Junior Jobmatch! is based on a careers education package used in secondary schools. It has been adapted for use with younger pupils and may play a useful role in helping to deliver some of the aims of careers-related learning at Key Stage 2. To broaden children’s horizons and raise aspirations To challenge low aspirations and stereotypical thinking To present a range of opportunities at an early stage To raise awareness in children and families about choices and options for the future To develop within young people the skills to investigate opportunities, plan, make choices and decisions To lay the foundation for the important decisions children make at Key Stages 3 & 4

The original version of Jobmatch! is designed for careers education programmes in Years 9 and 10. Through games and activities with playing cards, it aims to help young students become more aware of the wide range of skills and personal qualities required by many jobs. Some activities also involve self-assessment exercises to help students reflect on their own interests, skills and personal qualities, and consider ways in which these may be developed. Rather than match youngsters to the ‘right job’, the programme emphasises that, in a changing economy, they must have an adaptable attitude to work and eagerly seize any available opportunities. With its lively illustrations and flexible nature, Jobmatch! has proved very popular with careers teachers and tutors since it was originally introduced in 1995.


Jobmatch! consists of a Tutor’s Manual, 40 jobs cards, 36 demand cards and 4 jokers. In the junior version of Jobmatch!, the demand cards are called skill cards and have been replaced with a pack of cards illustrating young people in the appropriate age range drawn from variety of ethnic groups. The descriptions on the cards have been simplified for younger readers but the numbering of each card remains the same.

! ! A job card A skill card A joker

The main Tutor’s Notes contains several games and group activities which are easily adapted for use with younger pupils. For example, here is a simplified version of the Jobmatch! game described in the notes on pages 5-7.

Junior Jobmatch!
Corridor Briefing (or memory jogger): This is a game in which small teams take turns at matching skill cards to selected job cards. Purpose: The aim of the game is to help young students become more aware of the wide range of skills and personal qualities required by many jobs today. It should help them appreciate that although a job often demands one or more distinctive skills, it will require other skills and personal qualities which are not always immediately apparent.

Players: Each individual game requires four small teams containing from one to four players. Resources: You will require one pack of job cards and one pack of skill cards. Procedure (i) Each team receives nine skill cards. (ii) The job cards are shuffled and one card is turned over to reveal a job. (iii) The teams take turns at finding and describing a link between one of their skill cards and the selected job. For example: 9. I am calm in an emergency would be a good link with the job of a police officer. (iv) Each time a link is described and agreed, one point is awarded to the team (v) When the players are unable to find any more links between the job and the cards they hold, another job card is selected and the game continues until a range of jobs have been covered. (vi) The winner of the game is the team with the most number of points To assist a referee, pages 19-20 in the Tutor’s Notes provide a list of jobs, their descriptions and related skill cards. Review. Page 7 of the Tutor’s Notes provides some useful discussion topics following the game.


The other five activities in the Tutor’s Notes require very little adjustment for a younger audience. They are: What’s My Line? To help pupils study the duties and demands of different jobs Opinions: To explore pupils’ attitudes towards different types of work Links: To help pupils appreciate how different jobs share common skills My Interests: To help pupils identify their developing interests and values My Skills: To help students assess their skills and personal qualities and to consider ways in which these might be developed. The remaining contents of this pack are as follows: ! ! ! ! 40 Job Cards 36 Skill Cards 4 Jokers The Tutor’s Notes for the original version of Jobmatch!

The sets of cards could be copied on a suitable card material for handling.

Feedback. If you use this material with your pupils, any comments to crowley@macace.net would be much appreciated. As they say on Ebay, please ask any questions and thanks for looking!


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