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Tender fee Rs. 900./Earnest money Rs.9538.00 Contractor's Name ................. & Address ...............................................

Tender Opening Date :- dt.22.09.2009 Tender Opening Time :- dt.22.09.2009 Tender No.45


Name of Work : Constructing Compound Wall of Gujarati School 1-2 towards Mamta Society road in Vatva Ward-1. Qty. Item Unit Rate Amount (Rs.) Sr.No.
1 Excavation for foundation including sorting out and stacking of useful materials and disposing of the excavated stuff upto 50 mt. lead. Loose or soft soil (Building SOR 2008-09 item no.0.1) upto 1.5 mt. depth 1.5 to 3 mt. depth P/L cement concrete 1:5:10 (1cement: 5 coarse sand : 10 graded brickaggregate 40mm nominal size)& curing comp. excluding cost of form work in (A) foundation & plinth (Building SOR 2008-09 item no.5.3.8) Providing & laying cement concrete 1:4:8 (1 cement : 4 coarse sand : 8 hand broken stone aggregates 40 mm nominal size) and curing complete excluding cost of form work in (A) Foundation and plinth (Building SOR 2008-09 item no.5.3.3) Providing and laying controlled cement concrete M200 and curing complete, excluding the cost of form work and reinforcement for reinforced concrete work in:(Building SOR 2008-09 item no.5.8.2) Foundations, footings, base of columns, and mass concrete. Columns, pillars, posts, and struts, up to floor two level. Slabs, landing shelves, Balconies, lintels, beams, girders, and cantilever, up to floor two level. Provdg. form work of ordinary timber planking so as to give as rough finish incl. centering shuttering strutting and propping etc. height of propping and centering below supporting floor to ceiling not excluding 4 m and removed of the same for in site re for Coping upto floor two level (Building SOR 2008-09 item no.9.1) Foundations, footings, base of columns, and mass concrete. Columns, pillars, posts, and struts, up to floor two level. Sides and soffits of beam, haunchings cantilevers, girders, bressumers and lintels exceeding 1 M in depth. Brick work using common burnt clay building bricks having crushing strength not less than 35 kg/Sq. cm. in cement mortar 1:6 (1 cement : 6 fine sand),(B) Conventional in foundation and plinth (Building SOR 2008-09 item no.6.13) Brick work using common burnt clay building bricks having crushing strength not less than 35 kg/Sq. cm. for super structure in cement mortar 1:6 (1 cement : 6 fine sand),(B) Conventional in super structure up to floor two level.

(a) (b) 2

210 25 12

cmt cmt

46.60 51.65

9,786.00 1,291.25










a b c 5

51 16 13

cmt cmt cmt

3360.00 3417.00 3414.00

171,360.00 54,672.00 44,382.00

a b c

117 175 80

smt smt

87.60 111.70

10,249.20 19,547.50














50 8.200. and above ground level consisting of 12 mm. building rubbish earch manure or sludge and excavated rock and fly ash up to 5 km.00 cmt 131. c/c with 7 horizantal line and six diaogonal of galvenized stell barbered wire.945.00 953. 15 mm.00 smt 99.8 110 9 265 10 300 11 3500 12 50 13 265 14 300 15 75 16 250 17 120 Filling available excavated earth (excluding rock) in trenches. plinth. complete.. weighting 9. 1:3 (1 cement : 3 sand) and 8 mm. I. Providing and fixing .C works includings bendings.52 in depth consolidation each deposited layer by ramming and watering. block in pro.80 smt 29.45 % ………Above OR % ………Above CONTRACTOR'S SIGNATURE & STAMP ADDL. Murrum. height Y type M. soling.:- . in layers not exceeding 20 cm. c.75 mt.00 2.38 kg/100 mt.00 3.00 21.i.945.17.5 mt.60 9.850.(Approved rate) Total cmt 30.00 Kg 51.36) Extra rate over item of excavation of earth for excavation of asphalt pavement of any thickness including demolishing the asphalt carpet metal.51) Demolition of brick work and stone masonry including stacking of serviceable materials and disposal of unserviceable materials with all leads and lifts (II) In cement mortar (Building SOR 2008-09 item no.2 mt.920.etc.60) 20 mm.11) Conveyance charges of Lime.19 X .600.4. Sr.11) Finishing wall with water proofing cement plaint of on wall surfaces ( two coats ) to give an approved brand & manufacture and required shape even shade after thoroughly brushing the surface to remove all dirt & permains of loose powdered materials. sides of foundations etc.S. oil paint three coats fix at 2.S. complete as directed. complete with stacking the material as directed ( SOR 98/99 CH-2.CITY ENGINEER (South Zone) Mobile No. 1:2:4 etc.12 178. staple including fixing support on wall with 0.24) White washing with lime on decorated wall surface (two coat) to give an even shade including thoroughly brooming the surface to remove dirt. thick finishing coat in C. angle fencing on cpmpound wall with 1.760.M.61) Providing thermo Mechanically treated bars (RNT EARS) confirming to IS 786/FC 415 for R.comp.300.c. thick cement plaster in single coat on fair side of brick concrete walls for interior plastering upto floor two level and finished even and smooth in (I) Cement mortar 1:3 (1 cement : 3 sand) (Building SOR 2008-09 item no.00 cmt 132.78 32.(Building SOR 2008-09 item no.((Building SOR 2008-09 item no.12) Provdg.00 smt 40. 1:1 (1 cement :1 sand) etc.18.00 Rs.00 Rmt 680.C. thick backing coating of C. binding and placing in position complete upto floor two level. etc. angle post 50X50X6 mm dia. thick sand face cement plaster on walls upto height of 10 mm.00 smt dust mortar drops and loose scales of lime wash and other foreign matter.20 29.17.00 smt 3.000.18. 81.20.(Building SOR 2008-09 item no.(Building SOR 2008-09 item no.0. strain and fix two post with e.19 X 0. long M.(Building SOR 2008-09 item no.45 mt.

& All general condition of contract of Form B1 condition of Specification contract shall be applicable. 1 Name of work Constructing Compound Wall of Gujarati School 1-2 towards Mamta Society road in Vatva Ward-1.Ahmedabad-8 11 Mode of sending the Tender Document shall be submitted in sealed envelope systems By Documents RPAD/Speed post/ Hand Delivery/ Courier in sealed covers as described in submission of the tender. Municipal Commissioner invites Percentage Rate sealed tenders from interested contractors for Constructing Compound Wall of Gujarati School 1-2 towards Mamta Society road in Vatva Ward-1.egovamc. South zone office.09. Conditional tenders will not be accepted.AHMEDABAD MUNICIPAL CORPORATION "South zone office ". after this date and time will not be entertained under any circumstances. or institutions. Municipal Commissioner reserves the rights to reject any or all the tenders without assigning any reasons there of. 22.9538/.45 5 Earnest Money Deposit Rs.22. Maninagar Ahmedabad-8.09. 12 Terms. (South zone) South zone office. Maninagar. Mainagar.0 below. 8 Tenders issue date Tenders from the AMC website www. The tenders received Tenders.09 up to 14:00 Hrs. 953795. shall be down loaded from 9 Last date of receiving Dt. Ahmedabad .09 up to 15:00 Hrs to Assistant Manager. only. 6 Tender fees Rs. Demand Draft or Bank Guarantee shall be from Nationalized Bank and valid for 120 days. Rambaug. Ahmedabad) 7 Submission of EMD and EMD and Tender Fees should be submitted along with Tender Fees Tender as described in the invitation of tender to Assistant Manager(South zone) . 10 Date of Opening Dt. 4 Estimated Cost put to tender Rs. Rambaug. Rambaug. 2 Time Limit 3 (Three) months 3 Register “E1” class in PWD in Govt. Ahmedabad / Bank Guarantee) To be submitted as prescribed in 7. Eligibility Criteria Seal and Signature of the Bidder Addl City Engineer (South Zone) .(Demand Draft or pay order in favour of Municipal Commissioner. R&B/CPWD/AMC or equivalent registration with any other state Govt.900/(Demand Draft in favour of Municipal (Non refundable) Commissioner.380 008.

19 X 0. complete with stacking the material as directed.i. The decision of the C. weighting 9.. Carting of surplus earth or lime. strain and fix two post with e.5 mt. complete as directed. staple including fixing support on wall with 0. The cost of materials shall be charged from the contractor. works 02. in this item shall be paid extra addition to the rate for excavation as per Item No.16.17. oil paint three coats fix at 2. 1. The stacking of material should be done as directed by Engineer. Or The above building technical spefications can be available from ahmedabad municipal corporation website www.08 21 to 28 5 Plain R. Doors and Windows 58 to69 11 Steel Item no. Sector-21. metal. long M. In case rubble not being so deposited or being mixed up with the excavated materials will not be allowed for refilling.for fixing fixtures and fastenings 72 to 73 13 Glazing 74 to75 14 Paving and Floor Finishes 76 to 90 15 Roof Covering 91 to101 16 Ceiling and Lining 102 to103 17 Plastering and Pointing 09. angle fencing on cpmpound wall with 1.12. block in pro. c. The rate per sq. The road surface of asphalt shall carefully be opened to full width as directed by the Engineer in charge so as to remove all cracks or other damaged portions of road either manually or with the soiling shall be first be stripped off for the whole width of trenches.11 29 to 48 6 Masonry Works 06.75 mt. Windows.2 mt. Ventilators 67 to 71 12 Lab. Item no.19 X . height Y type M. Extra rate over item of excavation of earth for excavation of asphalt pavement of any thickness including demolishing the asphalt carpet metal. bldg. B-20. Section 4 Excavation 01.E.38 kg/100 mt. murrum.rubbuish etc. Item No. shall be final and binding to the contractor.c. 1:2:4 etc. up to 5km. soiling etc. plumbing and Sanitary Fittings 141 to 153 24 Drainage and Sewerage 154 to 164 Source: Gujarat Book Stores(P) Ltd.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Estimate A Compound wall DETAILED GENERAL TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS FOR BUILDING WORKS Book Building Items Tender Item no. All the materials shall be separately deposited in such places as may be determined by the Engineer-in-charge. etc.S.incharge or at selected site. c/c with 7 horizantal line and six diaogonal of galvenized stell barbered wire.C. Gandhinagar. .10 104 to 109 18 White washing and Distempering 13 110 to 120 19 Painting and Polishing 14 121 to 128 20 Demolition and Dismantling 15 129 to 133 21 Repairs to Buildings 134 22 Miscelleneous Buildings 135 to 140 23 Water Supply. mt. District Shopping Centre. Extra rate for excavation of asphalt payment of any thickness including demolishing the asphalt carpet. complete with stacking the materials as directed.comp. soling. angle post 50X50X6 mm dia. Lead.45 mt. Book Page No..egovamc.03.C. Mode Of Measurement and Payment: The rate shall be for a unit of one cubic meter.04.S.away from site.07 49/2 to 53 7 Rubble Masonry Works 49 to 53 9 Centring and formwork 05 54 to 57 10 Wood work. Providing and fixing .

The bottom row shall be 120mm above ground and the rest at 125 mm center to center The concrete shall be stretched between adjacent posts from top of one post of 2nd post The wire shall be fixed to posts by means of staple.4 The work shall be measured for the finished work from center to center of the posts. 2.3 The MS Angle posts shall be painted with 3 coasts of oil paint of approved tinted shade.2 The barbed wire shall be stretched and fixed in 7 horizontal rows and two diagonals.15 M thick with lean concrete 1:2:4 (1 cement :2 sand :4 graded stone aggregates 20 mm nominal size ) The MS angle 50 mm X 50 MM x 6 mm Shall be the pierced over the confute in true to line and plumb.1. 2. Mode of Measurements & Payment : 2.The concert shall be cured for 7 days to all it to set. Seal and Signature of the Bidder Addl.0 Materials : (1) Water shall conform to M-1 (2) Cement shall conform to M-3 (3) Sand shall conform to M-6 (4) Bricks bats aggregate shall conform to M -14 (5) Oil Paint shall conform to M-44 (6) Barbed wire shall conform to M-78.1 The block in the wall shall be filled with a layer of 0.The remaining portion of block shall be filled in with filled in with lean concert 1:2:4 and rammed properly so as to reqd size of concrete block . 2. City Engineer (South Zone) .0 Workmanship : 2. 2. 2.5 The rate shall include the cost of all labour and material involved in the operations described above.6 The rate shall be for a unit one running meter.

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01 Sq. 13. Payment of running bill will be made as per recent A. 19. Wherever a reference to any Indian Standard appears in the specifications. supplied from Municipal Corporation store then contractor shall not claim for any extra rate for non execution of such item. Contractor can not stop the work due to on availably of labour force. width and depth (height)------.C. 16. Definite particulars covered in the items of work. Contractor shall not sub-let the work without permission of the authority Contractor should have sufficient skilled and unskilled laborers so that he shall start work at different sites simultaneously. No extra payment will be made due to increase of central / state Govt. unless otherwise specified. specifications shall be deemed to be included there in. 2. 17. 15. Taxes. Mt. Contractor shall produce the relevant registration certificate of AMC / State Govt /Central Govt. deterioration or intrusion of foreign matter and to-ensure the preservation of their quality and fitness for the work. 25. 23. Reference to specifications of materials as made in the detailed specification of the items of work is in the form of a designation containing the number of the specification of the material and prefix 'M' e.per day of delay separately. "as directed"/"Approved" shall be taken to mean.01 Cu. 22. In case progress is delayed due to unavaila bility of labour contractor shall be penalized Rs.01 Meter. The contract rate of the item of work shall be for the work completed in all respects. (iii) Cubic Contents ------0. it shall be taken to mean as a reference to the latest edition of the same in force on the date of agreement. In "Mode of Measurement" in the specifications wherever a dispute arises in the absence of specific mention of a particular point or aspect. 3. (ii) Areas -----0. Approval to the samples of various materials given by the Engineer-in-charge shall not absolve the contractor from the responsibility of replacing defective material brought on site or materials used in the work found defective at a later date. Materials. 4. 20.0. 12. 5. The distance. 21. No rate difference will be paid for due to any increase in rate of any item due to any reason what so ever. Collection of approved materials shall be done at site of work in a systematic manner. policy in force. partly/fully. through not mentioned or elucidated in it. . 8.Mt. Where no lead is specified. which constitutes lead. If the work is not completed within time limit the penalty will be recovered from immediate bills of contractors. it shall mean "all leads" Lift shall be measured from plinth level. 9. shall be carried out nearest to the following limits: (i) Length. Contractor's having labour force available during festivals shall only apply. 7. The decision of the Engineer-in-charge in this regard shall be taken as final. shall be immediately removed from the site of work within 24 hours. 18. Materials shall be stored in such a manner as to prevent damage. shall be determined along the shortest practical route and not necessarily the route actually taken. or aspects in the relevant Indian Standards shall be referred to. All measurements and computations. No price escalation / advance payment / machinery advance will be paid. 'M-5'.AHMEDABAD MUNICIPAL CORPORATION ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT GENERAL CONDITION 1. during and after execution shall be kept i n sufficient numbers and in good working condition on the site of the work. No materials shall be stored prior to. All works shall be carried out in workmanlike manners per the best techniques for the particular item. In the specifications. if and when rejected by the Engineer-in-charge. 6. MH cover C. No collection of materials shall be made before it is got approved from the Engineer-in-charge. If the material i. Materials shall be stone at site of work in a systematic manner. "as directed"/approved" by the Engineer-in-charge.250/. the provisions on these particular points.C block etc.g. 11. 24. 10.M. 14.e. Contractor shall register the work to labour commissioner as per labour act. 26.

:- ADDL. All necessary safety measures and precaution (including those laid down in the various relevant Indian Standards) shall be taken to ensure the safety of men. or demand draft of Nationalized Banks and Schedule Banks only. 29. The mode. machinery and equipment for correct execution of the work as well as for checking lines. INSTRUCTION TO TENDERERS TENDER VALIDITY PERIOD: The tender shall be kept valid for acceptance for a period of One Hundred Twenty Calendar days (120) from opening of price bids. The testing charges of all materials shall be borne by the Contractor unless recovery at one percent towards testing charges is separately made. materials and machinery on the works as also of the work itself.CITY ENGINEER (South Zone) . All tools. SECURITY DEPOSIT Within 10 days of receipt of Acceptance from the Corporation. the successful tender shall furnish to the Corporation Security Deposit of 5% (five percent) of the contract price cheque or Bank Guarantee.27. 28. CONTRACTOR'S SIGNATURE & STAMP Mobile No. pay order. levels. alignment of the works during execution shall be kept in sufficient numbers and in good working condition on the site of the work. 30. procedure and manner of execution shall be such that it does not cause damage or over loading of the various components of the structure during execution or after completion of the structure. templates.

during the execution of work.(Rupees Five Hundred Only) per day of delay of start shall be recovered separately from the immediate bills payable to the contractor. Contractor has to make his own arrangement for procurement of steel and cement.:- ADDL. The tender for the work shall remain open for a period (120) days from the date of opening of the tenders for this work and that the tenderer shall not be allowed to withdraw on modify the offer on his own during the period. as per the rate analysis based on latest SOR or if item is n ot available in SOR than based on current market rates. 500/. CONTRACTOR'S SIGNATURE & STAMP Mobile No.e. City Engg. Debris shall have to cart daily from site. In case of dispute for unseen or overlooked items the decision of the Dy. If any incident happen. Progress of work should be in proportion to time limit. of Gujarat booklets of Building Works & and Road Works Specifications published by Gujarat Book Depot. ii) All tenders are to be submitted in duplicate without which the tenders are liable to be rejected.E. If work is not started within specified time limit i. He shall be responsible for any damage to public. tender fee & EMD should be submitted in form of demand draft or in cash.AHMEDABAD MUNICIPAL CORPORATION ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT GENERAL SPECIFICATION Time limit for the work shall be Three MONTH Excluding monsoon after the order to start the works. . If any extra item crops up during the progress of work the same shall be carried out by the contractor and he shall be paid at the rate fixed by Add. iii) In case of tender downloaded from website. No claim for extra rate for subsequent changes in site and design is entertained. Contractors should note the following conditions carefully:i) Conditional tender shall not be accepted.Govt. 1970 and the Rules framed the to under. Sector-21. If in the interest of the Corporation it is necessary to change either any site or the design of the propose work the contractor shall carry out the same at his quoted rates without charges any extra and the contractor will have to carry out the works and he will be paid at the rate quoted by him. within ten days from the date of order to start the work the penalty of Rs. City Engineer shall be final. All the rejected materials shall be removed from site within 24 hours by contractor at this risk and cost.CITY ENGINEER (South Zone) . iv) Condition of Form . Specification shall be as per ' R& B Dept. Octroi exemption passes shall not be given for any materials required for the work. shall remain final regarding rate. If any tenderer withdraw or makes any modifications or addition in the terms and conditions of his tender not acceptable to the Municipal Corporation the Municipal Corporation shall without prejudice to any right or remedy be at liberty to forfeit in full the said earnest money and black list the contractor.B1 Standard Specification of material & code of practice will be applicable. The contractor shall have to give site clean of all rubbish during the work and at the time of completion of work and hand over the site with final finishing of the work as directed. Form B1 can be is available in website. Contractor will be fully responsible for compliance of the various provisions under contract Act. In case of extra item decision of Add.C. The contractor shall be remain responsible for Workmen’s compensation if any accident. The contractor shall arrange for barricading at night and arrangement of Pagi at night to direct the traffic. Gandhinagar.