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In two wattmeter

method of ::3-phase power measurements,

the readings of the two wattmeters

are equal and positive

(B) . the readings


of the two wattmeters are equal and opposite the total power is measured by only one wattmeter the readings of the two wattmeters

are not equal and positive







The resistance which should be connected between transfer of power from source to the combined load is




zero L\

lec tri

(B) 2.n

l-e xa








In the given circuit below, the current is in volts is







40 cos(500t)


JC) 4 0



(D) 56.56cos(500t


4sin(500t) Amps. The applied voltage v(t)


56.56sin(500t + 45') + 45')

(D)/ unity


The reading of the wattmeter connected to measure the reactive power in a 3-phase circuit is given by zero when the line voltage is 400 volts and the line current is 15 Amps. Then the power factor of the circuit is


Q : I

og sp ot. in
when the power factor is 0.5 P and Q for maXimum

Code I Q. Booklet



: Combined : load I



infinity ohms

I n a twn port network, open circuit impedance parameters



,11 in terms of

Vz, 12

\\'hen two 2-port networks are connected in parallel, open circuit impedance parameters (B) short circuit admittance transmission cm parameters


inverse hybrid parameters

On increasing the Q-f<1ctorof a coil

its power factor increases its power factor decreases


its power factor remains unaltered


its power may increase or decrease




Tlw value of current at resonance in a series RLC circuit is affected by the value of

ca l-

ex a




/a lle

The equivalent inductance


of the below given circuit at the terminals 2H








mp ap e rs .bl og sp ot.
it is Gonvenient to use






(D) 8 II

R,L and C
P - Q is

Q. Booklet Code

fBI-.J L!;

le of the following is an active transducer Strain gauge (( ') Photo voltaic ceU- ele ctr ica therrnal EMF power taken by instrument . The lowing combination is used to determine pf a wattmeter a voltmeter and ammeter i'j (. ammeter and wattmeter a kwh meter Schering bridge 17 htt C . BookI. is in GET-2012 .1) p:/ Hi.(B) If> i is required to measure pf of an electrical load. Tile dielectric loss of a capacitor can be measured by \) Wein bridge (B) (D) /a ll a voltmeter.\vamping resistance ) is used in moving coil instruments . l-e xa mp (B) power transformers (D)/ instrument (D) temperature galvanometer Owen bridge Maxwell bridge (B) (D) Selsyn Photo emissive cell 'nmsformers used in conjunction with measuring dLage and high currents are called ap e instruments transformers sensitivity rs.Q. No power factor meter is available. n for measurement of high to reduce error due to Zl C:C 2°150° nand Z2 = 10130' n .et Code \ capacitor C at time I = 0' with initial charge Qo acts as \) short circuit (B) open circuit (e) current source LQl IIBil ~H) voltage source 1 Jdl electrical network with 8 independent nodes will have (B) (D) \)1 nodal equations 7 nodal equations 8 nodal equations 9 nodal equations / ! mpedance (\) 2l_80' n (B) 2150° n (C) 2130° I: . Then ~ Z2 5 blo gs po t.-.\) :) transformer meters pulse transformers 14 .

The Nyquist plot of a transfer function is shown in the figure. 1 s = (1+ 0. The maximum phase shift that can be obtained by using a lead compensator with transfer f une 'lOn t· C() 4(1+0. Booklet B I 15 . the gain margin (A) lle lec gets one fourth gets doubled /a (C) htt p:/ 22. A system has 12 poles and 2 zeros.(13) (D) 6 rs.(s+·2.)_ point of the root from the real axis for a closed loop system with loop gain . at qj}. Its high frequency (A) -60 db/dec (B) -120 db/dec (C) ! 20. -200 db/dec (D) 10 will have a slope of gets halved is not affected blo gs po t. )(s+5 \ hes (A) (C) between -10 and OJ K(s+10) (B).05s ) IS equa to (B) 30° GET-2012 ap e JCO -3 (C) . The gain margin is 0. If the Gain of the open loop system is doubled. OJ asymptote in its magnitude (D) in plot -240 db/dec Code I Q.) (. between -2 and origin between -2 and -5 19. The breakaway (.18. C s H s ..2 tri c ale (A) 5 (B) 8 xa mp 21.15s).

The slew rate of the op amp is -3V lle lec tri ca + 3V ~ 6 ps (B) l-e xa mp a 8 V / ps (C) 14 V / ps htt p:/ 28. timing resistor IS 100 k n. The output of an op-amp voltage follower is a triangular wave as shown in fig. ADC preferred for digital panel meters and multimeters (A) Flash ADC (B) Servo ADC (C) Successive approximation ADC (D) Dual-slope ADC ')~ :. The ideal operational (A) (D. LM stands for (1\) Motorola (C) Texas instruments 26.23. In the LM741. the villue of timing capacitor is (A) 9 TnP 'v(:f~) 0... p~-2 /a pe rs. r-l damper bars r-1 2.. dc ind machine uction machine q-3 q-2 q-2 (D) p--1 q-l (B) GET-2012 synchronous machine p-3 p.8 JLF Code I Q. Booklet B R0 == 00 == 0 (D) 14 ps ." )('(J/ amplifier has (B) (D) Ri == rJJ. bl (B) RCA (D) National semiconductor og sp ot. Match the following with parts in List-! with machines in List-II I List-II List-! rotor bars commutator 3..~. in J (D) 1. CJJ ' Ro =: 00 == R t. R () 25. == 0 R 1 ccc R0 0 Rl == 0 . .9 jLF (C) 9F 24. the time delay is 100m sec. for a square wave input of frequency 2 MHz and 8 V peak to peak amplitude. In a monostable multivibrator using 555 timer.. r-2 r-3 1.

A 3-phase induction motor is run in counter-clockwise phase sequence of supply. Its rated (D) 3<s<2 og secondary as motor with reverse sp ot./: I 12 ZZs I sEz 8 pa pe rs (C) 66. The following is the apparent two-wmding transformer (A) Je) power rating is greater conductive isolation is not present disadvantage (B) (D) efficiency is low voltage regulation :30.33 A direction (C) 0 < s <-1 flux .bl at 230 KVA. This provides speed without pf improvement speed without pf improvement speed with pf improvement speed with pf improvement ca I .66 A (D) 30. The following is phasor diagram of rotor variables of 3-phase induction motor with Ej as lle lec /a GET-2012 htt p:/ (A) (B) sub synchronous super synchronous (C) sub synchronous (D) super synchronous tri injected emf. .33 A 31.Code I Q. Booklet 29.33 A (B) 133. Y/ L'l current/phase is 3-phase transformer is rated (A) 33./ / // /. is low of auto transformer in I as compared to B . lV 230/2300 V. The range of slip variation for this mode is (B) 2< s < 1 l-e xa m 32.

Code Q. when the speed becomes super synchronous.. in o I '.bl +90 ~ o ex og sp ot.90 34. For a salient pole synchronous p:/ /a machine. Booklet 33. KV the maximum power of the motor becomes lle lec (A) K times of Pmax at 'I' (B) ~ times of K (C) K2 times of P. htt during hunting. the damper bars develop synchronous motor torque (B) . If the supply frequency and voltage applied to a synchronous ca l-e tri fractions KI. The variation machine wiU be I PSY (B) -90 Psy (C) I --90 I \ xa mp ap ers I (D) ex +90 .(D) (A) (C) dc motor torque induction generator torque induction motor torque 9 .nax at 1 (D) I~2 times of 35.:>ex of synchronising power for variation of power angle for a salient B I pole +90 motor are both reduced to Pmax at 1 Pmax at 1 .

- 4J...-:Xo" xa / .• .414 m ~I1) DIAC-TRIAC phase control circuit .\ f.. . -i /j r" The candle power of a lamp placed normal to a working plane is 30 C. In electric traction. wt )D) to CD) in J2 1500ff lumen Q.---/ 38.36. Booklet Code I B I (speed)2 .... the friction at the track is proportional 1 speed (B) 1 (spe~dY GET--2012 10 ers CD) (C) (D) (C) 1 -m 750 lumen 2ff speed og sp ot.P. Then the flux given out is 750ff 750 lumen ff (B) lumen 3~) Furnaces used for electric crematorium (A) (C) Resistance heating Dielectric heating are of type (B) Induction heating Arc heating ele 40.. The luminous intensity (A) ctr ica l-e of a lamp is 750 C.5 2m ~. Find the distance if the ill umination is 15 lux. The output waveform given below can be obtained from I I I I I I .-:c:(i (A) C" 0. /a ll For the same rating the amount of radiant heat produced is least in fluorescent lamp (B) (D) filament lamp mercury vapour lamp (A) (C) htt p:/ sodium vapour lamp 41. m \ 1'.../Q ..P. (A) (B) (C) Controlled rectifier AC chopper DC chopper 37.(B) '":- mp ap ~JC(/ 1. .

25 (D) 0. Booklet Code IB I (D) 19 then with 60% of series 0.B. Given maximum power transmitted through capacitor compensation (A) the maximum power transfer becomes (B) Pmax 45.7321 -.0 pu.-/ (C}/ 0.umerhas a load of 1500 kw at 0.42.C.8 11 blo gs po t.6 Pm ax as (D) B/(A -1) (D) 1. Polar form of (1. An industrial COl'~.60 (C) 1.02 + 0) is (A) 1. The daily load factor of the consumer is all ele (A) 0:666 (1)r~8:3:3 (C) htt p:/ / 47.7321150 (B) 21. The number of strands on a 3-1ayer cable is (A) 24 (B) 7 ~37 44. In a power system with negligibie resistance.150 43. the fault current at a point is 8.0 pu is (A) 3. ZL/2 in the T-equivalent Z L /2 mp a (C) pe 0.0 pu (B) 0.125 pu I GET-2012 I .D parameters. The series reactance to be connected at t!le fault point to reduce the short circuit current to 5.25 pu \. ica (B) l-e (A -l)B xa Z L /2 46. a line Pnwx' (A -l)/C 0. In A.8 pf lag.~ Q.075 pu rs.6 (D) shown can be represented (A) ctr (A . for 12 hrs and 1000 kw at Upf for 12 hrs during a day.

the conductor takes the shape of (A) parabola alex (B) hyperbola am pa (B) (D) capacitor motor ~Q) pe 3 phase induction motor catenary (D) semi circle 51.Gr~single machine connected to infinite bus system (D) rs. The chances of occurrence of corona is maximum during (A) (C) p:/ / all e depends on number of discs of the string dry weather lec tri c the potential drop is maxim um across . Equal area criterion can be applied to (A) (B) multi machine systems to any system with any number of loads and generators system with induction machines J. The load torque vs speed characteristic of an industrial load is given below sp ot. In suspension type insulator. Merz-price protection is more suitable f()l' (A) transformers (C) fBr (D) generators loads transmission lines N The motor suitable for the above load is (A) (C) . (A) (B) (D) top disc centre disc CD) lowest disc 52. Between 2 supports.jB) (D) winter htt 53. humid weather hot summer blo g 49. due to sag. in I Code Q.48.// dc shunt motor dc series motor 50. Booklet B~ .

Q. maintaining the same termjnal conditions.ohm 3 1 108 n mp 9n ap (C) .bl G theorem po t..~ {B) (D) 13 ers -. 2 ohms and.) (B) (D) (C) voltage on no load ripple 55.ohm 4 1 (B) 56. R nR og s y B \(Dj/ 1 ohm H y B The value of highest resistance (A) in star will be : . These resistances are to be replaced by star connection as shown in the figure below. Three resistances of 1 ohm. /a ll p ele ctr i A htt p:/ The circuit shown above can be easily solved by (A) (C) Series-parallel network Thevenin's theorem ca l-e xa .ohm 2 1 nodes sources + nodes + meshes F Star-mesh Reciprocity theorem . ir internal conductance internal resistance in GET-2012 Code B . Booklet 54. An ideal current source has zero (1\. Superposition (A) (C) theorem requires as many circuits to be solved as there are (B) sources sources + nodes 57.) ohms are connected in delta.

2M) M2) (D) 1 Henry (C) blo g - (L]+L2-2M) 220 volts sp o M2) At half power frequencies. the voltage across the inductor is p:/ /a lle 100 Hz 2.+ 2M (L] +L2 +2M) P (A) Q (<. -M')) (L]L2 M2) (L1 + L2. resonance nce 59.58. the current at resonance is (A) maximum in parallel resonance and minimum in series resonance JB)/. In the given circuit below. In RLC circuits.maximum in series resonance and minimum in parallel resonance (C) (D) maximum in both series and parallel resonances minimum in both series and parallel resonances 60. // -J3 1 2 x current at resonance (A) (D) (~''-127 x current at resonance t. the current in the RLC series circuit is 1 1 1 (D) 110 volts Code I Q.r htt (A) 220 xa mp of the circuit between terminals lOon -j2 volts (B) 22012 volts ap e P and Q is equal to (B) (L] + L2 (L]L2 (L]L2 - GET-2012 14 rs. The equivalent inductance JfJL. Booklet B I .) L1 ca l-e lec tri 61.

Code I Q.C. of turning on the switch S (D) immediately after turning on the switch S 63. Booklet ~ S VVVV\I 100 n 10 volts D. line current I Land GET-2012 . ofturning on the switch S (C) after 1000 Ji.J3 VLI L cos¢ where ¢ is the angle between (B) line voltage and phase current (D) phase voltage and phase current 15 (C) phase voltage and line current ~/line am pa pe rs LR (B) after 100 Ji. The time constant of a series R .L circuit is given by (C) 64. For the circuit given below. The power expression in 3-phase circuit in terms of line voltage voltage and line c'6. impedance lle (B) inductance p:/ 66. L 8 Volts 50Hz 6 amps (C) susceptance . of turning on the switch S sec. ex (B) 4 amps /a 65. the current reaches its maximum value (D) reactance VL.rrent htt power factor of the load is . in /L {Df/ R (D) 8 amps (~j) B I In the given R . the current through 1 ohm resistor will be (A) 2 amps lec tri ca l- 10 10 Volts. sec. i i (AJ after 50 og sp ot.C circuit. Admittance is the reciprocal of ~ '. sec.

(C) 0 (D) co (~.67.~-----8(S + 1) If the gain K is increased to infinity then the damping ratio will tend to become (A) (B) 1 68.j -j 2K8:3 + S2 + 58 stable for all values of K stable for zero value of K 16 in Q.v (D) equation (B) (D) s. Which of the following systems does have the tendency to oscillate? (A) (C) closed loop system either (A) or (B) (B) (D) open loop system both (A) and (B) lec tri ca l-e xa lle og sp ot. Booklet Code I B I out -+- 5 = 0 is .. The feedback system with characteristic (A) ~/ unstable for all values of K stable for positive values of K htt p:/ /a 71. The open loop transfer function of a unity feedback control system is given by K c( s ) . For making an unstable system as stable system gain of the system should be decreased gain of the system should be increased function should be increased (A) (B) (C) the number of zeros of the loop transfer SDJ/ the number of poles of the loop transfer function should be increased GET-2012 ers . The overall gain for the block diagram shown below is given by iIl mp ap (A) (C) 69.

6 mA :::: -3V 73. in yo Code I Q. Booklet B I (P1/ 3m3 (D) 39. The efficiency of a class B amplifier for a supply voltage (B) 48% 75. find 1B Vcc:::: + 20V 2K 430K (A) 36.6 V (D) 150 KHz GET-2012 .4 V 250 KHz sp ot.72. The ripple voltage of a FWR with a 100 pF filter capacitor connected to a load of 50 mA IS all e (A) 2.6% 4. The free running frequency is (A) 500 KHz (B) 350 KHz ap e lK (D) 57 pA (C) (C) (C) (C) 17 rs. fJ:::: 100. blo g f---o Vo 273 Vcc :::: 24V with peak-to-peak 19.2% (D) 6.3 .35 pA ca l-e xa mp (B) 19.. For the BJT shown in fig.7V.4 V htt p:/ / (B) 1. The value of transconductance IJ)ss :::: 9 mA and Vp (A) at a bias voltage of 0 V for the JFET which is having is 6mV (B) 6m3 output of 6V is (A) 4% lec tri 74. VBE :::: O. The timing resistor is 10 kG and timing capacitor is 200 PF for a 565 PLL.itA (C) 38.2 V 76.

If it.02 wb/pole. A 2-pole wave wound dc generator has 120 conductors in each parallel rs. 1200 rpm and excit. in (D) 1.0 pu 78.s field current reduced to half would be (consider rat.5 pu path of its and >~ B I with a mutual flux of ~.0 pu) \S~/ 0.ure. is driven at. If " Speed (D) 4 =: 79. -20(t-1) . I"~ '" "'J. The pu value of torque with it.Q. the induced emf would be // (k( 48 V (B) 96 V (C) 24 V (D) 124 V turns sp ot. A dc motor is driving a load that requires constant output power.ed to have 0." excited generator when mp ap e 2 0\) 1 (~Q) all A 220V/12-0-12 would be (A) (C) ele V transformer 12 with centre tap p:/ / 24 with no centre tap htt 81."'> armat.. The variation of open circuit emf of a separates variable speed would be.0 pu (C) 2. An ideal ¢m transformer - ctr ica l-e (B) has an emf/turn of 1 V. The induced emf of secondary in volts is (B) (A) -5(t-l) -lO(t -1) GET-2012 18 blo g = constant 'i.5 pu (B) 1.05(t2 2t). The number of turns on secondary (B) (D) 220 with centre tap 24 with centre tap has NI = 100 turns xa (C) 3 N2 200 (t) = -0. Booklet Code I 77.ed quantities as 1.

in 82./ A synchronous machine has Xs = 1 pu and operates at V = 1 pu.1'.bl GET-2012 og sp ot. 2.2. 16-pole. 5). 2. 2. 2. \ A 3-phase. Code I Q.5 pu lec (A) generator with lagging pf (C) motor with lagging pf \84.direction of rotation of rotor the direction of induced emf (at the instant shown) in the conductors respectively 1 2' 2' 0 0 0 ® 1 ® ® I' Conductor 2 ® 0 ® ® 00 0 (k)/ .2'. 2. current as (0 + jO. the mode of operation is tri ~. - htt p:/ (A) 2. 108-slot alternator will have the following phase grouping in each phase with 60° phase spread . 2 coils in basic unit of 8 poles 19 /a lle 3. Wben its emf is 1. For given B . Booklet I Four conductors in a stationary armature (alternator) are shown as 1. 2. 2 coils in basic unit of 4 poles (B) (C) (D) 2. 2 coils in basic unit of 16 poles ca l-e xa mp ap ers (B) generator with leading pf (D) motor with leading pf ./'- l- f 83/ with load angle 0:. 2. 2 coils in basic unit of 4 poles 3. 2.

10 A. in Q. The output of a single phase inverted bridge is as given below: /a lle lec tri c The mode of operation of machine is (A) Motoring (C) Plugging V alex htt p:/ -V'-------------·----------- In the above output voltage (A) (B) 5th and 3rd. 5th. A converter is feeding a de machine as shown below: 87. 7th ~C) (D) harmonics will be absent 7th harmonics will be absent 15th harmonics will be absent harmonics will be absent 7th GET-2012 am pa pe rs o -E Motor ratings: 200 V (dc). Booklet Code I I B --f V ~ . Neglecting armature resistance the speed of motor at given duty cycle (Tm= constant) (C) 1500 rpm (D) 750 rpm (A) 1000 rpm (B) 500 rpm t ~ Va + /- ckB)- (D) Regenerating Rheostatic braking 20 . wt og sp ot. 200V 86. 1000 rpm.For the power circuit given below. 9th.5 m sec. 3rd. SCR is operated at 1 KHz with TONof 0.

2000 MVA. 33 KV.48 rpm/sec 72. a load factor of og s to synchronous motor having is delivering power of 1800 '" I> o. 2 kA 12 MW B I GET-2012 .degrees/sec2 is (A) 360 (B) 180 (C) (A) P'.~ ~..54 (D) (D) po t.J/MVA through The generator 1.degrees/sec2.48. An aCB is rated 1500 A.92 rpm/sec A 50 Hz generator having H :::. Synchronizing power coefficient can be written as (D) ele (A) 51. 3 phase system is (C) 94. 5 kA station has maximum demand of 30 MW. .Code I Q.4 M.\:.u.8 ele. A generating p:/ / 220 kV.6 p. The reserve capacity of the plant is / (C) 19.6 and plant htt capacity factor 0.0 p.~ ~ - 415)/154. Booklet A 4-pole turbo generator rated 500 MVA. Its making current in kA is ctr ica l-e 91.5MW M 21 ap ers 1500 (D) Impedance relay Bucholtz's relay 89. 22 KV has its angular 437.51 (B) .cos5o 90. (A) (C) It is equivalent to (B) (D) 36. to the motor which reduces to 0.97 rpm/sec 1500 rpm/sec 145. 35 (C) The rating of lightning arrester (A) 220 kV.25 198 kV. The angular acceleration in ele.A. 10 kA (B) all used for 220 kV.u. when fault occurs.5 MW 7. H :::. 10 kA . cos 50 (A) Heactance relay (e) Mho relay acceleration 198 kV. The relay that most likely to operate during power swings is (B) xa mp (C) p'.5 MW (A) 37..~Q.6 MJIMVA is connected a network of reactances.

0 "(6)'. Booklet Code I B~l ~ 1.U (B) 1. zero sequence currents are absent'? (1\:) L-G L-L-L-G L-L L-L-O CD) (B) 97. The maximum steady state power transfer is (A) 1.154 pu (B) 5.5] -. Value of acceleration used in Gauss-Seidal --.3 pu.5] I 100.95.OS j.08] jO._-----_.58 22 og sp ot. __factor __ .jO.0 pu (C) 1.66 ~ 1 mp ap ers .~8] )0. In which type of fault. (C) j._---~. On 20 MVA.5 pu (D) 0. The pick-up value will be (A) 6. A transformer value is (A) method in load flow studies is 1.. In a single machine connected to infinite bus bar system.E) Q.76 pu 98.45 of 10 MVA.8 (C) l·J 96. 99. in " CD) O.59 (B) 1.OS 2 (B) (D) L ]._. 33 KV has reactance 0.08r jO.5 tri ca l-e (A) 110.0.08 jO.08 jO.08 l.0 pu are connected through a line reactance of 0.6 j. alternator voltage is 1. htt p:/ An over current relay having a current setting of 125% is connected to a supply circuit through a current transformer of ratio 400/5._. The Z-Bus of the following system of impedances j.5 pu its reactance is 1.08 jO. 11 kV the new p.2 .25 A (B) 500 A (e) 100 A (D) 80 A GET-2012 /a lle lec xa (A) 1.D8 )0.08 [jO.1 pu.