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Brighton & Hove paying for a community approach to suicide prevention Directors x 3 become Coaching Trainers (teach new ASIST trainers and SafeTALK
Service provision – suicide intervention service in Brighton & Hove instructors)
Continue to liaise with local and national public health agencies Review capacity to deliver and need to train new trainers
Centre of Renew PCT contract, Council contract Hold Training for Trainers course Take on P/T
Excellence for Tender for package from PCT to deliver mix of training locally Increase consultancy support to new trainers finance and
suicide Secure grant income to meet salary bills and increase capacity Consolidate local, regional and national trainer networks admin worker
prevention Target markets: Uni’s/schools; key government health figures Increase salary e.g. to 3 F/T
Education/campaign re: suicide prevention Increase quality monitoring Patron for CIC
Develop Mental Wellbeing in Workplace package Better premises
Own equipment – laptop, data projector, screen

Review packages Minorities/excluded Training local workers & residents Community Interest Company Hold SafeTALK T4T
and identify any groups 6+ annual community courses 4 Directors (3 P/T, 1 sleeping)
gaps in market, 6 in-house courses (£2K) 2 volunteers Continue to expand
e.g. LOSS Consultancy Few small contracts PCT etc, c. £15K Advisory Group and support trainer
Grow health market 08-09: 656 people trained Training team – freelance network in England
Host national Some consultancy Local reputation for quality; ‘Stories’
suicide Partnership contract Monthly fundraising targets Local partnerships Review marketing
prevention with CRI/YMCA? Research key people/agencies to sell to Hold ASIST T4T and fundraising
conference Tender to PCT Tiny, unsuitable premises strategies
Competition: WEL Mind, Storm. Asset rich (materials, sweat equity)
‘Friends of...’
LATER (2012-13) SOON (April 2010) NOW
Aim to fund all Applied for £10K for Income: sales (community courses make We teach ASIST and SafeTALK – suicide PR: our training saves Lives saved
management and community courses a loss), grants & contracts alertness and intervention lives Triage effect-
Directors’ post (Awards For All) 2006-7: Inc. £7,668, Exp. £5,458 Community approach: local people SROI research on the less strain on
through sales Review small public 2007-8: Inc. £24,375 Exp. £25,517 ready, willing & able to do suicide impact of suicide services
income sector funding 2008-9: Inc.£66,047 Exp.£52,954 interventions interventions City-wide
Reapply for SEIF Now: poor cash flow, no loan facilities DoH unmet suicide reduction target Prevents ‘contagion support
“Real Help Now” Salaries: £6K p/month Recession: more suicide attempts effect’ for those networks for
In-house course = £2500 statutory Input to city’s suicide prevention bereaved those trained
sector, £1950 vol) strategy & other local forums Research partnership
Applying for project funding – small Targeted low-cost places to evaluate ASIST
pots for ‘free’ courses Numbers trained:656 in 2008-9 More Tune-Ups
Director’s research @ Broadmoor re: ASIST delivery
Post-course survey of previous participants

Replication of community approach to suicide prevention in other communities

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