon SN4
0QZ (the Hangars)
Please note that Kevin Hellard and Stephen Hunt, Licensed
Insolvency Practitioners (the Trustees), were appointed
as Trustees of Paul Todd's Bankrupt Estate, reference High
Court of Justice 6319 of 2006 (the 2006 Estate) on 20
March 2012. In September 2012, pursuant to two Court
Orders dated 23 June 2010 and 10 May 2012, the Trustees
took possession of the Hangars.
The Trustees are now seeking to establish a process where-
by any third party customer of the Todd Companies,
whose own, or whose own clients' property remains in the
Hangars, can make arrangements to attend at the Hangars
for the sole purpose of removing their or their customers'
It should be noted that:
1 The Trustees have no legal, contractual or other
relationship with any customer of the Todd
Companies, either directly or indirectly, and
2 The Trustees owe no duty of care to any customers
of the Todd Companies, or to those customers'
own clients, and
3 Customers of Todd Companies wishing to attend
at the Hangars to remove their or their customers'
property will need to:
3.1 satisfy the Trustees' legal advisers that
they have the right to remove all or any
property which they seek to remove, and
3.2 provide whatever personnel and equipment
(such as, but not necessarily limited to, a
forklift) are physically required to remove
and load the relevant property, and
3.3 provide the Trustees with an indemnity,
evidence of appropriate public liability and
employee insurance and such
undertakings as may be required to protect
the interests of the 2006 Estate,
3.4 meet all and any reasonable costs and
expenses incurred by the Trustees.
4 The Trustees have no control over the Todd
Companies, and cannot be bound by, or held
responsible for, any of the Todd Companies'
representations or actions.
3 Any claim or complaint that customers of the
Todd Companies might have should be directed to
whichever of the Todd Companies with whom
customers contracted.
Should any customer of the Todd Companies wish to make
arrangements to attend at the Hangars to remove their, or
their customers', property they should contact the Trustees,
by e-mail in the frst instance, at:
The Trustees will then respond setting out the processes
necessary to allow attendance and removal of property
from the Hangars. All enquiries from customers of the Todd
Companies must be received by 31 August 2013 failing
which the Trustees will take such steps to deal with and/
or dispose of all items remaining at the Hangars as they
consider, in their absolute discretion, to be necessary and

This notice is issued by Kevin Hellard, Joint Trustee
in Bankruptcy, Grant Thornton UK LLP, 1 Whitehall
Riverside, LEEDS LS1 4BN
This notice is published on behalf of the Joint Trustees in Bankruptcy of Paul James Albert Todd.
BAR, irs subsiJiories, o[cers onJ oqenrs occepr no liobiliry [or rne conrenr o[ rnis norice, or [or rne consequences o[
any actions taken on the basis of the information provided.
Any quesrions orisinq [rom rnis norice musr be oJJresseJ ro Tne Trusrees in Bon|ruprcy o[ Poul Jomes Alberr ToJJ,
c/o Grant Thornton UK LLP, No 1 Whitehall Riverside, Leeds, LS1 4BN. BAR will not enter into any correspondence
reqorJinq rnis morrer."
August 2013 Removals & Storage 65
BAR News
Olympics Monitor
BAR Training Services
Training from the Removals Experts
BTEC Award in Practical
This 2 day course is practically based and is designed
to teach students the art of estimating as well as face
to face sales techniques, covering topics such as:
Quanlily assessmenl made easy lnslruclor wilh 27
years experience in estimating Best practice - survey
to report to quote Conldence in sales & eslimaling
Understanding the importance of communication
545 + VAT p/p (BAR Member)
Course Dates 2013
Coming Soon
Course to be held at
8AP, Wallord
To book Call: 01923 699484 or email:
for 2013!
Do you have a special story
for Christmas or New Year
to share with our readers?
Please submit your story and pictures to us for the ecember |ss0e
Email stories/pics to sdndrd@r0b|c0nmdrkeI|ng.neI by 30th October
Removals & Storage August 2013 Removals & Storage August 2013
Trade Services Classieds
Are You Looking
To Sell?
We are looking lo buy good qualily
household moving and storage
companies in London and the
home counties.
Please call 07933 123 123 in full
condence for a quick decision.
Advertising Deadlines
Sell it, Fill it, R&S it!
Please see the deadlines for the
remainder of the year:
Call Sandra on
0117 957 5400 for details
Iss0e 800k|ng krIw0rk
edd||ne edd||ne
Sep 16th Aug 22nd Aug
Oct 18th Sep 24th Sep
Nov 17th Oct 23rd Oct
Dec 15th Nov 21st Nov

Trade Storage
Warehouse Containers
Abrahams (since 1865)
1 Crown Close, Bow, London E3 2JH
Tel: 020 8980 1937 Fax: 020 8980 3762
2o0 :u || Wa|e|cue (a|:||.e, :c||a||e|
192 :u || ||||.a|
Bepc|e :ae & :|a|e - p|]Wccd/|||Wa||
A|| :ae. :crre|:|a| a|d rueur
250 Cu ll Warehouse Conlainers
Any Quanlily, Condilion or
Location Considered
Call Edward Howard
07850 256886
Do you have a
special story for
Christmas or New
Year to share with
our readers?
Please submit your
story and pictures
to us for the
ecember |ss0e
Email stories/pics to
by 30th October
Truck Wanted
Mercedes 4 conlainer
!5T 4 pallel lruck
07/08 plale
Cash buyer
John: 07771 897142
Classied Rates
Sell it, Fill it, R&S it!
Your R&S is the perfect vehicle
to advertise your:
- Business
- Vehicles
- Vacancies
- And much more besides!
Classied Rates
S||ua||c| Va:a|| 2.1o pe| Wc|d (r|| 1o Wc|d,
Sa|e a|d wa|| 2.1o pe| Wc|d (r|| 10 Wc|d,
Bc/ed Ad.e|| 80 (pe| |||e :c|ur| :e|||re||e,
(P|:|u|e 20 e/||a,
Bc/ |uroe| 80
|cce ||e|| 280 (pe| 1,000 ||e|| upp||ed,
Ha|| pae rc|c o10
Ha|| pae :c|cu| O1o
0ua||e| pae rc|c 42o
0ua||e| pae :c|cu| o00
Ve||:|e a|e oc/ P||:e |e|a|ed |c :c||e|| a|d |/e
Call Sandra on
0117 957 5400 for details
For Sale
Removal Blankets 1.00 each + vat
Tel 07786 361635
August 2013 Removals & Storage 67
BAR News
BAR News
Removals & Storage August 2013