W/C  19th  August  2013  

Role:  General  Festival  Volunteers  -­  Ranelagh  Arts  Centre   What's  Involved?  The  Ranelagh  Arts  Festival  2013  is  taking  place  from  the  16th  to  29th  of  September.  Tasks   include:  Assist  at  music  gigs,  assist  at  art  exhibitions,  postering,  helping  to  run  the  festival  box  office,  safety  at   outdoor  events,  assist  with  walking  tours   Where:  26  Ranelagh,   Dublin  6  When:  16th  to  29th  of  September         Role:  Administrative  &  Campaigns  Volunteer  -­  Women's  Aid   What's  Involved?    Provide  administrative  support  to  the  delivery  of  a  National  Public  Awareness  Campaign   promoting  Women’s  Aid  direct  services  to  women  experiencing  domestic  violence  (launch  on  9th  September  2013),   and  Women’s  Aid  annual  nationwide  campaign  16  Days  of  Action  Opposing  Violence  Against  Women  (launch  on   25th  November  2013).  Women’s  Aid  is  a  leading  national  organisation  addressing  domestic  violence  in  Ireland  for   nearly  40  years.     Where:  5  Wilton  Place,  Dublin  2  When:  20  hours  a  week  for  one  month     Role:  Intern  -­  Irish  Youth  Foundation   What's  Involved?  The  volunteer  will  be  expected  to  help  organise  fundraising  events  for  the  Irish  Youth   Foundation.  Where:  52  Fitzwilliam  Square,  Dublin  2  When:  Full-­‐time  for  1  month     Role:  Volunteer  Van  Driver  -­  22,  28,  29  September  -­  City  of  Dublin  YMCA   What's  Involved: We’re  hosting  the  Static  Cycle  Challenge  in  Blanchardstown  Shopping  Centre  on  Sunday  22nd   September,  Dundrum  Town  Centre  on  Saturday  28th  September  &  in  Dun  Laoghaire  Shopping  Centre  on  Sunday   29th  September.  ***If  you  have  some  extra  time  to  volunteer,  we  are  currently  looking  for  van  drivers  to  help  us   transfer  our  spin  bikes  to  &  from  each  location.  Where:  Dundrum.  Blanchardstown,  Dun  Laoghaire    When:  3  hours   on  any  day     Role:  Volunteer  Community  Champions  -­  The  Children's  Medical  and  Research  Foundation,  Our  Lady's   Children's  Hospital,  Crumlin   What's  Involved: Engage  and  meet  with  community  fundraising  groups,  in  conjunction  with  the  CMRF  Community   Manager.  •  Attend  and  represent  the  CMRF  at  fundraising  events  and  cheque  presentations  /photocalls.  •  Publically   thank  community  fundraisers  for  their  support  of  our  charity.  •  Update  community  fundraisers/groups  about   developments  within  the  hospital  (OLCHC)  and  research  centre  (NCRC).  •  Inspire  and  motivate  community   fundraisers/groups  to  continue  supporting  our  cause.  •  Inform  the  Community  Manager  of  fundraising   opportunities  within  the  local  community.   Where:  Nationwide  -­‐  Off-­‐site  location  within  your  local  community  When:  Just  four  hours  a  month     Role:  IT  Volunteer  -­  Concern  Worldwide   What's  Involved: To  support  the  services  functions  of  the  IT  department  and  respond  to  and  resolve  technical   support  requests  as  part  of  the  Help  Desk  Service  Provision  •  Hardware  and  Software  Installation  •  Ghost,  test  and   install  Pcs  •  Connect  Pcs  to  network  and  user  to  network  services  •  Maintain  and  support  printers  •  Assist  with  the   distribution  and  configuration  of  antivirus  and  patch  software  •  Assist  with  the  configuration  of  client  side  software   •  Install  phones    

Where:  Camden  St,  Dublin  2  When:  3  days  a  week  
    For   further  information:         Dublin  City  South  Volunteer  Centre     T:  +353  1  473  7482     E:  info@volunteerdublin.ie     W:  www.volunteerdublincitysouth.ie              

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