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Requirements and Functions of Substation Automation Edvard May 20, 2013

Substation automation is the cutting edge technology in electrical engineering. It means having an inte llige nt , inte ractive pow e r distribution ne tw ork including : 1. Increased performance and reliability of electrical protection. protection 2. Advanced disturbance and event recording capabilities, aiding in detailed electrical fault analysis.

Requirements and Functions of Substation Automation (photo by

3. Display of real time substation information in a control center. 4. Remote switching and advanced supervisory control. control 5. Increased integrity and safety of the electrical power network including advanced interlocking functions. 6. Advanced automation functions like intelligent load-shedding.

The ge ne ral re quire me nts for se le cting an automation syste m w hile de signing a ne w substation are : 1. The system should be adaptable to any vendor’s hardware. 1/3

load shedding etc. are the basic variable s re late d w ith substation control and instrume ntation . power factor. control and protection functions are performed in the substation control room. pow e r control. Functioning Bus voltages and frequencies. on-load tap changers are performed by remote command from control room. othe r automatic and se miautomatic controls e tc. e ve nt re porting and re cording. real and reactive power flow. Automatic operation by action of protective relays . The automate d substation functioning can be tre ate d as inte gration of tw o subsyste ms. It should be flexible and easily set up by the Print web pages. create PDFs 2.printfriendly. transformer loading.5/20/13 PrintFriendly. 2/3 . automatic tripping. line loading. 3. The various switching actions like auto reclosing of line circuit breakers. operation of sectionalizing switches. The above two systems work in close co-operation with each other. autoreclosers. These panels along with PC aids in automatic operation of various circuit breakers. back-up prote ction. 4. alarm. It should incorporate distributed architecture to minimize wiring. prote ctive signaling. The other sequential operations like load transfer from one bus to another. (b) Protective System The task of prote ctive syste m include s se nsing abnormal condition. fre que ncy control. control systems and PC. tap changers. as discusse d be low : (a) Control System The task of control syste m in a substation include s data colle ction. The relays. primary control in substation is of tw o cate gorie s: 1. Thus. The substation unit should include a computer to store data and pre-process information. protection and control panels are installed in the controlled room. Normal routine operation by operator’s command with the aid of analog and digital control system. etc. 2. The various supervision. annunciation of abnormal condition. voltage control. are also taken care by control center. Most of the above www. sectionalizing switches and other devices during faults and abnormal conditions. create PDFs functions Print web 3/3 . Reference: Chapter 42.e. compiling of energy and other reports. The communication between circuit bre ake rs . sequential event recording. Distribution Automation // Unknown www. This software is of modular design.printfriendly. automatic switching sequences. autore close rs and se ctionalizing sw itche s in the primary and secondary distribution circuits located in the field and the PC in distribution substation control room is through radio telecontrol or fibre optic channel or power line carrier channel as is feasible. are integrated in software in the substation computer. which facilitates addition of new functions.5/20/13 PrintFriendly.