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Royal university of Phnom Penh Institute of foreign languages Department of English

Cultural studies 1 Semester 2: 2002-03

ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF LIVING IN COUNTRYSIDE In the world, every country is divided into two, city and countryside. Everyone, live in one country, has their own decision whether they decide to live in city or countryside. Fresh air, quiet place and healthy are people want; all those things are found in countryside. However, living in countryside also has advantages and disadvantages. In Cambodia, people living in countryside can make they think of the environment, fresh air, and beauty of nature view or good scenery. Of cause, there is no pollution from factories, industries, and vehicles; therefore, they don’t worry about the traffic jam at all. Most of the villagers are farmer, their living depend on grow crops, fruits, vegetables, etc. There is much chance for people to growing; for example, rice growing, they can grow rice in raining season called wet rice, and in summer season called dry rice. All most villagers are living in extended family, it easy to help each other, their life live in tradition standard is very cheap, so they don’t have to spend much money. They have good relationship with their neighbor and more helpful. In fact example, my grandparents live in Kom Pong Thom province. When my grandparents had Pchum Ben celebration, their neighbor always help to do everything like cooking, washing, and preparing everything, etc. They are more helpful if we compare with some relatives. They are not help only one celebration but also other celebration; especially, my grandfather’s funeral. Even some villagers are poor, but they don’t steal everything from their neighbor, so living in villages have safer environment and happy life. The last important point is a good place for keeping traditional activities and Khmer traditional festivals. Why I said like these? Because only villagers still wear traditional clothes; girls


therefore. In rural areas. Furthermore. she have to keep Khmer traditional such as she isn’t allowed to have a good relationship with a men who haven’t get engaged with. thus. Villagers depend on farm only and sometime when they grow crops. Moreover. Village is the root place for all traditional festivals. Because some Khmer traditional festivals is only celebrated in village not in city.Royal university of Phnom Penh Institute of foreign languages Department of English Cultural studies 1 Semester 2: 2002-03 who haven’t get marriage. after harvest they sing and dance to harvesting celebration. There isn’t enough school to educate people and the lack of qualified teachers for some school because of the lack of budget. road condition are not good. traditional festivals happen in the villages first. not enough transportation. she hasn’t allowed having boyfriend. they always prone to natural disaster such as flood draught. All in all. they want to live in city rather than live in countryside especially in our country. education system isn’t enough. people want to live in countryside because it has good environment. children can study only senior high school. living in the countryside make their healthier and save up wealth. although there are a lot of factories or industries. none investment. for instance. no factories or industrials. she or he can marriage with a boy or girl that her or his parents find only. At first. no pollution. it hasn’t enough water to supply because it hasn’t irrigation system and water near their farm. In contrast. As the result they -2- . Especially. because person lives in city has influence from foreign culture. and high school exists in provincial town only. But for poor countries or developing counties. so they have to carry from river or lake. domestic violence happens very often in families because of the lack of education and poor families. unemployment rate is so high. too. if we look at developed countries.

For some areas. foreigner can make their journey very easy. besides these. although it has one or two hospitals in provincial town. In conclusion. it isn’t many media system. -3- . they don’t want to make their life living in the boring place. government can get budget from tourism. the government must do something to attract foreigner to invest in countryside for eliminate the poverty. so they don’t know what happen in the world and in their own country. On the other hand. Third.Royal university of Phnom Penh Institute of foreign languages Department of English Cultural studies 1 Semester 2: 2002-03 are still poor. for example. I think that living in countryside is good if the government tries to change some lack parts such as build more school. The most important. At last. build more hospitals. health care isn’t completely good. If the road easy travel. the government should construct infrastructure because in countryside have a lot of beautiful place. therefore. the government will be thinking about this problem soon. Second. it has healthy centers but it hasn’t enough medical supply. university if possible. I hope. and provide medicine to make sure that it enough or not. send qualified teachers to teach. Siem Reap province have a lot of wonderful temples. Government should care about people health. they treat their disease by use traditional medicine when they have problem with their health. In some areas doesn’t have hospital. most people don’t want to live in countryside because it is so quiet no entertainment place and no interesting job.