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Virginia Tudorancea
(F, 27, Romania, BUCURESTI) Birth date: 12-05-1986 Mobile phone: 0749040737 Email: Last login: 18-06-2013 Date of last modification: 28-02-2013 Career goal I am a fully committed, capable person with an enjoyable presence and strong interpersonal skills. I use my determination and qualities to achieve any proposed goal and try bettering myself every day as a professional but also as an individual. My easily adaptive nature recommends me as a person who isn’t afraid of challenges and is capable of surpassing any unexpected problems. I have a complex work experience that contributes to an exhaustive approach over professional objectives whether the problem in cause requires a marketing, management or communication-wise solution. I am presently looking for an opportunity to showcase my qualities in an work environment that allows me to express my ideas and grow as a professional. Targeted job: Job Desired job locations: BUCURESTI Mobility: I am not willing Willing to travel: Up to 25% of my working time Experience Marketing Manager (Full time) Period: 2012-05 <> 2012-12 Company and location: GYMBOLAND SRL, BUCURESTI Job domain / occupation: Management * Managing and motivating a team of 26 employees to ensure business efficiency and increase of sales * Interviewing and recruitment of new staff * Managing financial budgets * Extending the company's portfolio of services * Suggesting and implementing improvements in daily workflow * Enhancing awareness of the company brand by: - creating a marketing strategy - building an online presence - website/social media/forums - organizing highly visible events - developing partnerships & relationships with third parties to meet strategic objectives. Account Executive (Full time) Period: 2011-12 <> 2012-05 Company and location: FOURHOOKS SRL, BUCURESTI Job domain / occupation: Advertising * Organizing an effective workflow between different internal agency departments * Establishing objectives and deadlines based on client needs * Contributing to brainstorm meetings for developing advertising campaigns that meet the client's communication objectives and budget * Creating attractive presentations for client meetings * Checking and reporting on the campaign's progress * Maintaining a continuous communication with client's representatives Sales Manager (Full time)

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reporting and holding follow up acctivities * Involved in organizing events .ro . Secretarial * Organizing manager's agenda and managing daily administrative activities * Constantly researching for updates on EU funds for HR development programmes * Involved in HR recruiting and coaching projects by: .training sessions or conferences * Updating the company website Education Master / Postuniversitary degree SNSPA . BUCURESTI Major: Management and business administration Skills Driving license: Yes •Persuasive communicator. Quality * Responsible for implementing. training and leading a 40 employees team. manage absence * Scheduling workload to meet priorities and targets * Analyzing complex data and documentation using AutoCad Assistant Manager (Full time) Period: 2007-08 <> 2008-09 Company and location: Emcer Consult. BUCURESTI Job domain / occupation: Human Resources / Psychology. coordination and analysis skills •Accuracy and attention to detail •Organised and up to date on organizational tools www. lead and develop staff •Focused on achieving goals and increasing work efficiency •Ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction •Communication.Master in communication and organizational behaviour (Year of study : 5). hours worked and overtime. BUCURESTI Job domain / occupation: Management.Cel mai popular serviciu de recrutare online din Romania! .composing available job descriptions and making hiring posts . providing frequent performance reports to superiors * Designing and coordinating training programs for employees in order to enhance work efficiency * HR duties like: authorising salaries.University of Management (2005 . energy & charisma to inspire.2009).evaluating. Sales * Scouting and recruiting insurance agents * Training and organising teams * Enlarge the company's client portfolio and manage existing accounts * Preparing complex reports and maintaining insurance records and policies. coordinating and delivering a national cadastral project with high quality requirements * Recruiting.screening CVs and setting up interviews with acceptable applicants .Period: 2010-10 <> 2011-11 Company and location: Astra Asigurari. articulate & numerate •Good presentation and negotiation skills •People management •Open minded and flexible with the ability to think outside the box •Possessing personality. BUCURESTI Major: Human resources University (graduate) ASE . BUCURESTI Job domain / occupation: Management. Project Manager (Full time) Period: 2008-09 <> 2010-10 Company and location: CORNEL & CORNEL TOPOEXIM SRL.BestJobs. holidays.

ro .Advanced Certifications (activities): Volunteering Event Manager for "Impreuna desenam viitorul" ONG Translator and book editor for "ARCA" ONG Training courses Sales training for understanding and promoting financial products Training in nonverbal communication Qualifications Human Resources Inspector certificate www.Cel mai popular serviciu de recrutare online din Romania! .BestJobs.•Pro-active and willing to learn •Team player •Profficiency in using Microsoft Office suite •Good comand of AutoCad Spoken foreign languages: English .

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