It’s A Boy Girl Thing Fanfiction Lily Evans was a 17 year old witch, at the school of Hogwarts for

Witchcraft and Wizardry. She was in Gryffindor house, but everyone said (and she privately agreed) she should really be in Ravenclaw. She was a very bright girl, with flaming red hair and emerald green eyes. She spent a lot of her time studying, as this was her final year and NEWTs were coming up in a few months. She had always loved school, and this, unfortunately, seemed to mean that she didn’t have many close friends. She didn’t mind however, as she had her books. That was all she really needed. While her dorm mates, Alice, Mary and Marlene; were out at a party in the Ravenclaw common room, Lily settled down in her four poster bed with her favourite muggle classic; Romeo and Juliet. She sighed in contentment and opened to the marked page and started to read. “Come, gentle night, come, loving, black-brow'd night, give me my Romeo; and, when he shall die, take him and cut him out in little stars, and he will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with night.” Suddenly, her blissfully peaceful reading was interrupted by outside noise; rap music. Lily determinedly stared at her page, trying to concentrate, but every beautiful line of Shakespeare was interrupted by the obnoxious music. Knowing exactly where it was coming from, Lily stormed out of the girl’s dorm, through the common room, up the left set of stairs, and knocked firmly on the door to the seventh year’s boy’s dorm. When she received no reply, she kicked it hard and shouted “excuse me!” The door swung open, the rap music blared out louder than ever. Before her, stood the tall, muscular, and very shirtless, James Potter. “WHAT?” he yelled over the ‘music’. “WILL YOU TURN THAT DOWN?” Lily screamed. “Sorry can’t hear you,” he grinned and danced back into his room. “Turn the noise down!” Lily made a big winding motion with her arm, as if she could turn it down just by doing that. James walked out of his room and stood in front her. “I’m sorry did you say something?” “I’m trying to read, but it is impossible with that racket going on!” Lily placed her hands firmly on her hips.

“It’s not a racket that’s the weird sisters!” (A/N: I know they’re not rap or current at this time but I don’t know any other wizard bands.) James said indignantly. “Whatever it is can you please switch it off?” Lily almost begged. “What’s it worth?” He asked, taking a step closer to Lily. She was suddenly aware of his very bare chest, and the fact that she was wearing her pink teddy pyjamas. “Uuum… the gratitude of a music lover?” He grinned. “Alright, I’ll turn it off.” Lily murmured a thank you and turned to leave when he spoke again. “If you flash me.” “WHAT? YOU ARE PIG SLIME!” Lily yelled, outraged that he’d even suggest it. “I’ve already seen them,” James shrugged and turned to leave. “YOU HAVE NOT!” Lily pushed him into his room and slammed the door shut behind her. This was not Lily’s lucky night though, as the corner of her pyjama top got caught in the door, ripping it off the shirt completely. Hearing Lily’s scream, James flung the door open. Lily covered her chest protectively but glared at James. “Have now!” James laughed and closed the door again. Lily raced back to her room and repaired her ripped shirt with magic. She felt tears sting in her eyes but wiped them away angrily. She wasn’t going to cry over James Potter. Though as she heard the weird sister’s blast from the other end of Gryffindor tower, she decided she might kill him. The next morning, Lily woke up and turned to look at her dorm mates. They were all lazing around, and refusing to get up. Lily was positive they were hung-over from last night’s party. She quietly, as so not to disturb them, climbed out of bed and neatly folded the covers. Her cat jumped onto the bed and looked at her reproachfully. “Good morning Mr Fluffy,” Lily said softly, stroking her pet’s head. She looked through her underwear drawer for the pair that had ‘Tuesday’ written on them. She liked to keep her underwear coordinated. Lily dressed in her uniform, and collected the books she would need for the

day. She left the tower just as her fellow Gryffindors were waking up to face the day. xxxxx On the other side of the tower, James and his three best friends were stirring grumpily. They were all rather hung-over as well; except for James of course, as he had skipped the party. “Padfoot, are you up yet?” James called to his best friend, Sirius Black, from the bathroom. His reply was a lot of grumbles. “UP UP UP UP!” Remus, James’s second best friend, yelled and tossed Sirius out of his bed. “5 minutes?” came the hopeful voice from the last bed in the room. “No Peter. Up you get!” James instructed. “Prongs please?” “Wormtail, get up. We’re going to miss breakfast,” Remus said. “I’m up!” he said instantly. “This is going to be a long morning Moony,” James commented. xxxxx Down in the breakfast hall, Lily sat at one end of the table with her friend Alice, and Alice’s boyfriend Frank. They were whispering to each other, and ignoring Lily for the most part. Lily was used to not getting a lot of attention, and didn’t think much of it. She served her regular bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruit and a glass of pumpkin juice. Opening her battered copy of Romeo and Juliet she set it against the fruit bowl and started where she had been rudely interrupted last night. She blocked out the noise of the Great Hall and ate her oatmeal peacefully. The owls came as per usual that morning, but unlike most mornings, Lily had a letter. “What is it?” Alice asked her. “It’s from my mother,” Lily said, opening the letter. Inside was a letter from Oxford University. They had asked to see her for an interview next week. There was also a note from her mother.

He’s also going to rewrite your report card so that it is. Good luck James! . James and his mates were discussing Quidditch loudly.Dear Lily. “EAT PRONGS!” James picked up his bacon with his fingers and took a large bite. and the upcoming match against Slytherin. Aren’t you excited? My little girl. Remember though. going to Oxford! I’ve fixed it up with Professor Dumbledore for you to take a day off next week to go to Oxford for the interview.” Peter said stupidly. xxxxx Meanwhile. “Eat up Prongs!” Sirius piled bacon and eggs and the rest of the fatty fried breakfast foods onto James’s plate. I’ll be picking you up next week! Love Mom. “Well said Moony!” Sirius exclaimed.muggle friendly. at the other end of the hall. He had a letter from his father. “You need stamina and strength to win this game!” “It’s next week Padfoot.” Alice smiled and left the table with Frank. and they want to interview you! Naturally I didn’t tell them about where you are currently at school. prepare yourself accordingly. “You don’t become a big strong man in one day Wormy.” Remus rolled his eyes. There was going to be professional Quidditch scouts at that game. then you’ll always have a job at the ministry with me. and James (being the captain of the Gryffindor team) was desperate to catch their attention. “That’s fabulous Lily! Now finish you’re oatmeal or we’ll be late for class. “She’s really excited for me to go to this muggle did he put it. just as the owl post arrived. if those scouts don’t pick you up. I applied for early admission for Oxford.” Lily said to Alice after showing her the letter. just that you were at a boarding school. Hey there son! I heard all about the big game coming up! I have faith in you! The next week is the most important of your life.

and her hair was a mess. and then laughed their way to class. As the boys tore off to class. She dried herself off with magic and hurried to first period Charms. pretending to be surprised.” James said. They all pretended to vomit into their plate of grease. “By the way. That bucket just appeared out of nowhere.Your dad.” James grinned evilly as him and Sirius conjured a bucket of water and poured it all over poor Lily’s head. I understand. as Emmeline bit his neck and stroked his chest. you geek. Lily turned around. “You don’t want to work for the ministry?” Sirius teased. Lily stood in the hallway. her nose in her book. “My name is Emmeline. As she sat in her assigned seat in front of James. “Oh please don’t apologise. winking at pretty girls and tripping up Slytherins. they crossed paths with Lily. and his hands were inside her shirt. “For a smart girl that ‘aint so smart. “Well if it isn’t special needs boy and his muse. sorry about this morning. As they strutted along the hallways. to face Hufflepuff bimbo and slut. “The one we’re about to create. but was well aware that her hair was frizzing up around her face. She was sitting on James’s lap.” Sirius grinned. Lily turned further in her seat to look at the insincere look on James Potter’s face.” “What water?” Peter asked.” Sirius commented. she could feel his stare and the tremble of his silent laugh.” said a smug voice. But chew on thiswhile outsiders such as myself rarely fit comfortably into a school .” Lily mocked. “She’s standing dangerously close to a vast pool of water. Her book was ruined. soaking wet. the lovely Chlamydia. James made a face and threw the letter away. laughing their heads off. “Nice look. “Is this not a pencil necked virgin I see before me?” “I do believe it is!” James said. Emmeline Vance. “Oh lookie here.” she scoffed.

with your dad. . Thankfully for him. is prepping up her own self esteem by indulging in sexual encounters with your friends behind your back. While your little wife. Professor Slughorn called them into the dungeon. xxxxx The last class of the day was potions. Stylish. “Sounds hot. yet understand. if it’s not too much trouble?” Slughorn waved him into the room. So you’ll end up with a job in the ministry. So you look good. but not quite.” They shared a long. and you’re a drunk. She almost felt sorry for him. fat depressed guy at a bar talking about the good old days. Emmeline pulled James back. whose looks have steadily rotted away. Fast forward a few years. this.” Lily shrugged and turned back around to listen to Professor Flitwick. They were making the potion for sorcery and destiny. and all listening.” Emmeline was saying. “Mr Potter. “I tried on the most amazing dress for the dance. She needed to make sure she knew what she was doing in this one.” she nodded thoughtfully. Lily leaned back against the wall before the class while listening to James and Emmeline’s conversation. But soon you’ll start drinking to numb the aching feeling you have inside. Lily rolled her eyes at the couple before taking out her Potions notes. “I think Armani would be good for you.” “What friends?” James asked cluelessly. is as good as your life will get. “I’m guessing most of them. but you don’t distract attention from me. The big Quidditch star with the vacuous girlfriend. “In a minute! Bye James. the old grey matter isn’t exactly top of the range.environment. “What’s Armani?” asked James cluelessly. because let’s face it. one which could go very wrong. and probably married to Emmeline here.” James said in a bored tone as she described the dress. drawn out kiss before Emmeline skipped away down the hall. Emmeline held up a hand.

and Mr Potter you go with Miss Evans. The correct phraseology is different from.” Slughorn wandered back to his desk.” Lily groaned as her and James collected their ingredients. “Different from.” James shot back. I want you to pair off and start making this potion.” Lily threw more ingredients in at stirred furiously.” “What?” “You said different to. I had always imagined it being with someone of my own species. when Slughorn stopped them. “There is no one else in your own species. “That’s because you secretly want to have sex with me. “I cannot believe I am stuck with you. You really think that the world revolves around rap music.” Lily grabbed it back. “Mr Black you go with Mr Longbottom. “Do you think I might have your attention? Or has Mr Black have something interesting to say? I’m betting on… unlikely.” James smirked. Ok time is sort people.” James scoffed.” James whispered and winked as he set up their potion. “Get stuffed!” Lily grumbled. “When I do decide to surrender the flower of my womanhood.“MR POTTER!” Slughorn interrupted his own lecture. “Let’s hope I don’t breathe any retard germs. Quidditch and hanging out with the right crowd?” James grabbed the spoon from her.” Lily corrected. “I hate you!” Lily moaned.” “What?” Lily said. “Woah! That’s harsh. I have every hope that you can keep him in line. “You’re such a moron. startled.” “Let’s hope I don’t get any pencil neck virgin disease. . “I don’t think so.” he said sternly.” James and Sirius automatically moved off together. “You make me sick! You think you’re so different to everyone else. Lily gasped. “Oh no professor…” “It’s ok Miss Evens.

James thought as he climbed out of bed.“Thanks for that information. The potion blew up in their faces. On his chest. his balance was off slightly. while Lily read quietly in her bed. One by one. Something was wrong. When he stood up. Two tits! I guess that’s the regular number of tits. “OH MY MERLIN YOU’RE SUCH A RETARD!” Lily yelled as she wiped the liquid out of her eyes. “You distracted me. “Neanderthal!” “Spaz!” “Toad!” “Skank!” “You know I should pity you. Now I can say that you’re no different from every geek with books instead of friends and you won’t have to open your big fat mouth to correct me!” James almost shouted at her. the lights went off. Chapter 2: Ugh my head! I must be dreaming. Oh my god I have tits. “Ditto? DOUBLE DITTO!” “Double double ditto time one thousand gazillion trillion!” James said in a self-satisfied way. but for a guy! What’s going on . but I can’t! I hate you too much!” Lily threw in yet another ingredient. “I would rather cut off my legs with a rusty knife than ever be anything like you!” “DITTO!” Lily raised an eyebrow incredulously. That night.” James grumbled. “Go and have a showerboth of you!” Lily and James grumbled all the way up to Gryffindor tower to wash off the potion of sorcery and destiny. “NO NOT THAT ONE!” Lily yelled as he put in the wrong ingredient. Slughorn cleaned it up with a wave of his wand. something moved! Tits?! He grabbed his chest. What was that? Something moved. and all the Gryffindors dreamt peacefully. James and the other boys danced in their towels to rap music.

“I got your breakfast ready for you. GO AWAY! She hit her… his… dick with the wand. this looks bad. She just stared at him. He had long red hair. GO AWAY GO AWAY GO AWAY! Finally she gave up and got dressed. This must be a dream. And the large stack of books. The pink curtains were shut around the equally pink bed. It’s tough enough getting these damn things off! How the hell does anyone know how to get them on? He threw it on the floor in anger. Lily knew that much when she woke up at 7am the next morning. If it’s gone and I have tits that means… And for the first time he noticed his room. Thank god for robes.” she muttered in James Potter’s voice and closed the blinds with her HIS wand. OH MY GOD IT’S GONE! Ok. and the ginger cat that was sitting on the end of the bed. “Hey can you put your boner away? None of us really want to see that. Yippee.and found herself staring into the mirror. The alarm sound was different. She screamed. She stood up in a rush. large green eyes… He was Lily Evens! Oh God this isn’t a dream. He grabbed the blue pair and pulled them on. So he opened drawers one by one and found himself looking at underwear with the days of the week on it. now my pubes know it’s Wednesday! Then he saw a bra. “Not hungry. “You’re late this morning. It looks like I’m going au natural He undressed quickly. her bed felt different.” Remus said and wrinkled his nose. Oh god. xxxxx James looked mournfully where his body was sitting with his friends. As he found himself face to face with the mirror. gotta go. he screamed. Ok… just get dressed! That’s not hard. a very very bad ‘I have tits’ kind of dream. “Sorry. Something was definitely wrong. He knew basically where is went so he tried his best to put it on.” . and went to Lily’s usual spot at the end of the table. She joined the boys as they went down to the great hall for breakfast. and looked down.” James looked as his bowl of oatmeal. xxxxx Something isn’t right. “What’s the matter prongs?” came a sleepy voice.” Alice commented. What is this? There was something making the sheets stick up.

“Eat up Prongs! Get nice and strong!” Sirius said happily. James poured the oats under the table.“Nonsense!” Frank said as Alice laughed. “Let go of me you big bully. “Excuse me?!” Frank and Alice said together. xxxxx Lily stood outside the History of Magic classroom. eggs and toast onto her plate.” James mumbled. and him. xxxxx “Is this meat?” Lily asked as Sirius piled bacon. and spooned it into his mouth. “Can I have oatmeal?” “Are you shitting me?” Sirius laughed. this was disgusting. glaring and pulling on her clothes. “What have you done to me?” He said in her voice.” James rolled his (HER) eyes. and raced out of the hall to throw up into a suit of armour. eating her own oatmeal. As Alice and Frank giggled and whispered into each other’s ears. “That’s cool I already took a dump the size of my own head. when James (in HER body) grabbed her robes and dragged her away from the class. Remus and Peter all watched as she choked down the dead pig. . “Oatmeal’s good?” James said carefully. She couldn’t take it anymore. shocked. She felt sick.” Lily pushed him away. “Seriously what’s with you today?” “Not hungry. “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” “Oatmeal is wonderful for promoting regular and healthy bowel movements.” Lily mumbled but picked up a piece of oily bacon and put it in her mouth. pretending to listen to what Remus was saying. He looked up to the other end. where Lily was ‘enjoying’ his big plate of protein. “Jesus people eat puke?!” He spat it out and took a big swig of pumpkin juice.” Alice said. “You think I’m responsible for this?” “Well I certainly am not! You’re the one who always knows everything.

” James said. We just have to get through the day.” James sat down with a smile on his face. her girlfriend! “Your homework was to prepare a speech on the greatest living witch or wizard.” James stood up quickly. “The thing about Myron is… he’s from the streets. and Lily awkwardly sat next to Emmeline. It just wasn’t the same. Lily’s head fell onto her hands. Especially not you!” “No no no no no no! Don’t cry. “You’re speech?” “I think… the greatest living wizard is…Myron Wagtail. touching Lily’s leg lightly. Miss Evens? Miss Evens? LILY EVENS?” “Oh right. and inspired a lot of magical people to like music. Oh. What a slut. and.“That does not include this!” Lily huffed.” Professor Binns said as they all sat down. . people can see!” James whispered.” Lily hissed. “I don’t wanna be a boy. “Alright. but I was excused homework due to Quidditch practise. He’s a muggle born. I think that’s pretty great. James sat down at the front of the room. Try not to attract any unnecessary attention. Emmeline isn’t even on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team. Tomorrow we could be back to normal. “You better figure out how to get my damn body back…” “Trust me there is nothing I’d like more. This was a nightmare. “You I think I relish waking up to the day with the marauders?” “Leave my mates out of this would you?” James said protectively. that’s me. And now he’s all famous and stuff. followed meekly by Lily. “He’s the lead singer of the weird sisters. “Miss Vance?” “I’m sorry sir. making her flinch. and his parents died.” Emmeline smirked. Lily felt tears sting her eyes. “This is impossible! This cannot happen!” “Well it’s happening ok?” James ran his hand through his long hair. “Look maybe it’s one of those 24 hour things. and alive. he’s a wizard.” He turned on his small heel and stormed into class.” “Why do you think that?” Professor Binns asked in surprise. like a head cold.

” xxxxx James watched as Lily humiliated his girlfriend. “It just flew right into my head. and sighed miserably as they shouted to each other about Quidditch and hot girls. “You know what? I don’t appreciate you calling me an idiot. “James Potter you’re an idiot and a philistine!” Lily called out. “Ok.” “At least there is plenty of space for it to land!” She mocked. As she left she heard Emmeline say loudly: “Last week he begged me to do that.” James stalked off. Am I in like bizarro world?” Emmeline was saying. ignoring the stares. This was very very gross. where Emmeline sat with her friends (which included Sirius’s girlfriend). the girls are going out tonight.” Lily frowned and tried to push the other girl away. . “I can’t believe James turned down the chance to have sex with me tonight. I don’t know what that other thing is.xxxxx “You said Myron Wagtail?” Lily hissed at James as they left the class. “You made a complete fool out of me in there!” James just smirked at started to walk away. I will never eat finger food from a buffet again for as long as I live! She joined the other marauders for lunch. but I sure as hell am not one of them either. I have to eat with these creatures! Her thoughts were interrupted as she felt something kiss her neck. and left his untouched lunch to wander by the Hufflepuff table. At lunch. Lily knocked her lunch to the ground in shock. so I thought maybe you’d want to come to Hufflepuff to discuss what you want to wear for the dance?” Emmeline said softly. This was gross. “I have things to do.” Emmeline said impatiently. “Hey James. Lily walked slowly into the men’s bathroom. “Pretty good huh?” He grinned. Ew I have to touch it? She realised that as she sat on the toilet. “You filthy little slut! You’d do that?” She stormed off through the hall. “What I meant was we’d be alone… So maybe I might do that thing where I…” She proceeded to whisper in Lily’s ear exactly what she’d do. All Lily could think was dear God.

Quidditch man of the year. don’t forget. “Yeah! I’m the mood to kick some serious ass.” Lily rolled her eyes at Sirius’s exaggeration. GIRLS! Who understands them? xxxxx Lily walked awkwardly beside Sirius down to the next class after lunch. I wouldn’t be wasting my time on James. Ok.” Sirius grinned.“If I had Remus Lupin sniffing around me. yeah me too… Only I have a prior engagement that conflicts with the whole… ass-kicking thing.” Emmeline promised. “We’re a week away from the game against Slytherin. “Practise?” Lily said. She saw her body walking ahead of her so she ran up to talk to James. Lily walked with a sense of dread to the Quidditch field where she hopped onto a broom and tried to remember how to fly.” “That’s so not true Chanel. startled. James tried not to laugh.” one of her bimbos said dreamily. James stopped to look at her. tomorrow. She rose unsteadily into the air and breathed heavily.” Chanel sighed. I can do this. “Oh. Point forward… someone threw the quaffle to her and she yelped and missed it. “Sometimes I think that’s the only reason he’s with me. “Oh merlin. Do you know what the coach will do to your nuts if you don’t show up tonight? I’ll tell you! He will grind them into dust! Nut dust! And the only kids you’ll be able to have are itty bitty powder ones.” “Ok ok I’ll be there. I didn’t even think… there’s nothing you can do! Just… do you best. “We’ve got an extra practise tonight.” Sirius was saying. “What am I going to do about Quidditch tonight? I haven’t been on a broom since first year. James walked away at this point. Sports are celebrity! We need to plan these things!” Emmeline banged her hand on the table.” So that afternoon.” Lily hissed at him. You have many fine qualities. . “I’d be relieved if Sirius didn’t want to have sex.” Sirius stopped in his tracks. “It’s not that simple! Today he’s football captain.

“You’ve just hit a rough spot.” She continued to miss the quaffle five more times until she caught it. startled. “WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING OUT THERE!?” Coach shouted in the change rooms an hour later. it’s probably nerves.” He dropped his towel. they were both still in the wrong bodies. “Yeah you’re right.“Potter! What are you doing?” Called the coach. I really am becoming like James… “Hey Prongs. and buttoned her school top all the . listen to me.” Lily said defensively. Lily decided that if she had to be James Potter. she found the only pair of trousers that were ironed properly. “Works every time remember!” “Yeah sure…” Lily reached out and rubbed the red ball Sirius held in front of her. I’m going mad I swear. “I’m feeling a little peaky. she might as well make the most of it. and neither of them were very happy about it. and stood completely naked in front of Lily. “Sorry.” Lily said.” Sirius said. Lily sat down and ruffled her hair anxiously. xxxxx The next morning. it means off-colour…” “YEAH I KNOW WHAT PEAKY MEANS! THIS GAME IS THE BIGGEST DAY IN THESE BOYS AND GIRLS LIVES. People really took Quidditch way too seriously.” she muttered. YOU GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER DO YOU HEAR ME?” “Yes coach.” she couldn’t keep her eyes of his… thing. “Peaky?” “Yeah. and was so surprised that she dropped in immediately. “Never played a game before in my life. When she dressed this morning. Why won’t he put it away? “You wanna touch the lucky quaffle?” Sirius asked.

and the girls whispered in jealousy. “Alright! If that’s the way you want it!” James stormed off. and her hair combed. “I get that whatever this is it isn’t a head cold. xxxxx Lily got her own back. Of course. what am I wearing?” James suddenly realised her appearance. Lily jumped up from the table and tried to cover her legs with her jacket.” “It’s just a game. “Do you have any better theories? Oh shit.” Lily said. arms crossed defensively. “What are you doing?” James pushed her away. Her shoes were shined. “Protecting your modesty! You look like a common prostitute!” Lily said in shock. . and high heels. and tied her tie tightly around her neck.” James said. “Robes?” “My hair! You’ve made it all dorky!” James gasped.” Lily shrugged. it’s Quidditch! Don’t you get anything?” He said angrily. She actually looked presentable in James Potter’s body. I may as well make the most of it. when James saw her in the common room he roughly grabbed her and pulled her aside. The boys whistled appreciatively. “I heard about Quidditch practise. “It’s not just a game. James showed up for breakfast the next day with a skirt that had obviously been cut (way past her knees where it should be). “You’re going to ruin my life! I look like male version of you!” “Well as long as I’m stuck inside this disgusting body.” Lily rolled her eyes. a white shirt showed the black bra underneath (James spent hours practising putting it on). “My life is over if coach drops me. “Excuse me for taking some pride in your appearance!” Lily said with a small smile.way up.

Lily watched mournfully as James abandoned the healthy food and literally poured mayonnaise into his bacon filled mouth. Lily felt sick just watching. Lily gritted her teeth and stood up on the Gryffindor table and started stripping. Now get your hands off me or I’ll scream. “Let me guess.” Emmeline flipped her hair and rolled her eyes.” he said with a smirk. “She’s totally pretending to be pretty. Xxxxx As she walked back to the common room from dinner.” Lily said. “No. Lily looked at Dumbledore and saw him chuckling.or him technically. “Hello Emmeline. “You can’t walk into school like this!” Lily argued. “Hello James.” James threatened and sat down with Alice. Lily complimented as many dicks as she could.” Lily walked up to Emmeline. Hopefully James now had a gay reputation.” Emmeline giggled and kissed her cheek.” Lily tried to keep the smirk off her face.” Emmeline scoffed. In the bathrooms later that day. She had a feeling he knew what was happening.” “I have something I’d like to say to you. “Very funny James. James watched in horror as the scene played out in front of him.” She gave her boyfriend’s body a cold stare. At all meals today. who stared in shock at her friend. . The guys at the table watched in fascination. James overheard Emmeline and her two blonde sidekicks whispering about Lily. and the girls with horror. “I can do whatever I want.“Damn I was going for high class hooker. You’re sorry about blowing me off. “You either are pretty or you’re not. I’m afraid we can’t see each other anymore. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? GET DOWN NOW!” McGonagall called out in anger.

” He pointed off vaguely.” His tongue moved out of his mouth in James’s face.” she grinned. “You just look kind of plain.” Lily strutted off in a perfect imitation of James. “Maybe I could…” Amos moved over to the couch and crawled slowly towards him. “I have to go. who was basically the male version of Emmeline. “What just happened. James finished his second beer. xxxxx James sat in the room of requirement. James took a few steps back and then smiled in a scarily calm way. I better be drunk. and Amos tried to kiss him again. tonight is the night you finally get to lose it!” he made a popping sound with his cheek and ran off before she could say anything. . “WHAT?” Emmeline. “You and your girlfriend just broke up. confused.” Lily shrugged. “Let’s go to the bedroom. and was immediately slammed into the wall by her body. He was a Hufflepuff. “I need another beer.” Lily shrugged.” “What?” Lily asked. Tonight’s a big night for me. “Not here.” Lily started to walk off. “Moisten in up a little. on the couch with Amos Diggory. “And don’t worry about your moustache.“I just don’t find you that attractive anymore.” James said quickly. You too. “NO! ME AND EMMELINE?” “You’ll get over it. some guys are really into that shit.” Amos moved off him. “Congratulations. He was nowhere near tipsy enough for this.” James said quickly. Amos handed him a butterbeer which he downed in a second.” James said in a low voice. If I have to have sex with a guy.” he said in awe. “I’ve never seen a chick drink like that before. Chanel and Tiffany all screamed at the same time. “Sure.” James burped. “My throat’s a little dry.

” he winked. “NOW?” “Yeah. looking at . xxxxx The entire night was a nightmare for Lily. He’s going to make me his bitch! I’ll be James the bitch boy. Not even moaning Myrtle cared.” James said quickly. you get undressed and don’t start without me!” With that. James ran for his life out of the room of requirement and all the way back to Gryffindor tower. She sat on her bed with her homework.” Lily shrugged.” Sirius advised. “Are you ok. She didn’t have anyone to say that to her. James was luckier than he knew. “I think I know what’s on your mind. “Whatever you do. And all she could think was: am I losing my virginity right now? Xxxxx At breakfast the next day.” “I’m fine thank you.” Sirius sat down on the edge of her bed. Lily heard the whispers.” Lily said stiffly. “If you don’t impress those scouts then you’re going to end up working at the ministry. not sure what to say. “I have to pee. “What you waiting for baby? Daddy wants to see some flesh. James ignored the whispers and stares that followed him wherever he went the next day. I’ll still be your best mate and brother ok?” Lily nodded. “You’ve been acting kind of weird lately. She spent the whole next two lessons crying the bathrooms. coz daddy’s packing!” What was I thinking? This is so GAY! James watched in horror as Amos undressed. He ran into Lily who was sitting the hallway. She knew what it meant. “Let things fall into place.Amos ran into the room. tears coming into her eyes.” Sirius continued. not taking any of it in. “Let’s get cracking baby.

He saw her tear stained face. He hated to admit it. “You found me babe. “You lost me my girlfriend!” “I was saving it for the boy I fell in love with. “Look.” Amos smirked. but he felt guilty for the trick he played after seeing her heartbroken face. “Nothing.the graffiti on the wall.” James growled. “I wanted it to be special.” he winked at James. “How does it feel being a cheap little slut?” James looked at the wall before catching her eye. “Really.” Lily gestured to the graffiti. don’t worry about it. “Nothing that wasn’t 100 percent true.” Lily whispered.” James lied. “What the hell did you say?” James poked his chest. and the hatred in her eyes. James scoffed but watched carefully as Lily struggled to keep a composed face. “Trust me. I’ll never forget it. Whistles and stares followed James as he went straight up to Amos and grabbed the back of his neck. but hey. You had a great time. They eventually found Amos in the great hall with about half the school and a few teachers.” Lily said miserably.” Lily stood up and wiped her eyes furiously.” “That’s not what Amos is telling everyone. . “It looks like I’m going to have to talk to that son of a bitch because nobody calls us a slut.” “How could you do this to me. “Look nothing happened ok. Amos stood up to face him.” James walked off down the hall the Lily closely behind him.” Lily sniffed. “Well Amos is a liar!” “Try telling that to the entire world. “YOU STARTED IT!” James lost his temper. Thank god he hadn’t gone through with it. it’s only sex!” James shrugged and stood directly in front of her.” “You’re a greasy scumbag liar. “Really?” Lily smiled softly. with a sick little grin on his face. It read ‘Lily Evans is slut stuff’.” he said finally. “What? I know he isn’t the best looking guy in the world.

” James rolled his eyes. “I’ll try and fix things. “But then again. I already knew that!” “YOU ASSHOLE!” James went to punch him but was easily deflected by the bigger guy. “Doesn’t mean I forgive you for screwing up my relationship with Emmeline. “I’m a girl remember? What are we going to do?” “It’s a complete disaster.” Lily laughed and took a bite of her pickles and cheese. “NO!” they said together.” Amos cried. “I think you owe this sweet.” James reminded her.” James said loftily. “We always argue.” Lily agreed. . innocent.“And you’ve got a very. “Arguing. “What’s point?” James picked at his sandwich crusts. and they laughed together while eating sandwiches.” Lily offered. but still very attractive lady an apology. Xxxxx James showed Lily where the kitchens were.” Lily said. “We stuffed up that sorcery potion…” Lily said thoughtfully. “You think that the potion spilled on us and switched us around?” James asked. “That’s no way to treat a lady! Why don’t you tell everyone what really happened? HUH?” “Nothing happened. “It’s so much fun to hit someone! I want to go back and hit him again!” Lily said enthusiastically. little mouth. “What were we doing before this happened?” He said thoughtfully. dirty. fist flying into his face. and she knocked Amos onto the ground and kneed him in the balls. “I’m sorry!” Amos shouted. And then Lily was there.” Amos flicked his tongue out in what was meant to be a suggestive way. “Thanks.

” Slughorn said thoughtfully.” Lily said. “Sir.” Slughorn said. I’m Lily Evens. They nodded meekly.” Lily muttered. making Lily elbow him. “Fire away!” “What can happen if it goes wrong?” “Well… it can read a person’s destinies and use them to change a person. “Can anything be done?” James asked hopefully. Lily was glaring at the floor and James looked lost.” “Goodness me! You mean to tell me that after the potion landed on you two. but it’s the best I can do.” Slughorn said. “Sir I had a question about that sorcery potion?” James asked. “I’m going to tell him. “HE CAN HELP YOU MORON!” Slughorn looked cluelessly between the two teenagers. “I had my heart set on Oxford.” he winked at James in Lily’s body. “I can mix up an antidote. where Slughorn was merrily cleaning up from the last class of the day. “What can I do for you? Anything for my favourite student. “I have my Oxford interview!” Lily moaned. “I’m sorry kids. “A week? But the Quidditch final is next week!” James gasped. but it will take probably a week. “Ew. Xxxxx Back in the Gryffindor common room.” James said under his breath. “No! Are you crazy?” James snapped. James and Lily shared a startled look. .“Maybe! Let’s go see Slughorn!” So they left the kitchens together and went to the dungeons. you switched bodies?” He gasped.

trying to throw the quaffle through the hoops. “And we can study so you can get through my interview!” James made a face but they shook hands and grinned. “Ok. Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May.” James paused thoughtfully. He taught Lily the theory of Quidditch and the moves. as she talked him through the old language and hidden meanings. “You’ve sure been hanging out a lot with her lately. She fell of her broom so many times she doubted there was space on her body left unbruised. reading her favourite books and poems. She was absolutely hopeless.” Lily said.” “So. She missed everyone. and grinned as the rest of the marauders traipsed into the dorm with a surprised look at Lily’s body. and summer’s lease hath all too short a date. “Thou art more lovely and temperate.” Sirius commented. all the rules.” James left the room with a wink. Suddenly. “He’s not saying that she’s like a summer’s day. In return.” “Yeah that’s it!” Lily grinned in triumph. So James had Lily up in the air.“I don’t want to work at the ministry!” James moaned. Xxxxx . Like me! “See you tomorrow then. “Maybe you just have to meet the right person to say it to.” James said. “You beat up Amos. “She’s not that bad. James sat up straight. and her job as a chaser. “I still can’t imagine ever saying that to a girl. he’s saying that she’s hot like a summer’s day. “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” Lily read from her favourite poem. James spent a few hours after dinner with Lily in the boy’s dorm.” Lily smiled secretively and lay down in her bed.” Lily said slowly.” “So?” “You have my body! My strength! I just have to show you how to use it!” James grinned.

he wouldn’t do that. Oh god. Chanel looked at him like he was crazy. Sirius would do exactly that and they both knew it. If only she knew… “I’m so stupid!” Chanel said loudly. “What do I know about guys?” James asked rhetorically. I think a lot more people feel that way then you realise?” James said. You go your own way no matter what anybody thinks. . “Then how come I saw him with his tongue stuck down her throat?” Chanel said. Did you see who it was?” Please say no please say no… “No they were in a broom closet.” James looked away. “What’s wrong?” “It’s Sirius.” she cried. Tiffany.” she admitted. I admire you Lily. when he saw Emmeline’s friend Chanel sitting on the floor.” she stuttered. I didn’t mean that. “You know less about guys than anyone on the planet. she’s crying. I felt like I was invisible! Then I started dating Sirius and I became friends with Emmeline. “No.” Chanel said softly. “Why am I asking you right?” She said when James didn’t answer. James and everyone. “I know what Sirius is like!” “Then why do you go out with him?” James asked simply. in a surprisingly good mood. I’m sorry. thinking of whose body he was in. “You ok?” “No.James was skipping to breakfast alone. “When I started at Hogwarts. “Ah. “Chanel?” he asked.” James nodded slowly. He’s seeing some other girl. “I’m sorry. crying softly. But I heard what they were doing clear enough! Why are guys such jerks?” She wiped her face on her sleeve. “You don’t. and then people started to notice me! And I liked that! I guess I was just afraid of feeling invisible again.” she let out a fresh wave of sobs. Oh crap. “You know. He sat down awkwardly beside her.

As he walked in. James tried not to glare at the dumb blonde.James smiled at the other girl. “Ugh. James turned to his ex-girlfriend. As the four girls (James counted as a girl) lay on the floor reading Witch Weekly and painting each other’s nails.” “You guys were like the perfect couple. “This girl just wants to have fun. “That is so over. She just wants to hang. “I see you’ve finally seen the error of your geekish ways. “It’s not meant to be bushy?” James asked. Emmeline jumped up and ran to Chanel. Not that he’d ever admit it.” Chanel sighed miserably. secretly feeling proud of Lily. Right Lily?” Chanel asked. “Lily. he’s just another dumb jock with his head in his shorts. “I couldn’t help but notice that you’re a little on the bristly side… down below. “Let’s all get into our PJ’s!” Wow Emmeline really was a bimbo! Maybe it’s a good thing Lily dumped her.” James assured her. “I can’t wait until we all get into our jammies.” Emmeline said carefully.” “Ok!” Emmeline jumped up and down in excitement. because there is not much else going on down there if you know what I mean.” “You’ve got sort of a… rainforest thing going on.” Tiffany said unhelpfully.” she crinkled her nose. he ended up in the Hufflepuff girl’s dorm for a sleepover with his ex-girlfriend. “Why did you invite that pencil neck to our sleepover?” she hissed.” she giggled in a high pitch tone. “Oh yeah.” “Oh I have. “Lily’s ok. And somehow. “So you’re not seeing James Potter anymore?” he asked. life is such a bitch! James closed the door to the room. . “I was only seeing him because he’s Quidditch captain! Without me. though he knew the answer. Chanel and Tiffany.” Emmeline said suddenly. Oh man. The girls squealed at started to undress. Which is convenient.” James agreed.” “I guess.

” Emmeline said.” .the cloak and the map of Hogwarts they had invented. Xxxxx Lily had somehow let Sirius con her into sneaking into Hogsmeade under James’s invisibility cloak. towels and hot water. “What about Chanel?” Lily asked. As they ripped the wax off. but I’m a Black. not that she’d ever admit it. “We’ve all gone totally Latino. “Ok girls! We have a green light on the brazilin! Tiffany. James let out a loud scream into the cloth. “Don’t see her.” “Think about it Padfoot. Lily was very astounded to find out the marauder’s secrets. You were always into the faithful thing. and do exactly as I say!” She pushed James onto the bed and pulled off his pyjama pants. confused. “Check out the ass on that blonde!” Sirius whistled. He had a whole new respect for girls. where there would be free firewhiskey.” Lily had taken to using the marauder’s nicknames. Apparently they were going to a party in the three broomsticks. “Let’s do it!” They all squealed. Sirius looked behind him. She stopped worrying about getting caught as her and her ‘best mate’ walked into the pub. James thought about it. “You crack me up. LOTS OF IT!” Emmeline commanded. “Bite down on this. “We can do it for you right now!” Emmeline said. He couldn’t see why not. “Lily.” Chanel told him. She was actually quite impressed with the magic involved.They all shook their heads. It was the most painful thing he’d felt in his life. “Are you willing to risk the love a good women for the cheap tawdry of a one-night stand?” Sirius burst out laughing.” she put a piece of cloth in James’s mouth. And the pure-blood extremists know no such boundaries. “You should too. lie back and relax. bring me scissors and depilatory strips! Chanel.

as Lily sung a muggle song. “You better hope we get ourselves some ladies tonight my man.” “Think of it as a rite of passage. James held her gaze for another few seconds before standing up. arms around each other’s shoulders. The first few burnt her throat and made her cough. Lily shrugged. Lily ended up in her bed. I just remember feeling unusually happy. “I don’t know. “I really do love you man. his hand on her knee. Xxxxx They were out on the Quidditch field and Lily was starting to get the hang of it. . As the night went on. even if they were the other way around. “How are you feeling?” He asked her. though her head still felt like there was elephants in it. “Just go easy next time ok?” James’s hazel eyes met Lily’s green ones. and then it’s like someone picked up the room at started spinning it. she sat on the back of James’s broom and held his wrist while he threw the Quaffle. “How much did you drink last night?” James asked.” James grinned.” Lily said softly. “Thanks for taking care of me.” Sirius stormed further into the crowd of people. You’re like my twin brother!” And somehow. her and Sirius were stumbling back to Hogwarts. “See you after lunch? We have stuff to do today. “Did I say I love you man?” Sirius slurred. Sirius fed her drink after drink.Lily couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face at the knowledge that James was faithful. Soon. and having a really good time. To really get the movements properly. half the pub was surrounding her yelling “CHUG CHUG CHUG!” She asked for more and more and more until somehow.” she said. with James in her body sitting over her. feeding her milk.” Lily nodded and closed her eyes. or I’ll end up drunk off my face with you on some dark street telling you I love you! And neither of us wants that to happen! Let’s party. “A little better. but they got easier the more they came.

” Lily rolled her eyes. since we’re stuck like this for a little while longer. “Not something a little hotter.” James said. Lily snuck into the girl’s dorms. white blouse and sensible shoes.” “Navy suit. “I’ve been thinking. I guess that means you find me attractive. Let’s just play Quidditch. . “At least now you can tell.” Lily said immediately. but trailed off. and flew high into the sky to watch the sun set.” James turned around and grinned at her. trying not to laugh. She didn’t like to admit it. “Sorry. “You’re joking!” He chuckled. “But let’s not read too much into it. “Actually it means you find me attractive.“What is that?” James stopped. Xxxxx “I never see you anymore.” Lily giggled. “Great!” James said. but he couldn’t see. sorry.” He put away the clothes he had taken out. I’ve been studying with James. “What’s sticking in my ass?” Lily looked down. “Hey!” James said. and Lily blushed when she thought of what had happened earlier. They spent the entire afternoon together. why don’t we go to that dance together? It wouldn’t be a date…” “I’d like that?” Lily smiled.” James asked. It was very romantic. “As long as you can keep my dick out of your butt. “You got a problem with that?” James raised an eyebrow.” “Sure.” Alice complained to James as they got ready for bed that night. “I’m trying to decide what to wear for your interview. Alice huffed and rolled her eyes. After dinner.” he turned around again. “This is an interview…” she started angrily. but James Potter wasn’t as bad as she had thought. “It’s a date! Not a date date… though…” Lily grinned and agreed. It’s not my fault I’m sorry! It’s your thing not mine!” “But you’re behind the wheel. “Oh.

“What are you doing?” She lay down beside him. “What do you mean?” “I will never get an Oxford Education. “PEOPLE LIKE ME!” He shouted at her. and the only job I can get that’s not is flying around on a broom. “There’s nothing you can do to change that. You told me so yourself!” Alice said. or her. trouble and a loser.” “Quidditch isn’t who you are. She flinched. “What do people like me not get?” Lily asked. throwing the Quaffle in the air and catching it over and over again. long read hair get soaked in the rain that had started pouring. “Nothing is ok!” he ran his hands through his hair. “I want to be muggle born. “If you want to waste your valuable time.” James sighed.“No…” Alice started. “It’s all I’ve ever been.” he looked at the hoops and the Quidditch pitch. and stormed out of the dorm. “So we’ve got the wrong lives.” “Who says I’m wasting my time?” James asked. that’s your choice.” James mumbled something about going for a walk.” . She didn’t know what to say to that last part. Let things fall into place. I’m you. “Tomorrow I’m supposed to be playing the most important game of my life! It’s my destiny! Mine! Not yours! I’m not supposed to be attending some interview at a college in a world I don’t belong in!” Lily took his hand. But sometimes you’ve just got to get on with life. so I don’t have to work for the shitty ministry.” “Is this about the interview? It’s ok to be nervous!” Lily said.” Lily said. pulling out grass. He found himself on the Quidditch pitch. And now I’m not even that. annoyed. letting his. “You don’t get it do you? People like you never do. trying to keep her voice calm. Lily found him lying on his back in the grass. “He’s stupid. “This is who I am.” he said.

” . “I like the way it can articulate and express feelings.” he urged.” He spoke the lines that Lily had drilled into him over the past week. “Because they suck?” “Oh.” “Why is that?” James remembered what Lily had said. “Surely if modern poetry is irrelevant. “What about modern literature?” he asked. “No. and realised he had screwed up. leaving her in the downpour. complicated and difficult feelings that you explain literally. He thought of Lily playing his Quidditch game.” James said. The twinkle in Dumbledore’s eye that blinked at him as he was sent off told him Dumbledore knew exactly who he was. and he really hoped he could get into university for the little read head that had his body.” Lily really is incredible.” James saw the disappointment on the man’s face. it’s an important part of my life.” James said. “I never took you for a quitter.” James dropped her hand and stood up. for instance. “Not really. “Poetry.“Save your inspirational speeches for someone who gives a damn. They all meant nothing to him. “Go on. and poets and their art form are doomed to extinction.” James started. she had wrinkled her nose. You’re test results are exemplary. “Are there any contemporary writers or poets that you particularly admire?” Lily hadn’t prepared him for this! The only time she had spoken of modern authors. hoping he sounded convincing. and sat in front of an old fat guy. And as they sat on their separate beds that night. “is their passion. “One of the qualities we hope for in any Oxford student. and the documents Professor Dumbledore had given him. but your love and knowledge of literature is rare in a person of your years.” Lily called as he ran back into the castle.” the man began. “Thank you sir. Xxxxx James left Hogwarts after breakfast the next day with Lily’s mother. Lily’s mother hugged him as he walked into the interview room. they both felt the same sense of despair and loneliness.

” he said. “Definitely!” This was something James knew how to talk about. Ow! They both thought at the same time. James proceeded to sing his favourite weird sisters song. “Hi. She waited a second too long and got hit with a bludger.James shrugged.” “Oh?” “Myron Wagtail. there is one modern poet that I like. She stopped in mid-air as she saw James arrive in the stands. James sat up in the stand with Sirius. were there to see Lily’s final test. She flew this way and that. “They talk about their lives. their experiences and they can be very brutal! But often undercut with dark humour as well.” James said with finality. Her hands were shaking.” he said carefully. “You messed with the wrong girl. “I think that will be all.” the man sighed. surprised. “It’s rap music sir!” “You believe this to be poetry?” He said in surprise.” James was proud to see an impressed look on the man’s face. The whole school. It takes real talent to compose something such as this. trying to get herself in the line of the quaffle. “I am not familiar with that work. “Actually. and she tried to remember everything James had taught her over the last few days.” the man said. Remus and Peter. Xxxxx The game had started. but it was moving too fast for her to get anywhere in time. He left the interview feeling quite good about it. . James stood to leave. plus the scouts. having zero ideas about what to say now.” Lily muttered and flew farther down the pitch. “I do not believe I’ve heard of this person. when he was struck with sudden inspiration.

“AND IT PAYS OFF! GRYFFINDOR HAS CAUGHT THE SNITCH! THEY WIN!” Lily landed on the ground. taking a hit to the shoulder. “POTTER TAKES A BLUDGER FOR GRYFFINDOR SEEKER. but Gryffindor would win if they could catch the snitch now. threw the ball as hard as she could… AND SCORED! James screamed and hugged Sirius. “Thanks. She watched in slow motion as the Slytherin beater aim a bludger at the seeker. who looked at him with a startled expression. The team hugged her and carried her into the change rooms. Lily stood outside the change rooms. Lily saw her seeker take a dive. when a young man walked up with a grin. giving her the thumbs up and walking away. “Great game son. her shoulder aching but happier than she’d ever been.” the man said. “Ever considered playing Quidditch for England?” Lily gaped. and Lily flew as fast as she could and blocked the bludger. Lily caught the Quaffle. I just came to cheer on the team. . holding the Quidditch cup and cheering.” Remus said. swerving out of the way of Slytherins. “What are you waiting here for?” Remus asked James with a smile.” the commentator roared. Slytherin was far ahead of them. At this point. look me up! I’d be happy to have you on the team. But just as he said that.” Sirius sighed. eyes still on the players.” Lily smiled. She flew straight for the goalpost. hoping James would come and find her. James ran up and threw his arms around her. as soon as you graduate. “Yeah we’re not doing too well. She’d done it! She’d fulfilled James’s dream! “Listen. “I didn’t know football was your bag. James raced off to find his girl. pulled off a spectacular spin in the air.” “Uh yeah.” he clapped her on the shoulder (not the sore one). and saw the sparkly gold ball flying ahead.“Hey Lily.” James watched Lily flying aimlessly.

but stopped cold when she saw him sucking faces with Emmeline. “How do you feel about playing Quidditch for England?” James screamed again and hugged her tightly. Slughorn handed them each a vial of clear liquid. I really felt like a part of it. I gave it my best shot. I guess he wasn’t that difference after all.“MERLIN YOU WERE AMAZING! I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT.” the potions master winked and walked off merrily. “The best part was that I totally loved it! I mean your adrenaline gets pumping and the crowd was into it…” Lily trailed off at the look on James’s face. If I have to spend my life as someone else. “Wait.” Lily smiled. talking to James who was insisting on speaking with Lily. They both felt it immediately. “For a moment. I’d be honoured to be you.” “Ditto. Lily was lying on her bed in sweat pants and a tank top. Lily ran into the change room to find James. Do you want to take it now?” They both nodded eagerly.” James nudged her affectionately. The team charged out of the change rooms and grabbed James and pulled him inside. the interview. xxxxx The next night was the dance that Lily and James were meant to be going to together. Slughorn ran up to the two of them. “Oh god. . “I have the potion ready. I just want to say something.” Lily grinned and they knocked back the potion.” Lily said. However. Alice was at the door.” James said quietly.” James screamed. “Double ditto.” “That’s all anyone can ask. “Before we take this. “Great job out there. leaving Lily standing alone with Slughorn. How was it?” “Amazing. a few hours before hand. The change was instantaneous. Lily handed him the card the man had just given her.

“But she says have a good time with Emmeline Vance.” She slammed the door. It’ll be hot. “Ok.” Sirius checked her out.” She went to close the door in his face but stopped.” “Let’s hope you don’t get diarrhoea then. James had done it. Xxxxx Sirius and Chanel walked hand in hand down the hallway to the dance.“She isn’t going to the dance!” Alice almost shouted. I had to leave my panties off. “You’ve got everything you’ve ever wanted. she realised it was a white lace thong. I thought you’d changed. “Yeah.” she twirled for him. “Do you like my dress?” Chanel asked. So why didn’t she feel happier? xxxxx James stood on the dance floor.” Sirius grinned and grabbed her hand to head for the nearest closet. .” James said distractedly. Don’t let Potter ruin it now. Alice sat down next to Lily on the bed. it looks good baby. Emmeline walked up wearing a ridiculous dress. He kept waiting for Lily to walk through the doors into the great hall. She was going to Oxford.” James walked away. Instead. a confused look on her face. “Yeah. She had to get revenge on her unfaithful boyfriend. “For just one moment James. unable to take any more of her shallowness. feeling quite miserable.” Lily looked at the letter siting on her table.” “Now?” Sirius looked taken aback. “Yeah you look nice. She came up to whisper in his ear. “Seeing you in your dress robes is making me feel kind of horny. Upon careful inspection. “It’s so tight it shows everything.” she stopped her boyfriend walking. She stood rooted to the spot. She suddenly noticed something hanging out of his pocket. “Do you like it. no one will know where we are. Chanel couldn’t take this anymore. “Let’s do it in a broom closet.” Chanel promised.

and she had to fight for him. A lot of people gasped. “Sounds good to me!” Sirius stripped quickly and locked himself in the closet. But I’ve got you a dress. trying to remember. She smiled sweetly at him as he took her hand. but realized that Alice was right. and get undressed. and he could see why. and fight for him. Use whatever makeup of mine you want. and the blonde hair that was getting in his face should have been red. I’ll wander by in a few minutes and it’ll be like I just found you that way. He looked over her shoulder. Find James. Xxxxx James was slow dancing with Emmeline. chucked his clothes out the window and ran for her life down to the dance.” Chanel said seductively. . “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” he started.” Alice said sympathetically. She applied a light coat of makeup and then walked out the door.” And then she left. He knew what he had to do. “Lily. “I know I can’t convince you to go. Frank was at the door. “Thou art more lovely and temperate… rough winds… blah blah blah there is something in there. That’s my advice. He dropped Emmeline without even thinking and walked over to her. So she slipped on the emerald green gown.“No. Geeky little Lily looked more like a princess than any other girl in the room. it’s hanging in the closet. and saw Lily entering the hall. You go inside. Xxxxx Alice was ready to go.” Lily giggled and couldn’t look away from his hazel eyes. And then. Lily lay there alone for a few minutes. “Goodbye Black. Chanel wiped the smile off her face and grabbed Sirius’s clothes.” she said in a cold voice. She wanted James. ready to find the boy she once hated. but now loved. and curled her hair with magic. Lily was still in her sweat pants.

amused. Sirius just winked. It was more perfect than either of them could have imagined. I really wish I had the most perfect and beautiful words in the world to say to you because if I did I’d say them. I’d tell you that you make me a better person. “So how are we going to do this?” Lily broke the kiss. Most of all.” “Those were lovely words. I’d tell you how great you make me feel when I’m with you. Come here dumb jock. And you mean everything.” And then they were kissing. Sirius entered it. Down by the black lake. and how I love that little thing you do with your nose when you smile. But hey.” “Let’s get out of here.” he pulled her closer. “We’ve done pretty well you and me.” “What?” James gasped.” “Try and stop me pencil neck. “You are going off to play Quidditch and me going to Oxford.” he brushed her cheek with his hand. Lily and James stood underneath the beech tree. “You and me. kissing. I even love that you correct my stupid grammar. And that’s why I know that this. “Or… I. wearing nothing but his boxers. it came this morning.” .” Lily said.” Lily whispered. “I’m his girlfriend. “You did it. “YOU COME BACK HERE THIS INSTANT JAMES POTTER!” but she was ignored.” James murmured to Lily.” James said. “I’m no Shakespeare. “means nothing.” he gestured to the people in the hall who were watching with wide eyes. “Perfect words. “See ya mate.“I’m sorry. Congratulations!” “Oh my god I did it!” James laughed. Until… “STOP THAT!” Emmeline yelled. I’m just a stupid Quidditch player. I don’t have the right words. Lily smiled. As Lily and James left the great hall hand in hand. My own person.

Teenagers… who understands them? A/N: review lovely people! I don’t own harry potter or ‘it’s a boy girl thing’ just in case you were wondering… . to being madly in love. Lily and James went from hating each other completely.“Will you shut up and kiss me already?” Lily grabbed the back of his head. And so.

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