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Module 5 Test B
Complete the sentences using the present perfect simple or continuous
1 I (clean) the house all day.
2 How long he (have) that car?
3 you (hear) the news today?
4 Patrick (revise) for his exam, next week.
5 She (write) that novel since 1985.


Write the gerund or infinitive
6 I don’t mind _____ for trains.

7 I can’t stand _____ to jazz.

8 I remembered _____ my book.

9 They refused _____ to me.

10 I love _____ comics.


Choose the correct quantifier
11 You should eat _____ fruit

12 Do you eat _____ chocolate?

13 Do you eat _____ meat?

14 Can you lend me _____ money?

15 How _____ water do you drink in a day?


Match the leisure activities to their definition
16 jogging moving a boat through the water
17 sailing riding a board in the water

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18 surfing a kind of fighting
19 skiing running to keep fit
20 karate moving over the snow


21-25 Find five food words


Write the film or book words in the correct sentence
26 The film was _____ in America.

27 It’s a great book – I loved the first _____.

28 I loved the music – what a great _____.

29 I can’t wait for the next film – I love _____.

30 The film was made in English but _____ into Italian.



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Dear Sir
I am writing to ask for some information on joining the Movie-To-Go Film Club. I have recently
moved into the area and do not know who to contact. I saw your address on a poster at the
Eyeful Cinema and hope you are the right person. If not, I hope you can pass this email on to the
membership secretary.

Could you tell me when the film library is open and what films can be borrowed? I work some
evenings and hope you are open on days other than on Mondays or Wednesday, when I am
working. Finally, could you let me know how much it costs to join, and how I can pay?

Thank you for your time
Elaine Beecham
True or False
31 Elaine is new to the area.
32 She knows who she should write to.
33 She wants to know when the library is open.
34 She works from Monday to Wednedsday.
35 She knows how much to pay.


You had this meal at a very expensive restaurant.
Starter: Spring Vegetable Salad
Main Course: Lamb with Fruit Sauce, creamed potatoes, mixed vegetables
Dessert: Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate and Coconut Syrup

It was terrible and very expensive. Write an email to a friend telling them how bad it was.


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