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Monday, August 19th, 2013

Meeting no 802
On August 12, Monday the regular weekly meeting of Rotary Club of Pokhara chaired by Rtn. Meenu Shrestha Kunwar discussed on different club issues. Club Administration Chair Rtn. Bhagat Kumar Shrestha presented the report of the COTs Training. In the same meeting P.P. Rtn. Sundar Kumar Shrestha was appointed as the club coordinator for RI Convention 2013/14 to be held in Sydney from 1-4 June.

Weekly Bulletin 8th

which is going to be held in Pokhara on 20th-21st August. PDG instructed about the plans for the preparation of the program.

Year 16 (2013-14)
US$49,250. AG Rtn. Dinesh Shankar Palikhe, AG Baburam Baral delivered their Greeting remarks. PP Kiran Lal Shrestha welcomed everyone in the program. IPP Kesav Raj Dhakal highlighted on the importance of the project. Coordinator Rtn. Rakeshman Buddhacharya shared his experience about the troubles he faced due to the lack of dialysis machines in Pokhara as well as in Nepal in the past.

Handover Ceremony of Dialysis Machine

On 18th August Sunday RC Pokhara handed over 4 Gambro-96 Haemodialysis machines to Rotary Dialysis Center located at Manipal Teaching Hospital, Fulbari. The Chief Guest of the program PDG Rtn. Tirthaman Shakya handed it over to the Dean of Manipal Mr. B.N Nagpal.

Meeting with PDG

On 12 August Monday at 11 A.M, past District Governor Rtn. Tirthaman Shakya had a meeting with AG Zone XVII Rtn. Dinesh Shankar Palikhe, AG Zone XVI Rtn. Baburam Baral, Present and Past Presidents of RC clubs of Pokhara. The Agendas for the discussion was the incoming Membership Seminar

At present including these four additional machines altogether 7 machines of Rotary Club of Pokhara are providing services to the kidney patients at Manipal. This Project no 78422 was implemented with our matching partner RC Williamson District 7550, West Virginia. The other people who provided their greeting remarks were 1st VP of Chamber of Commerce Pokhara Mr.

The total cost of the Project is

Editorial Team- Rtn.Kiran Lal Shrestha , Rtn. Mohan Singh Khadka, Special Support: Moheet Shrestha

Bindu Kumar Thapa and Dean of Manipal Hospital. President Rtn. Meenu Shrestha Kunwar thanked everyone for their support to make this program successful.

PP Kiran Lal Shrestha welcomed everyone in the fellowship cocktail dinner and the President thanked the guests for accepting the invitation of RC Pokhara.

August is Membership and Extension Month

Upcoming Program of the month
Guest Speaker. Teej Celebration with Annes. Chartered Presentation Ceremony of RC Dhangadi. Eloquence Competition for Interactors on account of Childrens Day.

Fellowship with Non Rotarians Request to all

Please visit Page of Rotary Club of Pokhara on Facebook. ofpokhara

Correction On 18th August Sunday at 7:00 P.M. RC Pokhara organized Fellowship Cocktail Dinner among Rotarians and non-Rotarians at Paradise Restaurant at Lakeside. The main objective of the program was to publicize the work of Rotary and build up public relation with people from different walk of life. The club relation committee chair conducted the program. On the occasion RC Pokhara presented a short documentary show of its major projects. The chief Guest, PDG Rtn. Tirthaman Shakya introduced Rotary, its objective, structure, activities to the guests.
In the 801 meeting Honorary Member Guru Anand has donated US$ 10,000 for the Guru Anand School Support Project.

Media Coverage

The program was supported by Surgi Electro Medica.