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Lewis Carroll
Charles Dodgson, or “Lewis Carroll,” as he was to become known, was born on
January 27, 1832. His family was predominantly northern English. After school, he
went on to Oxford: to his father’s old college, Christ Church. His clear brilliance as
a mathematician won him the Christ Church Mathematical Lectureship, which he
continued to hold for the next 26 years. He was ambitious to make his mark on the
world, as a writer. Between ‘54 and ‘56, his works appeared in the national publi-
cations. for_students.php
In 1856, a new Dean arrived at Christ Church, Henry Liddell, bringing with Happy browsing!
him a young wife and children. He became close friends with them, particularly
the three sisters — Ina, Alice and Edith. There became something of a tradition of
his taking the girls out on the river for picnics. It was on one such expedition, in
1862, that Dodgson invented the outline of this story. Alice’s Adventures in Won- Be an active participant in building up a new era
derland was published in 1865.
He published Through the Looking-Glass and what Alice found there in
1872, The Hunting of the Shark, in 1876, and his last novel the two volume Sylvie The blessing of humanity is that children are born with a receptive mind. This
and Bruno in 1889 and 1893 respectively. He also published many mathematical gradually develops to curiosity, intelligence, imagination and talents. Childhood is the
papers under his own name. He died in January 14 1898. time the kid observes the world around and familiarizes with the essence of life. This
natural process of learning helps the child identify their areas of activities and interests.

Education is a vast process that encompasses parents, teachers and children. The
the pleasure of making a daisy parenting and care that starts at home leads the child into the wider world. It is the function
I-DOWN THE RABBIT-HOLE chain would be worth the trouble of the teacher to sustain the curiosity and to provide the necessary directions for the
children to reach their destination. This enhances the capacity of the child to experiment
of getting up and picking the in diverse fields to generate greater ideas with multi dimensional approaches. When
ALICE was beginning to daisies, when suddenly a White empowered with the taste of natural learning the child breaks free from the clutches of
get very tired of sitting by her Rabbit with pink eyes ran close conventional teaching methods and attains the techniques of self learning involuntarily.
sister on the bank, and of having by her. There was nothing so In the modern age, content value of subjects taught, become a major criteria to
nothing to do. Once or twice she very remarkable in that, nor did decide the standard of education. The latest developments which have taken place in the
field of education at all levels clearly show us the blending of teaching and pedagogy
had peeped into the book her Alice think it so very much out of being freed by the intervention of science and technology. Teaching and pedagogy
sister was reading, but it had no the way to hear the Rabbit say to are freed from the constraints of time, space and even certification. AIM utilizes the
“pictures or conversations itself, “Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall possibility of modern technology to bring quality education to the children.
in it, and what is the use of a be too late !”. But when the rabbit AIM International is a unique venture that provides scientific learning methods
book,” thought Alice, “without actually look a watch out of its with the positive help of Information Technology and the active support of experts well
versed in the related areas and subjects. The Aim Methodology of Learning envisages
pictures or conversations?” waistcoat-pocket and looked at a comprehensive approach towards education wherein a fine tuning of teachers, parents
So she was considering then hurried on, Alice started and children as part of the learning cycle takes place. We communicate to the different
in her own mind (as well as she to her feet, for it flashed across communities in the learning cycle through audio visual, direct, online and personal
approaches. The methodology is to build the basic linguistic, logic, reasoning and
could, for the day made her feel her mind that she had never imaginative skills in children, to create parental awareness and to effectively address the
very sleepy and stupid),whether before seen a rabbit with either problems faced by the teaching community.
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