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Denver First Church

June 7, 2009
keeping in touch...
DFC Ministerial Staff

Stephen Abbott
Young Adult & Family Pastor
Rich Cantwell
Business Administrator
Bud Curry
Hospital Chaplain
Tina Hayhurst
Student Ministries Pastor
Bob Huffaker
Interim Pastor
Scott Nauman
Pastor of Worship & Arts
Jerry Nelson
Minister of Instrumental Music
Randy Smith
Christian Education Pastor
Marvin Suyen
West Campus Pastor

DFC Church Board

John Bruneau
Curtis Clay
Glenn Domokos
Les Dryer
Troy Edwards
Table of Contents
Vini Giannatala
Bryant Jaggers
Lyle Johnson 1. Tennyson Center congregation…
Judy Jones
Gregg Moran
2. News update v. how you can
Bud Roe
i. important info... help…
Kathy Tate
Jim Webb ii. kotchadoingood vi. final word...
Ron Williams
Bonnie York iii. news from the 3. Calendar of Events:
board... June 7-13

Denver First Church iv. timely news for the
3800 E. Hampden Avenue
Englewood, CO 80113
News Update
Important info...
Dear Family and Friends of DFC,
Sunday, May 31, was Graduates Sunday at DFC. What a day! Dr. Bob delivered
a message of hope to the congregation. Rev. Chanshi Chanda gave an update
on the missions work of the Church of the Nazarene in Africa. Grads of all levels
of accomplishment were honored in the morning service.

In the afternoon service, the youth band—under the leadership of Scott
Nauman—led us in praise and worship. Chanshi Chanda delivered a message
on “The Power of One,” focusing on how God used one man—Abraham—as the
vehicle through whom the Messiah would come. Bud Roe represented the
congregation in committing DFC to ongoing support, care, and prayer for the
high school graduates. Students were prayed over by teams of people
committing to support them and communicate with them by email and other
means. A participant commented: “This was an example of the church being
The Church!”

Thank you to all who participated, and to those who committed to upholding our
youth in prayer.

Please take a moment to read several announcements listed below that will
appear in Sunday’s Insight. If you are viewing these in the eblast, click on each
for important details; if you are reading this in the hard copy, please refer to the
Insight for important details regarding these upcoming events.

Orlando Missions Meeting Evening Service
Support Group for Caregivers College Ministry Opportunity
Family Movie Night GPS Class Potluck
Singles Concert in the Park Molly Brown House Tour
Navajo Mission Trip Meeting District Assembly Delegate Info
Singles to the Rockies Game Youth Albuquerque Mission Trip
Palomas Mission Trip

Today’s publication will cover the following topics:
“Kotchadoingood!,” News from the Board, Timely News for the
Congregation, and How You Can Help
News Update

• News just in: This past Wednesday night, June 3rd, 107 were
present in the Youth Department! Congratulations, Tina and

• The Disciples of God group—affectionately known as the
DOGS—has become a “can’t-wait-to-get-there” benchmark
for kids in our children’s ministries. Full of creative activities,
intentionally appealing to a full gamut of learning styles, DOGS
is a high-energy, fun place for 5th- and 6th-Graders to learn
about Jesus. Originally the brain-child of Tina Hayhurst, and
staffed with the likes of Joy Zimmerman, Jon & Franci Bond, Jim
Paroline, and many others over the past six years, it has
experienced the benefit of Jay & Naomi Hodges’ leadership in
recent years. The Hodges, who will continue as teachers in the
DOGS group this fall, are stepping aside as program
coordinators, a role they have served with dedication,
profound commitment, and great faithfulness. Jay and
Naomi, we thank you for your over-the-top service to the
children of DFC!

• Saturday, May 30, was a day of much activity for the
congregation. Much service was taking place, with
Mission:Denver serving those in need at the Volunteers of
America and the MMADmen team, led by John Carveth,
serving a widow in our congregation. Thanks to all for your
dedicated service. God bless you!
News Update

• A word of thanks from Business Manager, Rich Cantwell:
Last Sunday, May 31st, marked the end of the fiscal year for the
Church of Nazarene and for Denver First Church. In taking a
quick snapshot of the finances for the 2008-2009 church fiscal
year, we were able to maintain a financially stable cash
position while working through a significant savings on the
operational expense side of the ledger. During the 2008-2009
fiscal year we saw our tithes, offerings and income down
roughly 13% compared to budget while cutting expenses by
nearly 10%. Though the economy over the past 12 months has
had a substantial effect on our giving, we continued to see
God’s hand working as the members and regular attendees
remained faithful in their giving despite a strong downturn in
the economy, bringing their tithes to the storehouse as
referenced in Malachi 3:10. Thank you to everyone who
played a part in faithful stewardship, praying and fasting
during the fiscal year. We expect great days ahead as God
continues to move at DFC. Keep an eye out for more
information as we continue to officially close out our church
fiscal year and prepare for a more in-depth financial report at
the annual church meeting this summer. Again, thank you for
your continue faithfulness.
“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may
be food in my house. Test me in this, “says the Lord
Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates
of heaven and pour out much blessing that you will not
have enough room for it.” Malachi 3:10 (NIV)
News Update
news from the Board...
Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Things are really beginning to move in the search for our next
pastor. The Board will be considering the Search Committee's
recommendations within the next several days! The process will
likely be one of the Board meeting across two consecutive days--
the first to have the candidates revealed and the second to hold
final discussion and make a selection. The process is intentionally
being spread across two days to provide opportunity for prayer and
reflection between having the candidates introduced to us and
making the selection of the recommendation we will bring to the
congregation. Would you please redouble your prayer efforts as
we come to this culmination point of a decision that will so
significantly influence the future days of our church?

The process of "introducing" the candidate to the congregation will
begin immediately after the Board has made our selection.
Information will be provided as to how this person fulfills DFC's profile
of what we're looking for in a Senior Pastor (created from the
combined surveys of the Board and the congregation). This
introduction will not include specifics regarding who they are
because we want to be considerate to their current congrega-
tion. To this end, we would ask that you please not attempt to
discover the identity of the candidate in advance of a formal
announcement of such. We will, however, make every effort to
communicate the essence of the person and their ministry with
immediacy so you will understand why the person was selected as
our recommendation. Once a personal visit can be scheduled and
the format for the interaction can be developed, we will provide
those details. Exciting days are ahead!
News Update
news from the Board...
Perhaps you're finding it difficult to relate to the excitement. With the
economic upheaval impacting our world, the progression toward moral
relativism, and the plight of so many ever in our consciousness, it is easy
to become discouraged. It's an old trick of our crafty enemy. It is
arguably his most potent weapon. Call it separation. Call it isola-
tion. Call it feeling alone. The result is the same: lack of peace at our

If I'm feeling distant from my God, it's an illusion created by Satan. My
Father is never far from me. Perhaps there are feelings of remorse over
something. Maybe I feel like I've disappointed Him somehow and now
I'm embarrassed, so I avoid contact with Him. I stand on the sidelines,
disengaged and disenchanted, afraid of facing my Father. Friend, that's
exactly where Satan wants me.

If I'm His child, then whatever I've done or failed to do does not disap-
point Him. Is He grieved for me because I missed out on His best for me in
a situation? To be sure. But He isn't disappointed in me. I must remem-
ber that He does not have faith in me; it's the other way around! Notice
that my faith is not that He will bring about certain results or a particular
conclusion. My faith is in His ability to accomplish His sovereign will,
regardless of the challenges. My faith is in Him!

When I realize I am ultimately secure under His protection and nothing
can come between Him and me, then my peace returns. Romans 8:38-
39 depicts an unbreakable (because of Him) bond between me and my
Father. And if I've run astray somehow, my Father comes seeking to bring
me back and rejoices when He does (Matthew 18:12-13)! Friend, don't
be discouraged! You're the child of the King and your inheritance for
eternity is secure! Don't walk, run into His open arms and continue your
journey with your hand in His.

Serving Him Alongside of You,
Vini Giannatala
News Update
timely news for the congregation...

• Sunday, June 7, Dr. Bob will speak in both the morning and evening services.
We are a blessed people! Don’t miss his message of hope and inspiration.

• Summertime Movie on the Lawn @ DFC! Next Friday, June 12, join us on the
East Lawn at 6:30 pm. The movie, “Snow Buddies,” is FREE! Bring some money
for concessions; bring a lawn chair; bring an umbr…(—OOPS! Where did THAT
come from!?!); Bring your family; AND…BRING YOUR FRIENDS!!!

• Promotion Sunday
The Children’s Department at DFC is looking forward to Promotion Sunday. As
families check in at the welcome desk on Sunday, June 7, children will be
invited to meet their new teachers. Two of our grade levels will be promoting
to new programs. Celebrations have been planned to honor these particular
milestones. So that families know exactly what to expect on Promotion
Sunday, the following information outlines the changes in store for our DFC

June 7 is Promotion Sunday for Preschool.
2's turning 3 in June, July & August will promote to 3's
3's turning 4 in June, July & August will promote to 4's
4's and Pre-K's will promote in September.

On Sunday, June 7, there will be a graduation ceremony on the North West
patio at 9 AM for the current Kindergarteners. The Kindergarteners and their
families will be featured in a Bible presentation ceremony during the morning
worship service in the sanctuary. These families will then gather in the
Kindergarten classroom for a brief training session and light lunch right after
the worship service.
News Update
timely news for the congregation...

Early Elementary Grades
Current 1st, 2nd & 3rd graders will promote to their new classes on Sunday,
June 7.

Fourth Grade
Current 4th graders will be recognized at a Graduation Reception on Sunday,
June 7. The breakfast will begin at 8 AM and end at 9 AM. At the close of
this reception, the current 4th graders will promote to the DOGS. The DOGS is
all about action! Your first activity will be a 5th & 6th grade bike ride along the
Highline Canal to Lois Lenski Elementary School and back. This bike ride will
take place on Sunday, June 7 after the morning service. Parents are invited
to attend. All participants will need a bike, helmet, sun block, water bottle,
and a sack lunch. The plan is to be back at church by 5:30 PM.

DOGS (Disciples of God)
Sunday, June 7 will be the first Sunday for the incoming 5th & 6th graders in the
DOGS. Sunday will be a time for those who have been around the Dog
Pound for a year to show the new DOGS old tricks!

Promotion Sunday is sure to be filled with promise and excitement.
News Update
how you can help...

• At 5 am, June 4, the Palomas mission team left the DFC parking lot.
They will be crossing into Mexico at Columbus, NM, just south of
Deming. All reports received over the past several months have
consistently maintained that there has been no cartel activity at this
crossing. Nonetheless, please pray for the safety of the team and
that the purposes the Lord has impressed upon them to accomplish
(construction, VBS, Celebrate Recovery, outreach and evangelism)
will be achieved.

• Pray for our high school graduates.

• If anyone is interested in being a delegate to the District Assembly
(July 19-21) call or email Angie at or

• Single mom and DFC choir member, Terri Wood, is moving this
Saturday, June 6. She states she is in need of “Strong backs and
pick-ups.” For more information, call 303.393.7074 and ask for Terri.

• Summertime is a very active time for the youth ministries of DFC.
Please pray for the safety of our youth and their leaders as they
travel on missions trips, participate in service projects, camps, and
many other activities. With youth ministries there are invariably
many logistical issues that have to be resolved as the summer’s
programming moves along. Pray for “smooth sailing” in this regard,
as well.

• Please continue to pray for volunteers to serve in our Children’s
Department. More workers are needed even at this moment.
Please pray with us regarding this need. If you feel impressed to
volunteer, please call Gwenda at 303/806-2612.
News Update
final word...


What does it mean for “the church to be The Church”? Doesn’t it
include things like praising the Lord; worshiping together; praying for
one another; encouraging one another; and giving to those in
need? Doesn’t it include a lot of “one-anothering”? Doesn’t it in-
clude a healthy dose of “confess your sins to each other and pray
for each other so that you may be healed” (Jas. 5:16)? In other
words, doesn’t it include a whole lot of things we’ve just written
about in this eblast? And every eblast?

Friends, although we may experience disagreements and the inevi-
table acute angle between each other, these issues are light and
temporary: let’s hold them with a loose grip and surrender them at
the foot of the Cross. Let’s hold firmly to the bond of unity, fixing our
eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our Faith. We have much
to rejoice about. We have examples each week of how the Lord is
working in us and through us, allowing our church to be His Church.
Let us encourage each other with these words.

On behalf of the Ministerial Staff of DFC, God bless you.

Randy Smith
Calendar of Events
June 7-June 13

Sunday, June 7: Tuesday, June 9:
8:30 am: Youth Prayer Time 7:00 am: Men’s Bible Study
(GL Conference Room)
9:00 am: Sunday School (all ages)
7:00 pm: Prophesy Bible Study - Bereans
Nursery & Preschool open
(Fellowship Hall)
10:30 am: Morning Worship Service Wednesday, June 10:
4:30 pm: Hang Time in the Youth Cafe
Nursery available
5:00 pm: CR Leaders Meeting (Room 200)
1st - 4th Grade Children’s Church
(GLA) 5:30 pm: Rock Worship Band Sound Check
5th & 6th Grade DOGS Worship
6:30 pm: Prayer Meeting
(Dog Pound)
(Community Room)
12:00 pm: Congo Connection Potluck
Celebrate Recovery
(GL Fellowship Hall)
(Room 200, 202 & Cry Room)
Kindergarten Family Lunch and
Youth Worship Service
Bible Training (Room 7)
(Rock Room)
VBS Leadership Luncheon
6:45 pm: MASH Men’s Bible Study
(Fellowship Hall)
(Room 201)
1:30 pm: Mission Council (Community Room)
Thursday, June 11:
2:00 pm: Growing Kids God’s Way
5:00 am: Palomas Mission Trip Leaves
(Room 200)
Childcare for ages birth - 3 6:30 pm: Ladies Book Club
(nursery) (Fellowship Hall)
Childcare for ages 4 and older
(GL Room #5) Friday, June 12:

4:00 pm: Financial Peace 5:00 pm: Celebrate Recovery Sponsor
(GL Auditorium)(Childcare Meeting (Cry Room)
provided in Room 5) 6:00 pm: Celebrate Recovery
Adult Sunday School Teacher (Fellowship Hall)
Training (Community Room) Divorce Care (Fellowship Hall/
5:00 pm: Waves Return from Golden Bell Community Room)
(South Patio) 6:30 pm: Free Family Movie Night
Orlando Parent/Student Meeting (East Lawn)
(Rock Room) Saturday, June 13:
6:00 pm: Traditions Service (Diehl Chapel) Fresh Flood Bike the Summit
Quizzing Practice 7:00 am: Men at Prayer (Community Room)
Monday, June 8: Ladies Prayer Walk (DFC Parking
6:30 pm: Caregivers Support Group Lot)
(Community Room)