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Fire control unit
For Light Weapons in Daylight and Night-time Operations

/ext. Laser target illuminator.The FelVis fire control unit is a universal aiming aid for enhancing the accuracy of light weapons such as the 40 mm LV AG36. are available. – Divergence – Range – NOHD nom. and the infrared laser target illuminator for lighting up the target. a red dot or holographic aiming device can be mounted on the Picatinny rail. weapon-specific. The illuminator beam width is adjustable. main switch and trigger connection Backup manual operation is possible. Carry out fully automatic fire control sequence (Key B).5 mrad ≥500 m 10m/94 m 17 mW 850 nm 30–110 mrad ≥1. a variety of viewing devices can be mounted on the Picatinny rail. It is possible to switch from one target to another without having to revert to the zero position. 3.g. and sensors for measuring barometric pressure. It is equipped with an integrated laser rangefinder for measuring the distance to the target. range 600 m–800 m Control surface with display. including adjustment scale Electronic ballistic computer and control system Red light laser target marker IR laser target marker IR laser target illuminator. Drive and gearing Speed sensor for measuring the correction angle to be adjusted Inclinometer for measuring terrain incline Mounting rail (Picatinny) for viewing unit Picatinny rail. the scalable laser beam is upright oval. When Key B is actuated. Target laser: When Key C is actuated. the entire laying procedure takes place automatically. rotary switch with integrated key function. It is also utilized for adjusting the FelVis on the weapon axis. two separate keys.: RSA-S. – Range in darkness – NOHD nom. e. IR – Output – Wavelength Operation Aim weapon at target. Laser target marker. meaning that it can be adapted to various ranges of engagement. these viewing systems can be used in combination with night vision goggles.0 mW 650 nm 0. 2. for PICA rails (MILSTD1913). Distance measuring: When Key A is actuated. the viewing device is re-aimed at the target.g. The fire control unit uses these values to calculate the elevation of the correction angle. aligning the fire control unit and viewing device accordingly. – Output – Wavelength – Divergence – Range in darkness/in daylight The fire control unit can be used in the dark with night vision goggles and the IR laser target marker.5 mrad ≥200 m/≥20 m 47 m/356 m 0. open (optional) Weight Laser rangefinder Range Wavelength measuring laser 1. Holographic aiming device. During or after adjustment of the correction angle. the distance measured appears on the display. Viewing Devices (0ptional) Technical Data Depending on the operational requirements. 3B 54 x 93 x 150 mm 54 x 93 x 186 mm <700 g 600–800 m 1.550 nm (IR) ±2 m 1 Laser class 3B 5. In the process. Storage Degree of protection Key C: Target laser ON/OFF Key B: Fully automatic fire control function Key A: Range measurement Shock resistance Suitable for operation on light weapons such as the 40 mm LV (AG36) and light antitank weapons 2 3 . air temperature and the line of sight incline. For daylight operations. light antitank weapons or similar weapons with a sharply curved projectile trajectory with an elevation of over 10°. 2. 3.000 m 3 m/20 m <2 mrad +85° to –5° Accuracy Laser class Target laser Laser target marker./ext. The red light laser target marker can be used in low light conditions and at twilight without night vision goggles. At night. the previously selected laser is switched on or off. Its modular design enables quick installation of various aiming devices. closed Protective cap. IR – Output – Wavelength – Oval surface divergence. Positioning accuracy Maximum correction angle elevation Weapon mounting Fire control unit on weapon with 40mm grenade launcher – depicted without trigger Fire control unit on weapon with 40mm grenade launcher – depicted without trigger Key Characteristics Laser rangefinder.g. the built-in IR laser target marker can be used for aiming. The fire control unit can be used during daylight with a red dot or holographic aiming device. adjustable. ensuring that the target remains in the illuminated surface area during adjustment of tangent elevation. the system measures the distance to the target. red dot 3. the following possibilities exist (among others): Red dot aiming device (e. depending on the mission and light conditions. In conditions of complete darkness. Telescopic scope. the previously selected beam size and luminosity is taken into account. For daylight operations. EOTech) For night-time operations with night vision goggles: Red dot aiming device Built-in IR laser target marker and IR laser target illuminator Laser class.7 mW 850 nm 0. Aimpoint) Telescopic scope with various coefficients of magnification Holographic aiming device: (e./ext. Fire Control Unit Aiming Device DIN EN 60825-2003 Dimensions (W x H x L) Protective cap. Viewing devices: 1. Red dot aiming device – NOHD nom. exchangeable Viewing device mounting Temperature Operating –20°C to +70°C –40°C to +70°C IP 54 (prototype) 1 x MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) Weapon Mounting Various mountings.

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