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How safe is Cell Tower Radiation in Densly populated India?
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How safe is Cell Tower Radiation in Densly populated India?
Created by : Prasad PN, Zonal Sales Manager | 3 years ago Industry : Telecom/ISP Functional A rea : India(Markets) Key words : cell tower radiation
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The radiation from cell phone towers is very harmful. There is lots of evidence on this. But in India who is monitoring them. We see them installed in most densely populated residential areas. Most of these towers now cater to multiple operators meaning several times higher radiation. Reading on the internet about the harms it causes is very alarming. Which is the agency testing the radiation levels and monitoring.

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The radiation levels are monitored


The radiation levels are not monitored

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By Lori Bongiorno How much radiation does y our cell phone emit? It's easy to find out the answer...

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Dear Audience,



Prasad interesting debate.......


See first of all we have to understand that why such radiations are said to be harmful... Its ofcourse because of the Highly Electromagnetic (Microwave) in nature, that's the same technology that works in Ovens nowadays, but if you had observed carefully that the stuff you cooked in Microwave had not affected the Container (Plastic-Ceramics of certain grade), but has severly affected the food inside it... That clearly shows the Risk involved, by replacing that food with your body. Now again i come back to the Question, Radiation levels has to be increased "INTENTIONALLY" by the service providers, because the Guy next to tower might hasn't any issues of lacking proper coverage but the Guy Living in the Basement, Groundfloor, or after few buildings (who encounter the Scattering effect of the Signals), has the issues and their call is not able to mature, so the company has to increase these levels on their request and those people are not actually susceptable to any harm but the guy at top floor in adjacent to tower will have to pay for this by getting Cancer/ Skin Irritations & Mind dizziness in much critical way. But their are solutions that we need to agitate for in order to force the Operator to deploy them, one such solution is the same now in used for Metro Tunnels too... Keep on Sharing views, for the betterment of the society. Regards, Abhishek Mishra
By A bhishek Mishra, Manager (Product Management) 3 y ears ago

Yes what you said is true many of the service providers do not monitor the radiation. It is very dangerous because it emits electromagnetic radiation which may lead to cancer and also cause neurological, cardiac, respiratory and ophthalmological disorders. So we should restrict the service providers from placing their towers in most populated area like schools, apartments, hospitals, etc.... Thanks for initiating........
By Sonal Singh, Project Manager, Nortel Network s 3 y ears ago

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Support "The radiation levels are monitored"
G i v ey o u ra r g u m e n t . . .

Support "The radiation levels are not monitored"
G i v ey o u ra r g u m e n t . . . Can somebody tell me if there is a comp any or an individual who can measure r 0 adiation at our office? A reference woul d be of great help Thanks in advance

It definately affect on our human body 0 basically on to the brain side so there m ust be monitored.


Simple logic - run businesses with proper business model. Me too and showmanship ae not going to last long.

By Vinod , HR Manager, Bangalore Softsell | 5 months ago By Prashant Rana, Sr. Maintenance Engineer, Plastiblends India

what should be the role of govt in healthcare industry in India keep quiet or speak up?

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M Flux from mobile phones that they use h elp to keep the brain cells active and stop a sort of plaque fro m 1 ower-radiation-harmful Refer for more details on the harms of r adiation from Cell towers 0 The current US standard for cell site radiation in the US is 580 -1000 microwatts per square centimetre.7/31/13 By Prashant Rana. IIIT-H | 3 y ears ago Support | Oppose Support | Oppose Yes. Zonal Sales Manager | 3 y ears ago 0 By KA LIYA MOORTHY . Thanks. for example. However.I quot e below from National Environmental Society.. try to obtain the use of an RF (radio f requency) gauss meter designed for me asuring electromagnetic radiation in the cell phone frequency (microwave) range. All people living within 100 met ers should be given a clear written undertaking by the tower company listing the possible harms.But.fold below the safety standard (for mobile phones and PDAs).. Even. 1000. If that distance exceeds 400 metres you are probably not being harmed (entire Cities need to be vacated in India!) By Prasad PN.So friends do not worry. Zonal Sales Manager | 3 y ears ago 0 Support | Oppose toostep. yet no conclusive evidence of hazards to huma n health has been established for possible exposure levels fro m the cellular towers.. Sr.emwatch. If you cannot obtain a meter. Zonal Sales Manager | 3 y ears ago Cant say about the towers. If you detect more than 100 mv/m (millivolts per m etre) in places where you spend several hours a day . "No l ower limit for bioeffects and adverse health effects from RF has been established. Maintenance Engineer.. :) By Radha Sundaram." These are the issues needs attention of regulatory bodies. Sr. Infor Global Solutions | 3 y ears ago Support | Oppose http://toostep. precautions to be taken a nd compensation payable in case of excess and it is not unreasonable to question the safety of R F at any level. what we need to perceive is that there is no injuries / ill-health repor ted & proved that it is developed through RF. there is no conclusive study stating that radiation emitted by mobile phones affects health adversely..htm can be referred fo r more detailed information which lists harms/limits/safety me asures.but a study 0 has revealed that today`s women are much less likely to get Alzheimer`s Dise ase because the E. Sales/BD Manager. Bharti A irtel | 3 y ears ago Support | Oppose This topic requires to be discussed thor oughly to find the controlling authority on the widespread cell 10. ? 0 By Sampath Kumar Kannan. WI-FI and WLAN devices)..I. you must rely on estimating the distance to the nearest cell 2/3 . A gent. Is there a way or mechanism to counter 0 these radiations. will require further research and no assertion of safety at any le vel of wireless exposure (chronic exposure) c an be made at this time. t his should be possible if people know ab out this radiation effect and complaint this to responsible pers on and emphasize to telecoms company for reducing this effe ct by technology. Zonal Sales Manager | 3 y ears ago Support | Oppose Measurement:If you are still concerned 1 .. for that mater the use of Nano particl es in Industry. By A runangshu Choudhury . Dev eloper. I have a 1 0 doubt that is there any authority who is checking the increasi ng cell towers.. It is certainly the government who are suppos e to check this and control the installation cell towers in dense populated areas.F&A . http://www. PHSEM. Support | Oppose By Prasad PN.000-fold for other wireless (cell towers at distance. L. you might consider planning a relocation. 0 s.C | 3 y ears ago 0 Support | Oppose Support | Oppose this is true that mostly company not mo 1 nitored radiation due to no attention . CTCI Corporation | 3 y ears ago Support | Oppose Support | Oppose We do not know the government agenc 3 ies responsible for measuring and monit oring the radiation levels from cell phon e towers? What is the remedy for citizens who are exposed t o higher levels of radiation? Is it also a case of self regulation by these operators? By Prasad PN. 0 Support | Oppose more.. A ssistant Manager . The lower limit for re ported human health effects has dropped 10 0. BSS O&M Engineer. Project A ssociate. these are regul 1 atory thing a Govt needs to think about it. as a consumer. By abhilash misra. And govt need to take action for thi 2 0 As Prasad happy.. these radiation are very harmful a nd not monitored and that is harming p pl. By Sachin Saxena.. The entire basis for safe ty standards is called into question. Medical r esearch material is available on health-related effects of elect romagnetic radiation emitted from antennae on telecommunic ation towers.. A equor Technologies | 3 y ears ago If possible a meter indicating radiation levels should be install ed in each tower visible to all. so the possible health risks of wireless WLAN and W I-FI systems.. By Prasad PN. 2 0 I don't know whether the radiations are monitored but the electromagnetic radi ations emitted from the towers are debated all over the world . It is a good topic to put f orward ideas. Plastiblends India Limited | 2 y ears ago How safe is Cell Tower Radiation in Densly populated India? Republic Of Scams Tower Companies when install/rent tow 1 ers over residential buildings should und ertake to measure and submit monthly r adiation reports which can be easily verifiable. Nok ia Siemens Network s | 3 y ears ago 0 Hi Friends. By Kumara Swamy .

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