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UFPPC ( Digging Deeper LX: October 13, 2008, 7:00 p.m.

Antonia Juhasz, The Tyranny of Oil: The World’s Most Powerful Industry—And
What We Must Do to Stop It (William Morrow/HarperCollins, October

Ch. 1: Big Oil’s Last Stand. Summary Cartel: The Seven Sisters, 1918-
of argument (1-17). 1970. Andrew Mellon, Walter Teagle,
and FDR as key figures (75-92). The Oil
Ch. 2: The Birth and Breakup of Countries Cartel: 1970-1982. History
Standard Oil. Standard Oil and of OPEC (92-104). The Great Oil
Rockefeller are central to the history of Company Merger Waves, 1980-Today.
the oil industry (18-22). The Muckraker Oil company mergers as fruits of
and the Monopolist. Ida Tarbell (23- Reaganism (104-26).
25). John D. Rockefeller (25-26). The
Rise of Standard Oil. Rockefeller Ch. 4: Driving the Price of Crude.
sought monopoly covertly and won the Deregulation of energy is an overlooked
“Great Oil War” in Pennsylvania (26-32). factor driving the price of oil (126-27). A
The Standard Oil Trust. The trust’s Meteoric Rise. Energy traders, working
purpose: to maintain control while increasingly outside of regulated
miming competition and bribing markets, set the price of oil (127-33).
legislators (32-37). The Sherman The Past and Present of Futures
Antitrust Act. Emerged in response to Markets. The nature and history of
the Populist movement, passed in 1890 futures markets (133-44).
(37-43). The People versus the Deregulation. Oil companies, banks,
Corporations. Corporations and and Enron achieved deregulation of
imperialism were the targets of the futures trading (144-54). From
Populist movement (43-48). The Electricity to Oil—Enron Keeps
Bombshell. Ida Tarbell’s articles on Trading. Banks and Big Oil have
Standard Oil began appearing in become involved in speculation (154-66).
McClure’s Magazine in 1902 (48-49). Conclusion. Growing calls for reform
Power Shift. Her 1904 book, The (166-68).
History of Standard Oil, contributed to
weakening Rockefeller (49-52). Ch. 5: Paying the Price:
Standard Oil Company of New Jersey Consolidation, High Gas Prices, and
v. United States. A 1906 lawsuit Contempt. Beginning in the 1980s, Big
achieved the breakup of Standard Oil in Oil has reconsolidated (169-72). Gas
1909 (52-55). Prices on the Rise. The price rises of
2008 (172-74). Crude Oil and the
Ch. 3: Big Oil Bounces Back: From Price of Gasoline. How gas prices are
the Breakup to the Near set (174-78). Making It Pay: Refinery
Reconvergence of Standard Oil. Concentration. In the Reagan era,
“[T]oday the severed pieces of Standard downstream operations became key to
Oil are nearing full reunification” (57; 56- profitability as gas prices were
60). The Standard Oil Breakup: What deregulated and refinery capacity
Went Wrong. Brief history of reduced (178-86). The Costs to Public
consolidation (60-71). New Tools: Health, Workers, and Communities.
Clayton and the Federal Trade Old refineries like the one in Richmond,
Commission. Woodrow Wilson’s CA, were grandfathered into
contributions to the ongoing struggle environmental regulations, giving an
with the trusts (71-75). The Corporate incentive to keeping them going but at
the expense of the public interest (186- Chevron’s HQ in San Ramon, CA (367-
99). Death of the Independents: 69).
Concentration at the Pump. Big Oil
uses various methods to keep gas prices Ch. 9: Taking On Big Oil. A new spirit
up (199-206). Conclusion. It uses its of populism is challenging oligarchy in
profits to manipulate public policy the U.S., and Big Oil is its mainstay (370-
decisions (206-08). 78). The Breakup of Big Oil. Calls for
a breakup; says we can do it because
Ch. 6: Lobbyists, Lawyers, and “we did it once before” (379); cites
Elections: How Big Oil Kills secrecy as an obstacle; declines to
Democracy. Big Oil has “simple needs” identify “the best method for such a
(209-11). Big Oil versus California. breakup” due to lack of expertise (385);
The defeat of Prop. 87 in Nov. 2006 (211- also advocates electoral reform, tax
19). Big Oil versus the Nation. Big Oil policy changes, regulation, reform of
as lobbyist (219-36). The Revolving futures markets, increased gasoline
Door. Big Oil gets its people into key taxes, reduced consumption, debate of
government posts, influencing decision- public control of the oil industry, and an
making (238-54). The Bush end to wars for oil (378-98).
Administration’s Open-Door Policy.
Agencies and “tax abuse” (254-69). The Acknowledgments. Assistants, fellow
2006 Peoples’ Rebellion. The Nov. activists, authors Dilip Hiro, Anthony
2006 midterm elections and the 2008 Sampson, Sonia Shah, Linda McQuaig,
election (269-72). and Kevin Phillips, and the inspiration of
Ida Tarbell.
Ch. 7: Big Oil’s Big Plans for the
Future: Part I: Environmental Notes. 33 pp.
Destruction. Vivoleum. The “Yes
Men” spoof Big Oil (274-75). Big Oil = Index. 34 pp.
Oil. Big Oil is interested in oil, not
alternatives (275-78). Climate Crisis. [About the Author. Antonia Juhasz
Global warming (278-80). Big Oil’s Lies holds degrees in public policy from Brown
about Alternatives. Review of Big Oil’s and Georgetown. She has worked on the
2007 annual reports (280-91). Big Oil’s staff of two members of Congress, John
Big Spending on Dirty, Dangerous, Conyers Jr. of Michigan and Elijah
and Deadly Oil. Big Oil is intent on Cummings of Maryland. She has been
finding new energy supplies (291-318). project director of the International
Forum on Globalization, a visiting scholar
Ch. 8: Big Oil’s Big Plans for the at the Institute for Policy Studies, and a
Future: Part II: Wars for Oil. The Bush fellow at Oil Change International. She is
administration in sync with Big Oil (319- the author of The Bush Agenda: Invading
25). Big Oil in Iraq and Iran: A Brief the World, One Economy at a Time
History. Review of 1908-2000 (325-40). (2006). She has often written about Big
Big Oil in Iraq and Iran Today. 2000- Oil in Iraq and her Op-Ed articles have
2004; production sharing agreements appeared in the Los Angeles Times, the
(PSAs) (340-51). Turning on the New York Times, and the Washington
Spigot. 2004-2008 (351-62). Iran: The Post. She appeared on NPR’s “Fresh Air”
Next War? Evolving plans to reassert with Terry Gross on Oct. 7
control over Iran’s oil (362-67). (
Resistance. A 2007 protest at php?storyId=95465269) ]