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Research Development

Why rely on chicken eggs?
Accelerate your vaccine
development with
EB66 Cell Line

accelerate your vaccine development

The superior alternative Economical, consistent,
for viral vaccine production scaleable and highly robust,
• Do you want to eliminate EX-CELLTM EBx® media
microcarriers/detachment factors maximizes vaccine production
in your process? • High density suspension cultures

• Do you need consistent, • No microcarriers or detachment
high viral titers? factors required

• Do you need a robust • Robust, consistent, scaleable
scaleable process? process

• Animal-component free, serum-
Background free media optimized for growth
Human and veterinary vaccines have and productivity of EB66 cells
typically been manufactured using
• Efficient replication of a broad
chicken eggs and primary Chicken
range of viruses (influenza,
Embryo Fibroblasts (CEFs) (Table 1).
poxvirus, measles, etc.)
These cell substrates pose a number of
limitations including risk of insufficient
supply, time-consuming processes Scaleable, optimized media
with inconsistent yields, high costs of To support the EB66 cell line, SAFC
manufacture, the potential for allergic Biosciences® has developed EX-CELL
responses to egg-components and EBx media and supplements optimized
concerns associated with using bovine for use with suspension EB66 cells
sera in CEF cultures. to ensure maximum growth and high
titer viral vaccine production. High cell
Fully documented stable viability and high cell density growth
EB66 cell line grown in in suspension provides the optimal
serum-free media environment for high titer viral
vaccine production.
A fully documented stable duck cell
line termed EB66 cell line derived
from embryonic stem cells has been
established by and is owned by
Vivalis ( as a superior
alternative for the cost-effective
manufacturing of vaccines currently
produced in CEFs or eggs. EB66 cells
maintain genetic stability, are immortal
and grow in serum-free media.

An added advantage is high density
growth as suspension cells without the
need for microcarriers. Alleviate your
concerns and ease your paperwork
during future Chemistry Manufacturing
and Control (CMC) filings, shortening
your move into Phase I trials.
Table 1. Vaccines produced in chicken eggs or CEFs

Avian Swine, Equine, Bovine Cat, Dog
Influenza virus Canine distemper
Influenza virus Influenza virus
(swine, equine) virus
Eastern equine Canine
Measles virus Reovirus
encephalitis virus parainfluenza virus
Western equine
Rabies virus Fowlpox virus
encephalitis virus
Wild type & recombinant
Equine encephalomyelitis
Mumps virus poxviruses (canary,
chicken, pigeon...)
Rubella virus Egg drop syndrome virus
Avian oncolytic viruses
Newcastle disease virus Bovine parainfluenza virus
(NDV / IBDV...)
Smallpox virus Infectious bursal desease
Bovine lbaraki virus
(Lister, Vaccinia...) virus
Recombinant poxvirus Avian adenovirus
Rabies virus
(ALVAC, MVA, FP...) (type l, ll & lll)
Tick-borne Swine japanese
Polyoma virus (type l & ll)
encephalitis virus encephalitis virus
Herpes virus (pigeon,
Yellow fever virus
turkey, falcon, psittacine...)
Sindbis virus Infectious bronchitis virus

Semliki forest virus Encephalomyelitis virus

Venezuelan EEV virus Anemia virus (chicken...)

Marek’s disease virus

Venezuelan EEV virus Marek’s disease virus

Parvovirus (duck)

Consistent high viral titers No microcarriers necessary
Typical titer values range from No microcarriers are required, saving
8 – 9 log TCID50/mL, when using EB66 time and money as no detachment
cells grown in EX-CELL EBx medium factors/steps are required to expand
and infected with modified vaccinia your cultures and simplify and
virus Ankara (MVA) in stirred tank streamline your process.

Accelerate your timelines by ensuring Technical assistance
successful runs time after time. For EX-CELL EBx media support
and information, please contact our
Economics scientists who have expertise and
hands-on experience with EB66 cells.
Since you will see consistent results
For EB66 cell line and viral production
and higher titers when using EX-CELL
process development information,
EBx media and supplements, you will
please contact Vivalis.
need less medium, less optimization
time and fewer processing components
for your process, accelerating your
speed to market.
EB66 Cell Line

accelerate your vaccine development

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