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Present Gem, Nadia, Liz, Lucy, Elaine, Tors, Sara Minutes Sunday 18th August 2013 IMPORTANT NO GAMES

ES CAN BE REARRANGED SEE ATOP OF FIXTURE LIST! Please attend as much as poss and give reasonable notice as we will lose points ( and get a bad name) if we cannot make a team! AGENDA 1. Review AGM Changing to new league wont affect us. Need to make availability known at the beginning of the season. County training once a month agreed as not appropriate for majority of clubinstead have Cuckoos session once a month training (looking at backline passes and any issues etc). Suggestion of part funding as a club for any individual looking to attend. All players need to wear sports bras and correct gym/knickers. Tors proposed for Ashley to play present players agreed.

2. Fees 3.

Fees to increase ever so slightly Gemma to check how many players and work out subs. Club account need to fund another set of bibs as discussed in AGM. Elaine will provide stopwatch and ball. Ashley will not pay fees other than kit as only current junior member. Everybody to pay 85 before the end of August straight into HSBC account (Sort Code 40-15-16, Acc No 32839547). Lucy had paid 15 for knickers.

Unavailability Continue to use Facebook group players need to commit to checking posts on Facebook. Text Sara details, and Elaine is going to access club via her Husbands account. Players to check the fixture list and notify Gemma via facebook ASAP of possible dates they are unavailable for.


Desk duty and umpiring rota Gemma to produce a rota for checking scorer and umpire. A separate umpire contact list will follow on fb.

Players 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Elaine Gemma Liz Lucy Nadia Nic Rachel Sara Millichip Sara Morris Tara Tors Zoe

13. Bethan 14. *Jenna (possible new player) 15. Ashley Russell (Tors daughter)

Unavailable dates: Gemma Liz Nadia Lucy Elaine Tors Sara Morris Sara Mill Rachel Zoe Nic Bethan Tara Ashley R Jenna 7th Sept 26th Oct 28th Sept 28th Sept? 26th April, 2nd Nov

2nd nov, 22nd march 28th September 14th sept, 2nd nov, 9th nov

Holiday Dates might cause problems :26th Oct 2nd Nov 22nd Feb 1st March 9th April 19th April 26th April 24th May

FEES: I am still awaiting confirmation of final court fees so am unable to fix a price on the exact fee we will pay this year. Our account is running in a small amount of credit (after a little tour splurge!) so in order to pay our fees this year it was proposed and agreed that we all pay the same basic fees as last year 85 upfront by end if August. Any extra fees (which will be minimal) to be paid in September when final court, affiliation and umpiring fees are confirmed. Kit fees are extra see below. I will need kit fees by end of Aug and cannot order ANY kit until everyone has paid! KIT: We order from kukri and must order a minimum of three items at any one time. Name Hoody dress knicks cost Tara Talbot 8 Talbot 8 Nic Mitchell 14 Bethan Davies 16 Davies 12 Davies 14 Liz Thomas 12 Lizzie 14 Zoe Llewellyn 10 Llewellyn 12 NO towards kit Millichip Millichip 14 Nads Jones 10 Rachel Morris 10 Morris 12 Morris 12

Gem Lucy Morris

Mitch 14 Moores 14

KIT COSTS TBC ASAP within the next week. Please wear black skirt and vest until kit arrives. Please bring clean kit weekly in a bag (if you are presently borrowing kit).

Umpiring, scorer, match ball, netball bag, desk duty - responsibility rota: NEW RULES: Every club member has an allocated week to organise umpire, scorer for the game, bring netball bag. If you cannot attend this week it is still your responsibility to organise and you must make arrangements for someone else to bring the match ball and bag. The person handing over the bag and ball has the responsibility of reminding the next person of their duty! Desk duty has been allocated, you need to rearrange if you cannot cover. Umpire/score/bag/ball 7/9 28/9 5/10 12/10 2/11 19/10 16/11 30/11 7/12 14/12 21/12 Desk

Player Elaine Gemma Liz Lucy Nadia Nic Rachel Sara Millichip Sara Morris Tara Tors Zoe Bethan *Jenna (possible new player)


5/10 16/11 5/10 16/11 16/11

We will provisionally book a date for Christmas Do and Tour when fixture list is out. XMAS - SUGGESTION SAT 21ST DECEMBER STRAIGHT AFTER LAST GAME @ 11am- MIDDAY out??Lucy to organise Christmas Do.

Team Photo to be arranged.

SUGGESTIONS FOR TOUR STRAIGHT AFTER LAST GAME THIS IS A DEF, NON NEGOTIABLE (!!!!) 1 NIGHT OR 2? PLACES?? TEAMS??? Umpiring: Please inform Gemma ASAP via fb if you wish to attend a starters or L1 umpiring course. you will be expected to represent club ( and share umpiring load) once you are qualified at L1 but get paid 10 per game.

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