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What’s common for Beer Mug and Power Factor? Edvard May 20, 2013

Understanding power factor is not that hard. We have some very common example from the real life you will understand for sure, but first let’s start with some introduction of power factor. To unde rstand pow e r factor, w e ’ll first start w ith the de finition of some basic te rms: kW is Working Pow e r (also called Actual Power or Active Power or Real Power). It is the power that actually powers the equipment and performs useful work.
What's common for Beer Mug and Power Factor?

kVAR is Re active Pow e r . It is the power that magnetic equipment (transformer, motor, relay etc.) needs to produce the magnetizing flux. kVA is Appare nt Pow e r . It is the “vectorial summation” of KVAR and KW.

Example From the Real Life
Let’s look at a

Ok, these folks must've been running some heavy reactive power compensation - 'cause there's no foam P.F.=1

simple analogy in order to better understand these terms…. 1/3

KVAR . KVA . So. Unfortunate ly.printfriendly.F. is this summation of KW (the be e r ) and KVAR (the foam ). we must determine the “ve ctorial summation ” of KVAR and KW.5/20/13 PrintFriendly. Power Triangle The “Pow e r Triangle ” illustrates this relationship between KW .com: Print web 2/3 . You order up a big mug of your favorite beer for you and for your friends. The less foam you have (the lower the percentage of KVAR). The more foam you have (the higher the percentage of KVAR). we must go one step further and look at the angle between these vectors. 2. life isn’t pe rfe ct. when we calculate KVA. the higher your ratio of KW (beer) to KVA (beer plus foam). Thus. Thus. create PDFs Let’s say it’s friday evening. Therefore. we are ready to learn about power factor: Pow e r Factor (P.) is the ratio of Working Pow e r to Appare nt Pow e r. In fact. (And let’s face it…that foam just doesn’t quench your thirst. The total contents of your mug. Along with your ale comes a little bit of foam. Looking at our beer mug analogy above. In reality.0. the lower your ratio of KW (beer) to KVA (beer plus foam). now that we understand some basic terms. KVA. your power factor approaches 1. power factor would be the ratio of beer (KW ) to beer plus foam (KVA ). The thirst-quenching portion of your beer is represented by KW (the big pic on top ).com/print/?url=http://electrical-engineering-portal. as your foam (or KVAR) approaches zero.) This foam is represented by KVAR . the lower your power factor. and Pow e r Factor : www. for a give n KVA: 1. Our beer mug analogy is a bit simplistic. and you are with your friends at your favorite pub after really hot day.

com: Print web pages. KVAR would be ve ry small (foam would be approaching zero) 3/3 . Hope these can help: Re source : powerstudies. KW and KVA would be almost e qual (more beer. create PDFs Note that in an ide al w orld looking at the be e r mug analogy: 1.printfriendly. less foam) There are dosen of tools and technical articles/guides published at EEP that can help you to understand power factor and its www.5/20/13 PrintFriendly.