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Axioms and £pt-/gramg in L a tin and //Engl
/bn Anthology of Latin



I JohnWXang ^
Editio Prince
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Classified,Lettered andDedicatedto the Lovers and Students of PhiLsophy' and Metaphysics

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byD r.H .SpencerLewb ,F.RC. lad.deliphtfoall we have a book,which,, lowers although ofmnrie™ *, o fa n
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heartforyears to come* It is ajoy to read the variouspaoejmt

Here have a. book ldcu. that 10 is LjpLcciL y t w nai e v e ry Lover o of n e r e we we nccve ct uuui^ r phifosophp Would an fholgpyand
th e s o its p ro d u c ts .

put so muck can as mental o ln a ,— --- —— --------------------1 amproud to have the opportunity to welcome this hoofonbehalf ofresearch, workers and those Specialphilosophy's delve into the bywaysof human, thought, as foundin books oft realty made & valuaw and never-to-be- forgotten. contribution, to /a s and * uhe > r j . puns or possesses a. literature, who at cob*t copyo offthis bookismdex bpofjsmde rich indeed because of theuniqueness and distinction, rather than be­ cause ofany monetary or intrinsic value connectedwith. as a piece of literature Xlvery paqe is Worthy and re­ readingand dipestinp from rime to time. title ofthe bootmay be misleading if taken, too literally Sophy ty its briefestform ,bu tphilosophy in Its golden u brevity o f each.' ~~ ~ 27 gs thoughtand meditation, is g .o n e iv t each. Modi and id Students o f metaphysics andmetaphysical philosophy wiltespecially\ appreciate the book and Value it a.s a heritage to pass totheir descendants, and X feel that Some day a oopy o f this book Willbe found In the library ofevery cultured eaa
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life finding a rai» $#4 &eali&/ut dt& rn& td. or ndyu ^f/rrtrf: of the sails "products.

I ^ect.ori Benevolo 3ab .item !
hawing andpossessLna,dritor^ernhy a toofinL w Abckm s/ten, ]XiL so tnsh.C^re arid 'IhO aohtandpersonal manualtabor as tuell as wenfai labor;
-I am proud to have the Opportunely to tyfeome this bopken behalf & research workers and H ose. Sbecialpiniosophcrs w h o deb ? inf? th e byways c! numan Ihouohf,as found in boofs otakKinds fir. u*noAa s realfy wade # valuable ana never- to-be- torootten. rpnfribution. to literature, and he whoyowns or possesses a cufry i f this bookd made rid indeed 0erause of the uniqueness and dtoiwc&ott, rather than he Cause m n onelory or s. Wnstc , ■ ■ a m\ fleetwifi tfeprMesim

husliok Ipek i$ uiterile i tortbe ose of those gluiaits 0! Bi'uo$opp> and Flelaphv’ sks'wnose I-sncwiedge c: Ixs:ui is lundaa^ but whoW ould h appreciate a collection of the most valuable Latin quo*4tions. The compiler lias endeavored to se­ lect ttiose of. lo to s ’meriunme ori^uiaLLaun and .has added Uieiaiguai. version. A book i f this size cannot make aio>- clairns to completeness and for thatvet3'r reagpn soni^blanj^page^^re Interspersed ,-w nw h mav
given .0 few; epier rarns Uiai atv geiierallv irov.ned u 'jfn. t e l those be r r ad. ana considered cum. ,'M.ay hits Little coliection of ancient'vvisdom prove to ifitfo*- f i-a y teaam g to the glorious- Ligid o f
J.W L g h a n o -st-'—., . r .

rear.ua and rffafstin? from time I ' lime- Tfc file o f fry 0 0 0 Army b e rm 's/ondtno it taken* too Literally because /ere w e/endnothk'lc3 0 *$ < > • its onefa t farm., but p/ ,ifoSobly in its yolden form] and S h e on-i ify t reock fjaraorafxx bdto.uii)maii^a.idi becom eientflhemd
astihouyr; tM jcf »)eOi<Much i.y o'iie/L tr encl. md/. and idea '’ !>tYsen!eil. odeny 0/ inelaitwsics and rnela& hy'iiral philosophy wiltespadafy a 0/vena if Ire 0. ■k andrnlug c{ a s d fertiaoe to lass on dcnoi to they descendant? and 2 fee\ that Some any a ropy o f this book ¥Ut be found < r >the norary o f every Cultured tome. ‘ fay pPace}\apfdnes5,anda areal inspiration to betterfinno com e to each reader as H e mditakdiibcnf(e Various tfauqtls prewrtMherewith..

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