Call for Abstracts

TITLE <– 12pt, Bold, Capital b <– 11pt, bold, Underline Presenter aDept. of Neurology, <– 10pt, italic
 bDept. of Neurolog, University 
email: mh@ <– 10pt, italic Background or Introduction <– 11pt, Times New Roman bold The purpose of introduction is to provide sufficient background information to allow the reader to clarify and understand the results of the present study without referring to previous publications on the topic. Materials and Methods <– 11pt, Times New Roman bold Selected papers will be published to be included in the Symposium proceedings. All quantitative measurements should be made in SI units. 1. The font used throughout the paper is Times New Roman. The abstract size is A4 (i.e., 210×297mm), one page, single-column format with a 3 cm margin at the top, a 2 cm margin at the bottom, 2 cm margins on the left and right. Lines are single spaced, justified at both margins. So the maximum body size of the abstract is 170 x 237 mm. 2. The title of the abstract should be in 12 pt bold and be centered. 3. Author names should be in 11 pt bold. Full name is used for publication with given name followed by family name. Multiple author names are alphabetically indexed as superscript, as shown. Author affiliations should be in 10 pt italic with regular line spacing. The body of the text should commence 2 lines below the last address. 4. The first author is to be a presenter. Results <– 11pt, Times New Roman bold The body of the text of the submission is a set of body text paragraphs defined as follows: 10pt Times New Roman font, · Single space, defined as 10pt, There is no indentation for the first line Conclusions <– 11pt, Times New Roman bold All submitted papers will be evaluated by three independent reviewers. Evaluation will focus on the originality of the submission, the contribution to the medical informatics field, the clarity of exposition and the adequacy of references to relevant international researches. POSTER PRESENTATION The 5th Asian-Oceanian Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology intend to emphasize the importance of this essential part of its scientific meeting. The presentation of research studies

. Type in sentence format(with one capital at beginning). the abbreviations should be given in brackets after the first full use of the word. All abstracts must be submitted in paragraphs.Title: Must be short and specific. Fax or mail will not be accepted or acknowledged. affiliations. Methods: Briefly describe the study design. and measurements. Results: A summary of the results should be providedwith relevant data. then journal name. all typing must fit within the lines (Justify) and leave no margin at the top of left side. Cite all figures and tables in text.pdf. Participants are invited to submit Free Paper abstract for Poster Presentation Session Urged calls for the oral presentations of research studies related to the Clinical Neurophysiology and related diseases shall be held during the event. communicating their result is much appreciated. cite all reference in text using number thus(1) Define all abbreviations. patients or subjects.related to the Clinical Neurophysiology and related diseases field. Author’s names and Institutional Affiliation: . or specific objective of the study. tables and figures) must not exceed 3000 characters (including spaces). interactive format with the steps as follow: . HOW TO SUBMIT ? Abstracts are to be submitted in English via link below: www. text. page range and year of publication.aoccnbali2013. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS          No abstracts will be considered after the closing dateline. a blank line is not necessary. . Each abstract can include a maximum of 2 tables and 2 figures (but remember that these will reduce the character count available for your abstract text). Place single blank line between the names of all authors to start the beginning of the text.Institutional affiliation city and country are necessary and must follow directly after the name of the authors. For uncommon terms.All authors should give all names & presenting author’s name must be underlined. The total length of the abstract (names. Title.Type the names all of authors immediately below the title. Abbreviations should be used only for common terms. Table/figure : A maximum of 2 tables and 2 figures can be included to illustrate the results. Conclusion(s): The abstract should close with a brief statement of the conclusion(S) References (s): List first author only followed by et al. Abstracts must be typed in English Abstracts submitted by online with file attachment. volume. procedures. in bold font Introductions: The first sentence (s) should state the hypothesis. purpose .com/submitabstract provided in adobe acrobat form in . Place a single blank line between paragraph : Abstracts are typed in Arial font size 11 with single spacing.

Zip. EMG. 2013 to be final evaluated by the coordinator: withdrawal / changes will not be possible after the above mentioned date PUBLICATION   Abstracts accepted for poster presentations will be appeared in the abstract book. complete your personal data in required field 3.docx.. You may upload your file from your local PC. Maximum file size is 500kb. The result of the winning presentations will be announced at the latest on August 31. After completing the fields and uploading the file. and relevance for the audience.-will be informed to presenters to each nominated email at the latest before 1st June 2013 WITHDRAWAL / CHANGES Revised abstracts is allowed for one time only and should be clearly stated as the subjects of email and received by May 31. All the Presenters are expected to attend in the ballroom on time . as well as the significance of the paper. The Organizing committee has a right reserve to edit the format of abstract due to the printing task for publication in terms of uniformity purpose. In order for abstract to be published.ppt or.doc.1. whose abstract are accepted.. Presenting authors will receive notification of abstracts’ acceptance for poster presentation to his nominated email before 15th June 2013 All presenting authors. Continue to browse and attach your file from your local PC. date and time. must be a paid registrant. . Abstract will not be processed until appropriate registration fee has been received and acknowledged not later than 31nd May 2013 The detail poster presentation schedule. including place..pdf. ABSCTRACT ACKKNOWLEDGEMENT    The Coordinator of free paper will review all abstract submission upon quality. clarity. EEG.doc. EPILEPSY) 2.. . PRIZES FOR BEST PRESENTATIONS     Accepted abstracts must be presented in the form of poster presentation at the 5th AsianOceanian Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology. (ex.ppt or. Allowed file formats are: . Select the event name. Within your browser. All the scientific Free Paper presentation will be pre-sided by a Panel of Judges The paper winners presented will be awarded the cash basis prizes. Click “submit” on below section after typing in the verification code. 2013.docx.pdf. click ”send” button on the Form 5. It is acceptable in file formats for: . the presenter must fulfill appropriate Registration Fee in term of administrative 4.. TMS.