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Metaphysical properties of Tiger Iron ---------------------------------------Tiger Iron, sometimes called "Muggle Stone", combines the healing properties of Hematite

, Red Jasper (sometimes also Yellow Jasper) and Tiger Eye. It is conside red a stable healing stone, which rarely needs cleansing. Tiger Iron brings strength, vitality, energy, creativity, clarity, confidence, w illpower, balance and protection. Tiger Iron encourages and supports change, giv ing you the energy to take the necessary action. Emotional Benefits: Tiger Iron is an empowering stone for overcoming fear and insecurity. It is help ful if suffering from deep exhaustion at any level, especially emotional or ment al burnout or family stress. Tiger Iron is supportive for empathic people who ar e drained by taking on other people's feelings and emotions. Tiger Iron is also good for healing sexual shame and guilt, and reclaiming power in these areas. It promotes self-confidence and self-assurance. Physical Benefits: Tiger Iron brings balance to the digestive system, and to the blood and reproduc tive system. Tiger Iron also supports the liver and the nervous system. It can e nhance libido and passion, and is an excellent tantric stone for maintaining pow er and potency. It can improve stamina, and is especially helpful for people who se daily lives require a lot of physical exertion. Tiger Iron stimulates vitalit y and aids in the assimilation of B vitamins; it also balances the red/white blo od cell count. It strengthens the muscles and aids in production of natural ster oids. The magnetic qualities of hematite help balance the electrical energies of the body and the meridians, transforming chaotic energies to bring calm - it al so supports spinal alignment. Mental Benefits: Tiger Iron brings clarity, particularly clarity of knowledge, enabling one to se e the truth below the apparent surface of issues. Tiger Iron brings out creative and artistic abilities, including hidden talents, and helps with creative endea vors of all kinds. It is excellent for inspiring motivation. It supports the min d, helping in "attunement", memory, analysis and general mental dexterity. Spiritual Benefits: Tiger Iron is a heavy stone that is good for grounding. It is great for supporti ng and balancing the lower three chakras. It connects the lower three chakras fo r expressing power, passion, and creativity. It is known to be very protective, especially from danger, and is believed to help one find refuge when danger is c lose. Iron has long been thought to reflect the energy of evil spells/bad wishes back toward the sender. Tiger Iron attunes one to the energy of the Earth, allo wing one to receive the grounding energies of nurturing and protection. Tiger Ir on often contains red jasper, which is intensely protective, stabilizing the aur a and ridding it of dysfunctional energy. Jasper also facilitates astral travel, and provides protection during spiritual and shamanic journeys. That which cont ains the red color was thought to induce health and re-birth, bringing freshness

It holds an aspect of sol ar energy and a connection to the solar plexus chakra. Tiger Eye and Hematite creates a captivating and po werful tool. History & Lore: Tiger Iron is a metamorphosed gemstone of Red Jasper. yellow and gold creating unique vertical and horizontal patterns in each st one. "the old ways" of the Native American Indians. This stone is a natural work of art. It literally embodies the growth and evolution o f the Earth. with layers of ideas and strategies to the holder. Tiger Eye and Hematite tha t became fused together over two billion years when tectonic plates shifted to c reate the Australian continent. This trinity of Jasper. It was considered a sacred stone during the performa nce of. and adherence to. especially when carved into a crystal skull. which also helped shaman in their magical practices. brown. . Jasper was often worn by shaman to provide protection. red.