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IBM Webcast:

Generate Demand Using Your Web Content and Integrated Email Marketing Campaigns

July 18, 2013

Welcome An Integrated Marketing Platform Matt Nisonger, Director, Strategy and Strategic Engagements, SharedVue

IBM PartnerWorld Benefits: IBM Web Content Syndication and the New Email Marketing Campaign Platform John Wood, Global Program Manager, IBM
Creating An Email Campaign Marie Duncan, Key Account Manager, SharedVue Wrap Up and Questions and Answers

SharedVue Integrated Marketing

Matt Nisonger
Director of Strategic Engagement, SharedVue

Why Integrated Marketing?

A Look at Customer Buying Trends
92% of B2B buyers use online resources to research products and services B2B buyer is on average 60% through the sales cycle before engaging with a salesperson New tools (apps, RSS, aggregators, UGC, review sites) give them the power to decide how and where to digest content Partners Must:
Publish wide and deep Be personable, Learn about customers, Remember customers Align message with customers need Meet them where they spend their time

IBM Content







Email Campaigns


Event Management


Lead Generation & Reporting

Integrated Campaign Platform

Email Campaigns
Newsletters, Events, Targeted

Customer Journey

CoBranded Assets Up-to-Date Content

Curated Content Trust, Awareness Trends, Aggregated Exportable

Integrated Lead Generation for Partners

Integrated Marketing Approach

How we support a lead-generating, performance-based program Content Strategy focused on updated Go-To-Market messaging Tools to Drive Traffic
Email Campaigns Social Events

Lead Generating Features

Automated Newsletters Cobranded Collateral Lead Scoring

Programs leveraging the Integrated Approach receive 4x the page views and 2x leads

Social Content Management

Web Content Syndication Digital Content Marketing

The Web Content Syndication benefit is being enhanced to provide an an integrated digital content marketing suite / platform for Business Partners . a Market Through vehicle that enables partners to generate client demand for IBM based solutions

IBM: Provides Client Marketing Content

Coming 3Q

BP and IBM Metrics

Metric Metric s s
Trends, Aggregated Exportable

Web Content
IBM Branded Web Assets

Campaign Content
Campaign and Event emails

Social Content
Curated Content Ready for use

Leads and metrics

BP: Executes Tactics using Integrated Platform Web Email Social

Clients: Receive / View Content Respond to offers

Assets & Offers


Current Offering -- Web Content Syndication



Business Partner Web Site

Prospect interaction with Business Partner web site

IBM Brand Content

Syndication Service

IBM creates the marketing content SharedVue manages the syndication services Your Web site displays selected IBM content Prospects never leave your Web site Leads are captured and delivered directly to you


IBM Content Currently Available via Syndication

IBM Software Business Analytics Commerce Solutions Enterprise Content Management Enterprise Marketing Management IBM Collaboration Solutions IBM Sterling B2B Integration IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer Information Management Platform Computing Rational Security Systems Smarter City Operations Tivoli WebSphere
IBM Hardware BladeCenter Express Servers & Storage FlexSystem IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment Power Systems Storage Systems Network System x System z Technical Computing PureSystems IBM PureApplication System IBM PureData System IBM PureFlex System IBM Services Business Continuity and Resiliency Services Cloud Services Security Services ServicePacs Technical Support Services

IBM Global Financing Hardware Financing IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment Software and Services Financing
Cloud Computing SmartCloud Foundation SmartCloud Series SmartCloud Solutions


Business Partner Value

Increase visibility of partnership with IBM Leverage IBMs rich content on your Web site! Keep prospects on your Web site Get started in 15 minutes Content updated automatically No ongoing maintenance required Deliver content customized to your Web site Promote the products and services that you offer Available in 12 languages Reduce your investment in marketing and technical resources, and support costs No cost for PartnerWorld members!


Campaign Automation Capability

Now available using Ready to Execute Marketing Campaigns
Launch email campaigns directly from Partner Console Built on Ready to Execute Easily upload, create and manage contact lists

Drive traffic to a customizable landing page, integrated with existing IBM content showcase pages
Track open rates, click rates and more Easy to execute with no additional resources
Campaign Automation No Cost Landing Page Generate Demand


Ready to Execute Campaigns

What is Ready-to- Execute (RTE)? Pre-packaged email marketing campaigns Includes strategy plan, assets and offers Fully customizable, including a landing page Consistent IBM messaging Available at no charge


Ready to Execute Campaigns

Whats available 26+ different RTE Campaigns (4 components each) More loaded each month Translated versions (available upon request)

Sample Hardware Campaigns: Power Cloud System x Cloud ES Campaign System z Analytics Storwize Family Campaign


Social Automation Capability

Working to pilot and launch in 3Q Enables you to execute social tactics using IBM client-facing content Integrated in one console with Web / Campaign / Metrics
IBM Provides Content BP Selects and Schedules For their social sites

Track Activity & Results

Available content

Scheduled content


IBM Web Content Syndication

Marie Duncan Key Account Manager, SharedVue

Web Content Syndication Campaign Automation

Easily implement integratedmedia promotions.
Choose from pre-made landing page and email templates.

Customize the templates for your customers.

Upload/manage lists and send to prospects, driving them to the promotions landing page.

Campaign Automation
Exclusive email promotion marketing and management tool Create successful IBM marketing campaigns
Choose from pre-made landing page and email templates Customize the templates for your customers Upload/manage lists and send to prospects

Drive traffic and manage your campaigns All from one console

2012 UBM Channel. All rights reserved.

Targeted email drives traffic to special offers and your Showcase pages

Look for Campaigns in your Partner Console navigation

Setting up a campaign

Step one: Add your company logo in the File Library (located in the Campaigns navigation)

2012 UBM Channel. All rights reserved.

2012 UBM Channel. All rights reserved.

Setting up a campaign

Step two: Choose a promotion campaign from the IBM created and approved templates (Create New Campaign in the Campaigns navigation)

2012 UBM Channel. All rights reserved.

2012 UBM Channel. All rights reserved.

Setting up a campaign

Step three: Customize your promotion

...including the title, run dates, campaign contact person, campaign email, and the promotion landing page

2012 UBM Channel. All rights reserved.

2012 UBM Channel. All rights reserved.

2012 UBM Channel. All rights reserved.

Setting up a campaign

Step four: Prepare the campaign email to send

Once the Campaign is customized, you can preview the e-mail, add your contacts, and prepare to send

2012 UBM Channel. All rights reserved.

2012 UBM Channel. All rights reserved.

Setting up a campaign

Step five: Select your contacts and send

Upload and manage your contact lists from the Contacts tab in the Campaigns navigation

2012 UBM Channel. All rights reserved.

2012 UBM Channel. All rights reserved.

After sending your campaign email

Email results stored immediately

Detailed profile for each prospect

Easily build new Contact lists based on Clicks and Opens

2012 UBM Channel. All rights reserved.

Partner Console: Manage Campaigns

Use your Partner Console to: Manage Campaigns and view metrics View email archive and real time metrics

View leads information

2012 UBM Channel. All rights reserved.

2012 UBM Channel. All rights reserved.

Do you know what to do?


Envelope Field/Subject Line

Pre/Post Send
2012 UBM Channel. All rights reserved.

Protect your reputation!

Is your email is going to the right contacts?


Is your list up-to-date?

Remove all unsubscribes
Clean out inactive contacts

Is your list targeted?

Segment contacts based on interest to ensure optimal performance

2012 UBM Channel. All rights reserved.

Envelope Field and Subject Line

Get more opens!

Will contacts recognize the From Name and From Email address of your envelope fields?
Subject Lines:
35-50 characters long
No special characters or CAPS words Engaging/sense of urgency


2012 UBM Channel. All rights reserved.

Pre/Post Send
Prior to Sending

Test, test, test!

Send yourself a preview
Check links


Post-Send How did you do?

Review your results

Who/when? What to refine for next time?
2012 UBM Channel. All rights reserved.

Quick Start: 3 Easy Steps!

Upload your company logo Upload your Contact List(s) Select desired Campaign
Campaigns > File Library

Campaigns > Contacts

Campaigns > Create New Campaign

2012 UBM Channel. All rights reserved.

To Get Started: New Users Should Register

Not registered yet? Go here

Currently Syndicating and Registered Business Partners: Go to your Partner Console and Select Campaigns

Technical Support

Next Steps

Business Partners who want to start syndicating/register should go here:

Email us at: In North America call 1-877-452-8756 (8:00 am 8:00 pm EDT US) For additional local language support go to the Syndication Center and click on the Contact tab

Business Partners who have registered, but need technical support to begin syndicating or creating campaigns, should contact us at:
Business Partners and IBMers who want to learn more about the syndicating IBM content and the new campaign automation capability should go here: ion

To ask a question during the live webcast, please type it in the Chat window at the bottom of your webcast console. If you are viewing the webcast on replay, please send any questions to