Origin of Gravity and Mass - A New Perception and Key to Understanding Nature

It is centuries since Newton visualized a force of attraction between two matter/objects and formulated Gravitational Theory accounting planetary movements precisely through simple mathematical formula. He formulated it on a basic assumption of "Non-equilibrium". He introduced a term "mass" when he invented his equation F=ma that formed the back bone of mechanical revolution. This again is based on a "basic assumption" that everything moved in a straight line in a uniformly accelerated motion [First Law of Newton]. Newton's world was simple and was built on Euclidean geometry. However, when Newton was confronted with question What causes gravity? He shot back "I frame No hypothesis" The world thinks science has advanced. But in reality it simply got lost in a mesh of complexity since then. It has failed to answer- what gives mass to a system? Note - Science is spending billions of public money to seek answers to the question "What gives gravity and mass to matter". The search for "Higgs Boson Particle" or "God Particle" that made a big news last year is related to it. It has not taken us anywhere. If I am correct billions more are on pipeline to re-strengthen and improve the accelerator machine, to conduct more experiment to search for "Missing Mass", "Dark Energy" "Dark Matter" and so on - this will go on

The Turning Point into Complexity
Turning point into complexity came when science evolved to discover electromagnetism. In electromagnetism it came across a new force, which challenged Newtonian World View. The key difference were vital. 1] The Matter of electromagnetic world acted in different way. It behaved as if it had no mass. 2] Electro-magnetic force travels in time, compared to Newton's world where the force is instantaneously communicated. Einstein came to Newton's Rescue, by assuming  speed of light as maximum speed  visualizing gravity as a net.  space-time as a linked entity  adopting a curved vision of space and choosing Riemann's geometry that deals with curvature. His equation E=m[C×C] or E=mc2 is a vital contribution to science. Einstein's E=mc2 suggests that "mass" that contributes gravity to an atom is the product of two light particles. However, Einstein's world view collapsed when Werner Heisenberg Invented "Uncertainty Theory". This spilt science into two. The science of "macro world" and "micro world". It invented two more forces; strong nuclear and weak nuclear and emerged into more and more complexity. We today have many different world views, Mechanical World View, Relativistic World View, Chaotic World View, Holographic World View, Electric World View, Parallel and Multiple World View and so on. From three simple dimensions we have evolved 11 dimensions, that only few scientist can visualize. Note - E=mc2 invariably means there are two "Parallel Worlds" from which two light particles are emerging. Science has spent several decades before it could invent the concept of "Parallel Worlds". The

problem with science is that it has failed to visualize and differentiate light and atomic matter and set the foundation right. To understand Nature sensibly and evolve science let us look back at the key turning point in science and try to comprehend certain "PRINCIPLE AND DESIGN" on which Nature functions.

The Principle and Design on which Nature Functions
The basic principle of Nature is attraction [gravity] and flow/motion. This attraction and flow can only manifest if there is non-equilibrium. Thus Newton assumed it. Equilibrium is death or seizure of motion. This means we need to approach Nature from the fundamental reality of non equilibrium design. This design should reflect in the fundamental particle as well as the whole system. Einstein said "Imagination is more important than knowledge" - let us imagine and investigate from the fundamental premises. Non equilibrium invariably means the fundamental particle and the whole system should have "Ratio Deign" with left and right or parallel world that exist as one or separated in space. Simplest way to imagine it is to visualize a number "8" with one arm bigger than the other in a ratio 4:3. This gives it a slight bent orientation with a right or left twist. Now we can imagine a instinctive flow to seek equilibrium. This leads to a "Quantum Dance" where the system flips between two state 4:3 and 3:4, where right changes into left and vice-versa. This dance becomes inevitable by Max Planck's Law of Quantum Nature of Energy transfer. See Fig. Quantum Dance. The equilibrium or symmetry we see is only transitional state.

Note- Einstein, the great thinker, in his autobiography wrote that we have to replace constants of physical science by ratios. A couple of years back I even read that scientist have discovered that constant of science are not really constants.

Very Important Note - much of mechanical world view is built on the
imagination of "Point" matter. Here we are squashing it. We are visualizing a pair of points that exist in relative manner. This gives a New dimension to mechanical as well as relativistic world view. It changes the very perception of force and how it acts. From our mechanical education we have come to think force as acting in straight line. Here this vision breaks down. Force now becomes a spiral one, transmitted in quantum manner. Nassim Haramein of "Resonance Project" advocates this thought. But I am not sure how he came to this thought The above quantum dancing particle has non equilibrium in three dimensional space. See Fig. This means it can flip and "Quantum Dance" with maximum speed. In other words it has highest degree of freedom in three dimensional space.

Let us now visualize Fundamental Motion and the system build up in Nature
 Because of non-equilibrium, the flip and quantum dance produces a spin and curved displacement in space. This accounts the characteristics of all motion; spin associated with displacement.  very importantly this motion can be visualized as spiral one.

 Because of the maximum freedom in three dimensional space the particle we visualized above has maximum speed - This could be visualized as a electromagnetic particle or light particle.  This particle always has right or left spiral twist and hence it exist in relation to a pair, emerging from parallel worlds.  Now a light particle or electromagnetic particle "a" from a world "A" because of its freedom in space spirals with maximum speed towards parallel world "B". In the process it sucks, the parallel system towards it. The particle pair "b" that moves from "B" similarly sucks the system "A". We see here gravity force acting between two radiating systems.  When "a" and "b" collide they can give rise to an atom [Hydrogena system] see fig

Very important points to note 1]The two light particle that goes to form an atom, should exist in a ratio 4:3. This ratio is vital. Without it no system can exist in Nature. We all know that equal and opposite cancels and such a system becomes dead systems incapable interacting and communicating with other systems. Nature has no dead systems. The equilibrium we see is a state of fluctuation near middle point in the quantum scale.

2] An atomic system [Hydrogen] looses one level of freedom in three dimensional space. In short electromagnetic particle's free motion in space in relation to its pair is arrested. 3] An atom is a system. The forces in it are directed to the center and energy exist largely neutralized. Now we see Why gravity forces is very weak force when compared to electromagnetic force. 4] By virtue of the non equilibrium design atoms are capable of quantum dancing between two states in relation to the environment. For example an atom exist in an energetic environment that has cyclic phase changes manifesting as day and night cycle. The atom has to quantum dance and readjust to this environment and change. 5] Most important point to note here is that, there is a "near equilibrium point around" which the system wishes to exist. Thus we see an instinct to seek equilibrium and the same instinct works to oppose once the system beyond the middle point. However, by Max Planck law of quantum Nature of energy transfer the system is forced to quantum dance. See Fig. In light particle that has total freedom in space, the quantum dance is not resisted. But in a atomic system this resistance comes into effect. Thus it explains the existence of "inertial" and "gravitational mass". The spiral Nature of motion of particle also has the potentials to explain the wave particle duality. We now have put some of the original concepts of modern science into "New Frames of Thoughts" that makes sense. "Gravity" and "mass" now becomes the measure of the non equilibrium and it breaks the idea of particle [Higgs Boson Particle] that can give mass to all particles. We now see a picture in which two non-equilibrium system [stellar system or radiating systems] emitting electromagnetic particle that

results in atomic systems. This emitting of light needs to be visualized as the quest to seek equilibrium.

Science always seeks proof. It makes no sense go further unless I give some experimental proof.
Let me present the proof taking the school level experiment that showed us the electromagnetic force. The figure shows the electromagnetic force. The like force which out have been repelling here attracts. This led to the conclusion that there exist a new force. The idea manifested from the assumption that force acts in straight line. Now if we visualize force as spiral transferred in quantum manner, we can interpret the experiment in a new sensible way. It explains the observed result of two spiral forces acting in same direction being attracted towards each other see fig

Very importantly, this line of thought and thinking strikes down
four different forces known to science down into one; electromagnetic force acting between parallel worlds. What science understood as gravity, strong nuclear, weak nuclear are simply different facets of the same force. The universe is driven by a quest to seek equilibrium which is denied by design leading to perpetual quantum dance. If I am to stop my article here, our quest to understand Nature becomes incomplete. The arguments is simple here. If there is a force driving towards equilibrium, how is the system sustained without collapsing to a point. It boils down to accounting for second law of

thermodynamic and the need to invent a "second force" that acts against gravity and stabilizes and perpetuates the system in time.

Evolving Science to Higher Level
A thorn in the eye of science is "second law of thermodynamics". According to which, every rotating objects should lose energy and collapse to a center. Thus we have BIG BANG THEORY, where all laws of physics fail. It has given concepts like "Black hole", "information loss", "singularity" , and so on without being able to perceive how the system conquers time and perpetuates in time. Quite recently three scientist Neil Turok, Paul Steinhardt and Burt Ovrut, extended parallel world concept and suggested that at singularity one world pierces the other and comes out on the other side. I am not sure what imagination led them there and how they comprehend the universe from their thoughts. The problem of second law of thermodynamics calls us to invent "New Force" and "New Space-Time field" that oppose gravity and thus gives stability to the whole system. This is something Einstein strived to invent for much of his life time. It is said that Newton invented gravity by seeing an apple fall, Einstein by seeing spider crawling on a globe. Nature gives enough clues to understand her. What Einstein failed to perceive from Nature is open to all, if we care to open the window to observe a plant grow, seed sprout and Lilies flower. All life are instinctively anti-gravitational. They have "Inner Space" in which it converts gravity into anti-gravity. It grows against gravity and its force. Thus they act as a centrifugal force opposing the centripetal force of material world. It is proven that second law of thermodynamics applied to material world and living world shows an opposition. Material world in time

tends to disorder, but living world tends to higher and higher order. In short existence of life denies the gravitational collapse of the system. Gaia Hypothesis of Noble Laureate James Lovelock speak of a self organizing Universe. However, in his latest book "Vanishing face of Gaia - The Final Warming" he spoke of large scale destruction of human population and possibility of destruction of our social fabric. He rightly located the cause to increasing heat. When we apply the second law of thermodynamics to Newtonian and Einsteinian world view, all the material world of this universe should lose energy in the form of heat. The matter that looses energy should wind towards a center. This means space becomes energized and begins to shear and the material system gets increasingly wound to a point of break down. The forces of this energy should eventually point to one direction - The gravitational collapse.

Are we at the center of a gravitational collapse?
All signs speak of such collapse. Now let us observe our own activity. Since industrial era we have been exponentially increasing the heat of the environment. The cell phone, lap top and the exhaust of a vehicle all speak of the heat we are releasing into the environment. Heat is the basal form of energy. This means our environment is highly charged and all ecological system and life in it is breaking down. The violence we witness on Earth and Earth's own instability could be directly be related to it. We humans occupied with making money, existing as slave to material world, are failing to observe what is happening. We are digging our own grave. Nature is simple and it is governed by two basic forces that gives stability; one is unwinding force of sun manifesting as fire/heat and other the winding force of Earth that manifest as water/snow that works to cool. These opposing forces giving way to one another form the climatic cycle and day and night cycle. Earth itself has a dual

design with two opposing worlds. When one world is open to unwinding force of sun and heat, the other simultaneously goes into darkness and cools thus balances the Earth. It helps Earth to maintain its "energy to matter ratio" and thus heat of the environment within some limit. Very clearly the time direction is directed at upsetting the ratio in favor of energy. The causes are very clear 1] Human ignorance and material greed that is leading to reckless exploitation of material Nature releasing huge amount of heat into the environment. With globalization we have intruded into the night cycle in which Earth works to cool thus we have aggravated the situation 2] Green plants and forest we know absorbs sunlight and heat and thus opposes the unwinding force of heat. As the night falls they assimilate the energy and matter to form the biological mass. By our greed we have recklessly felled the forest to create concrete jungles, upsetting Earth. 3] We all know that green plants form the foundation of food chain and more importantly they play an important role in maintaining the environmental OXYGEN to CARBON DIOXIDE ratio that is vital to life. Increasing heat is leading to increasing amount of forest being lost to forest fire. These forest fires are further increasing the heat of the environment creating more fire that is linearly increasing. The data of last 10 years can virtually speak this. If the scenario goes unchecked much of our industries dealing with flammable substances is at risk. All this would tilt balance O2 to CO2 of the environment. Then just as fish die en-mass in a pond where oxygen depletes, people on Earth will wither. 4] Earth reacts to unwinding force of the heat. This results in destruction by double edged sword. When one part burns the adjacent

parts gets huge rain, flash floods/snows, cloud burst and so on. Earth's winding reaction increases Earth quakes as never before. This eventually leads to triggering of volcanoes. It can eventually split Earth destroying much of human population and civilization. This has occurred in the past. Many civilization buried under Earth and sea speaks this. Volcanic dust is known to cool Earth's environment inducing an ice age. The vision of Noble Laureate James Lovelock and his warning is very true and signs of it is already visible everywhere. Earth can be compared to pot of water that is slowly heating to a boiling point. The destruction we see around the world are few bubbles burping here and there. slowly we will see them coalescing to turn inside out.

Is there any Hope for Human Survival?
Yes is my answer - and this survival has two steps Situation of the world is hopelessly bad and highly uncertain. Many intellectuals are pessimistic. Many religious people are fishing in troubled water trying to advance their religion and amassing wealth. [Honestly I am concerned with these evil mind in the temples of God than the fury of Mother Earth and her forces]. Many Truly enlightened people keep hopes, but their number is weaning. Many enlightened people are trying to change the situation trying to bring socio-political change. They are met with increased opposition from the powerful lot ruling us. Yet I believe that the world will get over the present situation to enter the Golden Age or Kingdom of God

The First step to survival
The first to is to know Mother Earth and understand the "Principle and Design of Earth" on which she functions. It is a matter of one Big Media House projecting it to the world, such that we can take guard to manage the energy of the environment and go ahead to develop

energy technologies that release less heat, nature compatible and sustains life and creates space for our growth.

The Second step
This one is more vital. It is Know to God the Father. The biggest threat to humanity exist from religious institutions. Religious institutions are supposed to be Spiritual Institutions that are supposed Uphold Light, Life and lead humanity in the path of Truth and Justice. The problems of the world has direct relationship to the deterioration of spirituality in humans. This in turn has direct relationship to deterioration of spiritual institutions, where non-illuminated, material and self centered people emerge from time to time causing the deterioration. They work on peoples mind making them slaves to build their kingdoms. We are in an evolutionary path. Modern science came as anti to Christianity when it was virtually ruling the west with iron fist, amassing wealth in the name of God than spreading GOOD NEWS and Spirit of Christ. It clinically separated material world from soul and mind, leaving the world of "soul and mind" to religious people. The clergies were only too happy, for they themselves were interested in material aspects. However, science evolved to know that "Mind and Soul" cannot be separated from matter that we study. Experiments have shown that "observer" and "enquirer" are integral part of the observation he makes. This makes science inseparably linked to "Spiritual Truth" deeply hidden in our spiritual scriptures. It also makes our quest to seek Truth "out there" redundant. Truth is "In here" as the ancient East taught the world. It exist deep within the "observer". The only way out is to visualize universe as "Living Conscious and Intelligent being" as the Vedas of East taught the world. It is "Gaia" as James Lovelock put forth. But this should be understood including ourselves and our actions. Life shows creativity struggles to sustain certain equilibrium and pays a price constantly to sustain the system. Very importantly Life

is endowed with the ability to conquer time and initialize time and thus perpetuate in time cycle. So this idea of "Living Universe" is worth reviewing. Here is a picture that summarizes "Gaia" and the endangered situation of the world.

The above figure explains everything in simplicity. Uniting science with spirituality. Earth and the universe is designed to sustain herself. It has parallel and multiple world design. The "net" or the "field' that holds the system in place is a two way passage system for force. The material matter in this world creates a "centripetal force" or "gravitational force" directed to a "center" or "death". The living matter in it creates a "anti-gravitational force" opposing this force. Life holds a "inner space" that is capable of communicating with "external space" and convert this gravity into antigravitational force. The figure explains how Earth is endangered by human intervention upsetting its function to sustain certain energy to matter ratio inviting destruction from four forces of Nature. It also tells how we are upsetting the vital OXYGEN to CARBON DIOXIDE ratio. inviting mass death. It also clearly tells us that we humans are the cause for it. It calls for introspection of our life and thought.

The Critical Knowledge that Saves.
To understand the critical knowledge that saves, we have to take few leaves from ancient spiritual scriptures. 1] Bible says we are created in the image of Creator and we were given dominion over Earth and heavens, with one restriction not to eat from the tree at the center. [First Chapter of Bible]. Here it also tells us that humans eat the forbidden fruit and thus falls from the Grace of God. It tells us Humans broke the faith relationship with the Father and Mother or God 2] The second part of Bible tells us that "Christ" is the "Son of God" manifested to save the world and restore the kingdom back to God. He has come to transform souls and give New Life. It says post Calvary is a period of Grace. Through Jesus we are being restored back to the

Glorious Period with Free Will. Jesus is understood as savior and liberator. And in his "Second Coming" there will be Judgment 3] Vedas of east tell us that Universe was created with "self-sacrifice of the Creator". [Yajur Veda VS 30-31] and it was conducted by his own people. 4] Vedas picture universe as "Conscious and intelligent being". It says that universe is thought projection of "Mind of God" and that we are individuated universes born from it and we create our own universes with similar thought projections. It also tells us that universal time cycle is a time cycle where "Truth and Justice" deteriorates. 5] The last prophet "Prophet Mohammed" when manifested he essentially spoke of judgment to come. This happened when Christianity manifested into religion and wavered from "Good News" and was working mainly to accumulate wealth and power. The coming of prophet ended up in a new religion. 6] Then came science with hopes of liberating human mind from the clutches of religions to seek Truth. Much of science's quest has ended in "Singularity", "Black Hole", "Big Bang Origin" and such concepts where all the laws of physics fail. They have miserably failed to picture a self sustaining universe in time. They have failed to answer how universe originated and exist perpetually in time. In short they have failed to comprehend how time comes into existence and how time is conquered and initialized and the system exist perpetually in time. Laboriously science has advanced to invent "Parallel Worlds" Three scientist, Neil Turok of Perimeter Institute, Paul Steinhardt of Princeton University and Burt Ovrut of Pennsylvania university suggested that at singularity one universe can penetrate and emerge on the opposite side thus initializing time. I am not sure, how they came to this conclusion and how they visualize our universe from their conceptual thinking.

But to me, it meant a proof of "Living Universe Theory" or Gaia that ancient spiritualist perpetuated. Life we know has parallel universes male and female. The creation begins when the "Spirit of the Father" leaves its body and enters its feminine counterpart. Here it creates the life. The whole life originate from this single cell and its "inner space". What creates here is the "Spirit" or information contained in the "inner space" of this "Primal Cell" This spirit is Called "Holy Spirit" in Bible, "Brahman" in Vedas, " al-Ruh al-Qudus " in Koran and it emerges in almost all religious scriptures.

Reinventing Big Bang Creation
From what we saw from spiritual scriptures and science revisted we can reinvent Big Bang Creation from "Primal Cell" Whose inner space has potentials and information to transform all the forces of gravity intoanti-gravity and lift it from "0" back to "1" or imminent "death" to "Life" This "Primal Cell" can be traced to birth of Christ and the "Calvary Sacrifice" can be understood it as the beginning point of information unfolding to restore us back to the initial state- A journey from "0" to "1". It can be traced further back to a "Unique Soul or Atom" and the information contained in it. To understand Christ we can imagine a huge sphere and fill it with small spheres. We now end up in a "unique sphere" in the center without a pair or complementary pair in space. This sphere is the "Higgs Boson". That gives life and motion to everything. You can imagine this as "Absolute Life with "Absolute Soul, with Absolute Mind The beauty and significance of Christ and "His Calvary Sacrifice" and can be understood from "life cycle". Life cycle has a "Creative Phase"

and "Created Phase". In the Creative phase the "Spirit of the Father" exist in the womb of the Mother and the Created Phase Father exist as observer sustaining the system. In Creating phase "Father opens His Heart" exist as renewing and transforming entity. In the Created phase "He exposes His Mind" and sits as observer and sustainer or balancer of the system. System begins to deteriorate when the created souls turn their face against the Creator seeking self. Vedas speaks of Universal Time Cycle in terms of deterioration of Truth and Justice. History also speaks of God manifesting and participating in the war for Truth and Justice. By the time of Christ, there was none who could be justified before God. The kingdom of God had deteriorated to the point of collapse. There was no way but execute a plan to recreate and bring new order. This secret is being manifested through Christ and His Calvary sacrifice The Critical difference between God and Humans is simple. Humans are self-centered, But God is not self centered. We turn our face away from Father and Mother, brothers and sisters and seek self at all cost. We try to build our kingdom. We judge the opposite as evil and live a life of war and destruction to protect and advance our life. We depend on number and materialistic power to protect life. In contrast Jesus accepted death, in faith and full obedience to God the Father. He said He is doing it to it restore the kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is Truth and Justice. It is time we bring Jesus beyond religion and understand Him has Giver of Life and Sustainer of life. I believe in Christ and God; the oneness factor. The "Spirit of Christ" that is unfolding on Earth is the Universal Consciousness and Intelligence supporting the world from collapsing. Our survival exist in this field that is lifting us from darkness to light. My writing no way is a support for the organized religion called Christianity. I believe organized Christian religion has wavered from

Christ and is filled with non illuminated people striving to amass wealth than acquiring the Spirit of Christ and transferring it to people thus leading the world from darkness to Light. Open your eyes and see it. There is some awakening in Church that has come more out of stress from people awakening outside it. It is important that this powerful institution of the world awakens to the "Spirit of Christ"

In conclusion - We humans and our thinking and our self
centeredness is the cause for the collapsing world. The "GOOD NEWS" is that in the midst of this collapse there is spiral force that is trying to lift us back to the Glorious Period of Human History. There is a "Universal consciousness and intelligence" uplifting us all we need is turn our face to it. The information era is poised for a leap into Knowledge Era where humanity lives in peace and harmony with oneself, with Nature and God. The time of being exploited in the Name of God is coming to an End.

About the Author
I was a well employed Biotechnologist with bright and financially secure career. But Staying with consciousness I revolted and escaped from "Plato's Chair" to live as a small farmer in an interior village. - In the freedom Nature began to reveal the pages of her book and even led me to Her Master - Spirit that Creates and Governs. I the sinner was not worthy to go before Him. But as I surrendered unconditionally and accepted death, in a flash what my mind was failing to perceive for years revealed itself in all simplicity by Grace. Nearly two decades have gone by since I first perceived these thoughts. In a materialistic world If I am struggling against odds, virtually living a uncertain life, it is because it is "inner call", that relates not only to my life but the whole world of which I am only a part. I am

not a religious person. As a young boy I had seen too much fight in the name of religion to think God exist in religions. I took to research from consciousness hoping to contribute something to humanity, I still strive with hopes. There are innumerable simple nature compatible ideas that I picked up along the way. But I believe that world should know Truth and reorganize around it. I go with Einstein's thought. Partial technologies in the absence of whole Truth, ends up as axe in the hands of pathological criminal mind. What the world need to address is pathological criminal mind set of humanity. This I believe cannot happen unless we awaken Truth and Light beyond religion. I seek your help to spread this thought that is vital to human survival and then explore the applied aspects.

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