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Building Administration and Management
• Maintenance and upkeep • Service of Multi-disciplinary professional; for efficient and economical operation and maintenance of a building, faculty or complex • Builder/Owner, Operators, Architects, Engineer, Manufactory, Utility Provider, Furniture, and Equipment Vendor • Comm’l Industrial, Residential/ Institutional Building, Facility II. Building Maintenance Architect • Building Parts - Structure - Electrical - Plumbing - Partitions/ Finishes • Good Condition - Formulate and enforce • Rules - Emergency/ Exit Areas • Monitor Security - Service • Monitor Maintenance and Upkeep Services - Corridors - Lobbies - Stairs and common areas - Exits - Parking - Garbage • Grounds and Landscape Supervision - Supervise landscape contractors and gardeners - For pruning, watering, trimming: maintain landscape • Maintain orderly entrance, exit and parking area • Maintain streets: RROW, Walkways, Ramps • Building Equipment Maintenance - 3rd Parties: Equipments AC, FP (sprinkler), Generator, Transformers, Telecommunication • Business Development and Management - Schemes to attain maximum building occupancy - Bill tenants for rentals and utilities

Initial design program vs actual use . research and give solution to any discovered/ emerging/ evolving defects and failures such as shrinkage.III.Assist 3rd parties in evaluating functional effectiveness of the design and construction process . Post Construction Evaluation Owner Request Architect .Study. water seepage and other problem.Effectiveness of the various building system and the material systems in use. . .