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Paper 1 – Section A A number of disciplinary problems in the school have been noted by the prefects of your school.

As the head prefect, you have been asked to write a report to the principal. Use the notes given below to write a report.

            

Students – late to school avoid morning assembly – wait outside school compound Cooperate with parents be punctual importance of assembly Smoking – in the school compound – especially in the toilet Organize groups of caretakers Monitor and inform the school authorities School should be a non-smoking areas Gangsterism in school Bullying Extort money from younger students Any incidents – hand over – the police

When writing the report, you must remember to;      Use all the notes given Elaborate and give further details Provide suggestions to overcome problems Direct this report to the principal Use the appropriate format

the students must be made to see that assemblies are vital opportunities for the school to provide important information and feedback. Firstly. We look forward to help the shcoool make a difference in the life of every individual studying in the school.To Date : The principal of SMK Yusuf Taiyob : 19 August 2013 Disciplinary Problems Faced by Prefects The prefects of this school have noted down various disciplinary problems that have arisen in the first quarter of the year and would like to bring them to your attention. After all. Many resort to coming to school after the assembly is over. we will see that the situation will get even worse. We have also included some suggestions as to go about tackling these problems. another pressing problem is isolated case of gangsterism in school. This can not be tolerated at all. the schools throughout Malaysia are supposed to be non-smoking zones. Yunjit bin Puntil Head Prefect SMK Yusuf Taiyob . We hope that the school disciplinary board will organize of groups of caretakers for the toilet so that they can monitor and inform to the school authorities if they caught students smoking in the school areas. Then. on behalf of the Prefectorial Board. Reported by. Furthermore. Bullying occurs among the younger students and cases of extorting money from other students are out of control. Any incident of bullying will be immediately handed over to the police. students in general do not like to attend assembly as they find it time-consuming and simply a waste of time. prefects have discovered a stench of cigarette smoke in the students’ toilet. They prefer to wait outside. Apart from the two problems mentioned above. We believe that if the school authorities were to appeal to the parents and coffee shop owner to cooperate and marked improvement. If this problem is overcome. in their parents’ car and even at the coffee shop nearby. Therefore. The teachers themselves should also refrain from smoking to show a good example. Students and potential bullies should be made to realize that the school authorities will not tolerate any form of gangsterism and bullying. we urge the school to look into these matters seriously and take immediate action.